Cablegate: Special Self-Help Fy-07 Annual Report


DE RUEHKI #1234/01 3040533
R 310533Z OCT 07





E.O. 12958: N/A


1. All 2006 activities have been completed and all funds
liquidated. All projects prior to 2006 have been completed and
closed out.


2. Twelve projects were selected with the $100,000.00 allocated to
Embassy Kinshasa FY 2007. Post greatly appreciates the increase in
funding from FY 2006. The Charge obligated the full allocation
October 23 at a Special Self Help signing ceremony.

3. Status of all 12 projects: Contracts signed and grantees
working to provide pro-formas.

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-01 Kasai Oriental
Project Name: Lycee Okako Awoto
Amount: $7,500
Description: Lycee Okako Awoto is a girls' secondary school. It was
partially destroyed during the civil war. Funds will be used to
rebuild three classrooms.
Beneficiaries: Approximately 1,200 schoolgirls annually
Local Input: Labor involved in rebuilding classrooms

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-02 Kinshasa
Project Name: Inst. & E.P. Mayele Na Bomoi I
Amount: $10,000
Description: Primary and secondary school with a student population
of over 1,200 and no clean water source. The location is one of the
poorest in Kinshasa, serving three low-income districts. Funds will
provide benches and a clean water supply for the students. For many
students the school is the only place they may access clean water.
School is well-run with a good track record of project completion.

Beneficiaries: Approximately 1,200 students annually.
Local Input: They completed a ten-stall bathroom facility this year
worth $6,000

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-03 Katanga
Project Name: Mukabe-Kasari Puits
Amount: $10,000
Description: Provide potable water for the community of
Mukabe-Kasari, near Kolwezi by digging a well and providing holding
tanks. Water will also be used in community medical
center/hospital, reducing the prevalence of water-borne diseases in
the community.
Beneficiaries: Approximately 13,700 persons.
Local Input: $3,000 towards the project.

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-04 Kinshasa
Project Name: Hope Clinic
Amount: $11,000
Description: Dr. Tudiabioko runs a very active clinic located in one
of the poorer districts of Kinshasa. This group's newest addition,
a nine-bed maternity ward, is already filled and staff has resorted
to placing two mothers in each bed. It is very difficult to pay
staff and maintain the clinic on the low hospital fees they charge.
Electricity in their neighborhood is unstable and often off for days
at a time. Funds will purchase beds and a generator for the
Beneficiaries: Approximately 14,000 annually.
Local Input: The group owns and maintains the property and pays

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-05 Katanga
Project Name: Club UNESCO Ntcheko
Amount: $4,000
Description: Club UNESCO provides literacy and simple livelihood
training to impoverished women in Kalemie, a city economically
devastated by war and loss of productive industry. The project
teaches women and girls literacy, including topics such as HIV/AIDS,
nutrition, hygiene, family planning, and basic money management.
They will use the funds to purchase sewing machines which will
enable them to teach the women how to sew.
Beneficiaries: About 500 women and young mothers.
Local Input: They cover salaries of staff and women provide their
own supplies

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-06 Equateur
Project Name: Forum des Parlementaires pour le Developpement en
Milieu Rural
Amount: $8,000
Description: Fifty years ago the medical center of Boso Gba was
established to provide medical aid for the sector of Gombalo. The
health center, which serves 20 villages, desperately needs new
medical equipment and a new roof. Grant funds will purchase medical
equipment, roofing tin and a water tank.
Beneficiaries: The clinic serves a community of about 100,000
Local Input: The community will provide labor and boards for
the roof

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-07 Kasai Oriental
Project Name: Ameka Congo, ASBL
Amount: $7,500
Description: Ameka will aid the Dimumbe village farmers' cooperative
by providing them with the tools necessary to harvest and process
rubber. These farmers have 58 hectares of old trees and 75 hectares
of new trees. With the growing demand for rubber they are anxious
to maintain and improve their plantations; however they lack funds
to purchase the most basic tools necessary for maintaining and
harvesting latex from the trees. Funds will purchase necessary
tools and equipment. A number of companies in Kinshasa are anxious
to buy rubber including VIP in Limite which makes sandals, and
NOCAFEX. The project will reinvest some of the rubber revenue to
extend the project to 73 additional villages.
Beneficiaries: 100 farmers and their families initially, up to 3,000
farmers eventually
Local Input: Labor

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-08 Mahagi, Orientale
Project Name: Centre Universitaire de Mahagi
Amount: $13,000
Description: The University of Mahagi began as an effort to provide
higher education for the youth of Mahagi and surrounding area.
Officially recognized by the government in July 2000, it offers
degrees in arts and letters, law, psychology, and education. The
small university has many needs: one of the most pressing is a
library. Funds will purchase books, chairs, tables and
Beneficiaries: Sixty-four students
Local Input: They maintain the University

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-09 Bandundu
Project Name: Developpement Durable et Communautaire (DDC)
Amount: $9,500
Description: DDC will refurbish a 35- meter metal bridge located in
an agricultural region. The bridge was originally surfaced with
boards, which have since rotted away. The group will surface the
bridge with metal, making it more resistant to weather and wear and
tear. Refurbishing the bridge will decrease the expense of
transporting agricultural produce, and will aid travelers by
providing a shorter route from Mokamo to Bulungu, and from Kilunda
to Kinshasa through Mokamo.
Beneficiaries: 10,000-plus people annually
Local Input: DDC will cover all the labor involved in building the

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-10 Kinshasa
Project Name: Clinique Kimbangu
Amount: $5,500
Description: SSH funds purchased one water tank last year for this
center in a $630 project. They will use this year's grant to
construct a model kitchen and classroom to train mothers, family,
and community caregivers in nutrition, food preparation and hygiene.
Funds will also purchase two water tanks, plumbing for system,
benches and construction of kitchen and classroom.
Beneficiaries: The clinic treats about 6,000 people annually
Local Input: NGO owns clinic and does a very good job of maintaining

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-11 Bandundu
Amount: $10,000
Description: This non-profit organization was created in 1998 to
promote rural development. AIRD is promoting cultivation of
soybeans to increase protein intake where malnutrition is severe.
They will purchase a machine to make dehydrated soy protein. The
machine will be used by numerous villages. This pilot project could
be extended to other areas.
Beneficiaries: The area has a population of one million
Local Input: Labor, fuel, transportation of equipment, and

Agreement Number: SSH 07-660-12 Kinshasa
Project Name: E.P. Hebrone
Amount: $4,000
Description: Last year this group received funds to construct a four
room classroom and completed the project very well. There is no
source of water near the school. They will use this year's grant to
provide water for the school. Funds will purchase two 1000-liter
water containers to collect rain water from the roof and build an
enclosed room to protect the tanks.
Beneficiaries: Three hundred schoolgirls and boys.
Local Input: Labor


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