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Newsletter: Forum Thurs With Polisario Rep



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Kia ora koutou,

URGENT - late notice - GPJA August Forum this Thursday - Hear Mohamed Yeslem Beissat from the Polisario Front talk about the struggle of the Saharawi people of Western Sahara for self determination and freedom from Moroccan occupation.

Thursday 14th August, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn.

New Zealand has a strong connection with Western Sahara because we import phosphate mined by Moroccan-based corporations in Western Sahara in defiance of United Nations protocols. Mohamed Yeslem Beissat from Western Sahara will speak about the struggle of his people for self-determination. Beissat is in the POLISARIO Front, Minister delegated by the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Charge for Africa. Beissat lives in the refugee camps of south-west Algiers where the Saharawi have built a government-in-exile and lead the fight for their land against Moroccan occupation. Beissat is in Auckland for a few days ahead of the Pacific Forum. For information on Western Sahara see http://www.awsa.org.au/, see Vanuatu and the Saharawi Republic establish diplomatic relations at Ambassadorial level http://www.upes.org/body1_eng.asp?field=sosio_eng&id=1095 for information of Beissat's current tour of the Pacific.

This protest is part of an international day of action focusing on the raids which resulted in 17 activists arrested in a dramatic exercise of state power. Two days later the activists will appear in court for a depositions hearing on the charges. The outcome threatens the right to dissent and the civil liberties of all New Zealanders. The police failed in their attempt to lay terror charges against the activists but they are continuing to press arms charges. The nature of the police evidence is such that if their evidence holds up then any breaches would be technical and would normally have resulted in a warning without prosecution. GPJA has called for all the charges to be dropped.

Monday 1st September, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn. Further details of the meeting will follow in a future newsletter.


In December 2006, the United Nations adopted a major new human rights treaty aimed at preventing and punishing enforced disappearance. New Zealand didn't sign it. You can help change this. Download the petition, collect as many signatures as you can, and post it back. http://homepages.inspire.net.nz/%7Eidiot/disappearancepetition/actionpac...
Treaty info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Convention_for_the_Protection...

"The new roads would end rural isolation, speed commerce, improve wives and daughters, increase church attendance, bring wealth to investors. So said the promoters. The authors examine the New York origins of plank roads and analyze their giddy rise and traumatic decline". For an academic study of plank roads. In mid-1800s America, these were an earlier version of PPPs that turned out badly for all the same reasons that ours in 21st century NZ have and will.

Saturday, 9 August, is the International Day of the World's Indigenous People (IDWIP). IDWIP is observed every year on 9 August by the international community, in recognition of the first meeting of the United Nations Working Group on Indigenous Populations in Geneva in 1982. There are three sections in this message:
• this year's message from the United Nations Secretary-General,
• the joint United Nations Statement, and
• where you can get more information.
Due to unforeseen circumstances, our action alert on the government's reprehensible position on the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which was planned for publication on the Day, will not now be available until later in the month - if you are receiving a forwarded copy of this message and would like a copy of the action alert when it is published, please contact Peace Movement Aotearoa email pma@xtra.co.nz and we will send it to you. This message is available online at http://www.converge.org.nz/pma/idwip08.htm

Privatisation, either full or partial, of public-owned assets is something that New Zealanders have learned to be very wary of indeed in the past two decades. And, as events of the past few days have reinforced, privatisation is rearing its ugly head again in 2008, as a major election issue. For details of just what is wrong about privatisation, see http://canterbury.cyberplace.co.nz/community/CAFCA/publications/index.ht... where you will find some of the papers from the March 2008 Privatisation By Stealth Conference in Christchurch, organised by CAFCA.
We believe that all the politicians running in this year's election, whether sitting MPs or those wishing to join them, need to be told in no uncertain terms that the people of New Zealand do not want any more privatisation, in any of its myriad forms. To this end we have produced a pair of brief and to the point postcards (the text is below), one of which can be sent free of charge to any or all MPs. And the other one can be sent, with a stamp, to other candidates (you will need to write his/her name and address on that one). You may have seen these cards as the subject of a flurry of political and media interest in early July. Are they in breach of the Electoral Finance Act, as alleged at that time by National? How can they be - they are simply letters from senders whose names and addresses appear on them, sent to MPs or candidates. They are not leaflets or any kind of "electioneering" material. The person who sends it, by definition, is the sender. CAFCA is not the sender; if we were, then our name and address would appear on it. It's a pretty sad state of affairs if ordinary people can't write to their MPs and/or candidates without being smeared as being part of a "covert campaign" run by "political parties" (which is what National falsely alleged).
Please help us to distribute these postcards by replying to this e-mail and ordering some. Include your postal address
Because of the printing processes involved, it is not practicable for us to supply you with one of each postcard. If you're already a CAFCA member, you will receive one of each card (i.e. one for an MP and one for another candidate) with your August Foreign Control Watchdog. So, what we're looking for here are bulk orders. Minimum order is 10 of each card. If you order hundreds (or thousands), we expect a koha to help with the costs of printing and postage. Let's get these cards rolling! More details about the cards and the issue are on our Website at http://canterbury.cyberplace.co.nz/community/CAFCA/publications/Roger/po...

- the Centre for Continuing Education, in association with the United Nations Association of New Zealand, brings you three lectures looking at human rights in recognition of the 60th anniversary of the signing of the declaration. You may choose to attend individual lectures or register for the series. The fee is $27 per lecture or $67.50 for the series. A concession of $18 per lecture or $45 for the series is available to students and unwaged.
ENROLMENT FOR THE SERIES Class Number: 78063 Cost: $67.50 (International Fee $106.90), $45 Student/Unwaged
When: 3 sessions, Monday 6, 13 & 20 October, 7 - 9pm Where: Room 018, ClockTower Building No. 105, 22 Princes Street Click here for more information and to enrol for the series http://www.cce.auckland.ac.nz/cce/continuing/index.cfm?P=8548&ClassNumbe...
THE PLACE OF HUMAN RIGHTS IN A GLOBALISED WORLD: THE UNIVERSALIST-RELATIVIST DEBATE IN THE 21ST CENTURY Mohsen al Attar LLB, LLM . Since the birth of human rights, a debate has raged between two camps. Universalists argue that rights should be regarded in exactly the same manner across the globe and thus criticise societies that do not follow the dominant Western model. Conversely, relativists maintain that cultures vary and that even fundamental human rights can be perceived differently from nation to nation; the one-size-fits-all model must give way to national autonomy. In this seminar, we will examine the place of this debate today. Are Asian values still a viable alternative to the universalist doctrine? Are First World feminists justified in challenging cultural practices that they perceive to undermine female autonomy in the Third World? What of the rebuttal of Third World feminists? How has globalisation and the 'neoliberal' Washington Consensus impacted our perception of socio-economic human rights and has the 'democratic socialist' Bolivarian Revolution of Venezuela undermined this consensus? These issues, among others, will be discussed and debated.
Class Number: 78062 Cost: $27.00 (International Fee $40.15), $18.00 Student/Unwaged
When: 1 session, Monday 6 October, 7 - 9pm Where: Room 018, ClockTower Building No. 105, 22 Princes Street
Click here to enrol in this lecture only http://www.cce.auckland.ac.nz/cce/continuing/index.cfm?P=8548&ClassNumbe...
HUMAN RIGHTS AND THE LAW Kris Gledhill, BA, LLM,Margaret Bedggood, MA, LLB
This lecture will be in two parts as follows: Part one, Enhancing the protection of economic, social and cultural rights in Aotearoa New Zealand will be presented by Margaret Bedggood. This lecture will outline developments in the protection of economic, social and cultural rights in the last decade at international, regional and local level. It will then consider the situation in this country in the light of these developments and international norms and suggest ways in law and policy in which such rights can be better protected for various groups in Aotearoa New Zealand.
Part two entitled, Taking Human Rights Seriously: Key Developments in the Human Rights Framework will be presented by Kris Gledhill. This lecture will trace the key steps which have the potential for turning the fine ideals expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights into a practical reality, emphasising the role of a committed international judiciary in this process. An assessment will be offered as to whether New Zealand's government - including its judiciary - takes its duties seriously.
Class Number: 78053, Cost: $27.00 (International Fee $40.15), $18.00 Student/Unwaged
When: 1 session, Monday 13 October, 7 - 9pm, Where: Room 018, ClockTower Building No. 105, 22 Princes Street
Click here to enrol in this lecture only http://www.cce.auckland.ac.nz/cce/continuing/index.cfm?P=8548&ClassNumbe...
In this lecture we will examine current issues of sexuality, gender and human rights in New Zealand and the Pacific region. We will consider both human rights and development theory changes, including from "women in development", to "women and development", up to the present day theories of "gender and development." In doing so, Joy will draw on experiences from New Zealand and the region to critically reflect on sexuality, gender and human rights issues, seeking to provoke discussion on such questions as: What happened to women's human rights? Is gender still relevant? Can we talk about sex and human rights?
Class Number: 78079 Cost: $27.00 (International Fee $40.15), $18.00 Student/Unwaged When: 1 session, Monday 20 October, 7 - 9pm Where: Room 018, ClockTower Building No. 105, 22 Princes Street
Click here to enrol in this lecture only http://www.cce.auckland.ac.nz/cce/continuing/index.cfm?P=8548&ClassNumbe...

WEDNESDAY, 13 AUGUST - INTERNATIONAL DAY OF ACTION TO MARK THE SECOND ANNIVERSARY OF THE CLUSTER BOMBING OF SOUTH LEBANON. "Cluster munitions have been used by the United States and other armed forces since the 1970s, killing and maiming untold numbers of civilians in thirty-one countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Laos, and Serbia. The use of cluster munitions was brought fully to international attention in July and August 2006, when the Israeli Defence Force fired an estimated 4 million cluster submunitions into south Lebanon, targeting many populated areas. Candlelit vigils will be held in different parts of the world on 13 August to commemorate the second anniversary of the cluster bombing of south Lebanon - the theme of the vigils is ensuring that this tragedy is not forgotten and that cluster bombs are never used again." For more information about the Day go to this web page.

Dear Mike, I am a supporter of your organisation in Ireland since my time spent in NZ and especially after the 'terror' crackdowns last year. But I have noticed a recurrence in your newsletters of canvassing - I guess - for Obama's presidential campaign in the states. While I agree that the options aren't huge in this - or any - election, serious misgivings have surfaced in the US about Obama and especially his 'mentor' - Brzenzinski . Having studied a bit about this gentleman's career, i also express grave misgivings about Obama's push for president, not only his intent on an escalation with Pakistan but also the amount of press and media attention he is getting. It seems like he is being preened for the post by the corporate media and therefore the elite in the shadows, which worries me. Can you explain to me just how these messages asking US-kiwis to vote for Obama come about? Cheers mike. Muchas gracias...Finn.
EDITOR'S NOTE: GPJA is a pretty broad church and the "Announcements" allow people to post their own things. The newsletter and myself as Editor are the conduit. The fact they appear isn't an endorsement from me or GPJA at all. I have included a number of links to very critical articles on his positions over the past few months as well - Mike Treen, GPJA Editor
Field trials of Genetically Engineered broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and kale are applied for. Crop & Food Research in the South island have applied to ERMA (the Environmental Risk Management Authority) for a 10-year field-trial of Genetically Engineered brassicas. The plants will have genes spliced from bacteria and viruses, including 'Bt' (Bacillus thuringiensis) which can kill some insects. See the full application at: www.ermanz.govt.nz or view a summary and make a submission online: http://www.ermanz.govt.nz (NB scroll down the page)
HAVE YOUR SAY - MAKE A SUBMISSION - Deadline : 12 December 2006. View the Key Notes (PDF) http://www.giantexperiment.co.nz/ Points to consider (PDF) http://www.gefree.org.nz/docs/points_to_make.pdf Visit the GiantExperiment website for an up to date index of key issues and articles about this application. http://www.giantexperiment.co.nz/

Jim Edwards' book "Waiting For the Revolution" is being turNed into a television drama. It tells the story of the Unemployed Workers' Movement and the hunger marches and the 1932 Queen St riot. The producers need hundreds of volunteers to take part in the re-created marches and the riot.They need lean and hungry males, 18-60.
Anyone interested, contact Aileen O'Sullivan, seann@ihug.co.nz

"At the tipping point: thinking beyond sustainability" Former Green Party MP and recent Greens' Environment Spokesperson, Nandor Tanczos will brief students and members of the public around New Zealand on how the world's love affair with economic growth impacts on our environment. He will address the issues of climate change, peak oil, and resource depletion and discuss how rising to these challenges requires a fundamental rethink of current assumptions. For more info, contact: auckland@greens.org.nz or phone: 303-4143.
Date/Time: Tuesday 12 August, 12.15 - 1.15pm
Venue: Manukau Institute of Technology, J106, J Block, South Campus.
Date/Time: Tuesday 12 August, 5 - 6:30pm
Venue: University of Auckland, B10 (the lecture theatre under the main Library building).
Date/Time: Wednesday 13th August 12:30-2:30pm
Venue: AUT, AuSM student lounge (WC202), AUT Campus, Wellesley Street, Auckland CBD
Date/Time: Thursday 14th August 12:30-2:00pm
Venue: UNITEC, Yellow Lecture Theatre, Bldg 180, (The Hub) Entryway 4, Carrington Road, Pt. Chevalier, Auckland

Volunteers are needed to help with CND's 2008 Hiroshima Day / white poppy appeal which will take place on Friday, 15th August. As this is the last year that white poppies will be sold around Hiroshima Day [*], your support for the 2008 appeal is particularly important. There are three ways you can help:
- having poppies and a collection box: at your work, school, church or other community place from 8th to 15th August. If you are outside Wellington and would like to help in this way, poppies and a collection box can be posted to you - please contact CND (see details below) as soon as possible to arrange this;
- making the poppies: in the week before the street collection, at CND's office in Wellington; and
- helping with the street collection: in Wellington on Friday, 15th August.
If you can help with any of the above, or would like to send a donation for this year's appeal, please get in touch as soon as possible - tel (04) 478 0947, or write to CND, PO Box 9314, Wellington 6141 (any cheque should be made payable to 'CND'). Thank you.
[*] From 2009, distribution of white poppies will revert from Hiroshima Day to ANZAC Day (the nearest NZ equivalent to Remembrance Day), and will be a national appeal with proceeds going to a peace scholarship fund. More information about that will be available from Peace Movement Aotearoa early next year.

You can send your nomination, and any supporting material, by 1/ Filling in the below form and e-mailing it to this address. 2/ Or by sending it by snail mail to the Roger Award, Box 2258, Christchurch. The nomination form and full details about the Award, including past winners, Judges' Reports, etc, can be accessed online at http://canterbury.cyberplace.co.nz/community/CAFCA/publications/Roger/in...
Murray Horton, Secretary/Organiser, CAFCA, Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa, Box 2258, Christchurch, New Zealand. cafca@chch.planet.org.nz www.cafca.org.nz

Register now for the next Australian solidarity brigade to Venezuela! November 20th-30th, 2008. The Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network's brigades to Venezuela are a unique opportunity to see first-hand an unfolding revolution. The deadline for registering for the November 2008 brigade is September 1, 2008. Participants will need to book their own international airfares, but the brigade organisers are able to give advice and recommend a travel agent. You will need to budget for a total cost of approximately $5000. This includes: (i) International airfare approximately $3500 (departing Australia). (ii) Approximately $500-1000 for accommodation (twin-share basis), food and other spending during your stay in Venezuela. (iii) $500 registration fee (for brigade organisation, including translators and transport). For more information, email brigades@venezuelasolidarity.org, or phone Lara Pullin on 0439 601 277 or Roberto Jorquera on 0425 289 394. (NB: Australian $ costs and ph numbers - but Kiwis welcome)
DOWN LOAD A BRIGADE REGISTRATION FORM http://venezuelasolidarity.org/files/novemberform.pdf

Dear Friends: Next year the Cuban Revolution will arrive to its 50th anniversary: 50 years of solidarity and friendship between Cuba and the peoples of the world. From October 5th through 19th this year, our Institute will welcome the "50th Anniversary of the Revolution" International Brigade and friends coming from all over the world will enjoy this unique opportunity to celebrate this important date in Cuba. We are looking forward to hosting you!!!!
Asia-Pacific Division, Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, Email: dasia@icap.cu Tlf: (53-7) 838 2430

A Collaborative Exchange and Study Tour for Academics, Teachers & Students January 2009
Dear Friends and Colleagues, We would like to invite you to participate in the first Education Exchange and Study Tour of Venezuela. A number of educators here in Australia and internationally have become increasingly interested in the radical education reform currently taking place in Venezuela. The study tour will take place in January 2009 and will involve a range of meetings (seminars) and visits with educational groups, institutions, and community organisations. The details of the week are to worked out in conjunction with colleagues from the Bolivarian University of Venezuela, and local schools and community organizations in Caracas. For further details, to contribute ideas and/or to register your interest please contact the organising committee: Tom Griffiths Tom.Griffiths [at] newcastle [dot] edu [dot] au / Jo Williams Jo.Williams [at] vu [dot] edu [dot] au / Roberto Jorquera roberto [at] latinamericasolidarity [dot] org / Jorge Jorquera Jorge.Jorquera [at] rmit [dot] edu [dot] au


Friday, August 8, 5.30pm, Aotea Square
Tibet Candlelight Vigil THIS Friday to coincide with the start of the Olympics

Friday, August 8, 10pm, RISING SUN - 373 Karangahape Rd
SOLID TERRITORY ALBUM LAUNCH 08/08/08: Cost: Koha: Over 30 Indigenous artists have joined forces to release the first ever Aboriginal and M?ori Hip Hop Compilation. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists Astronomical, Dizzy Doolan and Maupower will hit the stage with local natives, Horomona Horo, Revolution MC's, Miss bMe, Upper Hutt Posse, Dam Native and DJ's Exile, the Morning Steppa and Mr Rivers on Aug 8th, 10pm @ the Rising Sun - 373 K Rd to celebrate the launch.

Saturday, August 9, 12-3pm, Glen Innes Shopping Centre, 12 - 3pm, near Pak 'n Save ( outside Christian Life Centre building ) BURMA Rally Commemorating 8.8.88 Democracy Uprising in Burma

Saturday, August 9, 5-7pm, Auckland Domain Wintergarden
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom CANDLE FLOATING CEREMONY to commemorate Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All Welcome. There will be crane-making, and music. Candles will be supplied. Contacts Helen Yensen 5200 179 or Joan Macdonald 360 8001

Monday, 11 August, 6.15pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road
This month the speakers will be discussing: October 15th Solidarity in Auckland - an update on court and how you can help show your support; The Superfund Campaign - what the superfund is and how we will campaign against it;
Israeli opposition to the Israeli State and their Occupation of Palestinian Land; Permaculture and Organic Gardening in Auckland - why we need community gardens and how we will get them . Organised by the Auckland Anarchist Network, an information-sharing network for Auckland anarchists.

Wednesday 13 August 12noon -3.45pm, Auckland Conference Centre, 27-33 Ohinerau Street, Remuera
NEW ZEALAND NON-PROFIT SECTOR in Comparative Perspective and the History of the Non-profit Sector in New Zealand with guest speaker Lester Salamon

Wednesday, August 13, 4.30pm -6.30pm, Fitzroy Room, Mercure Hotel, Cnr Queen Street and Custom Street
NEW ZEALAND HUMAN RIGHTS CONSULTATION ROUNDTABLES. (MFAT) . If you want to attend please RSVP now to richard.kay@mfat.govt.nz or DDI (04) 439 8298.

Wednesday, 13 August, 6.30pm, Peace Place, 22 Emily Place, Auckland Central
'PACIFIC DEMILITARISATION, DISARMAMENT AND HUMAN SECURITY' MEETING / 'REMEMBER LEBANON: BAN CLUSTER BOMBS' COMMEMORATION - with Ema Tagicakibau (Fiji) and Andonia Piau-Lynch (Vanuatu) speaking about demilitarisation, disarmament and human security issues in the Pacific. Ema is Assistant Director of the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre (the Secretariat of the Nuclear Free and Independent Pacific, based in Suva) with a focus on Pacific demilitarisation and disarmament; and Andonia (Andy) is the National Coordinator of the Disability Promotion and Advocacy Association, the organisation which lobbied successfully for Vanuatu to ratify the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty and to become the first Pacific government to ratify the UN Disability Convention. Come along at 6.30pm for a shared meal, 7pm for 'Remember Lebanon: Ban Cluster Bombs' candlelit commemoration, and speakers - Peace Place, 22 Emily Place, Auckland Central. Ema and Andy are in Auckland courtesy of the Aotearoa New Zealand Cluster Munition Coalition; meeting organised by Peace Movement Aotearoa and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (Tamaki Makaurau), for more information contact email pma@xtra.co.nz or joanmac@pl.net
Leaflets to hand out at vigils will be available later in the week on the Aotearoa New Zealand Cluster Munition Coalition web site at http://www.stopclusterbombs.org.nz/take-action along with more information about other things you can do. 'Flooding South Lebanon: Israel's Use of Cluster Munitions in Lebanon in July and August 2006', Human Rights Watch, February 2008 - http://www.hrw.org/reports/2008/lebanon0208

Thursday, August 14, 6-8pm, Te Tari Puna Ora o Aotearoa/NZCA - Teaching base, Level 1, 29 Great South Rd, Newmarket. Parking: Rear of the building - off Ngaire Street off Great South Rd.
WORLD ORGANISATION FOR EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION, Auckland chapter presents a conversation with Janfrie Wakim, Director, Child Poverty Action Group New Zealand with Dr. Jenny Ritchie, Contributor to Left Behind. Come and hear about the CPAG'S HUMAN RIGHTS LEGAL CASE AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT'S IN-WORK TAX CREDIT which they claim discriminates against children on the basis of their parents/caregivers' work status. This case has been ongoing since CPAG laid a complaint with the Human Rights Commission in 2002. Now the final proceedings completed on Friday 18th July mean that the outcome of the case is eagerly awaited by many NGOs that work for children and families who live on the breadline. "In rich countries it can be easy to forget that poverty exists. Sometimes people blame lifestyle choices and poor parenting, and overlook the big picture. But a firm commitment to ending child poverty would reinforce the need to work together to protect all our children" - Janfrie Wakim. CPAG have presented their latest report Left Behind, which looks at how social and income inequalities damage New Zealand children. It recommends that NZ adopt a child poverty target. Summary of the report and the details of the case are available on CPAG website. A light supper will be provided. Members free - others koha .

Friday, August 22, 6pm, The Peace Place: 22 Emily Place Auckland
"ANSWERED BY FIRE" An compelling mini series from Australia's ABC co-produced with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation- set in East Timor at the time of the 1999 independence referendum.

Saturday, 23 August, ROOM, basement of TOTO's restaurant on Nelson St
THE PARTY: "FREEDOM SOUND" - BACCO ROOM, $5 minimum donation on the door. Will start around 9pm, unless we show film which will be earlier. MUSIC= JAZZ, SOUL, FUNK, REGGAE, DUB, HIP HOP, DUBSTEP, JUNGLE bit for everyone. I'll be playing couple of my records i got in Cuba at the start.

Tuesday, September 9, The University of Auckland Business School, Fisher & Paykel Appliances Auditorium, Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland
THE AGE OF THE WARRIOR - AN HOUR WITH ROBERT FISK - Robert Fisk with Prof. Jane Kelsey [Chair] : Cost: $25
Robert Fisk is a bestselling author and journalist based in Beirut as Middle East correspondent of The Independent. He has lived in the Middle East for three decades and holds more British and international journalism awards than any other foreign correspondent. His last book, The Great War for Civilisation, a history of his career and the numerous conflicts he has covered, was published internationally to great critical acclaim. He is also the author of Pity the Nation, a history of the Lebanese war.
Tickets are available through Ticketek at a cost of $25 per person, or $20 for students with a valid ID (services fees may apply). All proceeds will benefit Amnesty International. For more information please contact: Mandy Allan,
Advancement, Ph. 3737599 ext. 83308, Email: m.allan@auckland.ac.nz



Hone Harawira: Employment Relations Bill
Agitating for Jesus - A friar's protest at the Waihopai spy base has been denounced by Helen Clark, columnists and fellow Catholics but Father Murnane remains unrepentant.
Matt McCarten: Nats hit a few speed bumps on the long road to victory
Campbell on National's welfare policy, Tauranga and Georgia
Poverty report: fair go for all children essential

How The US Reversed Its Policy On Civilian Bombing

Letters of No Apology: Those people are dead because we wanted them dead.- Pentagon spokesman on the killing of 93 people in Chowkar-Karaz, fall of 2001
Afghans protest occupation's growing civilian casualties
"The deadliest three months for American forces in Afghanistan have pushed the U.S. death toll to at least 500," according to an August 8 report by Jason Straziuso for Associated Press.

The Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) has accused Australia of trying to fast-track new free trade negotiations with Pacific island countries at a recent regional trade ministers' meeting in the Cook Islands.

Morales pins Bolivian revolution on referendum

Rich-Poor Divide Threatens Child Health In Pacific

10,000 peasants rally against frameup of their leaders

Israel battles Spanish arrest warrants

The shameful legacy of US military occupation - Anti-military bases campaigner Cora Fabros talks to Pacific Media Centre columnist Ali Bell about the devastating social impact on women and children of almost a century of US military presence in the Philippines.

3000 rally in West Papua against Indonesia's 'Autonomy' law
Protester killed at independence rally in West Papua - A man was killed in West Papua after police fired warning shots when a group raised a separatist flag at a ceremony attended by thousands in Wamena city on Saturday August 9 to mark UN Indigenous Peoples' Day.


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Back Again: Government Approves TPP11 Mandate

The Government has approved a negotiating mandate for Trans-Pacific Partnership 11 (TPP11), which will ensure New Zealand businesses remain competitive in overseas markets.

Trade Minister Todd McClay says New Zealand will be pushing for the minimal number of changes possible to the original TPP agreement, something that the remaining TPP11 countries have agreed on. More>>




Gordon Campbell: On Why Labour Isn’t Responsible For Barnaby Joyce

As a desperate Turnbull government tries to treat the Barnaby Joyce affair as a Pauline Hanson fever dream – blame it on the foreigners! We’re the victims of the dastardly New Zealand Labour Party! – our own government has chosen to further that narrative, and make itself an accomplice. More>>


Rail: Greens Back Tauranga – Hamilton – Auckland Service

The Green Party today announced that it will trial a passenger rail service between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga starting in 2019, when it is in government. More>>


Housing: Voluntary Rental Warrant Of Fitness For Wellington

Wellington City Council is partnering with the University of Otago, Wellington, to launch a voluntary Rental Warrant of Fitness for minimum housing standards in Wellington, Mayor Justin Lester has announced. More>>


Treaty: Agreement In Principle Signed With Moriori

“The Crown acknowledges Moriori was left virtually landless from 1870, hindering its cultural, social and economic development. The Crown also acknowledges its contribution to the myths that the people of Moriori were racially inferior and became extinct." More>>


Susan Devoy: Call For Inquiry Into State Abuse Reaches UN

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy is in Geneva and has asked a United Nations committee to urge the New Zealand government to initiate an inquiry into the physical and sexual abuse of children and disabled people held in state institutions. More>>


(Not National): Cross-Party Agreement On Pike River Re-Entry

The commitment was signed this afternoon by the leaders of Labour, United Future, The Maori Party, and the Green Party and, together with the earlier commitment by New Zealand First, means that there is now a Parliamentary majority behind the families’ fight for truth and justice. More>>






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