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Saddam Hussein's Message on Islamic New Year

Saddam Hussein's Message on the advent of the Islamic New Year


In the Name of God , The Compassionate, the Merciful

Lord , do not cause our hearts to go astray after You have guided us .

God speaks the truth

The great, sincere, patient , mujahed people in the Iraq of dignity and glory…

Sincere believers in our Nation and everywhere on earth…

Peace be upon

Today ,we mark the advent of the (Hejira) Muharam month. As we feel the glory and fragrance of the ( Islamic ) message in it as we do every year, we also feel the determination of early believers led by prophet Mohamed bin Abdulla (Peace be upon him ) not to relinquish their faith but to call upon people to say: “ We warship God , the only God .” They said this after they had rejected despotism and pruned the path of faith as their own course. They fixed landmarks for all coming generation until faith and Islam have assumed their current status.

Today, we also feel the fragrance and glory of the message. We maintain in our sincere vision ,what early believers wished for us and aspired for so that we can be on the right infallible path, the path of faith with all the implying sincerity, zeal and the requirements of jihad, be it within ourselves or in what we seek to help others along it after winning the blessings of God almighty.

Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him willingly took the decision to move from Mecca to Medina in response to God’s order and in obedience to Him . The believers followed suit. They left behind their homes, families and possessions . They migrated not only to fend off the harm which they had suffered together with their prophet (Peace be upon him) after they had to undergo all forms of rigid- mindedness and torture by the stone- hearted unbelievers who were haunted by the devil and tyranny . They also moved to Medina because, prior to their migration, the influence in Mecca and the will to harm the bearer of the message and his followers were in the hands of the influential tyrants and those who were driven away by their superiority in number . The Prophet’s decision was not only motivated by the need to fend off all the harm of the unbelievers but also to establish a capital for true Moslems and a centre for their faith with the help of God who facilitated for them the winning of the hearts of the (tribes of ) Aus and Khazraj who were part of the Population of Medina and the settling of faith in them . After the arrival of the Prophet and his followers, Medina turned into a beacon of faith and virtue. Faith began to make its way into the life and daily faring of people as law . sincere Moslems presented a model of what they believed in , not only by means of adherence to the values of their belief in the one God in the confrontation of their enemies but also by means of the type of life which the new faith preaches for man in terms of his freedom , daily living , family relation and the link between the leader and those who he leads .

Along with this , they were able to accomplish the model of the new comprehensive faith in the light of their religion which faced up to the model of the ramshackle despot and his mean and dejected standard in all life affairs .

Under the umbrella of the glorious fraternity between Muhajirin ( Migrants ) and Ansar ( supporters ) and the new status of the population of Medina in accordance with the new faith , save the jews of beni ( tribe ) of Quraidha , beni Quyraqq’ and beni Al- Nadhir, and others whose hearts remained unchanged, the early steps of building the army of jihad were taken . The great values of faith , the ability to hold out and be determined to maintain jihad which were infused in the souls of believers, all combined with the momentum of the right to seek a return to their homes which they had left , to their families and beloved ones. Thus , the ability to hold out rose to the standard which God secured in them to help them defeat the partisans of the despot . They emerged victorious after seeking the help of the Omnipotent and mustered the pre-requisites of victory.

The idols, The symbols of in fidelity, division and bigotry which till the last moment blocked the access of those who believed in them to the right path collapsed. Those were motivated by their bias against the course of faith ,virtue, guidance let being too proud to concede their sin .

Sincere Iraqis , men and women ,brave Palestinians and believers everywhere, when we recall all that within this very brief account , we may ask : What is the despot of this age after?

Which way ,after God has guided us to believe in Him ,should be pursued to defeat him so that might ,as it should ,would belong to God, the prophet and the believers?

As we recall the essence of that conflict in which the believers were pitted against the unbelievers, between them and the Romans , Persians and others after them , the despot of this age ,despaired and despised be he, imagines himself , an alternative of God , the Greatest . He nullifies, be that explicitly or implicitly, every trace or reform and all the faith, all prophets and messengers have accomplished. in so doing , the despot thinks he is , just as God , I take refuge in God from every obstinate tyrant, capable of ordering everything to be as he wants it to be. Thus , the devil has enticed him into the abyss of polytheism . God has also labeled him with all the meanings that are apposed to the values of great values . What a nadir and mean fate ! The despot , as represented in this age , in our day, imagines he can enslave the people , confiscate their decision, legitimate freedom and choices given that they were born free. They were indeed freed by God’s will through prophets and messengers , to be slaves only to Him and not to anyone of the people .

Patient, Jihadist, sincere Iraqis …

Palestinians and all jihadits in our Nation.

You have incurred harm , damage to your property . You have lost dear ones . However, you have made of your homeland , after you have sought help in faith , the site of your great model which you present to yourselves. Your Nation has been satisfied with it now that it has resisted the despot . You have presented it to humanity as well after your Nation . Your nation has therefore , come to support you in its attitude in coordination with humanity in its stand , anywhere it has found its way to justice . You are victorious by virtue of faith, through the course of justice against injustice, virtue against vice , sincerity against betrayal and the fight of the mercenaries and aggressors . The despot , along with his models , no matter how tyrant he grows, is defeated . His arrogance would be in vain . The banners of Allahu Akbar ( God is the greatest ) and No God but Allah , have become the banners that prompt the vision of Jihadist believers reach the site where the fragrances of messages and messengers pervades , to the time when their companions had to suffer the bigotry of the unbelievers , the disciples and subjects of the despot . They can see how faith won over infidelity , justice over injustice, monotheists over the despot once they trusted God and mobilised the needs for the confrontation . Just as early believers who struggled and put up with harm to win God’s reward, namely His satisfaction , a clear conscience and what God has promised them in the other life and the reaps of victory in earthly life , you would reap the gains of your patience, faith, God’s satisfaction and what you expect God to reward believers with .

It is victory over your enemy . Let this be the basis . Nothing else .

Thus , on this day , the advent of a new Hejira year, all believers are victorious with God’s help , over the despot and his supporters.

Many happy returns of the year.

God is the greatest ..

God is the greatest..

No God but God .

Saddam Hussein

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