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ParaMind Brainstorming Software releases New Ver.


ParaMind Brainstorming Software releases New Version of its Unique Brainstorming Software Program.

ParaMind Brainstorming Software of Seattle, Washington announces the release of their new advanced brainstorming program on August 18th, 2003.

ParaMind has been selling a unique software program that helps people use the power of the computer to develop ideas beyond their wildest imagination. Many people have written to the company and expressed their gratitude for making a software program that actually solves problems instead of creates them.

ParaMind's brainstorming technique is an original idea in problem solving and brainstorming. The user types in a sentence that describes either the problem they are having or an interesting idea that they would like to create. They press a button and make a few choices. In a short time, the screen is filled with hundreds of new sentences that are related to the sentence that they typed in.

The ParaMind company has specialized and sold only brainstorming software since it started in 1992. The software's original idea goes back to the college days of its founder, Robert Pearson. Pearson was still in college in the mid-1980's when he discovered an interesting theory about ideas which eventually led him to developing his software company. The original idea was that since new ideas are always expressed in words, innovative work on merely combining words together could eventually generate important new ideas.

This basic idea has a long history going back over 800 years. Philosophers have often thought that great ideas could be stimulated in a mysterious way by combining parts of smaller ideas. It basically took the invention of the computer to make this idea a reality. The new ParaMind version opens the doors to making this ancient dream more and more of a reality. The company's owner has been creating theory about this concept and incorporating this theory into the program and the company's website. The science of ParaMind is still growing and changing.

Even more Ancient philosophers such as Plato stated that all future ideas and knowledge are present with us today. It is only a matter of re-arranging our past knowledge in order to get at these ideas. We take most of our words from Latin and Greek roots, among the words of other anciet cultures. Thus, the ideas of the future already lie dormant in our words.

With the program of ParaMind, people can now easily start to seriously experiment with thinking outside the speed of their mind's associations. ParaMind's technique is really just what intelligent people do naturally. According to documents on the ParaMind Software webpage, all future ideas are somewhat present in our language. Therefore, it could be said that by intelligent manipulation of our language we will be able to find these new ideas.

ParaMind works by merging word categories that are all in the same part of speech with the user's sentence. For instance, the user's noun is replaced with other nouns, or their adjectives are replaced by other adjectives, and even many words in the same sentence can be replaced. What happens is that the program creates hundreds of these new sentences expressing a similar idea to the user's original sentence but each new sentence is changed in some way from the user's original sentence.

In the new release of ParaMind Version 3.1, there are many important changes. ParaMind Version 3.1 is a much more powerful program than ParaMind Version 3.0. The merging power of ParaMind Version 3.1 is much greater than all earlier versions of ParaMind, making many more ideas by creating much larger merges of the user's ideas. A maximum of twenty-five Word Categories can be selected for a Large Complex Merge or a Large Simple Merge compared to only two in the earlier versions. With the new version, instead of merely hundreds of pages of problem-solving new sentences, the user can easily create thousands of such pages. There are also new functions to make searching for the brainstorming words method more exact or more loose.

ParaMind 3.1 allows multiple windows to be open at a time, creating a separate window for each merge and displaying the results of the merge in a new window. The number of Word Categories the user can have in a single directory has been expanded to 999 in the Standard version. A Word Category is a grouping of up to twenty-two words that all have related meaning. They are not only synonymous words grouped together, but words that have some degree of relation.

The "Replace by Category" function has been significantly improved. "Replace by Category" is a search method that looks for a word from the user's sentence in the ParaMind database of Word Categories. Some search methods in computers will only find an exact word. If you are doing a web search on "apples," if you type in "apple," you won't get "apples," but only "apple." You will not find as many results. So ParaMind found a way in their old programs to have the user find Word Categories that have both "apple" and "apples." They called that search method "Replace by Category Partial." ParaMind has also created a method that lets the user find the exact word, which they call "Replace by Category Exact" If the user is looking for "apples" they will only find "apples," not "apple."

ParaMind has also added many new words to the existing 500 Word Categories that have come with ParaMind and cleaned up some of them up. That is, earlier versions of ParaMind made no claim to having Word Categories existing in the same parts of speech. In releasing 3.0, ParaMind made a move to have all words in a Word Category be in the same part of speech. Version 3.1 further completes that transition. Almost all Word Categories that had less than the maximum number of twenty-two words have been increased, adding hundreds of new words in the process.

In older versions users printed ParaMind documents from their favorite word processor, but in Version 3.1 they can print documents directly from the ParaMind program.

The cost of the ParaMind Brainstorming Software standard version is $39.95. The price has been temporarily reduced by the company "to help the world brainstorm out of the many recessions facing the world today."

Visit ParaMind Brainstorming Software on the World Wide Web at

For more information contact Robert Pearson in the United States at ParaMind Brainstorming Software at 206-368-0979. Postal Address: P.O.

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