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Bradford In Stoush - PAKISTAN COUP: lead, Pentagon, New Zealand, CTBT (Extended Report) - IRD Inquiry - Bouma Murder Trial - Citzenship and Maori Sovereignty

BRADFORD IN STOUSH: Canterbury University skirmish - PRIME TV supplied pictures of student being pushed over by Max Bradford after he appeared to walk in front of him (he was pushed over quite casually) - Students outraged. Bradford says he is not concerned about an assault complaint - describes the incident as a walk in the sun interrupted by a group of shouting Alliance rent-a-mob students - I don't think they are all students. PM says she has been informed in passing that there was some argy bargy.

PAKISTAN - LEAD: World's newest nuclear power is in a state of crisis

- PM is under house arrest
- army chief speaks on TV
- India on alert
- NZ says NZers should avoid public gatherings.

Footage of troops climbing over walls. Scenes from Pakistan TV. Army chief says he moved with sincerity and devotion to Pakistan. The military was humiliated by its withdrawal from Kashmir where it has been fighting with its hated neighbour India. These developments are causing alarm throughout the world because both are nuclear powers. Washington is urging for the earliest possible elections. Former PM Benazir Bhutto also wants elections.

PAKISTAN - PENTAGON: Threat of Nuclear War has captured attention of Pentagon spokesman says the Pakistan arsenal is secure. India however is on high alert.

PAKISTAN - NEW ZEALAND: NZ Pakistanis are waiting anxiously. Some say that coups are not unusual in Pakistan. Many inside Pakistan appears not to know what is going on. Some say that for the ordinary people it will be all right. Expert thinks serious fighting is unlikely because Pakistan knows it is not powerful enough to tackle India. NZ Foreign Minister Don McKinnon says he hopes cool heads will prevail.

PAKISTAN - CTBT: The coup came as the US Senate failed to ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. Clinton says the stalled ratification encourages nuclear states to continue testing.

IRD INQUIRY: FEC Report on IRD issued - a sweeping condemnation of how the IRD operates. "We think the pendulum has swung too far in favour of penalties." Recommends a change in attitude. Rodney Hide wants heads to roll over the report. IRD head is not granting interviews. The Minister has confidence in his departmental head. Dave Henderson says he has been victimised and is delighted with the report.

BOUMA MURDER TRIAL: Beverly Bouma's husband takes the stand at the trial for her four assailants. Earlier one of the four accused changed his plea to guilty and was sentenced to life. Husband Henk Bouma distressed as he gave evidence.

CITIZENSHIP AND SOVERIGNTY: Hopeful and worried people offered immunity from deportation at a meeting in Auckland. So far 150 people have signed up on citizenship applications from a Maori sovereignty group . Police are investigating. Police say they have concerns. Confederation of Maori Chiefs plans to declare a Maori Parliament at Waitangi later this year and to issue citizenship certificates. Police have not had a complaint but are interested in hearing from anyone involved.

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