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Kavkaz News: Chechens On Russian Attrocities

Transcript from... the official news agency of the Chechen rebels.

Thu, February 17th, 2000

Kavkaz-Tsentr reports:

More reports about mass atrocities and sadistic torture in the Russian concentration camp of Chernokozovo are being received.
Prisoners, having miraculously escaped from the concentration camp, report things no ordinary human brain can imagine. The guards, having lost all human nature, are committing satanic ritual murders of the prisoners. Ibragim Vakhayev from Urus-Martan, an eye-witness to the bestial crimes of the Kremlin regime, reports that raping of victims tortured to death is a common and regular practice in Chernokozovo.
The rape of the corpses is practiced in full view of other prisoners. The guards wear black masks. After these acts of necrophilia the guards announce to the prisoners who the next victim is going to be.
Ibragim Vakhayev confirms that he witnessed the murder of a 10-year- old boy whose name hid doesn't know. The corpse was raped by five guards with black masks, cut to pieces afterwards and put into a plastic sack. The Prosecutor general of the ChRI has made it known that special inquiries about the mass atrocities in the concentration camp of Chernokozovo are made.

After several unsuccessful efforts to move towards the River Arzh-Akhk the Russians are concentrating their forces around Elistanzhi and are transporting more troops into the combat zone.
Since yesterday stabilized fighting has been taking place in this region. Along with this, according to Chechen scouts, assault units of the Russians and heavy tanks are preparing for an attack on the Chechen positions.
The Chechen mujahideen are applying the tactics of mobile defense and are attacking the enemy regularly. During the last 24 hours they did this twice, killing 60 Russians and destroying 2 armoured vehicles. No reports on Chechen casualties.

The Russians are moving towards the River Vashtar Valley in the course of regrouping and reinforcing their units at the entrance to the Argun Valley. North of the River Vashtar fighting has continued for three days. Russian units have occupied a commanding height and are shelling the bed of the river intensively.
Mobile special units of the mujahideen are attacking the Russians uninterruptedly. Several advance units of the Chechen mujahideen managed to occupy one of the commanding heights.
According to the Chechen command the combat actions in this region are becoming fiercer every day.

Yesterday evening in the southern region of Chechnya a meeting of Chechen commanders was held under the chairmanship of President Maskhadov. Vice-president Vakha Arsanov and all well-known commanders (among them Shamil Basayev) took part in it. Journalists were not able to receive any information on the subjects discussed during this meeting.


February 16th, 2000

Kavkaz-Tsentr reports:

The Chechens attacked the Russians near Elistanzhi. The fighting continues there. The mujahideens' main forces are defending the line of the River Arzh-Akhk and special units are advancing to the outskirts of the village of Elistanzhi, which is occupied by the Russians.
The major combat action has taken place near the former holiday camp for three days. The mujahideen attacked an advancing tank column there moving towards the River Arzh-Akhk. Having knocked out the tank at the head of the column, the mujahideen managed to destroy another 4 armoured vehicles. Several trucks with munitions were destroyed with mortar fire. At least 70 Russians were killed. The mujahideen lost 4 men.

Kavkaz-Tsentr's correspondent in Kadahar reports that the leadership of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has appealed to the whole Muslim world to declare jihad against the Russian crusaders and to break off all relations with Russia.
Participation in this jihad is considered an obligation for the whole Muslim world.
The leadership of Afghanistan calls on the non-Muslim world to cease its politics of double standards and to exert pressure on the Kremlin regime in order to stop the mass murder in Chechnya.

Fighting near the River Vashtar. According to the Chechen command the Russians, not having succeeded in breaking through the Chechen positions at the entrance to the Argun Valley, have now directed a part of their forces to the valley of the River Vashtar east of the Argun Valley.
Advance formations of the Russian moved there from the direction of Chiri-Yurt, not approaching the positions of the Chechen mujahideen. Having occupied one of the heights several kilometres north of the River Vashtar the aggressors started to shell the valley. Units of the mujahideen moved towards the Russians and attacked them. This morning the fighting continued. The Russians are using heavy mortars, attack helicopters, rocket launchers and aviation.
The Chechen fighters are mainly using light mortars and automatic grenade launchers.

More and more prisoners in the Russian concentration camp of Chernokozovo report satanic crimes committed by the Putinists and Kremlin mercenaries.
According to these eye-witnesses the guards of the concentration camp, while torturing the prisoners, frankly admit belonging to a satanic movement and that their task is the physical and moral destruction of Muslims. The higher-up guards, calling themselves officers, frankly admit that they were ordered by the Kremlin to physically destroy not less then 150 thousand Chechen young people and women.
Prisoners report that not less than 200 children, aged between 10 and 15, are kept in the camp and are subjected to maiming and satanic torture.
The Russians have cut off the fingers, noses and ears of hundreds of prisoners. Many inmates's feet and hands are cut off - they die several days later.
According to Daud Rizvanov from Shali, a prisoner who escaped from the camp, the Russian guards, intoxicated by vodka and narcotics, even cut off pieces of the bodies of still living people, boil these pieces and eat them before the eyes of the other prisoners. They did this with the body the 17-year-old Aslan Supyanov from Maas. It is reported that the guards torture their victims to death by ramming empty sub-machine gun cartridges into their bodies. Afterwards they often rape the corpses.


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