Cablegate: Taiwan Foundation for Democracy Participation at Bamako


DE RUEHC #1150 3042040
O R 312024Z OCT 07




E.O. 12958: N/A

1.This is an action request. See Para 4.

2.Department has been made aware that Government of Mali, in the
lead up to the Community of Democracies (CD), Bamako conference, is
likely intentionally denying invitations and visas to representatives
of the NGO, Taiwan Foundation for Democracy (TFD), as well as any
individual holding a Taiwanese passport.

3.The umbrella NGO organization, the Council for a Community of
Democracies (CCD), which serves as a pseudo-secretariat for the
International Steering Group for the CD Non-governmental Process,
provided GOM with a list of NGO representatives to be invited to
attend Bamako CD. This list included three representatives from TFD:
Bo Tenards (US Citizen) and Dr. Wen-cheng Lin and Dr. Tzu-pao Yang
from Taiwan. All international NGO representatives were issued
invitations, except for Dr. Lin and Dr. Yang. Bo Tenards, a US
Passport holder, has been issued an invitation but is waiting to
apply for a visa until Dr. Lin and Dr. Yang receive invitations.

4.Action Request: The Ambassador should approach host government at
a senior level to request that invitations be sent and visas granted,
for the TFD representatives Dr. Lin and Dr. Yang, to attend Bamako

5. Failure to issue invitations and grant visas for TFD
representatives will likely cast a shadow over the GOM and create
questions regarding the legitimacy of the Bamako CD.

6.TFD has been a major financial supporter of NGO activity related
to CD over the past four years. There is already speculation that the
treatment of the TFD by GOM my cause TFD to pull its funding for the
majority of participants it was expected to fund from Asia.
Additionally, a greater defection from Bamako of civil society groups
may be expected in protest to Taiwan based NGOs being granted access
to CD.

7. Dr. Lin and Dr. Yang were denied visas en route when they sought
to attend a meeting in Bamako in 2006 of the International Steering
Committee. Oumar Makalou, head of the Malian non-governmental
process for CD, lodged a serious protest with the Foreign Ministry
and the Presidency and was allegedly told it would not happen again.


8. Bo Tenards is Director of International Cooperation for TFD and
Director of World Forum for Democratization in Asia.

9. Dr. Lin has been president of TFD since 2006 and currently serves
as Dean of the School of Social Sciences, national Sun Yat-sen
University, where he is a full professor. He currently has no
position in the Taiwan government. From mid-2003 to mid-2004, he took
a leave of absence from the university to serve as Senior Advisor to
the Taiwan National Security Council, which is the only Government
position he has ever held.

10. Dr. Yang is an advisor to TFD. He is also a Deputy Minister in
the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Taiwan government, but at the
CD he will only be participating in his TFD status. Dr. Yang is also
a francophone which is why he hopes to attend this particular

11. Each year CD has been held at ministerial level (Warsaw, 2000;
Seoul, 2002; Santiago, 2005) Taiwan was represented at an NGO level.
At each event Taiwanese NGO representatives respected their
non-governmental status, even though many also held positions within
Taiwan's government at various levels. Prior to Santiago, TFD had not
yet been established and participants therefore did not have TFD
affiliation. Taiwan participants at Warsaw, Seoul and Santiago are
as follows:

1) Ms. Myasing Yang: Current TFD vice presidents. At the time, deputy
director of the Research and Planning Board of the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs.
2) Legislator Bi-khim Hsiao: Currently TFD board member. At the time,
Director of International Affairs of the Democratic Progressive Party
3) Ming-te Shih: Then Legislator.
4) Hsin-liang Hsu: Then Chairman of the "People Rising Foundation";
previously Chairman of the DPP.
5) King-yuh Chang: Then Chairman of the "Chinese Eurasian Education
Foundation"; previously Chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council (a
cabinet level post).

13. SEOUL:
1) Legislator Bi-khim Hsiao: Legislator at that time.
2) Edward J. Huang: Chairman of Transparency International-Taiwan,
and Director of the Asia Resource Center for Democracy.
3) Vincent W.S. Yang: Assistant Director General, NGO International
Affairs Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

14. SANTIAGO: (After TFD had been established):
1) Dr. Parris Chang: TFD board member and Deputy Secretary General of
the Taiwan NSC at that time.
2) Dr. Anne Hsiao: Head of TFD's International Cooperation
3) Jeffrey H.S. Hsiao: Mid-ranking diplomat.
4) Dr. Michael Kau: At the time TFD president as well as Deputy
Minister of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (the same position that
Dr. Yang currently holds). Dr. Kau attended the final meeting of the
Non-governmental Process in Santiago prior to the Ministerial
Meeting. He was accompanied by Anne Hsiao, Oliver Liao (mid-ranking
diplomat), and Bo Tenards.

15. Like Mali, all three previous host countries for CD recognize
the One-China policy.

16. Post should direct replies and feedback to desk, with a copy to
John Kachtik (G).

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