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Busybodies Want State To Own Your Body And Mind

Fascist Busybodies Want The State To Own Your Body And Mind

Libertarianz Party

"It's my body and my mind, despite what SPCS and the other political parties think" Libertarianz Spokesman on Free Speech, Scott Wilson asserted today in response to two lengthy press releases, put out by the Society for the Promotion of Community Standards (SPCS) last week, that tried to defend its support for the existing fascist censorship laws which also showed that organisation's its true colours on individual sovereignty.

Wilson asked "If it is legal to perform all the activities actually taking place in those films, why should it be illegal to have a camera filming the performance of those activities and to show the recording to others?"

He also challenged SPCS to answer the question as to who it believes owns the body and mind of adults.

Wilson quickly dismissed SPCS's claim that the activities undertaken in the films in question were not legal (murder and rape), by reasserting Libertarianz policy that films made as an accessory to actual crimes should be treated as part of those crimes. If a film is made to specifically record a murder or rape (like the case of child rapist Kenneth Hawkins quoted by SPCS ) it is part of that crime and should be treated accordingly. Libertarianz believe adults own their bodies and can make their own choices as to what they participate in, coercion of any kind is typically a crime. End of argument.

Wilson continued to expand on the true nature of SPCS's many remarks:

"SPCS shows its true colours when it states that "There are plenty of private activities which, although lawful, and in many cases impeccably moral as well, should remain private."

Why? If the participants agree to it being filmed, what is the issue? Who are SPCS to stop consenting adults filming their sex acts and orgies?

Moreover, does SPCS want to make it illegal to stop watching others having sex? SPCS want the state to own your body, because it believes some acts SHOULD remain private. How ashamed are its members of their own bodies that they want it to be illegal for consenting adults to watch other consenting adults having sex???

SPCS then put up the straw man of invasion of privacy - which is again an illegal act. People filmed in their own property or property they have rented, without their permission can claim a breach of property rights and privacy. End of argument.

SPCS want to ban the filming of legal activities because there are "numerous acts committed by adults that degrade humanity".

Which of these are legal and what ones does SPCS want to ban occurring? Masturbation? Group Sex? People consensually being bound and whipped? Again SPCS want the state to own and regulate your body.

SPCS don't like it that many women and men enjoy participating in pornography and sex acts that its members disagree with. It seeks to defend those who are coerced or exploited, when there are laws against non consensual activities.

Well come out of the closet -tell us SPCS what sex acts you would ban and what acts you would ban others seeing and why? Admit it SPCS - you want the state to own everyone's body, control what they do with it with consenting adults, what they ingest and what they show to others who consent. No matter how SPCS dresses it up in the typical collectivist newspeak of "public good", it is about controlling your body.

SPCS then start talking about a deity, claiming that because the overwhelming majority of mankind believe in ghosts, that human values are secondary to the values attributed to the various ghosts by the leaders of the ghost cults. Church and state are separate, and while Libertarianz defend the absolute right of freedom of religion, the only way that right and all others can be defended is through a secular state that protects everyone's rights objectively, otherwise we will go down the path of the Ayatollahs of Iran or the Taliban.

SPCS claiming all humans have a propensity for evil reveals their snivelling, suspicious, hate filled view of people. SPCS thinks we are all sinners, and it is out to save us all from our own inherent evil nature. Well frankly SPCS, you may think yourselves and your children are evil (what a blight to condemn the innocent with), and you can preach this as much as you wish, but Libertarianz believe most people are inherently good and benevolent.

Because SPCS thinks you personally have a propensity for evil, it thinks you can't run your own life, and like every fascist and other authoritarian thug in history, it uses the "public good" as the excuse to deny individual rights. SPCS thinks its tastes are in the public good, but ones it doesn't like are not. SPCS, the majority or the state define the "public good" and any initiation of force is excusable. Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, Mao, Hussein and every dictator in history claimed what they were doing was for the "public good", it's the best excuse they all have for initiating force. Libertarianz reject this Orwellian newspeak, and that the good of all is best served by rejecting the use of force to win arguments.

Libertarianz are not moral relativists, Libertarianz assert that the dignity of being human lies in rejecting the initiation of force by any adults against another. It is a fundamental rejection, unashamedly radical against adults initiating any violence or fraud. The alternative is "might is right" whether justified by a ghost or by the tyranny of majority, but force is not an argument, it is surrender of argument and resort to the tactics of the savage.

Libertarianz policy on free speech allows individuals to choose, using their own minds, what content they wish to see and read and participate in. It is a policy based on civilisation, the use of the mind, not the force of the state to sort out matters of personal morality and taste. It has the fundamental role of the state defending the rights of individuals to own their own bodies and property, limited only by respecting the same in others.

Libertarianz believe that the rights of fundamentalist Christians, radical feminists, nazis, racists, liberals, capitalists, communists, pornographers and all citizens to freedom of speech are equal.

Just because a bunch of people who feel shame about their own bodies, orgasms and sexual fantasies don't like it, doesn't mean it is wrong that there are videos encouraging people to have mass orgies and showing you how.

Not a vote winner? Well Libertarianz is not about winning instant popularity contests. The Libertarianz Party is a party of principle, and will not sacrifice its principles in order to connive its way into power."

Wilson concluded by summarising the stark difference between Libertarianz, SPCS and those parties that explicitly support its activities (NZ First, Christian Heritage Party) and those that support the existing censorship laws.

"Libertarianz believe if it is legal to carry out any activities in real life, it should be legal to film the same activities, with the consent of those concerned (including simulated crimes) and show such films to those wishing to view it.

Libertarianz believes all adults own their own bodies and have the right to control what they do with them, subject to respecting the same right in others.

SPCS believes the state should regulate your body and what you do with it with consenting adults, as does NZ First, the Christian Heritage Party and, it appears, the seven remaining parties in Parliament. What isn't fascist about that?" concluded Wilson.

Scott Wilson

Libertarianz Spokesman on Free Speech


Ph (04) 934 3854

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