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Opinion: Thoughts On The Importance Of ANZAC Day

It is time to open our eyes to the truth of the political system we live under regardless of which party is in power. New Zealanders have been duped and deluded into accepting the authority and control of nothing less than a "Legalised Mafia" that has already mortgaged the lives of our grandchildren to pay for and perpetuate itself.

Hitler would applaud our politicians. The evil that was Hitler's regime has won the battle for the minds of the majority of New Zealanders. Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini would all approve of the socialist, fascist and racist politics that are practised here in New Zealand. They would also be pleased to see how these politics and manipulated social conditions are accepted without protest by the majority. Lenin called the silent majority "Useful idiots". He certainly knew how useful the passive silent majority were in making his communist rule possible.

These men, known by all reasonable people to be the leaders of some of the most inhumane governments in recent history, would all approve of our separate electoral roll. Segregation, by race or religion was a major factor in the control these tyrants used.

They would all approve of the Resource Management Act. In fact, this fascist piece of legislation would make many of them envious that they never thought of it. Owners of property here in New Zealand have to pay bureaucrats and politicians huge sums of money to get permits to do anything on the land they own, maintain and pay taxes on. Mussolini would consider the R.M.A. a piece of political genius.

They would approve of the Property (Relationships) Act. which forces marriages on couples whether they like it or not; National "I.D. Card" Driver's Licenses and "Drinking" Licenses for non drivers to carry; State funded fitness programs; State funded programs to quit smoking; State funded encouragement of art and "culture"; a State controlled health system, and the State controlled social conditioning that is our State education system. Add to that list, prohibition plus the enormous and ever growing dependency on State welfare and the parallels between the New Zealand political system and that of Hitler's pre-war Germany are frighteningly similar.

The State interferes in and controls every aspect of our lives. If we refuse to live by the contradictory, criminal and unjust rules they enforce, we can be imprisoned, lose our property, and in some instances our lives.

Under the guise of benevolence, the State forcibly takes a great deal of the money we earn. New Zealanders accept without protest when they see politicians flagrantly using that money to keep themselves in luxury for life. Tax payers work long hard hours to pay for the politicians golden handshakes, their hugely subsidised Superannuation, their fine lifestyles and free air travel. Taxation is theft perpetrated by a "Legalised Mafia". Avoiding this theft is seen as a crime by those who live off the stolen money--the beneficiaries, bureaucrats and politicians. Unfortunately there is an enormous number of these parasites who live off other people's money. They will not let go of such a "gravy train" easily.

We have just had the anniversary of ANZAC Day, remembering the many New Zealanders who gave their lives for the future hope of a New Zealand free of the tyranny of National Socialism, the regime of Nazi Germany. They died that we may live in a just and decent society free of manipulative State conditioning and control.

It is time for the citizens of New Zealand to open their eyes and begin to think for themselves.We must examine very carefully our present system of government, regardless of which party is in power, and where this system will eventually take us . We all know that our social problems are escalating, and yet we keep voting in political parties that all continue more of the same "solutions" to try and fix those problems. The politicians keep putting more tax payer money into fixing the problems they have themselves created. It is like pouring petrol on a fire to put it out.

It is time for change. Not a half hearted, mediocre change, but a full 180 degree turn around back to being responsible for our own lives. It will take the courage, ingenuity and commitment of those who fought for our freedom in two World Wars to win this battle. We must stand alongside all those brave souls who have stood up to fight for their freedom throughout history. We must loudly proclaim the rights of each individual to his own life, liberty, private property and the pursuit of happiness. It is time to reduce the State to its proper role and function before it is too late. That role is to uphold everyone's rights as an individual and to protect every individual from force or fraud. To protect me from you and you from me.

Think very carefully New Zealanders. This is the year to make your vote count and your voice for freedom heard.

Helen Hughes.
Lbertarianz Candidate in Whangarei.
P.O.Box 962.

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