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1. JOHN HAWKESBY: The PM circled her wagons and started taking potshots at whoever. She was under attack over her John Hawkesby blunder. Jane Young live - when you see PMs and MPs turning on the media they are worried. In Parliament there was blood on the floor. "You won't win the election on dirt," says Shipley. Jane Young - the question is - Why if she wants TVNZ to say how much John Hawkesby is going to be paid won't she say how much Fire Service chief Jean Martin was paid. In the house Michael Cullen says he is reminded of Muldoon. Helen Clark says the PM has lost the plot.

2. TOURISM BOARD: Jane Young Live - everything is done with mirrors. The government giveth and the government taketh away. Lockwood says they are going to give back the money but that they will still receive compensation for costs and losses they have incurred.

3. HOME INVASION: Critics say the bill now being debated is fatally flawed. Nan Withers has now recovered from an awful attack. Her son says he doesn't care where the crime is committed and thinks all victims need assistance. Minister Tony Ryall - "we want the criminals to know the home is a place of sanctuary". Labour's Phil Goff - "this bill creates a huge anomaly".

4. SYDNEY: Release of a child killer on parole sparks anger in Sydney. Neighbours protest. The offender has served 25 years for stabbing a child to death. He is living across the road from a Catholic primary school.

5. FINGER MYSTERY: Freak accident in a Christchurch restaurant left a diner less the end of her finger. The woman fell over in the door and lost her fingertip. The woman is said to be taking legal advice on the matter. Other punters think the restaurant staff did well. A DOL investigation is underway.

6. ICY CRASHES: Four crashes in Central Otago keep emergency services busy. Six takenBlack ice is catching drivers out after two easy winters. Watch out for shadows.

7. RENT PROTESTOR: Auckland beneficiary has had an unexpected bonus. He has been underpaid $4000 by WINZ. The man is barricaded in his house on a rent strike.

8. PYLON SABOTAGE: Malcolm Ross Campbell, 63, has appeared in court charged with damaging pylons. His lawyer says he strenuously denies the charges.

9. IRA: IRA Bomber released early after 14 years in jail.

10. KOSOVO: Albanian refugees have hailed Bill Clinton as a hero in Macedonia. Clinton appealed to refugees not to rush home. For President the suffering of these people was the justification. Today he heard their stories first hand.

11. GM GRANNIES: Grandmothers against Genetic Engineering. On day two of a trek from north to south protesting marchers received a warm welcome in Auckland. In a TV3 poll 79% of New Zealanders are concerned about GM food. The protesters are on route to the Capital.

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