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Labour's Postmodern Agenda According to Garnet

Reformation Testimony

Garnet Milne - www.reformationtestimony.org.nz

The agenda of postmodernists to reconstruct New Zealand along pagan lines.

New Zealand has seen some radical social changes in recent decades. This is especially so in social ethics. What was considered immoral, evil, perverse and destructive is now deemed to be wonderful, salubrious and beneficial for society. Prostitution, homosexuality and abortion are just three examples of pagan practices once considered depraved, but now protected and promoted with the full force of the socialist neo-pagan government which has total control of political power. Sadly there are no viable political alternatives as the votes for the Relationships bill demonstrate – a bill which provided the meat for homosexual marriage law. Peter Dunne, Dr. Don Brash, Rodney Hide, Rodney Donald, Jeanette Fitzsimons, and Jim Anderton all sided with the pagans. Only Winston and Mrs Turia had the courage to stand for the values of our forefathers. The remainder indicated their support for the reconstruction of New Zealand society along pagan lines.

Postmodernism or neo-paganism are terms which describe a world view which arose in the mid twentieth-century as a response to the failure of atheistic rationalism. That earlier reliance on human reason was seen in its most extreme form in Nazism and Communism. These evil governments were “modern” in the sense that they relied on human reason alone which they believed would usher in paradise. A feature of their view was the claim that objective truth could be established through reason, without recourse to divine revelation of any sort. In practical terms since they believed that truth was external to man and applicable to all, “modernists” always sought to achieve a uniform commitment to that objective “Truth”. This eventually would have to involve force, if any would not submit to the truth discovered by reason. The result was millions dead in Nazism’s attempt to control the world, and nearly 100 million slaughtered under Communism.

A new respectability for paganism

Not surprisingly man lost his confidence in human rationality. Nonetheless, this did not mean that everyone suddenly became religious. Instead clever philosophers made up a new world view called “postmodernism” (“post-” because it came after “modernism” or “modernity”). According to these new gurus objective truth is not possible. Instead we can each create our own “truth”. Naturally, this implies a pluralistic society where tolerance is the glue that holds together a brave new world of our own construction. However, there is a sinister side to this. Since there is perceived to be no such thing as objective “Truth”, tolerance only extends to those who will let you have your reality. If your truth means being a homosexual or a prostitute, or watching hard core porn, so be it. I must tolerate you and not even criticise you for your own “truth”. Yes, we are told, we can create our own reality and no one can criticise us, as long as we are not doing anything to hurt others. The government, of course, defines what constitutes “hurt”. What has this got to do with New Zealand politics? The answer is everything and nothing. You see, the truth is that our neo-pagan government is made up of assorted atheists and worshippers of strange gods who see in postmodernism academically respectable ideas they can utilise to impose their own pagan values on our society. They are really closet modernists after all who want to impose sameness or uniformity on all of us. While it is true that the sameness they seek is a common acceptance of difference, it is still an appeal to uniformity and a reliance on human reason, the hallmark of “modernism”. Moreover, it is a belief in “objective” or “absolute Truth”, because the only exception they make as objects of their much vaunted tolerance are “fundamentalists”; that is to say those who claim adherence to “true Truth” - to borrow a phrase from Reformed theologian Francis Schaeffer. Closet modernists, masquerading as post-modern, oppose a world view which claims to access objective Truth, because such a view is in direct competition to their own claims to the absolutist ideals of paganism. And you can be sure that it is a uniformity the neo-pagans seek. Therefore, just like the Nazis and the Communists, our neo-pagan socialists want to eliminate any competing claims to objective “Truth”. Helen Clark put it like this to the Express when questioned how she was going to deal with “homophobia”: “We legislated against hate crimes”, she noted and added: “through continuing to set the tone of tolerance, acceptance and diversity, you just have to further marginalise such people. Hopefully one day nobody will think that way”. There we have the ideal of uniformity, a statement Hitler or Stalin would fully endorse.

And Labour’s phoney postmodernism is totalitarian. While preaching tolerance, this viewpoint effectively wants to reconstruct (a post-modern term) your view of reality in keeping with the ideals of neo-paganism. For this reason the great enemy of the neo-pagan is biblical Christianity which is labelled fundamentalist, conveniently suggesting that some 85 year old Bible-believing Christian lady is equivalent to a 20 something Islamic terrorist complete with rocket launcher and AK47.

The Labour-led government want to deconstruct (that is destroy) the old Christian moral order and reconstruct (that is legitimise and impose pagan values) society with the morality of the gutter. This pattern is easy to discern in recent events:

Deceiving people into thinking they have a painting produced by the Prime Minister is reconstructed into a gesture of altruism towards a needy cause. Using one’s title on a government appointed judicial body to accuse Christians of hate crimes and threaten them with consequences is reconstructed by Wilson and Hobbs to mean the transvestite in question is acting morally. To break one’s vows as a Member of Parliament or minister of the Crown by committing serious offences is reconstructed as a sign that the women in question are overworked and need a little time out of cabinet to recuperate. The law-breaking of a Member of Parliament who has admitted smoking pot (and promises to continue) has been reconstructed into slightly quirky behaviour that should be tolerated, while others go to gaol for the same offence. Biblical Christianity and its values, as well as the endeavours of its adherents to influence society is reconstructed as an evil called “fundamentalism” (alternatively “bigots” and the “religious right”); an evil which must be opposed and legislated against. Liberal “Christianity” of the Lloyd Geering variety, which is syncretistic and sees itself as just one of many paths to God (who may, in their view, not even exist) has been reconstructed into the only legitimate form of Christianity, becoming the state-sanctioned public religion.

Margaret’s building programme

The neo-pagans are so confident that they will be able to “reconstruct” New Zealand that they boast about it. They fully intend to implement their feminist and socialist agenda as completely as possible. The new Speaker Margaret Wilson made it quite clear in her address to the National Labor Women's Conference 2002, entitled “Setting the Agenda” held on 26-28 April, 2002, at Rydges, Canberra. Her speech was titled: “The New Zealand Experience - Renaming, Rebuilding and Social Development”.

Women should be on top, according to Wilson, who purred: “The organizing theme of the conference ‘Women Setting the Agenda’ sets a positive direction for the future”. She then set out Labour’s post-modern programme for reconstructing New Zealand. The interests of women are reconstructed. This reconstruction involves hijacking the political process and the powers of state: “Part of each reconstruction was an analysis of the role of the state in the perpetration of discrimination against women. It is impossible to ignore the role of the state, because it has the authority to distribute the resources of the society, and through the legal system has the legitimacy to assign status, rights and obligations amongst the members of the society. Law is used to reflect and create economic, social and political status”. The “right” were also doing some reconstructing so Wilson and others sought to impose a post-modern agenda in the 90s: “It was during this time that some of us tried to develop a new agenda to counter this all-out assault... It therefore became a matter of urgency that all decision-making included those affected by the decisions. Women, Maori, peoples from the Pacific had to be at all levels of decision-making - political, bureaucratic, community, and personal”. This new approach allegedly invites everyone on board to reconstruct New Zealand, except those who oppose the feminist agenda of course: “The new Programme embraced the notion of partnership as the mechanism to reunite the community a project to reconstruct New Zealand. This has meant a great reliance on participation in policy development from all parts of the community”. Reconstruction of New Zealand is to take a long time. “We knew that the reconstruction of New Zealand could not be achieved in three years so we had to develop a long-term approach”. Reconstruction of New Zealand cannot be done without women on top. “For those of us in the midst of this project of reconstruction of New Zealand, the responsibility is great but not overwhelming. Those of us who live and work at the centre of political decision making will have much to pass on to those women who will follow us. And there must be women to follow us because there is so much to be done”.

The Bible exposes the limitations of human reason and explains why Helen Clark, Margaret Wilson and the rest of the feminist/effeminate political leadership are only creating a new Dark Age which will only be reversed if God brings a spiritual revival and reformation of church and state. Godless government will always end in evil. The Apostle Paul describes why this is so: “There is none righteous, not even one; there is none who understands, there is none who seeks for God; all have turned aside, together they have become useless; there is none who does good, there is not even one” (Rom. 3:11-12). Man by nature does not do good; neither does he seek God; nor does he understand reality. Any system of thought which denies the truth-claims of Christianity must be ruled out of court by the consistent Christian.

Another Labour feminist and minister Marion Hobbs demonstrates how demented the neo-pagans have become. Introducing the Relationships bill in Parliament recently, she pontificated that this wonderful bill “may also create a more tolerant and open-minded society that values human rights”. All the passing of this bill does is prove how “wrong” political leaders have become and how darkened is their understanding. These crypto-modernists foolishly believe that they can succeed where Hitler and Stalin failed.

Garnet Milne

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