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The Responsibility Of International Community

The Responsibility of international community

The past experience and current political realities in Sri Lanka dictate that Sinhala Government is not even prepared to bring peace in place an interim administration ( ISGA ) that will facilitate normal life, development and meet urgent humanitarian needs. This basic initial step itself faces opposition and this new condition has within it a political duplicity, a trickery. It is now thirty long months since the signing of the MoU between the Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) . it is salutary to recapitulate the background and some of the crucial events that led to this process . Even after being the President of Sri Lanka for ten years, Chandrika Kumaratunge has not changed in character nor has she changed her utterances. She does not appear to have learnt anything from past experience . The views she expressed in her interviews in the televisions demonstrate all of the above,she has not changed at all in the last ten years.

The first budget of Sri Lanka's United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) government, delivered in last Thursday, was a desperate attempt to stem the anger of people over rising prices and declining living standards. The UPFA government may not have engaged in formal pre-budget talks with the IMF and World Bank,The world will rapidly come into conflict with the UPFA government over this budget. Already sections of buisnese community and international community have widely condemned the budget. Most people, already angry over deteriorating living standards, are deeply sceptical of the government's promises.

The President apparently is making use of a dilapidated and time-worn strategy of cheating of the donor nations and international community . It is this strategy or the duplicity of the Sri Lanka government that the international community and more so the donor nation should comprehend.The President government has been from the time of assuming power adamantly refusing to engage in or at least seemingly engage in mutual goodwill measures with the Tamils LTTE. On the one hand the President is engaged in initiating mischievous international and inside sri lanka propaganda War against the peace making international community . As a direct confrontation her governments military forces are involved in Ceasefire violation killings and Damage the peace process , distorting unity of peace in the areas are which the President's forces are keenly interested in. It is therefore the moral responsibility of the international community to discern the words and deeds of the President and bring pressure on her government both politically and economically to be principled and honest in political negotiations. This maxim must be told by the international community to the President. If this is not adopted the foundation for peace laid with international assistance during the last three years would be shattered and Sri Lanka will again be converted into bloodbath. in Sri Lanka War or peace? The answer as of date is in the hands of international community and donor nations and their actions alone will decide whether it is war or peace in Sri Lanka .

The interested in peace process of International community is accused Sri Lanka's government to tried to alter this peace balance both militarily as well as at the negotiating table.There is no strategic necessity to rush into a defence agreement or military purchases at this crucial time when the peace process itself is endangered by the Sri Lankan hard-line government and its forces of launching political crisis to sabotage the peace process.We are all familiar with interested in peace of International community appalling against abuse of the ceasefire time by the sri lanka sinhala state.the successive governments particularly since the 'take-over' by President Chandrika Kumaratunga has hiding motive in peace time makeing military purchases and military cooperation with others.

Sri Lanka sinhala Government and its military disturbing that peace and military balace would lead to the damage of the ceasefire agreement. the very foundation on which the Sri Lankan peace process stands."A military pact would encourage the Sinhala political leadership to take a hard-line, belligerent attitude towards peace and the Tamils and eventually destroy the mutual trust between the estranged communities, a crucial factor necessary for the consolidation and promotion of peace. There is no strategic necessity to rush into a defence agreement or military purchases at this crucial time when the peace process itself is endangered by the political crisis in Sri Lanka . "Such an defence agreement or military purchases at this stage will be detrimental to the interests of the Tamils, and will seriously damage their bargaining power.The International community expressed serious concern and apprehensions over the impending defence proposed agreement was a bogey to frighten the Tamils into submission.the efforts to draw into the conflict would further complicate efforts to resolve Sri Lanka's protracted ethnic conflict.Sri Lankan government and its armed forces had declared war on the Tamil people and unleashed military terror in order to subjugate them by force. In order to maintain their oppressive rule over the Tamil people the Sinhala occupation army has committed, and continue to commit, horrendous human rights violations in the form of murder/extra-judicial killings/disappearances/ rape /torture etc with impunity.

Tamils lost every rights human should have and face ethnics clearance, our home land occupied by arm forces over millions Tamils genocides and our daily life in dark prison.sinhala state of sri lanka use its governments labels to cover up state of terror and continue to lies and give false information's about Tamils freedom struggle to world.its sad some nations still not seeing tha real injustices face of sri lanka and give military aid to themes its will make more bloodshed of killing and block tha way of peace in order to discuss a political settlement to end over 20 years of civil war.Tamils home land Its remains an occupied territory of the Sri Lankan military. While the government and the LTTE conduct their protracted negotiations, an estimated over 130,000 people are still living in over-crowded conditions in refugee camps or with relatives or friends, having been driven from their homes by the Sri Lankan security forces to establish militarised high security zones (HSZs).We appeal to International community please stop The nations who giving military aid to sri lanka.

The ever-growing impact of the war on Innocent Tamils in Sri Lanka, the expatriate of the world and their organization have a greater role to play. This understanding is crucial if the expatriates are to take positive and decisive action to help find peace and Restore the Rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka. All Nation should work together in convincing foreign governments to exert their pressure on the government of Sri Lanka to take action to negotiate peace and Restore the Rights of Tamils so that pain and suffering of people can be at an end. During the past few years, our commitment to help alleviate the sufferings of the Tamils in Sri Lanka appears to be diminishing.It is good to analyse the past and blame The Sri Lankan sinhala hard-line government for not succeed in anything.The time has come for the expatriate of the international community, government, churches, community groups, peace advocacy organization and individuals, and to seek their support for the legitimate aspirations of the Tamils - equality and self-determination.This must be the main responsibility of the justice world.


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