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Concerning Nepal's Grave & Deteriorating Situation


Concerning Nepal's Grave And Deteriorating Situation

Once again, we are calling on all fellow patriots to pay immediate attention to our country's grave and deteriorating situation. Unless we act now with utmost urgency, it may prove to be too late. The specter and horror of forever losing our beautiful nation to the dust-heap of history has become an all too frightening prospect for us. Our country's disintegration is impending with a sectarian demand backed up with ever increasing destructiveness: civil strife, unruliness and deadly violence.

It has been almost a year since the present regime seized power through riots and the Maoists guns with a twin pledge of restoring peace and democracy. Sadly, peace appears as remote as ever in our once tranquil land. Death, destruction and sorrow continue to haunt people day and night throughout our land. The Maoists, for eleven long years now, continue to live with a daily diet of Nepalese people's blood and money through violence, threats and intimidations. In the absence of a leader with real plans to confront these grave problems head on, Nepal is drifting straight towards complete chaos. Our societies' order is rapidly being replaced with anarchy, unity with division, action with paralysis and hope with pessimism. As strange as it may sound, the Maoists, instead of facing justice, are a major part of the government now. The same incompetent and dishonest people, who allowed the Maoists to dehumanize our fellow citizens and perpetrate the most barbaric acts in our history, had no moral qualms about bringing these thugs into the government. Together these two groups have destroyed our cherished hope of seeing a functioning democracy in Nepal during our lifetime.

What's more, historians need not wait to describe this period in our history as the time of national humiliation and shame. This generation will live in infamy for failing to live up to its responsibility in defending the country in its maximum hour of danger. Not a single leader has emerged in defense of our lives, our honor and our national pride. Our morals have sunk, our values have eroded, our economy has been ruined and our Dharma has been vanquished. Our 90-thousand troop national army has submitted to a handful of terrorists, readily agreed to change its name and consented to lay down their weapons. In the meantime, the Maoists have been given full freedom to continue their sinister plot by putting bullets in our people's hearts and minds to break their will. Consequently, our country is sinking deeper and deeper into a dark abyss. To add further indignity to our agony, outside powers have been invited to settle our domestic problem for the first time in our history. We are impelled to ask: how our society lost its sense of right and wrong. Where is our conscience? If so, where is our sense of outrage?

It is evident that the Maoists are not going to change their violent ways, nor give up their weapons and criminal activities. In light of their heinous crimes since the declaration of a ceasefire, we can no longer afford to believe that they will suddenly make a transition from violence to peace and a totalitarian Marxist-state fantasy to democracy. They will continue to perpetrate their inhumanity against our humanity in their determined march to absolute power. It is high time that we come to terms with these harsh facts.

Let us also wake up to another ugly reality that an 86-year-old man's brain-dead policies and hell-bent actions to remain in power will not lift us from the current quagmire we are in. After all, Mr. G. P. Koirala is mainly responsible for desecrating the Nepali Congress, our toddling democracy, our long-and-hard-fought 2046 democratic Constitution and, ultimately, peace in Nepal. As if that was not enough, when he grabbed power last year, he began his work not with a prayer, but by trampling on our age-old Hindu Dharma by removing it from our Constitution. Now he is closely working with his terrorist's allies to remove our Institution of Monarchy. If we do not stop this man's atrocities now, he will destroy Nepal in no time.

Mr. Koirala, to begin with, never had any credibility to be the prime minister. He revealed his total lack of competency when he failed to demonstrate any principles, morals, ethics and skills to run our country throughout the years he was in power under democracy. Now, he is in power without any legitimacy of being elected by the people. Instead, he was anointed Prime Minister by a purely power-hungry group called the Seven-Party alliance and the Head of the State by the Maoists criminal gang. In order to give the facade of democracy, Mr. Koirala has installed an appointed parliament that includes his daughter, nephews, other relatives and his sycophants, not to mention the Maoists. To maintain his insatiable appetite for power and position, Mr. Koirala follows the Maoists' dictate at home and runs to a foreign capital at the expense of our country's honor and vital national interests.

Hence, Mr. Koirala would like us to believe that democracy is at work, but we know better; his raw deal cannot be a fair deal. He invokes B. P. Koirala's name and his infinite wisdom of reconciliation despite the fact that he is never willing to reconcile with his fellow Congress Party workers who have devoted their entire lives as foot soldiers of democracy in Nepal. He never tolerates anyone who questions him and trounces anyone in his path to power. For the sake of his selfish pursuit of power, Mr. Koirala has vilified the King and demonized the army severely undermining our national security. The likelihood of him bringing the country together in the spirit of national reconciliation, unity and cooperation to meet our daunting challenges is nonexistent.

In light of the grave and deteriorating situation in Nepal, we can no longer afford to leave our country's fate and future in the hands of Mr. Koirala. We could begin to help ourselves by asking a couple simple questions: Why is this man still in power? If Mr. Koirala's intolerable acts and the Maoists' appalling violence do not compel us to act, what will?

Unfortunately, the international community has also done a great injustice to the Nepalese people by misjudging and mishandling the situation in Nepal. Or, they have simply turned a blind eye in order to avoid any responsibility by offering a simple solution to our complex problems, which will neither work nor be acceptable to us. They have supported an unconstitutional and undemocratic government and thus allowed to be entrenched. Rather than of, for and by the people, it is a government of, for and by nefarious politicians and criminal gang, all in the name of so-called peace and democracy. This cannot be the future of our democracy. Peace will not return to Nepal without applying the concept of justice first. Accordingly, for democracy and freedom to take root in our blood-soaked land requires a real fusion of justice, peace and order. If the current political arrangement and the so-called Interim Constitutions are any indication, the future of democracy looks disturbingly very bleak in Nepal.

More importantly however, those of us who have an abiding faith and pride in our national independence, our deep-rooted rich multicultural heritage, our Hindu Rashtra and a constitutional monarchy as the symbol of our national unity, must stand up now and steadfastly say no to foreign governments as well as to those who control our government. We cannot allow outside powers to dictate their policies in Nepal if we intend to preserve, protect and defend our unique way of life. Our glorious history should speak volumes to our friends and foes. We cannot allow anyone to tear down our country in the name of peace and democracy.

As it has already been proven, the current ceasefire and peace process are a sham. The Maoists are simply taking full advantage of Mr. Koirala's sheer incompetence and folly. Furthermore, the proposed constitutional-assembly election is a farce and fraud. The criminals and crooks, who occupy power now, will never allow the people to think freely, debate without fear, and ultimately render a free and fair verdict. The Maoists assassins are roaming our country at will, blazing guns, terrifying the people. This election cannot and must not be allowed to take place. If it is held, its verdict should never be accepted. Every patriot should move forward with this determination.

We also urge everyone to think as a Nepali first and our ethnic or linguistic identity or madhesi or pahadi or eastern or western second. Let us learn to understand and respect each other, have appreciation for our diversity and love for one another. With these spirits in our minds and heart, let us put our common interest before our personal interest. Let us always keep our national unity in our thoughts, actions and prayers. To this end, let us all be guided by the highest ideals of humanity: justice, peace, human rights, freedom and equality. At this turning-point in our history, Nepal summons every patriot to duty.


Coalition For National Unity & Reconciliation

Vijay K Sigdel
Bishal Shah
Sher Bahadur Gartaula
Kamala Parsai
Subhash Nepal
Bandana Koirala
Nhuchhe N. Dangol
Shanta Lal Risal
Kuber Thapa
Dharmendra Gopali
Rishesh K.C.
Kamal Pande
Bijesh Maskey
Neelima Basnet
Neeshrita Shrestha
Bijay Kharel
Shiva Rasaili
Sekhar Dhungel
Anil Pandey

April 11th, 2007


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