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Kavkaz News: Chechen Rebels On The Move (Image)

The following is a transcript from.. the official news agency of the Chechen rebels. - Source Kavkaz News.

Thursday, March 2, 2000

Kavkaz Center reports:

Redeployment of the Chechen forces finished

The Chechen command has made it known that the redeployment of the Chechen forces to the southwestern and southeastern parts of Chechnya was finished according to the resolution of the State-Committee of Defence of the ChRI from February 9th. This resolution also contains plans for the operations of the mujahideen in the occupied territories of Chechnya, which are going to be carried out soon. According to the Defence Staff of the ChRI the Chechen forces are engaged in combat activities with the Russians at various places. Fighting is taking place near Saadi-Khutor (Urus-Martan District), near Khidi-Khutor, and near Dzhugurty (Nozhai-Yurt District).

Mujahideen attack near Itum-Kale
On the mountain road three kilometres north of Itum-Kale the mujahideen attacked an Russian armoured column that was moving towards Shatoy, protected by helicopters.
After having detonated several land mines on the Russians' route the mujahideen attacked the enemy. Fighting lasted for about an hour. Having destroyed 5 armoured vehicles and 3 trucks and having killed up to 60 Russians, the Chechen fighters retreated to the mountains.

Fighting near Zonakh and Yarysh-Mardy
The Chechen command reports fighting near Zonakh and Yarysh-Mardy. The Russian air force has attacked these villages during the last days; Russian formations moving towards Dachu-Borsoy and Chishki shelled the Chechen formations with their tanks.
The mujahideen, having occupied positions at the mountain slopes, fired at the Russians making use of mortars, mountain cannons, and automatic systems (NURS S-5 and S-8).
Two BMPs were knocked out near Ulus-Kert. In this combat zone the Chechen units retreated into the mountain woods and regrouped their forces. The Russians, afraid of ambushes, are no longer advancing in this region.

Wed, March 1st, 2000

Kavkaz Center reports:

Kavkaz Center publishes an appeal to the 'Muslims of the Russian Empire', calling upon them to boycott the presidential elections.

Chechens left Shatoy three days ago
Hamzat Gilayev says that his units left Shatoy during the night from February 26th to 27th. There has been no fighting for the district centre because the Chechen command considered it inexpedient to defend the village. In contrast to the Russian propaganda there have been no Chechen casualties.
The main units of the Chechen mujahideen went to their bases in the mountains.This operation was carried out according to the resolution of the State-Committee of Defence of the ChRI from February 9th.
Hamzat Gilayev points out that the Chechen army has enough men and weapons to engage in warfare with the aggressors as long as it is necessary.

Russian unit destroyed near Khal-Keloy
According to General Bakuyev Baudi the mujahideen have destroyed a so-called elite unit of the Russians consisting of 400 men near Khal-Keloy.
The unit's aim was to move into the Chechens' rear under cover of night in order to occupy the commanding height controlling the route from Khal-Keloy to Sharo-Argun. Chechen scouts learned of this plan, and a unit of about 100 mujahideen moved in the direction of the Russians and attacked. This was a complete surprise for the enemy. Having lost their command, the Russians dissolved into single groups and retreated in a disorderly fashion.
Bakuyev Baudi says that at least 80 Russians were killed. Dozens of infantry guns, grenade launchers, machine guns ,and 3 light mortars were captured.

Fighting near Ulus-Kert
According to Mumadi Saydayev, Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the ChRI, the fighting near Ulus-Kert is not letting up.
The Russian are making use of heavy artillery and air force. Russian tanks move close to the village and shell it. The Chechen units, taking advantage of the terrain, are defending themselves with RPGs and mortars.
Yesterday evening several tanks moved into the village and fired at the residences for half an hour. The mujahideen knocked out one tank, and the other ones retreated.
Stationary combat continues near Ulus-Kert.


Tue, February 29th, 2000

Kavkaz Center reports:

The Chechen command confirms that the Chechen units have left Shatoy two days ago.
There have been no combat activities directly in the district centre since it is situated in a valley and for this is difficult to defend. The main fighting takes place in Khorsenoy, Khal-Kiloy, Aslanbak Sheripov, Ulus-Kert, and near Sharo-Argun.

According to Khamzat Gilayev, commander of the Shatoy region, bitter fighting continues near Ulus-Kert. Strong forces of the Russians, supported by helicopters and tanks, are moving towards the village along the main route through the Argun Valley.
The mujahideen are attacking the advancing enemy at the entrance to the village, making use of grenade launchers and mortars. They destroyed 5 armoured vehicles and 6 trucks with equipment. One of the trucks exploded at the far end of a column. According to the Chechen command the Russians suffered not less than 150 casualties, while no figures on Chechen casualties were given.
This morning the combat activity near Ulus-Kert became stationary.

The combat actions near the mountain village of Aslanbek Sheripov are not letting up. The Russians are entrenched on some commanding heights and are trying to force the mujahideen out of their positions on other heights with artillery and air force. The mujahideen are in control of the road to the village. Last evening they attacked Russian positions 2.5 km from the village and retreated after one hour of fighting. The Russians are attacking the village and the Chechen positions with rockets launched by helicopters.

Khattab has presided over a meeting of Dagestani commanders during which details of a second phase of "Operation Hamzat-Bek" were discussed. Talking to journalists afterwards he severely accused the post-soviet leadership of Dagestan of persecuting the Muslims of Dagestan.

The reports of torture, executions, and rape in the Russian concentration camp of Chernokozovo continue. One of the former detainees, 63 years old Salambek Magomedov, says he witnessed three executions and one act of necrophilia. He himself, like several other inmates of the camp, has been ransomed by his relatives. His nose, several ribs, and right arm were broken.
The Chechens are investigating one of the worst torturers, known to the detainees by his nickname "Tarzan". He is reported to have ground off the teeth of his victims with a file, to have cut off noses and ears, broken arms, and to have beaten and shot detainees.

In Ankara a conference of about 1,000 representatives of the Caucasian diaspora in Turkey was held, during which Russian was criticized because of its past and present crimes in the North Caucasus. The Russian aggression against the independent Chechen state was condemned and Russia's actions inside Chechnya were called genocide and a crime against humanity.
Several dozen people of Caucasian origin from countries of the Middle East took part in the conference. So did the Chechen president's [Maskhadov's] envoy, Said-Hassan Abumuslimov, and the representative of the Amir of the Congress of the Muslims of Ichkeriya and Dagestan [Basayev], Adalo Muhammad.


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