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Which racial road? The high road, or the low?


MEDIA ADVISORY: Maori Affairs Speech


Which racial road? The high road, or the low?

Speech by Libertarianz spokesman to deregulate Maori Affairs, Tim Wikiriwhi, to launch the campaign of Libertarianz Whangarei candidate, Helen Hughes. Delivered at 'Forum North' on Saturday 21 April.

Good evening Ladies + Gentlemen,

It's my pleasure to be here tonight, for the launch of Helen Hughes campaign to be the next MP for Whangarei.

I hope you enjoy this evening and take home with you something good to think about. A vision for the future. Of what could be. Of what should be.

I'm here to persuade you that if freedom is your standard, then Helen Hughes is the best candidate to represent Whangarei in parliament come the next election, and that Libertarianz are the only party worth supporting.

You get the chance to make this happen next year and tonight is geared to giving you good reason to cast your lot in with her and with the Libertarianz.

Helen invited me here to talk to you about one of the most pressing issues we currently face as a nation: the issue of race relations -- of the Treaty of Waitangi. And civil rights. And apartheid. And of the Libertarian principles she intends to advance on your behalf.

Who am I? You are wondering

I am of Maori descent on my father's side, of the Arawa people; European on my mothers side, and an engineer by trade.

I Joined the Libertarianz and volunteered to be Party spokesman for the deregulation of Maori affairs because I have had a gutsful of the racist garbage being peddled by Politicians and governments who consider me a social basket case because of my race.

I'm sick and tired of reading the daily news about more and more racist laws being passed that segregate the Maori from the rest of New Zealand Society, All in the name of the Treaty of Waitangi and the fashionable Politically Correct monstrosity known today as 'Bi-Culturalism.'

I'm speaking of such Laws that grant me special favour while violating the rights of others. Others like my own half-brothers whose father was not Maori.

Laws like the ones that make it compulsory to have quotas of Maori in positions of authority on boards of Education, on District Health Boards, and soon on local bodies. Laws that give Maori preferential entry to tertiary courses and hospitals; give them money for separatist Maori broadcasting and separatist Maori schools; laws that advance a state-sponsored gravy train that is growing larger by the day. Laws that, in another place and another time were called by their correct name: 'Apartheid!'

I decided I wasn't going to sit by and let this continue without a challenge. That is the reason I stand before you here tonight.

Let me make it plain: Libertarianz are committed to ending race separatism in our systems of Government.

Time doesn't allow me to fully address the history of how we ended up in this present racist mess,

I will say to you that the Treaty of Waitangi, was declared a simple nullity in 1877 by the chief Justice of New Zealand. Consider this fact in the light of the hundreds of millions paid out in recent "Treaty settlements"

I shall say to you that the 19th century reality of Maori being distinct from the European colonialist is no longer valid today, as after 200 years of Integration we have physically become a mixed race: New Zealanders.

There now being no pure Maori today is a fact that on its own nullifies the treaty. Every New Zealander today is a mongrel, of multi-ethnic decent. This is not something to be mourned, or a stumbling block as the tribalist would have you think of it. This is a triumph of integration to be celebrated!

The foundation for a bright future for us all.

This the result of a process of which the treaty was an important stepping-stone. The treaty was a means to this end not an end in itself.

I declare to you that The "Maori-are-victims" picture of our history is false, is patronising, and is blatant propaganda being peddled by such corrupt institutions as The Waitangi Tribunal, supported by Racist Academics in our universities, and championed by separatist politicians who scheme to capture the Maori vote.

Huge amounts of your tax dollars are funding the systematic brainwashing of both children and parents into accepting a distorted view of history, and a racist system of government.

I'm talking about the modern movement to resurrect the Treaty of Waitangi, and the modern addition of the so-called 'principles of the Treaty' which are no more than a convenient legal fiction justifying rampant separatism, and motivated by tribalists and sell-out PC politicians seeking power and money for themselves. Power over you, paid for with money stolen from you.

What has Treatyism done for Maori and for New Zealand?

There are two roads New Zealanders with Maori ancestry have taken. The high road, and the low road. The high road has been walked by the Progressives who have made the vital transition from tribalism into the modern world and have got on with their lives.

NZ statistics recently said Maori do well overseas. Libertarianz say the reason is simple: Maori when abroad expect no "special Treatment of Customary Rights" but in the True spirit of Individualism and Self-reliance Forge ahead and create their own future prosperity. Unshackled from Tribalism, they create their own self-esteem and earn their own Mana.

Which is what all of us must do.

Compare that with the low road of the Regressives, who want to turn back the clock to tribalism, and to collectivism. These poor deluded souls have tried to ignore the passage of 2 centuries and desire to live in a past age that has long since vanished. They sit on their sorry arse crying they are victims of crimes supposed to have been done to them before they were born.

They live by the handouts of others and have become hopeless dependants of the state. They have become slaves to the past, and slaves in their own minds. They are dead inside.

These are the ones that are make up the dreadful statistics of Maori poverty, ill health and crime. Our jails swell to overflowing with Maori criminals.

Ask the families of Beverly Boumar and Constable Stretch what Treatyism has done for New Zealand? Treatyism has brought violence on our streets, murder in our homes, and slavery and separatism in our hearts.

I ask you, How many more must Die?

The Libertarianz have had enough and are fighting back. Fighting for the equal rights of every Individual Kiwi who opposes this separatism, and the collectivist dictatorship of the State. Fighting for those who realise the glories of individual achievement, and the freedom of individual rights.

Today our individual rights are not recognised as sovereign and equal, but to the extent they are recognised at all, they are despotically meted out to us according to our race.

This is the shameless direction successive governments have lead our nation -- including the present, and the recent past -- selling out every New Zealander for the sake of winning and retaining the pivotal Maori seats of power.

The present government is pushing to expand these apartheid institutions.

Compare that to what the Libertarianz stand for:

We Libertarianz have no desire to sit on any such racist thrones, nor use them to empower ourselves. Helen Hughes and the Libertarianz are committed to see these high places of racial separatism thrown down;

(We intend to see to it the Racially divided electoral rolls are shredded and replaced with one roll for all New Zealanders. This is what must be done to close the racial gaps that politically separate us. If a part-Maori, like me, wants to run for election he will have to stand and compete for the same seats as everyone else and only if his peers of every colour judge him worthy at election time shall he receive his place in government.)

Further, we intend to relegate the Treaty of Waitangi to the history books and museums where it belongs.

We intend to enshrine the rights of every individual citizen of New Zealand -- regardless of race -- in a New Constitution; one which protects every New Zealanders rights to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of property and happiness.

We are firmly committed to bringing the era of apartheid governance of New Zealand to an end!

Have you had enough? I have!

Do you want New Zealand to be a Just Society? I do!

If you do, then join Helen Hughes in her campaign, vote for Helen Hughes her in Whangarei, and give her the platform to fight every attempt to further legislate racism. She and the Libertarianz want to make our future, and the future of our children, one where we are all on Just and Equal terms. Equal, before the law, regardless of race.

It's up to you. Do you want more of the same bullshit? Or do you want change? I urge you to get in behind Helen and carry her into parliament.

To fight this fight she needs your support! If you want change you've got to make it happen yourselves. The choice is yours.

I raise my glass to you Helen.

You're wonderful! A Woman of Principle, and a true Friend of Mankind. It is an honour to call you my colleague. Cheers to you! (drink).

I look forward to having a drink and a yarn with you all later, and I leave you now with a question. Which direction do you want our country to tread: The High road or the Low Road? It is up to you. Thank you.


Tim Wikiriwhi Libertarianz Spokesman for Deregulation of Maori Affairs e-mail: twikiriwhi@hotmail.com

For further information please contact: Libertarianz Media Coordinator, organon@ihug.co.nz, (025) 861 927

* LIBERTARIANZ * More Freedom * Less Government *

It's enough to make you vote Libertarianz!


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