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Kavkaz News: Chechens Offer Trade For Rapist

Transcript from ... offiical news agency of the Chechen rebels. News from March 29 to April 3rd.

Monday, April 3rd, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

"Official Announcement by the Chechen Command

The Chechen side officially announces its readiness to exchange the 9 OMON men from Perm, captured in the fighting near Zhanni-Vedeno, for the sadist-murderer Budanov, the so-called colonel of the Russian marauders' and killers' army, who killed and then violated a citizen of the ChRI, Butsiyeva, a women from Tangi-Chu.

The exchange may take place within 72 hours, beginning at 8 a.m. on April 2nd. If, during this period no exchange has been accomplished, all 9 captured Russian aggressors will be shot on April 5th at 8 a.m.

Evidence of the execution will be made available by means of mass media.

This decision became necessary because of the laws of wartime and by the obligation of the state to defend the honour and dignity of its citizens.

Kavkaz Center"

Fighting in Southern Chechnya Continues

Mumadi Saydayev (chief of the Defence Staff of the ChRI) informed Kavkaz Center's correspondent about the ongoing combat actions in the southern regions of Ichkeriya.

The Chechen units are attacking the enemy in various regions and are inflicting on him serious losses of men and materiel.

Near Kharsenoy and Khal-Keloy this weekend several armed clashes took place: mortars and heavy artillery were put into action. The mujahideen also made use of unguided S-8 air-ground rockets, launching them with self-constructed rocket launchers. The units of the Chechen fighters, divided into mobile groups of 50-70 men, carried out a sudden raid in the Russians' rear and attacked a base near the village of Dai. No figures about casualties are known to Kavkaz Center.

Several combat activities took in the district of Itum-Kale.

In the Vedeno and Nozhay-Yurt Districts during recent days only sporadic fighting has occurred. The most intense clashes took place three kilometres south of Yalkhoy-Mokhk. The Chechen fighters attacked a unit of paratroopers. About 35 Russians were killed, and one BMP was knocked out.

During recent days the mujahideen units carried out several special operations on the territory of the districts of Urus-Martan, Dzhokhar, and Kurchaloy. Not less than 12 Russian were killed.

Russian Casualties near Zhanni-Vedeno

The Chechen command announces that the Russian figures on the loss of 32 OMON men in the Vedeno District don't correspond to reality: In the fighting near Zhanni-Vedeno 156 Russians were killed. 9 armoured vehicles were knocked out, among them 6 BMPs and BTRs. 14 Russians were captured. 5 of these men later died because of their injuries.


Saturday, April 1st, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

Situation in the Vedeno District

After the destruction of two Russian military columns in the Vedeno District, the intensity of fighting there decreased. The Russians carried out bombing-raids against Zhanni-Vedeno and against the route to Dargo. Having suffered severe casualties, the so-called paratroop units of the Russians did not try again to engage in face-to-face fighting with the mujahideen. They now prefer to shell what they consider the mujahideens' positions with artillery and mortars.

The mujahideen continue to apply the tactics of mobile defence: they attack the Russians unexpectedly and are avoiding stationary warfare if possible.

The Chechen side announced its casualties today: Two mujahideen fell, while two were wounded. One of these is in critical condition. One BMP was captured, as well as 60 sub-machine guns, machine guns, and RPGs, two 82 calibre mortars, and a great amount of other war materiel.

Meanwhile, the Russians are carrying out mass-repressions against the civilian population of the town of Vedeno. They are bursting into houses during the night and arresting men and even boys ranging from 9 to 15 years. According to local people, 17 boys and 26 men have been arrested.

Clashes in the Nozhay-Yurt District

In the Nozhay-Yurt District armed clashes are continuing. During the last 24 hours Chechen units attacked the Russians twice near the villages of Tsontaroy and Khidi-Khutor. The Russians are putting into action artillery and rocket launchers of the "Smerch" and "Uragan" types.

Chechen scouting reports the deployment of large Russian forces from the Gudermes District.

Near the villages of Gansolchi and on the height of Turty-Khutor, the Chechens attacked Russian checkpoints and camps. Two mujahideen were killed in this region, while the Russian casualties are unknown.


Friday, March 31st, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

Mujahideen Follow up and Destroy Russian Units

Units of the Chechen Armed Forces continued their operations to destroy the aggressors' formations in the Vedeno Rayon. The mujahideen are following up the scattered units of the enemy.

This morning another four Russians were taken prisoner. Consequently, during this battle a total of 13 Russians have been captured. The staff of the Central Front of the Armed Forces of the ChRI reports 160 Russians killed and 9 armoured vehicles destroyed in the region of Zhanni-Vedeno.

During the last 24 hours the mujahideen continued to attack the enemy in the area 3 km north of Zhanni-Vedeno.

According to Chechen scouting, the Russians are hurrying to assemble one of their well-known armoured columns and to direct it in the direction Vedeno-Dargo.

Kavkaz Center's correspondent reports another Russian column destroyed in the Vedeno District. According to preliminary information of the Chechen staff, this column consisted of 9 BMPs, 4 URAL trucks, and 5 UAZiks. The mujahideen attacked 3 km south of Dyshne-Vedeno. Not less than 40 Russians were killed, while 3 BMPs and four motor vehicles were knocked out.

The Chechen command reports fighting with so-called paratroopers. In two days of fighting, more than half of the Russian units were annihilated.

In the Argun Valley and in the Nozhay-Yurt District

In the southern part of the Argun Valley armed clashes continue, but they are less intense than a few weeks ago. The Chechen mujahideen are carrying out raids.

The Russians did not manage to entrench near Khorsenoy and Khal-Keloy. The mujahideen units active in this region inflicted several defeats on the enemy. The base of the Russian operations remains near the village of Dai.

During the last two days the mujahideen attacked the enemy three times. While moving towards Khal-Keloy, a Russian column lost its two leading tanks due to mujahideen attacks and retreated.

Last night, shooting took place between Chechen fighters and Russian units near the village of Aslambek Sheripov.

Sporadic clashes took place in the Cheberloy District. Here the Chechens are improving their positions and are preventing the enemy from gaining operative territory in the region of Nizhaloy.

In the Nozhay-Yurt District the Chechens are applying the tactics of mobile defence and counter-attack. They attacked the Russians near the villages of Tsontaroy, Khidi-Khutor, Yalkhoy-Mokhk, and Dzugurty.

The Chechens suffered no casualties, while the Russians lost about 65 men in the course of these operations.


Thursday, March 30th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

Fierce Fighting in Vedeno District

Fierce fighting has been going on in the Vedeno District since yesterday. Clashes occurred after Russian units had moved towards Zhanni-Vedeno, south of the town of Vedeno.

Sub-units of the mujahideen attacked the enemy. In the very first minutes of fighting two BTRs, two BMPs, and four trucks were knocked out, and more than 60 Russian soldiers were killed. The enemy put into action aviation and helicopters to cover its formations. But aviation activities were virtually neutralized by mist that suddenly appeared. During the day another BMP and three BTRs were knocked out, and about 50 other Russians were killed. One BTR was captured. Nine Russians were taken prisoner.

Since this morning, the Russians have been withdrawing their vehicles and are carrying out what they call an airborne operation. A fierce battle took place within the village of Zhanni-Vedeno. The mujahideen almost destroyed the advance units of the enemy and put them to flight. Not less than 100 corpses of Russian soldiers remained on the battle-field.

The fighting near Zhanni-Vedeno continues. The Chechen command has announced the death of three mujahideen, while one fighter was wounded.

Hamzat Gilayev Presides over Meeting of Commanders of Southwestern Front

Yesterday evening General Hamzat Gilayev presided over a commanders' meeting, in which Arbi Barayev, Ramzan Akhmadov, Akhmed Zakayev, and other well-known commanders took part.

General Gilayev confirmed the death of his deputy Doka Umarov nine days ago.

He announced that in the combat activities for Saadi-Khutor 52 mujahideen fell. About 60 Chechen fighters were wounded. 14 wounded mujahideen were captured by the Russians. In three weeks of fighting more than 500 Russians were killed, and 34 armoured vehicles were knocked out.

General Gilayev emphasized that all military tasks as assigned by the Chechen command were carried out.

He discredited the falsified announcements of the Kremlin's special services: their aim was just to corrupt the Chechen army and the Chechen people morally and psychologically.

Kremlin Planning to Kill Ruslan Aushev

Reliable sources in Moscow have been heard to say that the Kremlin regime is preparing a plot against the president of Ingushetia, Ruslan Aushev. Ruslan Aushev is going to be killed and replaced by his relative Mukharbek Aushev.

Chechen refugees are going to be blamed for the murder.

The aim of this operation is to get rid of a politician who from time to time acts independently and to evoke new tensions between Chechens and Ingush.


Wednesday, March 29th, 2000
Kavkaz Center reports:

Military column destroyed in the Kurchaloy District

A Russian military column was destroyed in the Kurchaloy District of the ChRI near the village of Mayertup. Special units of the mujahideen successfully carried out a well-planned operation. Not less than 70 Russians were killed, and 4 armoured vehicles and 6 trucks were destroyed.

The fighting near Mayertup lasted for about 3 hours. Russian attack helicopters fired several rocket volleys at the Russian column.

Two Chechen mujahideen died.

Near Nozhay-Yurt

Mujahideen units carried out a manoeuvre unanticipated by the Russians and moved to the southwest of the villages of Nozhay-Yurt and Tsontaroy. Russian aviation bombed what they supposed were the mujahideens' routes all day. Air raids were directed against the villages of Tsontaroy, Galanty, and Gilyany.

Near Yalkhoy-Mokhk a Chechen unit attacked a unit of Russian so-called paratroopers. Up to 20 Russians were killed. The Russians attacked the village with artillery, killing civilians.

Special operations in the capital of Chechnya

The Chechen armed forces continue to carry out special operations against the Russians on the whole territory of the ChRI.

In Dzhokhar, in the Oktyabr District of the town, a Russian checkpoint was destroyed. The mujahideen attacked last night. The Chechen fighters made use of RPGs and flame-throwers. Not less that 6 OMON men were killed.

Near the Andreyev Valley and in the settlement of Katayami the Russian positions were attacked, too. The Chechens report several Russians killed and two trucks destroyed.

Bomb raids on Dagestan

According to the Chechen command, Russian aviation continues to bomb the territory of Dagestan, especially the districts near the Chechen frontier (Botlikh, Tsumadi, Novolaksy).

In Botlikh four people, among them two children, were reported killed on March 27th. In the Tsumadi District five people, including one child, died.


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