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Kavkaz News: Heavy Russian Casualties Claimed

The following is a transcript from.... the official news agency of the Chechen rebels. Translated news reports from March 15th to March 18th follow.


Saturday, March 18th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:
Russian unit destroyed near Sharo-Argun
The Chechen command reports bitter fighting during the last two days near Sharo-Argun.

After a huge mass of Russians had concentrated in the region of Sharo-Argun, the Chechen command decided to attack the enemy.

Four mujahideen units, each consisting of about 100 fighters, moved forward and attacked the Russians. Fighting lasted for 48 hours. The Chechen side reports more than 250 Russians killed. Eight armoured vehicles were destroyed or damaged, three trucks with war material were blown up, and 12 Russians were taken prisoner.

The Chechens lost 11 mujahideen.

Yesterday and this morning Sharo-Argun was massively attacked with artillery and rocket launchers. Russian aviation dropped bombs with chemical warfare agents and napalm.

Having fulfilled their tasks, the mujahideen retreated to their former positions.

Concentration camps on wheels

The existence of concentration camps in the occupied territories of Chechnya is well-known. So are details about satanic torture and rape in these camps.

In recent times there is new evidence about the Russian concentration camps in the Caucasus – about concentration camps on wheels. Hundreds of railway carriages are being use by the Kremlin gangs as prisons. Thousands of detainees are kept in these carriages under inhuman circumstances. They are being tortured continuously.

There are at least two places in Chechnya where these camps have been set up: in Chervlyonnaya-Uzlovaya and in Gudermes.

Hamzat Gilayev regarding the fighting near Saadi-Khutor
General Hamzat Gilayev this morning informed Kavkaz Center's correspondent that cover units and special units of the Armed Forces of the ChRI are still active near Saadi-Khutor.

The main forces of the mujahideen, after redeployment, are now preparing for the next stage of the operation against the Russians. General Gilayev points out that the Chechen state has enough power and means to deal effectively with the whole Russian armada and repeats the number of casualties in the combat actions near Saadi-Khutor: 30 mujahideen fallen, 37 wounded, and 400 Russians killed, 30 armoured vehicles knocked out.

Kavkaz Center's correspondent reports clashes in the region of Saadi-Khutor, in the foothills of the Black Mountains and near Alkhazurovo.

Heavy fighting in the Cheberloy District
The Russian formations continue to try to enter the territory of the Cheberloy District of the ChRI, making use of enormous human and technical resources. According to reports from the Chechen side, up to 10,000 Russians and about 200 armoured vehicles are taking part in these combat activities.

During recent days, heavy fighting took place near Mount Surakh Lam and along the route from the Sharoy to the Cheberloy District. The Russians are using chemical weapons and the Chechen positions are being fiercely attacked with artillery and aviation. The mujahideen are hindering the enemy's movement.

Fighting continues.

Vakha Arsanov comments on the new stage of the war
Vice-president Vakha Arsanov said yesterday evening that the new stage of the war with the aggressors has begun successfully and in accordance with the resolution of February 9th.

According to him, almost all the main units of the Chechen Armed forces have been regrouped and are now redeployed.

Arsanov especially mentioned the deeds of the "Shaheed" unit near Ulus-Kert and the heroism of General Gilayev's spetsnaz men. He says that, due to their actions, it became possible to carry out the most difficult first part of the redeployment of the mujahideens' main forces. During two weeks of fighting about 1,500 Russian were killed, and the Chechens lost 80 fighters. Near Saadi-Khutor special units and cover units of the Chechens are still active even now.

Everything is proceeding according to plan, says Arsanov.


Friday, March 17th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:
"Kavkaz Center in the name of the Muslims of Chechnya and Dagestan congratulates all Muslims on the Holy Sacrifice Day!
Allahu Akbar!!!"

Clashes continue in Cheberloy District. Russians using chemical weapons

In the Cheberloy District the clashes with the Russians continue. Large forces of the enemy are trying to break through the Chechen positions and to capture the commanding heights and the mountain route to the Sharoy and Shatoy Districts. The Russians are using aviation and helicopters.

The Chechen units, applying the tactics of mobile defence and unexpected counter-attacks, are successfully resisting the enemy. The mujahideen report that bitter fighting took place yesterday in the mountain valley of the Cheberloy District. Making clever use of the mountainous terrain, the mujahideen attacked a Russian armoured column and destroyed its advance units. Five BMPs were knocked out and the Russians retreated. Chechen scouts report a huge mass of the Russians near the village of Sharoy.

In the region of Mount Surakh Lam the aggressors have made use of chemical weapons. The Chechen command reports that toxic clouds have been lying over the battle-field for about 20 hours already. The Chechens lost 10 mujahideen.

In the mountain districts of Chechnya special mobile units of the Chechen Armed Forces are active
In accordance with the resolution of the State-Committee of Defence of the ChRI to switch over to partisan warfare (February 9th), special mobile units of the mujahideen have taken action in various districts of the Chechen Republic (Shatoy, Sharoy, Vedeno, Urus-Martan, Nozhay-Yurt, Kurchaloy, Galanchoy, Achkhoy-Martan, Gudermes). During the next two weeks these mobile units will be active in other parts of Chechnya, too.

It will be the task of these units to annihilate the Russian soldiers and their war materiel and to kill the leaders of the Russian formations.

Mujahideen have carried out the redeployment of their forces near Saadi-Khutor
Today the Chechen command announced that units of the Chechen Armed Forces have carried out their task to regroup near the village of Saadi-Khutor.

General Hamzat Gilayev says that all the aims of this two-week operation have been achieved. During the fighting near Saadi-Khutor more than 400 Russians were killed and 27 armoured vehicles were destroyed.

The mujahideen lost 30 men and 37 were wounded. In the region of Saadi-Khutor mobile covering units and special units of the mujahideen are remaining. They will fulfil new fighting tasks in accordance with the beginning of a new stage of operations against the Russians.

Official representation of Yandarbiyev in Baku
A representation of the ex-president of Chechnya, Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, started operation in Baku. According to the head of the press service of the representation, Ali Ulkhayev, the Azerbaydzhan citizen Firudin Abbasov war appointed authorized representative of the ex-president of Chechnya in Baku. Ulkhayev says that the most important aim of the representation was to strife after the recognition of Chechnya as an independent state by all Muslim countries.


Thursday, March 16th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:
Bitter fighting in the Cheberloy District

In the Cheberloy District fighting is intensifying. Large Russian units are trying to gain control of the main mountain routes and of the tactical heights in this region. In order to do so, they apply their common tactics of landing great masses of troops in one zone and trying to enlarge the area controlled by these units afterwards.

The units of the mujahideen frustrated the enemy's efforts to land troops several times, killing about 130 so-called spetsnaz men in various armed clashes.

After having concentrated many units and armoured vehicles near the village of Sharoy, the Russians tried to enter the Cheberloy District and fortify new positions three times during the last five days.

Fierce fighting with Russian forces outnumbering the mujahideen has been going in the Cheberloy District since yesterday. The Chechens are holding their positions and are counter-attacking the enemy periodically. The Chechen command announces heavy Russian casualties. Eight armoured vehicles were knocked out. During the last 24 hours not less than 150 soldiers were killed.

Russian scouting unit destroyed near the River Vashtar
As reported yesterday, the main forces of the mujahideen and the special unit "Shaheed" have been redeployed from the region of the River Vashtar. Nevertheless, mobile covering units are still active in this region.

One of these units, commanded by Arbi Gantayev, engaged in fighting with a Russian scouting unit. The Chechen commander announced via mobile phone the total destruction of the Russian unit consisting of 18 men. Among the weapons captured was a new-model 12.7 calibre sniper gun.

The mobile covering units are now gradually being pulled back to their bases.

Massive bombing in the mountainous regions of the ChRI. Fighting near Khal Keloy
The mountainous regions of Chechnya are subject to Russian bombing raids and artillery attacks. The targets most intensively shelled and bombed during the last days were the villages of Khal-Keloy, Yarysh-Mardy, Zonakh, and Ulus-Kert. The Russians are using so-called vacuum bombs [FAEs], napalm, and SS-21 and 'Scud' rockets.

According to the Chechen side, during the last four days not less than 60 civilians were killed. In Yarysh-Mardy 9 children were killed by an exploding bomb.

Meanwhile, fighting is taking place near Khal-Keloy. The mujahideen gained the military initiative in this region and are counter-attacking the enemy. During recent fighting there, about 180 Russian have been killed.

Outrages and killing in the occupied territories

In the occupied territories of the ChRI, marauding and the killing of civilians continues. The Chechen capital is being completely looted. All movable items are being carried off - even bricks and roofing tiles. In the Chechen villages interior forces and mercenaries ("kontraktniki") are marauding.

During the last month in the village of Doykur-Aul, 23 civilians have been killed – almost all of these murders took place when the Russians were plundering their houses.

In the Zavodsky District of Dzhokhar 13 people from the settlement of Butenko were shot. Among them were 4 women and one 90-year-old man – they were executed for "supporting the fighters". The killing took place on the day the delegation of the Council of Europe visited the Chechen capital.

According to the Chechen side, since the Russians entered Dzhokhar 1,500-2,000 civilians have been shot.

Russian concentration camps
The public prosecutor's office and the ministry of the interior of the ChRI are investigating the cases of torture and murder of the of the Russian concentration camps. After the visit of international representatives to Chernokozovo, about 1,600 prisoners have been brought back into the camp. Before this visit they had been transferred to other camps or had been kept in special prison carriages at the railway station Chervlyonnaya-Uzlovaya in the Naursky District of the ChRI.

According to Aydamir Abalayev, the Chechen minister of the interior, 5 people have been shot in Chernokozovo after the delegation's visit to the concentration camp.

Abu Movsayev (head of the Operative Staff of the State-committee of Defence of the ChRI) says that Chechen special services have information that there are still 230 surviving prisoners in the secret concentration camp in Mozdok. They are subjected to biological and chemical experiments. According to Movsayev, his service is investigating the details of anti-human torture and cruelties of the Russian sadists.


Wednesday, March 15th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:
Intensification of the situation in Cheberloy District. No changes near Saadi-Khutor

In the Cheberloy District the situation has been heightening during recent days. The Russians, supported by aviation and attack helicopters, made several efforts to land troops on various tactical heights. The Chechen units carried out defensive operations.

The Chechen command reports two armed clashes in the region of Nizhaloy and Mount Surakh Lam. The mujahideen attacked one of the airborne units and forced the enemy to retreat. Helicopters collected the surviving Russians and the corpses of about 34 so-called spetsnaz men.

The mountain villages of Chechnya are being attacked by the Russian air force and shelled with artillery.

This morning, strong forces of the enemy were said to be moving from the Sharoy District towards the Nizhaloy District. Fierce fighting began at dawn. According to the Chechen side, the enemy's advance was halted.

In four days of fighting in this district, the Chechen mujahideen lost 7 men.

In Saadi-Khutor (Komsomolskoye) the situation has not changed. The Chechen staff reports heavy Russian casualties. During the last 24 hours more than 70 Russian were killed. 5 mujahideen fell.

Mujahideen attacked the enemy near Saadi-Khutor
The units of the Armed Forces of the ChRI intensified their activities in the mountainous districts of Chechnya.

Combat activities are taking place near Khal-Keloy, Khorsenoy, Dai, Aslanbek Sheripov, Sharoy, and elsewhere. The Chechens put into action mobile assault units, while the Russians continue to try to gain control of the commanding heights and to exercise what they call "fire control" of the mountain routes.

One of the most severe clashes in recent days took place near the village of Khorsenoy. Two mobile formations of the mujahideen, both of about 50 men, attacked advance units of the Russians when these were moving towards the village. Obviously it was these Russian units' task to cover the main units' movement. As a result of the Chechen attacks, the Russians were forced to retreat, having suffered casualties. The amount of these casualties is unknown.

Successful regrouping of the mujahideens' special units near Ulus-Kert

The chief of the Defence Staff of the ChRI, Mumadi Saydayev, has announced that the special units of the mujahideen have been successfully redeployed from Ulus-Kert. According to him, the order to regroup was given after the special unit "Shaheed" [martyr] had carried out its task to cover the Chechens' main forces redeployment.

The unit "Shaheed", consisting of 350 doomed men commanded by Shamil Basayev, has been engaged in combat activities for two weeks with Russian units far outnumbering them near Ulus-Kert and the River Vashtar. In the course of fighting the unit lost 25 fighters.

Mobile covering groups remain in the combat zone.

Mumadi Saydayev once again pointed out that on this battlefield during the last two weeks about 1,000 Russians died.


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