Cablegate: Freetown Media Placements for February 2008


DE RUEHFN #0138/01 0851406
R 251406Z MAR 08





E.O. 12958: N/A

1. Summary: Embassy Freetown's outreach in Freetown included
articles surrounding the commemoration of Black History Month,
including a discussion hosted by Ambassador Perry and film showings
at the Kissy and Fourah Bay College Libraries. Ambassador Perry also
opened a seminar on resources management for Sierra Leone government
officials. Special Projects Coordinator Joachim Van Brandt
participated in launching events organized by 2007 DHRF grantees
Prison Watch - Sierra Leone and the Community Action for Development
Programmes and Services of a women's advocacy project (CADePS). The
events were covered well and accurately.

2. Post and Mission Activities/Press Releases:

A. In honor of Black History Month, Ambassador Perry hosted a film
showing and discussion at the Kissy library on Monday, February 4, a
US Embassy press release said. In her remarks, Ambassador Perry
recalled her own involvement in the civil rights movement, including
her work with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Ambassador Perry stressed
the importance of respect for human rights, adding that the
principles of nonviolence were central to the success of the civil
rights movement in the US. "The way to see real change in a society
is through nonviolent, rational resistance against unjust laws and
unjust leaders through an on-going dialogue between all parties..."
The film, "African American Lives," was written by Dr. Henry Louis
Gates, and the showing was open to the public. The film was also
screened at the Embassy for invited students and for students at
Fourah Bay College.

The local press reported as follows:
"Ambassador Perry Hosts Film Show" KALLEONE 2/5
"US Ambassador Hosts Film Show to Honor Black History Month/Opens
Seminar on Defense Resource Management" POOL 2/5
"Black History Month: US Ambassador Hosts Film Show at Kissy
"US Ambassador Honors Black History" THE TRUMPET 2/5
"US Ambassador Perry Hosts Film Show in Honor of Black History Month
"Black History: Flashback of a Legacy and Destiny" INDEPENDENT
"US Embassy Remembers Black History Month" STANDARD TIMES 2/7
"Black History Month: Ambassador Hosts Film Show" 2/7

B. On Monday, February 4, Ambassador Perry opened a Seminar on
Defense Resource Management in Freetown, said a U.S. Embassy press
release. The two-week-long seminar emphasized the need for effective
and responsible resource management in the Republic of Sierra Leone
Armed Forces. At the opening ceremony, Ambassador Perry told the
forty participants they were entrusted with the nation's most
valuable resources -- people, land, and money -- and should do
everything in their power to care for those resources. She stressed
that all nations must work to maximize the effectiveness of finite
resources. The Defense Resource Management Institute, in Monterrey,
California, was responsible for running the seminar.

The local press reported as follows:
"America Promotes Capacity Building" THE SPECTATOR 2/5
"US Ambassador Perry Opens Seminar on Resources Management for
Sierra Leone Government Officials" THE EXCLUSIVE 2/5; THE AFRICAN
"US Ambassador Hosts Film Show to Honor Black History Month/Opens
Seminar on Defense Resource Management" POOL 2/5
"US Embassy Opens Seminar for Gov't Officials" LIFE HERALD 2/7
"US Carter Perry Talks Defense management" AWARENESS TIMES 2/8

C. On Friday, February 8, Special Projects Coordinator Joachim Van
Brandt launched a DHRF project for Community Action for Development
Programmes and Services of a women's advocacy project (CADePS), a
local organization working towards women's political participation
at all levels.
While giving his keynote address, SPC Van Brandt urged Sierra
Leonean women, particularly those from Koinadugu District - the only
district without a female councilor - to actively participate in the
various arenas of public life, including politics. He said women
have a responsibility to positively contribute to the development of
their societies, adding that they should learn from the U.S. where a
female candidate is vying for the White House.

The local press reported as follows:
Interview with Joachim Van Brandt following the launching ceremony,
"Cotton Tree News (CTN) Radio Station" and "Radio Bintumani" 2/8

D. On Wednesday, February 20, Special Projects Coordinator Joachim
Van Brandt launched the Prisons Watch Sierra Leone 2006-2007 report
on prison conditions across the country. Prison Watch Sierra Leone
Coordinator, Mambu Feika, said his organization seeks to ensure that
the rights of prisoners and detainees are respected and that prison
conditions meet the minimum international standards. With funding
from the Embassy's Democracy and Human Rights Fund (DHRF), Mr. Mambu
said his organization held sensitization programs on human rights
and related issues around the country.

The local press reported as follows:
"Sierra Leone Prisons are Hell" AWOKO 2/21
"Cotton Tree News (Radio)" 2/20
"UN Radio Station" 2/20


A. NEC announces date for parliamentary bye-elections
B. Jenkins Johnston's Commission of Enquiry Wraps up (2/5)
C. George Soros pledges to assist Sierra Leone (2/11)
D. PPRC: legal action for shutting down party offices (2/11)
E. World Bank Says 'Koroma Electricity' Not Sustainable (2/13)
F. NEC Blacklists 477 for Fraud (2/13)
G. Petrol Shortage Hits Freetown (2/14&15)
H. Brutal murder causes panic among Fullahs (2/19%21)
I. Libya Pledges More Support For Sierra Leone (2/19)
J. AFRC Loses Appeal (2/25)
K. 2007 Elections Expenditures Announced (2/25)
L. UK Doles #32 to Sierra Leone (2/25)
M. SLPP Bo Office Vandalized. (2/28)

A. On Thursday, January 31, the chairperson of National Electoral
Commission (NEC), Dr. Christiana Thorpe, announced that
parliamentary bye-elections will be held on March 29. Dr. Thorpe
said bye-elections will be held for four constituencies only, adding
that the commission had completed boundary delimitations for the
local government elections. Dr. Thorpe said the delimitation
exercise was based primarily on population size, adding that the
commission ensured that the wholeness of chiefdoms and sections were
not affected by the exercise. Dr. Thorpe said the commission would
start a revision of the electoral register as soon as the new ward
boundaries were approved by parliament. The local council election
will be held on July 5. There are 394 wards and 475 prospective

The local press reported as follows:
"Parliamentary Bye-elections in March" AWOKO 2/1
"NEC Declares 29th March Bye Elections" AWARENESS TIMES 2/1
"NEC Declares March 29th Elections Day" SALONE TIMES 2/1
"NEC Declares March 29 Bye Election Date" POOL 2/1
"NEC Declares Bye-Election Elections" THE SPECTATOR 2/1
"NEC Declares Bye-Election Date" THE NEWS 2/1
"March 29, Day of Parliamentary Bye-Election" FOR DI PEOPLE 2/1

B. The Jenkins Johnston Commission of enquiry into the violent
clashes between protesters and the police in Koidu - which resulted
in the death of two people - concluded its hearings on Monday,
February 4. The commission first started hearing witness testimony
in Koidu before it moved to Freetown. On the last day of the
proceeding, Police Superintendent of Tankoro Chiefdom, who was
alleged to have ordered police officers to shoot protesters in Kono,
told the Commission that he neither gave weapons to police officers
nor did he order police to fire at protesters. Chief Superintendent
Joseph B. Kabia said he later learnt that the order to shoot the
protesters came directly from Freetown. In his closing remarks, the
chairman of the commission, Mr. Jenkins Johnston said they will
write a report and make recommendations to the government.

The local press reported as follows:
"Jenkins Johnston Commission of Inquiry Wraps Up" STANDARD TIMES
"Koidu Holdings Inquiry Ends in Freetown" AWOKO 2/5
"'Police Sergeant Killed Aiah Momoh'" CONCORD TIMES 2/5
"'I did not Tell OSD to Fire' - Supt Kabia Tells Commission into
Kono Demo Deaths" FOR DI PEOPLE 2/5

C. The American billionaire and philanthropist, George Soros,
visited Sierra Leone on the weekend of February 8. At a meeting with
senior government officials, including President Koroma, Mr. Soros
said he was interested in investing and assisting Sierra Leone,
adding, "the country is in dire need of such assistance and it is in
a better position for development than other African countries
emerging from war." He said "it is time to combat those distractions
and translate them into practical achievements with considerable
success." Mr. Soros, founder and chairman of a network of
foundations, said he would help the government of Sierra Leone to
combat environmental problems like deforestation. At a press
conference in Freetown, Mr. Soros also pledged to assist the
government in the extractive industry to ensure that the natural
resources benefit the people, and not the rulers. President Koroma
said he was grateful for Mr. Soros's visit and called on him to
support his government in key areas.

The local press reported as follows:
"George Soros Says Sierra Leone is Ripe for his Assistance"
"Soros to Help Salone Economic Recovery" FOR DI PEOPLE 2/11
"Like Soros Like Sylvia Blyden" AWARENESS TIMES 2/11
"George Soros Pledges Continued Support for ECOWAS" CONCORD TIMES
"OSI Boss to Support APC" THE NEWS 2/12
"No Money for Government" PREMIER NEWS 2/12
"George Sorrus to Help in Extractive Industry" AWOKO 2/12
"President Koroma Hosts Global Financier" THE SPARK 2/12
"George Soros Pledges Continued Support for ECOWAS" NEW VISION 2/13
"George Soros: Guest of the President" STANDARD TIMES 2/13
"President Koroma Brings US Billionaire to Salone" AFRICAN CHAMPION
"George Soros The Great Philanthropy" SALONE TIMES 2/13
"George Soros Pledges Continued Support for ECOWAS" INDEPENDENT
"Four and Half Years to Invite George Soros" CONCORD TIMES 2/14

D. Members of the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC)
completed an inspection and verification exercise on the Western
Area offices of all registered political parties on January 31.
Section 22 of the Political Parties' Act 2002 requires all political
parties to periodically furnish the commission with particulars of
their National and Regional offices. Chairman of the PPRC, Mr.
Roland Caesar, said out of the seven political parties that
contested the 2007 elections, only the APC, SLPP, PMDC, and NDA had
functioning offices. He said the team also verified the validity of
the tenancy agreements of the four functioning political parties.
Mr. Caesar said the commission was contemplating taking legal action
against the three political parties that closed down their offices
without notifying them.

The local press reported as follows:
"Political Parties to be Sued" SIERRA EXPRESS MEDIA 2/11
"PPRC on Update Visits" AWOKO 2/11
"PPRC Vows to Drag Party Defaulters to Supreme Court" THE SPARK
"PPRC Inspects Political Party Offices" FOR DI PEOPLE 2/11
"Local Council Elections... 3 May Not Contest" THE EXCLUSIVE 2/11
"Lawyer Ade Caesar Leads PPRC to Visit Party Offices" AWARENESS
TIMES 2/11

E. On Monday, February 4, the World Bank representative wrote a
letter to the Ministry of Energy and Power noting that while the
institution was committed to temporary 'bridging' arrangements until
Bumbuna comes on line, he felt the agreements with the Independent
Power Producers (IPP) were unnecessarily expensive. Mr. Ishac Diwan
warned that the agreement with the IPP to provide 25 megawatts
electricity for Freetown will cost Sierra Leone over $5 million a
month, saying he was not sure about the sustainability of the
agreement. He said the two IPP agreements with Income Electrix Ltd
and Delamore Owl/Emeiola Group were signed without 'prior
consultation' with the World Bank. Mr. Diwan said the idea of
National Power Authority (NPA) buying all the IPP's power capacity
would create extra costs, adding that an earlier agreement with the
Global Trading Group, which the World Bank supervised, had no such
contractual clause. The World Bank said the costs to NPA were
unsustainable - unless tariffs for NPA power were immediately
doubled and up to 250 NPA workers laid off.

The local press reported as follows:
"World Bank Says 'Koroma Electricity' not Sustainable" PEEP 2/13

F. On Tuesday, February 12, National Electoral Commissioner, Dr.
Christiana Thorpe, announced that 477 Presiding Officers were
blacklisted for electoral malpractice during the 2007 Presidential
run-off elections. Dr. Thorpe said all elections staff who worked at
polling stations that recorded over 100% voter turnout were
blacklisted, adding that the commission had started the recruitment
of temporary staff for the parliamentary bye-elections. This brings
the total number blacklisted by the commission to 1,575.

The local press reported as follows:
"NEC Blacklists 477 for Fraud" THE NEW CITIZEN 2/13
"NEC Begins Recruitment" THE SPECTATOR 2/13
"NEC Blacklists 477 Workers" CONCORD TIMES 2/13
"90 Kailahun Officials Sacked" PREMIER NEWS 2/13
"NEC Strikes Hard on SLPP base... 477 Polling Officers Gone"
"NEC Blacklists 477 Presiding Officers" NEW VISION 2/13
"NEC Blacklists 477 Presiding Officers" SALONE TIMES 2/13

G. On Wednesday, February 13, vehicles queued for fuel at filling
stations in Freetown, raising fears that a fuel shortage was
looming. The pump price of fuel was increased three months ago (in
November 2007), causing an increase in price for essential
commodities. Minister of Information and Communication, Ibrahim Ben
Kargbo, said the reason for the inadequate supply of fuel was
because Sierra Leone's oil refinery was not functioning, saying the
government relied on the Ivory Coast refinery to supply fuel to the
Deputy Director of Petroleum Unit, Sabieu Conteh, insisted that
there was enough fuel in the country and was surprised about rumors
of a shortage.

The local press reported as follows:
"Petrol Shortage Hits Freetown" CONCORD TIMES 2/14
"Scarcity in Fuel Supply Pump Price May Increase to Le15,000"
"Fuel Shortage Hits Freetown Again?" AWOKO 2/14
"Fuel Shortage May Add to APC's Woes and Miseries... Back to
Toe-Line?" NEW VISION 2/14
"Fuel Scarcity" PREMIER NEWS 2/14
"Big Crisis! No Petrol" THE SPECTATOR 2/14
"Fuel Shortage is Self-Orchestrated" - Minister of Trade, Industry
and State Enterprises" NEW CITIZEN 2/15
"Sierra Leone Government Press Release on Fuel" WE YONE 2/15
"No Fuel Crisis! Petrol Stations are merely causing Panic" THE POOL
"'There is Fuel' - NP Boss" PREMIER NEWS 2/15
"Petrol Crisis 'Fuel Vessel Arrives Today'... Minister of Trade" THE
SPARK 2/15

H. Fullah businessman Alhaji Lamrana Bah was brutally murdered on
February 15, causing panic among Fullahs in Freetown. Mr. Bah was
shot and killed at Calaba Town, east of Freetown, by unidentified
gunmen at 7 PM local time as he was driving home. Fullahs perceived
the killing of Mr. Bah as a threat to their safety, especially since
no suspects have been arrested in the separate murders of eight
fullahs over the years. After the death of Mr. Bah, the Fullah chief
and Minister of Mineral Resources, Mr. Jalloh, urged his tribesmen
to remain calm. The Fullahs subsequently resolved to close down
their shops. The strike action affected consumers as Fullahs are
some of the main dealers of essential commodities and wholesalers
through whom middlemen and retailers survive. Meanwhile, the Sierra
Leone Police have offered a Le. two million (approx. USD 670) reward
for information that will lead to the arrest and prosecution of
those responsible for the murder. The Fullah community has upped the
reward by Le. 48 million (approx. USD 16,080). Three people have
been arrested and are helping the police in their investigations.

The local press reported as follows:
"Brutal murder causes panic among Fullahs" THE PATRIOTIC VANGUARD
"Fullah Chief Cautions: Be Law Abiding" AWOKO 2/19
"Fullahs Protest Robbery Murder!" FOR DI PEOPLE 2/19
"Slain Fullah Business Man to be Buried Today" PREMIER NEWS 2/19
"Murder of Fullah Businessman - Police Announce... Le 2 Million for
Information" AWOKO 2/21
"Holding Us to Ransom (Editorial)" PREMIER NEWS 2/21
"Police Offer Le2M for Assassins" THE NEWS 2/21
"Le2M for Info on Allen Town Murder" FOR DI PEOPLE 2/21
"Three Arrested Over FuLlah Murder" AFRICAN CHAMPION 2/29
"'No Headway in Murder Case' - Police Boss" NEW CITIZEN 2/29

I. On Wednesday, February 16, President Koroma started a two-day
official visit to Libya to hold discussions with President Ghaddafi
concerning how the bilateral relation between the two countries can
be strengthened. Following several consultative meetings, the Libyan
government promised to give more support to Sierra Leone in the
agriculture, health, education, energy, and tourism sectors. In the
area of agriculture, President Ghaddafi pledged to provide some
agricultural equipment, including 30 tractors. President Ghaddafi
also pledged to build schools, build a prosthetic factory for the
production of artificial limbs for amputees, and refurbish, repair,
and equip a referral hospital. President Ghadaffi also pledged his
assistance in rural water-supply and tourism. He promised to send
Swiss engineers to carry out feasibility studies on the second phase
of the Bumbuna Hydro Project with a view to determining Libya's
intervention. The Libyan government also promised to send a
technical expert delegation to Freetown to carry out feasibility
studies in the investment potential of Sierra Leone especially in
the areas of tourism and energy provision. This will be followed by
a joint commission meeting.

The local press reported as follows:
"Libya Pledges More Support for Sierra Leone" THE PATRIOTIC VANGARD
"Libya, Sierra Leone Discuss Cooperation" AWOKO 2/19
"President Koroma Visits Libyan Leader?" CONCORD TIMES 2/19
"President Koroma Wows the Libyans... Ghadaffi to Pour Money into
"Why Libya: Mr. President?" NEW VISION 2/19
"Wind Fall for APC... 30 Tractors, 10 Scholarships, 5 Star Hotel"

J. On Friday, February 22, the Special Court's Appeals Chamber
upheld long sentences for three former leaders of the Armed Forces
Revolutionary Council (AFRC). Alex Tamba Brima, Brima Bazzy Kamara,
and Santigie Borbor Kanu were each convicted last June on 11 of 14
counts for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other serious
violations of international humanitarian law. Brima and Kanu each
received sentences of 50 years, while Kamara received a 45 year
sentence. All three defendants appealed their convictions, with
Brima appealing on 12 grounds, Kamara on 13, and Kanu on 19. In an
Appeal Judgment summary read out in Court by Presiding Judge Justice
George Gelaga King, the Court dismissed all of the Defendants'
appeals. The Prosecution also entered nine grounds of appeal against
the Trial Court judgment, including appeals against the Trial
Chamber's dismissal of the count of forced marriage and the
Prosecution's pleading of Joint Criminal Enterprise in the
indictment. In its judgment, the Trial Chamber dismissed the count
of forced marriage as an "other inhumane act," ruling by a majority
that it was not significantly different from other counts of rape
and sexual slavery. The Appeals Chamber upheld the Prosecution's
appeal in part. The Appeals Chamber found that acts of forced
marriage amount to a separate crime under international law. This is
the first such finding by any international court. The Appeals
Chamber also reversed a Trial Chamber decision that the Prosecution
had not properly pleaded the issue of Joint Criminal Enterprise. The
Chief Prosecutor said he welcomed the Appeals Chamber's verdict,
saying it was a victory for the people of Sierra Leone.
The local press reported as follows:
"AFRC Loses Appeal" 2/25; AWOKO 2/25
"Gullit, Bazzy, and 55 to Serve Big Jail" FOR DI PEOPLE 2/25
"AFRC Indictees Sentenced to 45 and 50" PREMIER NEWS 2/25
"AFRC Defendants Lose Appeal" LIFE HERALD 2/25
"Special Court Upholds AFRC Commanders' Sentences" KALLEONE 2/25
"55, Others Lose Appeal Case" THE EXCLUSIVE 2/25

K. On Friday, February 22, the Political Parties Registration
Commission (PPRC) released the a report on the expenditures incurred
by the seven political parties that contested the 2007 elections.
The All Peoples Congress (APC) was the highest spender. The party's
presidential candidate, Ernest Bai Koroma, spent Le. 850,000,000
(approx. USD 285,000), while his running mate, Samuel Sam-Sumana,
spent Le. 415,720,000(approx. USD 139,000). The APC spent a total of
Le. 2,297,574,000 (approx. USD 770,000. The party did not submit a
financial report for the 102 parliamentary candidates it fielded.
The Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) did not submit a comprehensive
financial statement for its presidential and vice presidential
candidates. The party's financial statement only covered its
operating costs and the expenditures of 30 parliamentary candidates,
which amounted to Le. 1,802,081,400 (approx. USD 604,000). The
presidential candidate for the Peoples Movement for Democratic
Change (PMDC), Charles Margai, Le. 215,000,450 (approx. USD 72,000).
His running mate, Dr. I.I. Tejan-Jalloh, Le. 3,368,500 (approx. USD
1,100). The PMDC spent a total of Le. 2,114,023,055 (approx. USD
708,000). The PPRC commended the PMDC as the only party that
complied with the constitutional provisions regarding disclosure of
elections expenditure. The Convention People's Party (CPP) spent a
total of Le. 605,182,000 (approx. USD 203,000). The National
Democratic Alliance (NDA) spent a total of Le. 1,735,000,419 (approx
USD 581,000). The United National Peoples Party (UNPP) and the Peace
Liberation Party (PLP) spent Le. 756,532,700 (approx. USD 253,000),
and Le. 32,091,000 (approx. USD 11,000)), respectively.

The local press reported as follows:
"2007 Elections Expenditures... APC Le 2,297,574, SLPP
Le1,802,081,000, PMDC Le 2,114,023" THE EXCLUSIVE 2/25
"2007 Elections... President Koroma Spent Le 850M, APC Le 2.2
billion" AWOKO 2/25
"PPRC Reports Expenditure of Political Parties" STANDARD TIMES 2/25
"PMDC Spent Le 2bn for General Elections" PREMIER NEWS 2/25
"PMDC Commended for Accurate Post Elections Financial Reports"
"PPRC to Sue APC, SLPP, Others" CONCORD TIMES 2/25

L. On Friday, February 22, the UK Secretary of State for
International Development (DFID), Douglas Alexander, arrived in
Sierra Leone to meet with President Koroma and senior government
officials, and visit projects that are funded by the Department for
International Development (DFID). During his visit, Mr. Alexander
donated the sum of 32 million pounds (approx. USD 65.2 million) to
the government of Sierra Leone for a five-year water and sanitation
programme countrywide. Mr. Alexander commended Sierra Leoneans for
conducting free and fair elections, saying the country is "a model
for the rest of Africa." He also commended the people of Sierra
Leone for their sense of resilience after decade-long violence that
crippled almost every facet of society. President Koroma told Mr.
Alexander that the expectations of the people of Sierra Leone are
high, saying he counted on the UK government to continue its
assistance to the country. He promised to use foreign aid in the
best interest of the country.

The local press reported as follows:
"UK Doles 32 million pounds" THE EXCLUSIVE 2/25
"DFID Boss Visit Solidifies Relations" THE NEW CITIZEN 2/25
"Britain to Give Salone 32 million pounds" THE LIFE HERALD 2/25
"32 million pounds to Boost Water and Sanitation" AWOKO 2/25
"UK Gives Salone 32 million pounds for Clean Water" AWARENESS TIMES
"UK Minister Unveils 32 million pounds Plan for Salone" CONCORD
TIMES 2/25
"Britain committed to help Sierra Leone tackle her problems: British
DFID Minister"
"United Kingdom donates 32 million pounds to improve Sierra Leone's
lack of Water and Sanitation" SIERRA EXPRESS MEDIA 2/25
"UK Government is Committed to sierra Leone" Patriotic Vanguard

M. On Wednesday, February 27, normal life in the southern provincial
headquarter town of Bo was disrupted by angry youths of the ruling
All Peoples Congress (APC) who allegedly attacked, vandalized and
looted the headquarters of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party
(SLPP). The confusion started when SLPP supporters allegedly defaced
the statue of President Ernest Koroma, an act which was considered
insulting by supporters of the APC. Some senior SLPP officials were
briefly taken into police custody for "protective reasons." On the
same day, the SLPP issued a press release condemning the "acts of
intimidation supported by the APC hierarchy and an attempt to
suppress the opposition activities in the country." The release also
accused Resident Minister of Southern Province, Musa Tarawally, of
masterminding the violence, adding, "he is supported by the
President, Ernest Bai Koroma." The party issued another press
release condemning the act of defacing the president's portrait, but
criticized the police for failing to protect their Southern region
office. The APC Secretary General, Victor Foh, also condemned the
acts of violence and called on the police to investigate and
prosecute the culprits.

The local press reported as follows:
"Political Palaver: SLPP Bo Office Vandalized!!" AWOKO 2/28
"APC Turns Bo Upside down... SLPP Says APC orchestrated Painting of
Green over Ernest's Face" AWARENESS TIMES 2/28
"Wahala in Bo... J.J. Saffa Allegedly Escaped... Police Hold
Mayor... Musa Tarawally Accused of Being a Thug" AFRICAN CHAMPION
"Bo Town on Fire" PREMIER NEWS 2/28
"Flashpoint: APC Thugs Attack SLPP Office in Bo... Mayor Arrested,
SLPP Warns It Would a Different Story Next Time" DEMOCRAT 2/28
"SLPP-APC Bo Mid-week Clashes" THE NEW AGE 2/28
"Mayor under Arrest" THE SPARK 2/28
"Over President Koroma's Portrait Saga... SLPP, APC MPs Fight in
Parliament... SLPP Thugs Destroy President Koroma's Portrait in Bo -
Mayor, Chairman & Scribe Arrested" THE POOL 2/28
"Mayor, 3 Others Arrested Over Incitement in Bo... SLPP Blame Ernest
Koroma, Musa Tarawally for Bo Riot" INDEPENDENT OBSERVER 2/28
"Bo Town Dombolo... Ernest Koroma's Portrait Desecrated in Green"
"Bo on Fire... SLPP Mayor Arrested, SLPP Office Vandalized" THE
"APC Supporters on Rampage in Bo (CONCORD TIMES, Page 1); Bo Fracas
Recedes" NEW CITIZEN 2/28
"APC, SLPP Riot in Bo" THE NEWS 2/28
"SLPP to Take on APC" THE NEWS 2/29
"Calm Returns to Bo" INDEPENDENT OBSERVER 2/29
"Over Bo Incident President Expresses Dismay" THE EXCLUSIVE 2/29
"We will resist all attempts" THE SPARK 2/29
"Berewa Decries Attacks against SLPP" CONCORD TIMES 2/29
"Who is fooling who?" AWARENESS TIMES 2/29
"Bo City in Disarray: 'APC Machinated the whole thing'" AWOKO 2/29
"Bo in Turmoil as... APC and SLPP Supporters Clash" SWEET BO 2/29
"Bo Women March for Peace" WE YONE 2/29


"Schwarzenegger Backs McCain Bid" THE SPARK 2/1
"Giuliani Quits White House Race" PREMIER NEWS 2/1; SALONE TIMES
"Edwards to Quit White House Race" AWARENESS TIMES 2/1
"US Economic Growth Drops Sharply" AWARENESS TIMES 2/1
"US Denounces Kenya 'Cleansing'" AWARENESS TIMES 2/1
"Race for White House Narrows" SALONE TIMES 2/1
"Los Angeles Gets Marijuana Vending Machines" SALONE TIMES 2/1
"Singer Spears Taken to Hospital" POOL 2/1; THE TRUMPET 2/7
"Obama Says Clinton Would be a Step Back" AWOKO 2/1
"Clinton and Obama Tone Down the Bickering" THE AFRICAN CHAMPION
"US Sees Job Cuts as Economy Cools" LIFE HERALD 2/4; POOL 2/4;
"Anti-war Grouping Supports Obama" INDEPENDENT OBSERVER 2/4
"Hilary Rodham Clinton: Profile" THE EXCLUSIVE 2/4
"US Rivals in Super Tuesday Push" POOL 2/5; PREMIER NEWS 2/5
"Bush Presents $3 Trillion Budget" THE SPARK 2/5; FOR DI PEOPLE 2/5;
"Spears Psychiatric Report Ordered" POOL 2/6
"Oscar Boss Says Show Will Go On" POOL 2/6;
"US Voters Set for Super Tuesday" POOL 2/6
"US Super Tuesday Votes Underway. Full Super Tuesday Coverage"
"Prince Andrew Rebukes US on Iraq" PREMIER NEWS 2/6
"US Rivals Fight on After Key Date" POOL 2/7; THE TRUMPET 2/7; THE
"Snoop Dogg's UK Visa Ban Lifted" THE TRUMPET 2/7
"Storms Wreak Havoc in Southern US" PREMIER NEWS 2/7
"Clinton, Obama Draw; McCain Ahead" AWOKO 2/7
"US Oil Prices Fall on Stocks Data" AWOKO 2/7
"Dozens Dead in Southern US Storms" THE SPARK 2/7
"Tied US Rival Fight for Momentum" POOL 2/8
"Romney Suspends White House Bid" THE SPARK 2/8
"Search for US Tornado Victims" AWARENESS TIMES 2/8
"G7 Issues Global Economy Warning" SIERRA EXPRESS MEDIA 2/11
"Writers' Leaders Hail Strike Deal" POOL 2/11
"New Approach for US Army Manual" LIFE HERALD 2/11
"White House Race Contests Resume" LIFE HERALD 2/11; INDEPENDENT
"Obama or Clinton: Who Wins Democratic Nomination?" THE EXCLUSIVE
"The Chronicle of African Slavery in the United States of America"
"Runaway Slaves! The Resistance against Forced Labor in the U.S.A."
"Obama Looks for Momentum in Va., Md., DC" AWOKO 2/13
"Unpopular Bush Approves of 'true conservative' McCain" AWOKO 2/13
"Ragged Clinton Campaign Braces for More Vote Woe" SALONE 2/13
"Pentagon Seeks Charges, Death for 9/11 Accused" SALONE TIMES 2/13
"Clinton Shaken as Obama Takes Lead" SALONE TIMES 2/13
"Primary Test for Obama Momentum" PREMIER NEWS 2/13; FOR DI PEOPLE
"Fair Trial Pledge to 9/11 Accused" PREMIER NEWS 2/13
"Barack Hussein Obama: Profile" THE EXCLUSIVE 2/13
"Obama Wins Primaries Clean Sweep" PREMIER NEWS 2/14
"Spielberg in Darfur Snub to China" POOL 2/14; DEMOCRAT 2/14; NEW
"Obama Wins Primaries Clean Sweep" POOL 2/14; DEMOCRAT 2/14; NEW
"Obama Wins 3 Primaries, Leads Delegates" AWOKO 2/14
"Banking on Texas and Ohio, Clinton Campaign Continues Shake Up"
AWOKO 2/14
"9/11 'Mastermind' is Charged by the US" WE YONE 2/13
"Clinton Makes Last Stand in Ohio and Texas" SALONE TIMES 2/15
"Scientists Gather for Debate on 21st-century Challenges" SALONE
TIMES 2/15
"China 'Regrets' Spielberg Action" SALONE TIMES 2/15; premier news
2/15; POOL 2/15
"Obama Takes Clear Maine Victory" INDEPENDENT OBSERVER 2/15
"Obama Proposes $20 Billion for New Jobs" AWOKO 2/15
"Clinton Casts a Hopeful Eye toward Ohio, Texas" AWOKO 2/15
"US Presidential Race: 50 Cent Backs Hillary, Warns Obama on
Assassination" CONCORD TIMES 2/15
"9/11 Case Pilot Can Claim Damages" CONCORD TIMES 2/15
"Bush Signs Economic Plan into Law" POOL 2/15
"Bush Africa Tour" WE YONE 2/15; LIFE HERALD 2/18
"Buffet Buys Stake in Kraft Foods" PREMIER NEWS 2/18
"US Annual Trade Deficit Narrows" PREMIER NEWS 2/18
"Actors Urge Talks to Avert Strike" POOL 2/18
"Bush Urges Kenya Power-sharing" POOL 2/18; LIFE HERALD 2/18; SIERRA
"N.Y., China Investigating Black Market in Bodies" WE YONE 2/18
"Outpouring of Grief at US College" LIFE HERALD 2/18
"Seven Killed at US Drag Car Race" LIFE HERALD 2/18
"Money Rolls in for Obama's Presidential Campaign" PEEP! MAGAZINE
"Iran Postpones Iraq Talk with US" AFRICAN CHAMPION 2/18
"Rice in Nairobi to Push for Deal" CONCORD TIMES 2/19; EMOCRAT 2/19;
"Bush Highlights Malaria Campaign" CONCORD TIMES 2/19; THE SPECTATOR
"Intervene in Nigeria, Bush Urged" DEMOCRAT 2/19; THE SPECTATOR
"Bush Signs Aid Deal with Tanzania" AWOKO 2/19
"Bush Calls for Fair Zimbabwe Deal" PREMIER NEWS 2/19
"Obama, Clinton Face Off in Wis., Hawaii" AWOKO 2/20
"Bush Welcomes Fidel Castro's Resignation" WE YONE 2/20
"Bush Recognizes Kosovo, Says will Bring Peace" SALONE TIMES 2/20;
"Obama, Clinton Trade Charges in Speech Flap" SALONE TIMES 2/20
"US Drops Africa Military HQ Plan" PREMIER NEWS 2/20
"Hawaii Handed Sen. Barack Obama His 10th Consecutive Win" PREMIER
NEWS 2/21
"Obama Extends Lead Over Clinton" CONCORD TIMES 2/21; INDEPENDENT
"US 'is Not Seeking African Bases'" NEW CITIZEN 2/21
"George Bush in Africa: To Fight Malaria?" PEEP! MAGAZINE 2/21;
AWOKO 2/21
"US Orders Massive Recall of Beef" AFRICAN CHAMPION 2/21; AWARENESS
TIMES 2/21
"Lockheed Wins $1bn Indian Order" AFRICAN CHAMPION 2/21
"Curfew for US Troops in Okinawa" POOL 2/21; THE SPECTATOR 2/21
"Critical US Contest in Wisconsin" AWARENESS TIMES 2/21
"Obama Wins Wisconsin Primary, Hawaii Caucus" AWOKO 2/21
"Analysis: Clinton Looks to Ohio, Texas" AWOKO 2/21
"Bush Calls for Increased Effort to Help Darfur" SALONE TIMES 2/21
"US Missile Hits 'Toxic Satellite'" INDEPENDENT OBSERVER 2/22; POOL
"Bush Winding Up Tour in Liberia" INDEPENDENT OBSERVER 2/22; PREMIER
NEWS 2/22
"US Embassy in Belgrade Attacked" THE SPARK 2/22
"Bush Commends Economic Progress, Good Governance in Ghana" WE YONE
"Bush Launches New Mid-East Talks" POOL 2/22
"Ohio, Texas Uphill Climbs for Clinton" AWOKO 2/25
"Clinton Denies She Plans to Quit Race" WE YONE 2/25
"US Will Back New Iran Sanctions" CONCORD TIMES 2/25; PREMIER NEWS
"US Elections: Ralph Nader to Run for President" THE EXCLUSIVE 2/26;
NEW AGE 2/26
"US Urges Reform as Castro Quits" NEW AGE 2/26
"Gloves Come Off as Clinton-Obama Showdown Looms" AWOKO 2/26
"Clinton Assures Donors after Losses" AWOKO 2/26
"US Concert Diplomacy in North Korea" POOL 2/27
"Clinton Battles to Derail Obama in Ohio Debate" AWOKO 2/27
"Obama Photo in Turban, Robe Causes Stir" AWOKO 2/27
"Robed Obama Picture Ignites Row" PREMIER NEWS 2/27; WE YONE 2/27;
"Obama Wins Ex-rival's Endorsement" THE SPARK 2/27
"Bad Blood Spills Over as Clinton Supports Ebbs" SALONE TIMES 2/27
"Clinton Shifts Tactics to Revive Campaign" SALONE TIMES 2/27
"Obama Hillary Compared Up-close" PEEP! MAGAZINE 2/27
"Clinton, Obama Clash Over NAFTA, Iraq" AWOKO 2/18
"Democrats Clash in Crucial Debate" PREMIER NEWS 2/28; AFRICAN
"US to Seek End to Turkey Assault" AFRICAN CHAMPION 2/28


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