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Information sheet about the S26 global action day

Information sheet about the S26 global day of action
against capitalism as of: July 3rd 2000

This information sheet is based on the information posted on the internet through different lists, sent to or posted through the website. If you’d like to make amendments, changes, exclusions, post new S26 discussion lists or include your contact details...please mail them to and to if you’d like to see it posted on the S26 website which is So this S26 info sheet can be kept updated and mailed around regularly.

There are activities currently being organised in more than 30 different countries.


I) calls to global action II) Communication : mailing lists III) Groups / regions planning & proposing activities IV) Media and Independent Media centre in Prague V) Money for Praha and beyond ! VI) Resources VII) upcoming activities VIII) websites related to S26 IX) general call: S26 will be the next global day of action against capitalism


- INPEG - Prague 2000: available at and in English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Esperanto, French, Arabian, Greek, Russian, Finnish, Portuguese, Hebreic... . All other translations welcome, mail to:

- SOLIDARITA, Czech revolutionary anarchist organisation. Available at:

- Brazil: call released by projecto periferia and clajadep (in Portuguese), available at ; and

- NAPM INDIA: National Alliance of Peoples Movements, India. ”3rd National Convention of NAPM was a grand success. About 300 representatives of 70 organisations from 12 different states of India participated. Many programmes were finalised. NAPM has also approved the PGA proposal of international day of action in September 2000 against IMF/WB.” Contact: NAPM c/o Chemical Mazdoor Sabha, Haji Habib Building,Naigoan Cross Rd. DADAR (EAST), MUMBAI 400014 ( Ph.Off: 022-4150529, Res.2029296/5369724) Sanjay Mangala Gopal- National Co-coordinator, ( call in solidarity with S26 posted at:

- European call by grassroots people and organisations: (in process, not released yet)

- Sri Lanka, call by Monlar, in process, not released yet

- general call see IX)



International discussion lists:

* International discussion list. Main communication language: ENGLISH. Join by sending a blank email to . Non-moderated. Aims to discuss and co-ordinate activities around S26 world wide.

* International discussion list. Main communication language: SPANISH / BRAZILIAN. Join by sending a blank email to . Non moderated. Though labelled ‘Mexico’ this list is open to all Spanish and Brazilian speaking people. It aims to discuss and co-ordinate global resistance , S26 and contribute to the networking process in Latin America.

* International discussion list. Main communication language: ENGLISH Join by sending a blank email to . Non moderated. Suitable for all aspects related to the mobilisation to Prague: actions, organisational meetings, independent media centre, caravans, speaker tours etc.

Regional discussion lists:

* UK based. ”We are based in London and are intending to organise nationally by proposing a speaking tour which will include informative discussions about IMF/World bank combined with practical discussion about the practicalities of getting to Prague and networking it with local activist networks.” Join by sending a blank email to Communication language: English

* ”for Americans willing and wanting to do and support actions in Prague. Any information on travel, the law, the cops, visas, cost$$$, crash pads, etc is welcomed”. Join by sending a blank email to:

* Main communication language: GERMAN coordination list for the mobilisation to Prague and S26 related activities in German speaking regions. Join by sending a blank mail to

* main communication language: SPANISH Coordination list for the mobilisation to Prague and S26 related activities in the Spanish State. Join by sending a blank mail to

* Main communication language: PORTUGUESE Coordination list for the mobilisation to Prague and S26 activities. Join by sending an email to the list and ask to be subscribed.

* Main communication language: BRASILIAN S26 activities in Brasil. Join by sending a blank email to

* Bi-lingual (Russian, English) mailing list has been set up for planning actions and materials on IMF/WB group impact in Russia and East- Europe. Send message (in Russian or English) telling who you are to if you want to join.


* a translation-into-spanish-list has been set up: s26-

This list is to translate relevant and useful information related to Prague and S26 into Spanish. People willing to translate should subscribe to the list by sending a blank email to Anyone thinking an information ought to be translated can post it to:

* ”A couple of us here in California have set up a listserve for non-violence trainers. I'm hoping that it will allow us to connect around the upcoming actions, and for people in different areas and working on different actions to co-ordinate, share ideas, experiences, agendas, and support. It would be wonderful to have international participation for this. Non moderated. To subscribe send a blank email to:

III) === Groups / regions planning or proposing activities:

in alphabetical order by continents

---------- e u r o p e ---------

* AUSTRIA - Vienna, lose coalition of groups going to Praha.,

- Vienna, Pedram Shahin - Linkswende. Contact: Tel.: 0043-676-6316202


- PRAGUE : INPEG(: Initiative Against Economic Globalization – Prague 2000) is the name of the lose coalition of groups involved in the organisation of activities in Prague. The activities involve: direct actions, a counter summit, a political art festival (the Art of Resistance), help in the accommodation and more. September 22-24: Counter Summit September 26th: autonomous actions in the morning and in the afternoon a mass action of non violent civil disobedience aiming to enter and stop the IMF/WB conference. More information and contact to the different working groups: for more details,

- Christian Peace Conference CPC (International Secretariat) “The CPC is an international movement of Christians for peace and justice. Several regional groups and CPC activists in Asia, Southern and Northern America as well as in Europe are involved in issues of economical globalisation, debt and neocolonialism. CPC is located in Prague and can provide technical assistance to groups joining the protest actions in Prague”. Events being planned are an international consultation ‘Commitment for life facing monetary colonialism’ - Slapy, Czech Republic, Sept. 18-22, Also regional activities in other countries and regions. Postal adress: CPC, PO Box 136, Prokopova 4/216, 130 00 Praha 3, Tel.: +(420-2) 22781800 Fax.: (+420-2) 22781801


- September 26th Collective(s) "We are a newly formed group of peoples who want to go to Prague to protest against the International Monetary Fund and World Bank whose policies impose harsh repression to peoples and eco- systems." More Info at

- Bristol "In bristol we are hoping that in the uk, for those not going to prague, we will be able to network for similtaneous and similar actions, in diversity, throughout the week. Postal Address: c/o Box 51, GreenLeaf Bookshop, 82 Colston Street, Bristol. BS1 5BB

- Manchester Contact:

- Oxford 26 Collective. Planned event: Coaches to Prague, solidarity actions + more. Contact Email: Web site:

- Change, is an independent democratic socialist organisation currently planning solidarity actions for S26 in Prague. Conatct: ;

- Location: mainly London but also in other towns and cities Name/Group: Bolshy - cocky and communist revolutionary youth Planned event: We are supporting the actions in Prague and are mobilising for the event. Land address: Bolshy, PO Box 823, London SE15 4NA Telephone: 020 7207 3997, Fax: 020 7207 4673 Contact Email: Web site:

- London. Hellweb - make music/ performance/ comix" Website: Contact: Phone Number: 01803 840 530 Postal Address: asim, 1a, queens terrace, totnes, devon tq9 5jq

- Co-ordinated Direct Action "We are a small group, Co-ordinated Direct Action wanting to help co-ordinate protest at a greater level than was seen at this years May Day. We have set up a discussion list for this purpose [] which can be joined by mailing subscribe- We are hoping for a large number of autonomous actions in London on S26"

* Ex-YUGOSLAVIA : “We decided that it's maybe better to stay in Croatia and try to do something locally. Also last week we have met with other anarchists from ex- Yugoslavia. This meeting was in Bosnia and the idea was to make a co-ordinated action in all ex-Yugoslavia.” contact:

* CROATIA: osijek greens-osjecki zeleni. Planned event: letters to political parties and ministries, NGO’s, citizens(to house postboxes) Land address: croatia,31000 osijek,kapucinska 27 Telephone: 00385-31-201-136, Fax: 00385-31-201-136 Contact Email:

* FINNLAND: ”Finnish anarchist / autonomist network and Friends of the Earth-Finland have decided to participate in Prague anti-IMF/WB mobilisations around September 26th. Transport to Prague is being organsied. Local actions and media support for s26. Contact: Reko Ravela or Markus Drake Itsehallinnollinen Toiminta (Self-managing Action) - collective, Helsinki”

* FRANCE: a call has been released by the ‘sans titre’ network of grassroots organisations. Ideas proposed are local S26 activities like caravans and also mobilisation to Prague. Contact:, ;

- Aix-en-Provence,

- Intervention Musical Front. Musicians planning to come to Prague for s26, from France and beyond ! Contact Front Musical d'Intervention:

- ‘Socialisme par en Bas’. Network of revolutionaries active in faculties, highschools and some working places. Are organising a gathering in Paris on July 28-29-30 about the new challenges to the anti-capitalist movement. This meeting will be a opportunity to coordinate activities for Prague. Contact: Adresse: BP 15 , 94111 Arceuil Cedex France,tel.: +33- (0)1 46079937


- NIX DA 2000 caravan of bicycles and wagons from Hannover to Prague in September 2000. Previous caravans involved people cycling to Geneva May 98, WTO II Ministerial and to the EU/G8 summit in Cologne in June 99. For more information contact: or

- website with information about S26 related activities in Germany:

- Hamburg. Linksruck hochschulgruppe Planned event: reclaim the campus, teach ins, meetings etc. Land address: p.o box 304 183, 20324 hamburg, Telephone: 040-31792301, Fax: 040-31792350

- Euromärsche: European marches against unemployment, unsafe occupation and social exclusion. Coordination in Germany: Hugo Braun. Dorotheenstr. 15, D-40235 Duesseldorf. Tel/fax.: +49-211-674980 email:

* IRELAND, Revolutionary Youth , plan transport to Prague. Contact: , Postal Address: SWSSQUB c/o Queens University Students Union, Belfast SWSS = Socialist Worker Student Society


- Ya Basta! Milan. The mobilisation to Prague is being discussed. The recent protests involving the ‘white overalls’ have inspired ideas for non violent mass actions of civil disobedience in Prague. See reports and pictures at: and Contact:

* NETHERLANDS: proposed week of action against banks. “We would like to finish the week of actions with a strong anarchist demo against the IMF/WB.” Contact: infocentrum wageningen


- Nature&Youth and several other organisations are getting together planning transport to Prague and solidarity activities. Contact:

- Contact: Jan Ole Kjellesvig,

* POLAND - Wroclaw - Anarchist Federation, PO BOX 125 54-433 Wroclaw 60, Poland Email:,


- ”The Comissão pela Abolição do Capitalismo (Comission for the Abolition of Capitalism) is planning different activities both locally and mobilisation to Prague." Contact:

- Lisbon, contact:


RUSSIA: Moscow S26 Collective Planned event: There is a collective based in Moscow calling for local S26-events all around Russia. Are also planning transport to Prague. Contact Email: Land address: P.O. Box 13, 109028 Moscow Web site: #

other contacts: (Belarys) Rainbow Keepers Kasimov (Russia) Slavek Tesarek (Czech),

* SLOVENIA: ”We are about to set up an active group of people to protest against globalisation and capitalism. We already did one protest against Nato". Contact: Jerneja Rebernak


- RCADE, the Citizens Network for the Abolition of the External Debt decided at their 3rd gathering to focus on Prague as the next target of their campaigning. Contact: ;

- Ateneo libertario, Igualadad cose to Barcelona. Solidarity actions. Contact: "espresion"

- many groups involved around Spain: Check out Movimiento de Resistencia Global :

* EUROPE / proposals activities and other groups:

- ASEED. Action for Solidarity Equality Environment and Diversity . Are doing support work for the activities in Prague (Counter summit and more). Contact: (CS),

- EYFA, European Youth For Action. Are mobilising to Prague and are organising a summer action camp in Finnland 1-18 August called Ekotopia. One of the political focus will be economic globalisation and resistance. Contact:,

- Proposal for a FREE TRAIN to Prague, September 2000. The idea being to see it as legitimate to use train transport for free to go to a protest. Contact: ; ,

--------------- l a t i n a m e r i c a --------------


- Buenos Aires - “FOCO is a co-ordination body of several social organisations fighting against structural adjustments and the policies of hunger imposed by the IMF/WB among others. We will join the world wide campaigns by organising demonstrations of community organisations in the areas of Lomas de Zamora, Moron and Avellanada which are regions of Buenos Aires where we are currently doing a lot of popular work for the construction of a society of solidarity and equity. Please consider us part of the S26 day of world wide peoples mobilisation.” Contact:

- Cordoba - Organisation: Lazaro llorens. Plan demonstrations in the streets of Cordoba. Contact: , tel.: + 03543 422593

* BOLIVIA Juventudes Libertarias. Anarchist collective. Currently organising an Encounter of several libertarian organisations in order to set up a federation. Possible actions around S26. contact:


- São Paulo. Groups: Agencia de Noticias Anarquistas, CAVE - collectivo Alternativa Verde (among others...). Diverse activities planned. Contact: Moéisio Reboucas, Caixa Postal 78, CEP 11525-970 Cubatão-SP/Brasil email:

- Santa Maria, Rio Grande do Sul , Comitê Santa Maria pela humanidade e contra o neoliberalismo. Contact: , Tel.: (55) 221-6860 and (55) 225-1410

- there are many groups networking for S26. Contact through

* COLOMBIA Fundacion America Latina. Interested in making S26 solidarity actions. Contact: "willylo"


People doing civil disobedience at the island of Vieques which has been occupied by the US military by entering the island in clandestinity. Struggle has been going on for more than 1 year and has seen 300 arrests. “...more than ever our struggle is against capitalism and in favor of the world wide oppressed people. Let us develop strategies which will transcend the artificial imposed borders. Up with people ! US marine out of Viesques and Puerto Rico ! No to IMF/WB! “ contact: Ricardo Olivero Lora

* VENEZUELA - Caracas: anarchist collective ‘la Comision de Relaciones Anarquistas (CRA)’. Putting information together and local actions. Working on setting up an anti-authoritarian network. Contact:

- Federation of University Centres. Contact: Gabriel Gil

-------- n o r t h a m e r i c a -----

* USA, San Diego, California San Diego WTO Alert , contact:

* USA, Mobilisation for Global Justice, Currently working on 3 aspects: 1) Mobilising people to Prague 2) support the actions in Prague in any way they can. Resources, media work, money etc 3) solidarity actions throughout the States. Contact: *

--------------- o c e a n i a -----------

* AUSTRALIA - Melbourne. Protests against the World Economic Forum, the self proclaimed ‘world leaders’ to take place September 11th in Melbourne. AWOL ( Autonomous Web of Liberation ) See for more information.

- Brisbane. Sunor, Contact Email:

* NEW ZEALAND People supporting S11 actions to close the WEF in Melbourne. Solidarity actions in NZ with S26. Contact:

----------------- a f r i c a ------------

* ZIMBABWE , African Development Education Network (ADEN) Land address: Joseph Pokawa, P.O. Box A1969, Avondale, Harare, Zimbabwe, Tel./fax. : 263 4 667912 / , Web site:

-------------- a s i a ------------


- NAPM (National Alliance of Peoples Movements - see call Contact: NAPM c/o Chemical Mazdoor Sabha, Haji Habib Building,Naigoan Cross Rd. DADAR (EAST), MUMBAI 400014 ( Ph.Off: 022-4150529, Res.2029296/5369724) Sanjay Mangala Gopal- National Co-coordinator, (

- NBA , Narmada Bachao Andolan, ongoing struggles against dam construction (partly WB projects). See

* SRI LANKA. Monlar. Contact:

* BANGLADESH: Garments Workers Unity Forum and the Revolutionary Unity Front. “We decided to organise a lay seize programme in the premises of WB in Dhaka on 26 the September. In addition to it, we will make a demonstration waving black flags. We also decided that, to make the protest program of the 26th September all out successful we will wage a militant movement together through organising students, youths, women, peasants, workers, progressive political parties including all other anti imperialists individuals and forces of this country.” See call: Contact: Mushrefa Mishu 48 Green Corner (2nd floor), Green Road, Dhaka-1205, fax.: +880-2-8616977


The idea is to set up an infrastructure along the lines of the recent independent media centres experiences in London, Seattle, Washington and more (see The people in Prague have requested help and support. There have been people communicating already from the U.S., Canada and many places across Europe to see if they can get an IMC together. A list for organisers has been set up: . If you want to join you can send an e-mail to with the words "subscribe imc-prague" in the body of the message (no quotes). People also may be able to subscribe through the web at ""

***** Media Working Group:

A list serv for international media (mainstream and alternative, not INDY media) has been established. If you are interested in working on international media and plugging into a media/press center that will be established for the September actions, please join the list serv at Subscribe by sending a blank message to PrahaMedia- This list will be used to coordinate international media with INPEG and folks in Praha.

V) === MONEY 4 Prague and beyond ===

* We are all ordinary people making extraordinary things. All activities in Prague are planned with little money and with strong will and determination. If you or your organisation can contribute financially, no matter how small, please send donations to this account: IPB , Cs.Armady 35, 160 00 Prague 6, Czech Republic, Europe account number: 163 775 396/5100 swift code: INBACZPP

* Many Southern and Eastern movements would like to send a delegate there, in order to make their voices heard and participate in the mass civil disobedience actions that are planned, but cannot afford the airfares. We appeal all organisations and individuals who can afford it to donate some money for their travel expenses. It is really important that the movements which have been struggling against the massive destruction and destitution created by these institutions, and have only received repression in return, are also present in Praha. And they will not be invited by the Bank and the Fund. In the page you will find information about the movements that want to send a representative to Praha and the money that is needed for each ticket.

If you want to contribute, you have different options: 1. The one that we consider best: you can collect money in your region or country (asking different organisations to contribute) and pay for one (or more) flight ticket from there, without banks or postal money orders in between. You can pay for the ticket in your country and ask the airline to issue the ticket in the country of origin of the person coming. If you want to do this, please let us know so that we include the information in the web page. 2. If you cannot collect enough money for a complete ticket, you can send a postal money order to:

Recipient: Mouvements Populaires et Mondialisation (MPM) Address: c/o IAS, Maison des Assoc., 11 rue des Savoises; 1205 Geneva, Switzerland Purpose: Praha 2000

3. Finally, you can also transfer your donations to the following account: Account holder: Mouvements Populaires et Mondialisation (MPM) Account number: 70.505.5 Bank: Banque Alternative BAS Address: CP 161, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland Bank code (Clearing bancaire): 8390 Purpose: Praha 2000 It is important that you write 'Praha 2000' as the purpose of the transfer since the same account is used for several other purposes. All the funds received for Praha 2000 will be entirely devoted to pay the travel expenses of representatives of Southern and Eastern movements.

Please contact in case you have any questions. Mouvements Populaires et Mondialisation

VI) === RESOURCES ====

* NEW IMF REPORT- FoE US has issued a new report (english): "The IMF: Selling the Environment Short". The report includes case studies from IMF policies in the Ivory Coast, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Nicaragua, Brazil and Guyana. It can be downloaded from:

* People interested in producing documentation and resources about the social effects of IMF/WB policies in East European countries. Please contact : Antti Rautiainen ,

* “Capital Punishment - imf/wb uncovered” is a recent publication by Greenpepper in co-operation with INPEG. 32 Pages, case studies, calls, action reports, art’n grafix. English. Contact and orders:

* video: "Breaking the Bank: A Challenge to the IMF & World Bank" 74 Minutes, VHS tape, NTSC. After the Seattle victory that stopped the World Trade Organization in itst 'fast' tracks, tens of thousands converged to challenge the International Monetary Fund and World Bank at their April 2000 meeting in Washington D.C. Once again, videomakers from the Independent Media Centre were on the spot to provide the non-corporate coverage you just won't find anywhere else. "Breaking the Bank" provides informative background segments on the history and impact of the IMF and World Bank. The program features extensive coverage of the events in Washington, the street blockade tactics, the police repression, the rallies and the celebration of so many people coming together united in a common cause. Breaking the bank features material from the two half-hour television programs (originally Satellitecast April 21st 2000) plus additional segments. This extended 74 minute version of this program is available for home distribution from the participating producer groups listed on the order form). You can watch it on line or order it with a credit card at . Special discount rates for Organizers who plan to show the tape around. Contact

* 'Anarchist resistance to Capitalism in the Age of Globalisation ' all anarchists welcome, more information is at this site.


- Next European meeting of grassroots organisations and individuals in Prague : August 18th-20th (possibly 19). The meeting will discuss and co-ordinate activities related with the protests and activities in Prague Agenda being discussed on the list. Please try to discuss topics and proposals in your organisations/platforms first before coming to Prague. If you would like to attend and want more information, please contact: and visit

VIII) === WEBSITES related to S26 ===

* is a list that has been set up to co-ordinate s26 websites and information flow. Join by sending a mail to

* - Global website with calls, contacts, resources, links. Translations needed, contact

* INPEG, Initiative Against Economic Globalisation Prague 2000, * Peoples Global Action : (with links to previous global days of action and caravans)

* - multilingual news service run by and for anarchists. Use it to share information about your struggles

IX) S26 will be the next Global Day of Action against Capitalism.

(the following text is already available in several languages see

Already, many groups around the world are preparing for this event, in recognition that the capitalist system, based on the exploitation of people, societies and the environment for the profit of a few, is the prime cause of our social and ecological troubles.

September 26-28 the IMF and World Bank are holding their 55th annual summit in Prague. A mass mobilisation of people to Prague is beginning. On September 26 peoples of the world will express their opposition to the World Bank and the IMF and their policies. Peoples of the world will join together in an expression of solidarity with the demonstrators in Prague.

European grassroots groups have met recently and are planning a European wide mobilisation to Prague and also decentralised action. The idea has been discussed and supported by several Latin American movements which met in Nicaragua recently. The Indian 'National Alliance of People's Movements' issued a statement which you can read here. More messages from round the world are on the Calls to Action page.

The September 26 Global Day of Action proceeds from the successes of the previous global Days of Action against Capitalism on June 18 and November 30 of last year and May 1 of this year. S26 expands on these previous Days in the same spirit. Through those Days our networks grew, we learned much, and we saw many new people engage themselves. September 26 will continue this process of building up a strong, bold, and creative grassroots movement for a society in which people do not exploit or oppress each other, communities or the environment, but one that is based on solidarity, co- operation, grassroots democracy, and ecological sustainability.

As on previous occasions, people of different movements and different countries will join forces on this day against the social, political, and economic institutions of the capitalist system - in particular against the World Bank and the IMF.

Workers, the unemployed, students, trade unionists, peasants, the landless, fishers, women groups, ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples, peace activists, environmental activists, ecologists, and so on will work in solidarity with one another in the understanding that their various struggles are not isolated from each other. The simultaneous occupation and transformation of the capitalist social order around the globe - in the streets, neighbourhoods, fields, factories, offices, commercial centres, financial districts, and so on - will strengthen mutual bonds at the local, national, and international levels.

As before, the day will be organised in a non-hierarchical way, as a decentralised and informal network of grassroots groups that employ non-authoritarian, grassroots democratic forms of organisation, struggle independent of the social, political, and economic institutions of the capitalist system, and seek to effect change directly through their own action. Each event or action will be organised autonomously by each group, while coalitions of various movements and groups can be formed at the local, regional, and national levels. A strategy that may be useful at the local level is that various groups co-operate in creating a surrounding atmosphere of carnival and festivity as a setting for their various actions.

Examples of conceivable actions are: strikes - demonstrations - critical mass bike rides - carnivals - street parties - reclaiming streets, government land or office buildings for non commercial and good activities - marches - music - dancing - speeches - handing out flyers - banner hangings - distributing community controlled newspapers - street theatre - building gardens - handing out free food - mock trade fairs - offering no interest loans outside major banks - solidarity actions - pickets - occupations of offices - blockades and shutdowns - appropriating and disposing of luxury consumer goods - sabotaging, wrecking, or interfering with capitalist infrastructure - appropriating capitalist wealth and returning it to the working people - declaring oneself independent from capitalism and authoritarian governments - setting up grassroots' community councils and holding meetings outside city halls - setting up economic alternatives, like workers' co- operatives - promoting economic alternatives to capitalist companies - promoting grassroots based forms of community organisation - etc.

If you or your group plan to join this day of action, please let others know as soon as possible, to facilitate networking and communication. There are several international mailing lists available for open discussions and co-ordination (see resources).

A public international contacts list is regularly posted to them in order to facilitate decentralised and non-hierarchic networking. To have your contact information added to it, please contact, indicating (a) the country and location in which you plan to take action, plus any other information you see fit, for instance (b) the name of your group, coalition or yourself, (c) the events or actions being planned, (d) your land address, (e) email address, (f) telephone number, (g) fax number or (h) web site.

There are many things we need to do, to make the best of September 26 at the global, local, and national levels. We need to spread information about it among as many suitable groups and movements as possible. We need to spread and share propaganda materials, such as leaflets and posters. And, in general, we need to share our experiences, thoughts and ideas with one other and help each other out. At the local level, information about the day needs to be spread and discussed among groups and individuals, meetings need to be organised, events planned, leaflets printed and distributed, funds raised, laughter and conversation shared.

The process of building up our movements can and should be continued through further global days of action against capitalism in the future.

Any "enquiries" or concerns about the September 26 global day of action should be directed to other activists in the group, city, country or on the various mailing lists, for us to mutually help each other with ideas and advise. There is no-one in charge or pulling the strings for the day. It will be a radically decentralised and non-hierarchic event entirely of our own creation in co- operation and solidarity with one another.

NEEDED: Translators !!! To make S26 information available in every language,

from Please contact

© Scoop Media

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