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Kavkaz News: The Battle For Chechnya Continues

The following is a transcript from.... the official news agency of the Chechen rebels. Translated news reports from March 23th to March 25th follow.


Saturday, March 25th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

Chechen Raid Near Borzoy
The units of the Armed Forces of the ChRI continue to carry out operative-tactical measures to destroy the enemy in Argun Valley. A detachment of 150 mujahideen attacked a unit of the enemy in the Shatoy District near the village of Borzoy.

The Russian unit consisting of so-called spetsnaz men was moving towards Shatoy, being covered by attack helicopters. The mujahideen detonated two anti-tank mines and opened fire with bazookas and machine guns.

Not less than 40 Russians were killed. 3 armoured vehicles were knocked out. After one hour of fighting the mujahideen retreated. On the Chechen side one fighter was killed, 7 men were wounded.

Vakha Arsanov Presides Over Commanders' Meeting
The Chechen vice-president Vakha Arsanov yesterday evening presided over a meeting of commanders of the southwestern and central front of the Armed Forces of the ChRI. Almost all commanders took part in it, among them the deputy of Hamzat Gilayev. The issues of this meeting were secret, but Kavkaz Center's correspondent managed to find out that they were related to the efforts of the occupiers to organize so-called elections in the occupied territories of Chechnya.

After the meeting, Vakha Arsanov said that the Chechen leadership was carefully observing the activities of the occupiers and of the national traitors in the occupied territories. As far as these so-called elections are concerned - they don't have any significance for the Chechen state and won't have any juridical consequences, says Arsanov.

Situation in the Urus-Martan District Eased
According to the Chechen command, the intensity of the armed clashed in the Urus-Martan District decreased during the last day.

Special units of the mujahideen are still active in this region. Last night, they attacked a checkpoint on an access road to Urus-Martan and a group of Russians at the southwestern fringe of Saadi-Khutor. Shooting lasted until morning.

This morning, General Khamzat Gilayev and the commander of the sub-unit "Djamaat", Ramzan Akhmadov, reported by means of telecommunications to the staff about the situation in the Urus-Martan District.

In Khorsenoy and Khal-Keloy the Fighting Continues
The chief of staff of the Shatoy front, the Chechen minister of industry Daud Akhmadov, today reported about an intensification of the fighting in Khorsenoy and Khal-Keloy.

The units of the mujahideen held their positions repulsing the enemies' attacks. Several times the Chechens counter-attacked the Russians and inflicted bad casualties on them. Fearing frontal attacks the Russians in recent days only fired upon the Chechen positions, hoping to gain terrain by this.

The mujahideen carried out counter-attacks near these villages: Different mujahideen units attacked the flanks of the Russians' advanced units to the same time. The enemy obviously did not expect such a manoeuvre and did not offer serious resistance.

Daud Akhmadov reports more than 120 Russians killed and 5 armoured vehicles knocked out.

The casualties of the Chechen fighters became known now: According to Kavkaz Center's correspondent, near Khorsenoy and Khal-Keloy 5 mujahideen fell.

Shooting near Eshelkhatoy
Last night heavy shooting took place near Eshelkhatoy in the Vedeno District. The fighting occurred near the route Vedeno-Eshelkhatoy near a Russian camp. Details are unknown.


Friday, March 24th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

Russian Column Destroyed near Novogroznensky
The Chechen command reports successful combat operations in the Gudermes District.

Special units of the mujahideen attacked a moving column of the enemy near the village of Novogroznensky. It consisted of 5 BMPs, 4 'Ural' trucks, and several UAZik cars. Fighting lasted for about one hour. 54 so-called spetsnaz men were killed. The mujahideen captured a great amount of war materiel, including 8 'PK' machine guns.

The Chechens suffered no casualties.

No Let-up in Fighting in Southern Chechnya
The most intensive clashes are taking place in the districts of Urus-Martan, Shatoy, Cheberloy, and Sharoy. The situation is intensifying day by day in the districts of Vedeno, Nozhay-Yurt, and Gudermes.

Near Saadi-Khutor (Komsomolskoye), Alkhazurovo, Goyskoye, and Urus-Martan the Chechen mujahideen are continuing their special operations. During the last 24 hours armed clashes occurred in the southern parts of Saadi-Khutor and in the northern outskirts of Goyskoye. The mujahideen report 10 Russians killed.

Bitter shooting also occurred near Khorsenoy, Khal-Keloy, and Aslanbek Sheripov. The Russians are using artillery and rocket launchers.

In the Cheberloy District no major changes took place.

During the last 24 hours the mujahideen in the various regions of the ChRI lost 11 men.

Six women killed
The Russians attacked the outskirts of Shaami-Yurt and Samashki with artillery. The shelling lasted for four hours.

Local people report that during these attacks six women collecting food in the forests near the villages were killed.


Thursday, March 23rd, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:
Basayev: No Negotiations with Russia
Shamil Basayev emphasized that the Chechen Armed Forces are combat-ready and willing to fight the aggressors. Basayev said to Chechen journalists that the coordination and leadership of the Chechen sub-units ensure the planning and execution of serious tactical and strategical combat tasks. The Chechen forces are acting according to the resolution of the State-Committee of Defence from February 9th [transition to guerilla warfare]; no change of this resolution was considered necessary in the recent session of the committee.

Basayev points out that in the given situation negotiations with the Kremlin regime would be unrealistic and detrimental.

The Chechen Units are Enforcing Their Activities in the Urus-Martan District
The Chechen units are periodically enforcing their activities in the southwestern regions of the ChRI. During the last 24 hours Chechen mobile units carried out several raids on the Russians near Saadi-Khutor, Goyskoye, Alkhazurovo, and Urus-Martan.

Yesterday evening at the southern and western outskirts of Saadi-Khutor fighting lasted for more than three hours. A special unit of the mujahideen attacked an armoured group and a Russian unit consisting of so-called spetsnaz men. One tank was knocked out, and 12 Russians were killed. In the morning shooting flared up anew.

Fighting also took place at the outskirts of Alkhazurovo and Goyskoye. The mujahideen report Russian casualties. 14 Russians were killed. Near Urus-Martan one BMP and one 'Ural' truck were destroyed.

According to Hamzat Gilayev the mujahideen lost 3 fighters during the last 3 days.

Fighting near Yarysh-Mardy and Zonakh
The Chechen command today reported fighting near Yarysh-Mardy and Zonakh. A special unit of the mujahideen that is active in the Argun Valley and in the valley of the River Vashtar attacked an armoured column of the enemy on the Yarysh-Mardy - Zonakh route. The combat activities lasted for several hours. The Chechen fighters managed to set 6 armoured vehicles and 2 trucks on fire. No fewer than 50 Russians were killed.

The Chechen command has announced that in this fight the commander of the special unit, Ismail, and another 3 fighters fell.

Bitter Fighting in the Cheberloy District
Since yesterday morning bitter fighting has been going on in the Cheberloy District. Large units of the Russians supported by combat helicopters attacked the Chechen positions and managed to advance 200 metres.

The mujahideen retreated and moved into prepared new positions southeast of the first line of defence. The height of Mount Surakh Lam is being held by the Chechen fighters.

General Bakuyev Baudi says that mobile units managed to bypass the enemy and to attack the Russians' flank. This manoeuvre enabled the Chechens to gain time to fortify themselves in the new positions.

So far, there are no reports on the casualties of either side.


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