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Kavkaz News: Chechens Name "War Criminals"

The following is a transcript from.... the official news agency of the Chechen rebels. Translated news reports from March 9th to March 14th follow.


Tuesday, March 14th, 2000
Kavkaz-Tsentr reports:

President Maskhadov refuses to comment on reports of the arrest of Raduyev

President Maskhadov refuses to comment upon Russian reports of the arrest of Salman Raduyev. The Chechen president repeated this in an interview with Radio Liberty. He said that he doesn't know where Raduyev is, because Raduyev did not take part in the combat activities.

Situation in Saadi-Khutor

The Chechen command today announced that combat activities in Saadi-Khutor (Komsomolskoye) were interrupted for several hours yesterday. This was made possible by an agreement between the local commanders of the mujahideen and the aggressors.

In accordance with this agreement the Chechens handed over to the Russians the corpses of 26 so-called Spetsnaz men. The Russians, on their part, stopped firing and the mujahideen were able to evacuate 37 wounded fighters. After this, the fighting began again with greater intensity.

The Chechen side reports successful counter-attacks and the annihilation of more than 60 Russian aggressors at the outskirts of the village.

The Russian are making use of artillery and rocket launchers. The mujahideen lost 9 fighters.

Fighting in the region of the River Vashtar and Ulus-Kert

Obstinate fighting has been going on in the region of Ulus-Kert and the River Vashtar for two weeks. The Russians are trying to capture the commanding heights and the village of Ulus-Kert. The Chechen mujahideen are repulsing their attacks and are counter-attacking, inflicting heavy casualties on the Russians. According to the Chechen side, more than 1,000 aggressors have died in these two weeks. The Chechens lost about 50 fighters.

During the last 24 hours the most intense fighting took place along the River Vashtar. Russian assault formations moved towards Ulus-Kert in order to cut off one of the mountain routes and to capture a tactical height. One section of the Russians' route was situated along the River Vashtar. The mujahideen, anticipating the enemy, opened a powerful barrage on the Russians' advance units. At dusk the Russians ceased all resistance and retreated in disorderly fashion.

According to the Chechen side the Russians lost 57 men.

Today it was announced that the units of the mujahideen in the region of Ulus-Kert and the River Vashtar were ordered to regroup their forces according to the general tactical plans of the resolution of February 9th.

Russian assault formation destroyed near Mount Surakh Lam

The Chechen general Bakuyev Baudi informed Kavkaz Center's correspondent that yesterday, during the second half of the day, bitter fighting took place in the Cheberloy District near Mount Surakh Lam.

The massive helicopter assault began at about 11 a.m. local time. About 20 Russian helicopters landed forces at the heights of Surakh Lam. The enemy began to entrench and to set up firing nests. During this time, the mujahideen units lay in ambush. At about 12 o'clock assault groups of Chechen fighters attacked the Russians. This attack turned out to be a complete surprise for the Russians.

Fierce shooting lasted for more than five hours. More than 50 Russians were killed, according to Bakuyev Baudi. 3 mujahideen fell, and 3 fighters were wounded. The mujahideen are in control of the height. The Russians were forced to stop the landing operation.

Russian air force and helicopters are massively attacking the heights.


Monday, March 13th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

Casualties and further plans of the mujahideen

Today the staff of the Chechen command published an official declaration on the casualties of the mujahideen during the fighting for Ulus-Kert, Yarysh-Mardy, and River Vashtar.

According to this information the Armed Forces of the ChRI lost 46 men. The fallen mujahideen have been buried on the village cemetery of Selmentauzen.

In the combat actions for Saadi-Khutor (Komsomolskoye) the Chechen mujahideen lost 23 fighters, 30 men were wounded.

Today Hamzat Gilayev said to our correspondent that the operations to destroy the aggressors will be continued on the whole territory of Chechnya. The occurrences at Saadi-Khutor and Alkhazurovo are merely an episode of the forthcoming battles with the enemy. As far as the future operations of the mujahideen in the region of Saadi-Khutor and elsewhere are concerned, Gilayev says that all activities of the Chechen armed forced will be performed according to the the resolution of the State-committee of Defence of the ChRI from February 9th [transition to partisan warfare, transl.].

Gilayev repudiates reports on his death.

International observers were deceived by the Russians

Salambek Khachukayev, head of the Association of Jurists of the ChRI, says that during the visit of international representatives to Chernokozovo the prisoners were brought to another concentration camp and were substituted by some crooks of Gantamirov who played the role of detainees.

The minister of the interior of the ChRI, Aydamir Abalayev, informed our correspondent that about 900 former inmates of Chernokozovo are imprisoned in special railway carriages at Chervlyonnaya-Uzlovaya. The other detainees, 1,000 men, have been temporarily brought to concentration camps in Urus-Martan, in Doykur-Aul (Tolstoy-Yurt), in Dzhokhar, in Mozdok, and in Stavropol Region.

Fighting in the mountains continues

The Chechen mujahideen, having regrouped their forces, continue to counter-attack the enemy in the mountains of Chechnya. Yesterday the mujahideen carried out an operation to destroy a Russian unit between Dai and Khal-Keloy.

The Russians moved from Dai to Khal-Keloy. The Chechens set up a trap and attacked the enemies, firing at them with grenade launchers, mortars, and machine guns. The Russians, after having lost their leadership and coordination of actions, retreated in the direction of Dai.

The mujahideen report about 130 killed Russians and about 8 destroyed armoured vehicles and army trucks. There were no casualties on the Chechen side.

The mujahideen attack the aggressors

The Chechen command has announced that successful attacks were carried out near Saadi-Khutor (Komsomolskoye) and Ulus-Kert.

Mobile units of the mujahideen moved from Saadi-Khutor to the north towards the Russian positions and attacked them several times. The Russians' efforts to entrench themselves within the settlement failed.

According to the Chechens, 75 Russians died, and 2 BMPs were knocked out. The mujahideen are occupying all commanding heights and the road to Surat.

Near Ulus-Kert and the River Vashtar the combat actions have become stationary during recent days. The Chechens continue to apply the tactics of mobile defence by building up unexpected defensive positions in front of the Russians and then attacking their flanks and rear.

During the last 24 hours the aggressors didn't carry out assaults, but this morning an armoured column of the Russians was said to be moving towards Ulus-Kert.

List of persons, whom the ChRI's administration of justice accuses of war crimes

Today the State-Committee of Defence distributed a list of persons, whom the ChRI's administration of justice accuses of war crimes against the Chechen people and other Muslim people of the Caucasus.

On this list past and present Kremlin leaders and also the men committing the genocide on the territory of Chechnya and Dagestan are to be found.

The State-Committee of Defence appeals to all nations and to all international organizations for help in arresting the criminals. The list will be supplemented according to the material available on the participation of various persons in war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Boris Yeltsin, Pavel Grachov, Sergey Stepashin, Andrey Kozyrev, Vladimir Putin, Ivan Rybkin, Anatoly Kulikov, Viktor Erin, Sergey Shoygu, Sergey Shakhray, Emil Pain, Alexander Korzhakov, Mikhail Barzukov, Oleg Lobov, Nikolay Koshman, Beslan Gantamirov, Doku Zavgayev, Ivan Babichev, Vyacheslav Tikhomirov, Anatoly Kvashin, Genadiy Troshev, Alexander Kazantsev, Vladimir Shamanov, Pyotr Deynekin, Anatoly Karmukov, Nikolay Patrushev, Vladimir Rushaylo, Igor Ivanov, Igor Sergeyev, Umar Avturkhanov, Salambek Khadzhiyev, Sultan Satuyev, Badrudi Dzamalkhanov, Musa Dzamalkhanov, Akhmad Kadyrov, Sulim Yamadayev, Dzabrail Gakayev, Malik Saydulayev, Pavel Maslov, Gennadiy Shpigun, Magomedali Magomedov, Said Amirov, Boris Berezovsky, Anatoliy Romanov (Antonov), Vladimir Bulgakov, Adam Deniyev, Ibragim Suleymenov, Amin Osmayev, Akhmed Kelimatov, Konstantin Pulikovsky, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Vadim Timchenko, Sergey Yastrshembsky, Yuri Chayka, Sergey Makarov, Vladimir Shumeyko


Saturday, March 11th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

Shamil Basayev and Khattab comment on their "deaths"

Shamil Basayev today said that the many unreasonable statements of the Russian generals are evidence of their lack of proper information. "Listening to these declarations, I'm convinced that they have no idea where our main forces are and what is happening right under their noses," says Basayev.

Amir Khattab says that the Russians will very soon realize how well the "dead" Shamil and Khattab will fight.

Mumadi Saydayev, head of the Defence Staff of the ChRI, today called the Russian reports about victories near Ulus-Kert the "ordinary daily lie of Troshev." According to him, the Russians suffered their heaviest casualties near Ulus-Kert and near the mouth of the River Vashtar (about 1,000 men) and are now bombing their own forces as well as the mujahideen. The Russian generals have lost all orientation and are forced to lie desperately in order to conceal their failure, says Saydayev.

Heavy Russian casualties in Saadi-Khutor

Notwithstanding the reports of the Russian command on the so-called "final phase" of the aggression against the independent Chechen state, the fighting in Chechnya continues.

The clashes with the aggressors are going on in the mountains as well as in the plains.

Near Saadi-Khutor and Alkhazurovo the fighting has lasted for two weeks. Almost every day the Russians lose 70 to 100 men. According to the Chechen side, today the fighting extended over the whole village and its environs. The mujahideen also hold the commanding heights and the road to Surat. On the southern outskirts of Saadi-Khutor, after severe Russian casualties, there are no longer face-to-face clashes. The Russians are making use of their artillery there. But in the centre of the village the combat actions have become face-to-face. The Chechen side reports the destruction of two Russian tanks and the capture of weapons.

The mujahideen are periodically and unexpectedly counter-attacking the enemy. Afterwards their mobile units retreat, changing their place of deployment continuously. Through these tactics the Chechens are avoiding casualties.

Mujahideen attack between Ulus-Kert and Duba-Yurt

Units of the Chechen mujahideen carried out their daily operations in order to destroy advance units of the Russians. This time they attacked between Ulus-Kert and Duba-Yurt.

The mujahideen carried out am ambush during the night after having outflanked the Russian front-line. A mobile artillery unit of the Russians was attacked with automatic grenade launchers and flame-throwers. Having become disoriented under the circumstances of night combat, the so-called "assault spetsnaz" men retreated in disorderly fashion along the River Vashtar in the direction of Selmentauzen.

According to the Chechen command, the regrouping of the Russian forces continues. Since dawn the Russians have been massively bombing the region around the River Vashtar.

Russians retreating towards Kenkhi and Kiri

The Chechen command reported today that the main forces of the Russians in the Sharoy District are retreating towards Kenkhi and Kiri. There remained a fortified garrison of the enemy in Dai.

Meanwhile, the Russian air force and attack helicopters continue to destroy the Chechen mountain villages systematically. During the last 24 hours more than 120 civilians have died because of the Russian bombardment of villages in the districts of Sharoy, Cheberloy, Shatoy, Vedeno, Galanchoy, and Urus-Martan. The Russian are continuously using so-called vacuum bombs [FAEs] and napalm.

Chechen children kept as hostages

The Chechen minister of the interior, Aydamir Abalayev, said to Kavkaz Center's correspondent that the ChRI's administration of justice receives information daily on the arrest of children ranking from 9 to 13 years old as "fighters". Most of them are brought to the concentration camp of Chernokozovo where, according to some reports, about 200 children are held, ranging from 9 to 15 years old. Abalayev says that some children have been secretly taken to Russia. Their further fate is unknown. The Chechen ministry of the interior has a list with the names of 115 children carried off to Russia.

List of war criminals to be published on Monday

Today it became known that on Monday the State-Committee of Defence of the ChRI will publish a list of the main war criminals of the Kremlin regime and Russian generals, whom the ChRI's administration of justice is investigating. They are accused of various war crimes and of genocide. The State-Committee of Defence is going to appeal to all nations and international organizations for help in arresting the criminals.


Friday, March 10th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

Bitter fighting near Saadi-Khutor and Ulus-Kert continues

The Chechen mujahideen continue to carry out attacks on the Russians near Saadi-Khutor (Komsomolskoye) and Ulus-Kert.

Counter-attacking the Russian units that had entered Saadi-Khutor yesterday, the Chechens forced the enemy back to the outskirts of the village and virtually wiped out the unit. The Russians lost more than 100 men. The mujahideen are occupying positions beyond the village, too, and are in control of the road to Surat and of two tactical heights.

Near Ulus-Kert the situation is unchanged. The Russians are attacking the village and the heights around it with artillery and rocket launchers. Having lost more than 500 so-called 'Spetsnaz'-soldiers in the recent combat actions, the Russian now prefer to make use of their aviation and artillery.

There were no casualties on the Chechen side during the last 24 hours.

Akhmed Zakayev on the situation in Chechnya

The Chechen commander Akhmed Zakayev, minister of culture of the ChRI, spoke to Kavkaz Center's correspondent about the situation in Chechnya, which he considers extremely difficult.

Civilians are particularly suffering. People are being killed for religious and ethnic reasons. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion about 20,000 civilians have died, most of them as victims of Russian bombing raids and artillery attacks. During this period a little more than 1,000 mujahideen have died, says Zakayev.

According to him, in present-day Chechnya it is almost safer to fight with gun in hand against the Russians than to wait for the occupiers' revenge and to prove that you aren't a "fighter".

Situation in Starye Atagi and Samashki

Since the mujahideen entered Starye Atagi and Samashki, shooting has flared up repeatedly, but these fights between the mujahideen and the Russians aren't very intense. The main forces of the Russians are still being massed in the region of the Argun Valley. Furthermore, the fighting in the Urus-Martan District doesn't permit the Russians to deploy the necessary forces to Starye Atagi and Samashki. The Russians are awkward and clumsy soldiers and are used to fighting only in great hordes and with massive support of aviation and artillery.

Near Starye Atagi the mujahideen destroyed a Russian checkpoint. Shooting occurred near Chiri-Yurt, too.

Fighting took place in the outskirts of Samashki. An armoured group of Russians approached to the village, obviously in order to explore the situation. The mujahideen shot at the group from the woods along the roads and the Russians retreated.


Thursday, March 9th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports

Fighting in Urus-Martan District intensifies

According to the Chechen command the fighting in Urus-Martan District is intensifying. The Chechen units are successfully counter-attacking the enemy and are enlarging their zone of control.

The most fierce fighting is going on near Saadi-Khutor (Komsomolskoye). During the last few days thecombat zone has widened. Now fighting also is taking place near the villages of Goyskoye, Alkhazurovo, and Rozhni-Chu.

The Chechen side reports heavy Russian casualties. According to these figures, yesterday about 70 Russian fell near Saadi-Khutor and Goyskoye. Three armoured vehicles were knocked out, and 4 Russian soldiers were taken POW.

Russian aircraft shot down near Ulus-Kert

Near Ulus-Kert and in the region of the River Vashtar persistent fighting continues. The Russians tried to penetrate the village again. Several armoured groups of the enemy, covered by helicopters and assault formations, moved towards the village and attacked the Chechen positions. The situation escalated to contact combat and hand-to-hand-fighting.

The mujahideen fired at the enemy with RPGs, machine guns, and mortars. During the first hours of fighting 4 BMPs and one tank were knocked out. The Russians retreated.

After a while they attacked anew without the support of armoured vehicles. Assault formations tried to approach to the village and to occupy favourable positions. Several mujahideen units went to meet the enemy and repulsed them after short but fierce fighting.

In the course of the fighting the mujahideen managed to shoot down an aircraft making use of an anti-aircraft gun. The plane went down near Chiri-Yurt. Inhabitants of the village observed the pilot use his ejection seat.

In the combat actions near Ulus-Kert during the last day about 100 Russians were killed and 5 armoured vehicles were knocked out. The mujahideen lost 5 men.

Four Russians captured near Khal-Keloy

Near Khal-Keloy special units of the Chechen mujahideen attacked a column of Russian so-called paratroopers moving from Dai to Khal-Keloy. The Russian unit retreated in disorderly fashion.

The mujahideen took four Russians prisoner and took as booty 20 infantry weapons, flame-throwers, grenade launchers, and ammunition. There were no casualties on the Chechen side.

According to the Chechen command the remnants of the Russian formation were evacuated with helicopters. 18 Russian were killed.

Commander Doku Umarov was wounded

The Chechen command today confirmed that the well-known commander Doku Umarov was wounded. The place were this happened and the nature of his injury were not specified. But according, to Hamzat Gilayev, his injury is not life-threatening. Currently Umarov is at a safe place.

Sirazhudin Ramazanov meets with Dagestani commanders

The prime-minster of the Islamic Government of Dagestan, Sirazhudin Ramazanov, met with Dagestani field commanders yesterday evening. During this meeting the Mukhabarat (Islamic Security Service) reported about the situation in Dagestan.

Ramazanov informed the Dagestani commanders about the activities of the Islamic Government to train the Dagestani Islamic armed forces and to equip them. These armed forces currently consist of more than 1,300 fighters, the majority of whom are fighting in the 'Islamic Peacekeeping Army of the Muslims of Ichkeriya and Dagestan'. During the war with the infidels about 70 Dagestani mujahideen died, among them two commanders.

The Dagestani commander Shamil Gergebilsky was appointed general by Sirazhudin Ramazanov.


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