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3,000 US troops secretly return to Iraq via Kuwait 10 Dec 12

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens for Legitimate Government
10 Dec 2012
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War #1: 3,000 US troops secretly return to Iraq via Kuwait 09 Dec 2012 Over 3,000 US troops have secretly returned to Iraq via Kuwait for missions pertaining to the recent developments in Syria and northern Iraq, Press TV reports. According to our correspondent, the US troops have secretly [not so much] entered Iraq in multiple stages and are mostly stationed at Balad military garrison in Salahuddin province and al-Asad air base in al-Anbar province. Reports say the troops include US Army officers and almost 17,000 more are set to secretly return to Iraq via the same route. All US troops left Iraq by the end of 2011, after nine years of occupation, as required by a 2008 bilateral security agreement between the two countries.

War (crime) #2: U.S. military is detaining more than 200 children and teens as 'enemy combatants' 07 Dec 2012 The U.S. military has detained more than 200 Afghan teenagers who were captured in the war for about a year at a time at a military prison next to Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan, the United States has told the United Nations. The U.S. State Department characterized the detainees held since 2008 as "enemy combatants" in a report sent every four years to the United Nations in Geneva updating U.S. compliance with the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child. Most of the juvenile Afghan detainees were about 16 years old... the U.S. report said. "I've represented children as young as 11 or 12 who have been at Bagram," said Tina M. Foster, executive director of the International Justice Network, which represents adult and juvenile Bagram detainees.

War (crime) #3: Nato forces 'attack Afghan health clinic' in violation of Geneva conventions 06 Dec 2012 Nato forces stormed into a clinic in central Afghanistan, damaging doors, windows and medical equipment, before using it as a jail and military command centre, in violation of the Geneva conventions, according to the aid group that runs the facility. Nato and Afghan troops were dropped off by helicopters late one October evening and headed straight to the clinic, according to the Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, which has published details of the assault on their small centre in Wardak province, a few dozen miles south-west of Kabul.

War #4 KBR shouldn't be able to sue government, Oregon members of Congress tell Pentagon --KBR trying to force US taxpayers to pick up $100 million bill to pay for KBR's poisoning of US troops 08 Dec 2012 Six Oregon members of Congress released a letter to the Pentagon Saturday urging it resist efforts by defense contractor [terrorists] KBR to have American taxpayers pick up the estimated *100 million bill after a federal court judgement last month in favor of 12 soldiers from the Oregon National Guard. The federal jury in Portland ordered KBR to pay *85 million to the 12 Oregon soldiers who were exposed to the carcinogen hexavalent chromium while in Iraq in 2003. Under a once-classified indemnification clause in the contract, KBR subsequently sued the Army Corps of Engineers to cover about *100 million in damages and legal costs. [See also: U.S. Commandos' New Landlord in Afghanistan: Blackwater --Academi's *22 million no-bid contract runs through May 2015 05 Dec 2012.]

War #5: US Troops Mass on Turkey's Syrian Border 07 Dec 2012 Some 400 U.S. and Dutch NATO troops were massed on Turkey's Syrian border Friday amid fears besieged President Bashar Assad was poised to [be blamed for US] use chemical weapons. The soldiers were beefing up Turkey's border and readying Patriot missiles three days after NATO agreed to deploy the MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile system in Turkey. Ankara had requested the installations as a defense against a Syrian missile attack... Syria denounced the NATO action and the U.S. and German statements.

'US to send sophisticated arms to militants in Syria' 09 Dec 2012 The United States is reportedly planning to send sophisticated weapons to foreign-sponsored militants fighting the Syrian government. Washington has already admitted to providing logistical and communication assistance to militants in Syria, but now there reports of a covert US plan to practically arm them. The recent reports said a wide range of modern weapons would be sent to Syria through Washington’s regional allies, such as Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

War #6: Pentagon prepares military operation in Mali 08 Dec 2012 It's only December, but it looks like the Pentagon has all planned out how they'll spend a good part of 2013. US officials now claim that the Defense Department is busy preparing a military operation in the nation of Mali. United States officials with knowledge of the matter tell the Washington Post that the Department of Defense and the US State Department will assist next year in a mission to overthrow Islamic extremists with ties to al-Qaeda [al-CIAduh] who took under control a significant part of Mali, a small West African country that is still picking itself up after a coup this past March.

War (inside job) #7: 9/11 FEMA videographer at Ground Zero goes public --'I learned that FEMA and several other federal agencies had already moved into position at their command center at Pier 92 on September 10th, one day before the attacks.' 22 Jun 2009 As official videographer for the U.S. government, Kurt Sonnenfeld was detailed to Ground Zero on September 11, 2001, where he spent an entire month filming. He never handed his 29 tapes over to the authorities and has been persecuted ever since... Kurt Sonnenfeld: Building Six was evacuated within twelve minutes after the first airplane struck the North Tower. The streets were immediately clogged with fire trucks, police cars and blocked traffic, and the vault was large enough, 15 meters by 15 meters by my estimate, to necessitate at least a big truck to carry out its contents. And after the towers fell and destroyed most of the parking level, a mission to recover the contents of the vault would have been impossible. The vault had to have been emptied before the attack.

Hillary Clinton greeted by two bombs for Northern Ireland visit 07 Dec 2012 A second explosive device has been found amid rising sectarian tensions in advance of Hillary Clinton's visit to Northern Ireland today. Just hours after police intercepted a device which they believe was about to be planted by dissident republicans in Londonderry, police revealed the discovery of a letter bomb at a postbox in a loyalist area of Co Down. Detectives are questioning four men about the discovery of the bomb in Derry's Creggan estate last night. They were arrested when a car was stopped.
Secret Service 'lost sensitive files on informants on the Washington DC metro' --Huge security lapse was potentially 'covered up' 07 Dec 2012 The latest embarrassment for the Secret Service is the revelation of an 'immense breach' that left highly sensitive personal information, including bank, passport and social security numbers, on the Washington DC metro. Two computer backup disks that contained data on agency employees, contacts and overseas informants were left on the train by a low-level employee of a private contractor responsible for moving the information. This investigation is part of the ongoing 'Culture of Secret Service' probe which began following the Cartagena, Colombia prostitution scandal in April.
'Sex for student fees' man unmasked to be IT consultant 'with top-level MoD security clearance' --'Assessor' for Mark Lancaster worked on massive overhaul of the British military computer network 06 Dec 2012 The man revealed by The Independent to be running a website offering to pay the tuition fees of female students in return for sex can today be named as a highly paid computer consultant who claims to have top-level Ministry of Defence security clearance and access to top secret material. Mark Lancaster, 39, who presented himself as an "assessor" for the website, has worked as a contractor on a massive overhaul of the IT network used by UK armed forces, military sources confirmed last night. He is also thought to have worked on computer systems used by British forces during the invasion of Iraq.

NSA buddy Google wants me to change my name, declaring 'CLG News' is 'too long' for people to remember by Lori Price, 09 Dec 2012 On Sunday morning, I went to access a video on YouTube, regarding a DHS anti-terror exercise, rehearsing to mow down civilians during a 'zombie apocalypse.' (Yes, that is actually where US tax dollars go.) Prior to hitting 'play,' a screen popped up. Google would not let me access the video unless I changed my Google name - because they asserted that 'CLG News' was too 'long' for people to remember! They want me to use my actual name instead of 'CLG News,' because, they said, 'Lori Price CLG' is shorter than 'CLG News.' Apparently, Google is mathematically-challenged. When I declined the Google 'offer,' I was forced to give a 'reason' for not wishing to change my name. Ok, here it is. NSAciopaths: I'm going to keep 'CLG News.' Go f*ck your surveillance selves, and the microchipped horse you rode in on.

DHS spent money on hog catcher, latrine on wheels [A latrine? Good! That way, the DHS can go *flush itself.*] 05 Dec 2012 The Homeland Security Department paid for an underwater robot in a Midwest city with no major rivers or lakes nearby, a hog catcher in rural Texas and a fish tank in a small Texas town, according to a new congressional report highlighting what it described as wasteful spending of tax money intended for counterterrorism [sic] purposes. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., said in his 54-page report that while much of the spending for the department's Urban Area Security Initiative appeared to be allowed under the program's rules, it was still inappropriate in an age of budget austerity and as the federal government faces a *16 trillion national debt. Among the projects Coburn found questionable were: *21 for a fish tank in Seguin, Texas, a small town outside of San Antonio; *98,000 for an underwater robot in Columbus, Ohio, where there are no major rivers and few lakes nearby; *24,000 for a "latrine on wheels" in Fort Worth, Texas; A "BearCat" armored vehicle bought with a *285,933 grant in Keene, N.H., a small New England town that is home to an annual pumpkin festival that draws up to 70,000 people; *250,000 for security upgrades, including *9,000 in signage, at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

Columbus Police spray Mace on 'unruly' crowd that gathered to sign on list for subsidized housing --Several individuals, sprayed with Mace by police, were treated at scene by emergency crews 08 Dec 2012 (OH) Columbus Police sprayed Mace on several people in a crowd that had gathered to sign up for a list to get subsidized housing at a northwest Columbus apartment complex. Police said the crowd started to gather Friday night for the Saturday morning event at The Heritage apartment complex on Gatewood Road near Sunbury Road in northeast Columbus. Authorities said that its highest number, the crowd reached 2,000 people.

State Police arrest, spray protesters at Mich. Capitol --Capitol was temporarily closed 07 Dec 2012 Michigan State Police say they have used chemical spray on right-to-work protesters who to tried rush into the Senate chamber at the state Capitol, and minority Democrats in the Legislature accuse Republican leaders of taking a "shameful step" to undermine free speech. State Police Inspector Gene Adamczyk says eight people were arrested for resisting and obstructing when they tried to rush past two troopers guarding the Senate door Thursday. A state Democratic Party statement says Republicans are showing "their true colors" and "shutting down dissent."

Some Hospital Employees Dismissed, Suspended After Refusing Mandatory Flu Shots 05 Dec 2012 Despite resistance from some employees, more state hospitals this year are making [deadly] flu shots mandatory for all workers, and some have even suspended or dismissed a handful who have not complied. This year, 19 of the 29 acute care hospitals in the state require that all employees get flu vaccinations.State health officials did not name the hospitals. Earlier this year, the Connecticut Hospital Association adopted a statewide policy endorsing mandatory flu vaccination for hospital staff.

Hartford Healthcare Unions Push Back On Required Flu Shots 07 Dec 2012 Two unions at Hartford Healthcare are objecting to the health network's new mandatory vaccination policy. Unions at Windham Hospital in Willimantic and Natchaug Hospital in Mansfield, both part of the Hartford Healthcare network, which includes Hartford Hospital, have pushed back against the network policy -- enacted for the first time this year -- that requires flu shots for all employees. David Lucier, an official with Local 1199, the union at Natchaug Hospital, said Hartford Healthcare officials have been "heavy-handed" in pushing the new policy. He said 37 employees at Natchaug have refused to get the shot.

Livestock falling ill in fracking regions 29 Nov 2012 In the midst of the domestic energy boom, livestock on farms near oil- and gas-drilling operations nationwide have been quietly falling sick and dying. While scientists have yet to isolate cause and effect, many suspect chemicals used in drilling and hydrofracking (or "fracking") operations are poisoning animals [and people] through the air, water or soil. Earlier this year, Michelle Bamberger, an Ithaca, N.Y., veterinarian, and Robert Oswald, a professor of molecular medicine at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine, published the first and only peer-reviewed report to suggest a link between fracking and illness in food animals.

Supreme Court to hear gay marriage cases 07 Dec 2012 The Supreme Court announced Friday that it will take up same-sex marriage, hearing both a case stemming from California's Proposition 8 voter-approved ban on gay marriage and a case from New York challenging the constitutionality of the 1996 Defense of Marriage Act. The pair of moves greatly increase the chances that the justices will rule this term on whether the U.S. Constitution guarantees same-sex couples the right to marry. However, it's still possible the high court could dispose of both cases without squarely addressing that central issue.

For Corporate Donors, Exclusive Access to Array of Inauguration Festivities 09 Dec 2012 President Obama's finance team is offering corporations and other institutions that contribute *1 million exclusive access to an array of inaugural festivities, including tickets to a "benefactors reception," a children’s concert, a candlelight celebration at the National Building Museum, two reserved parade bleacher seats and four tickets to the president's official inaugural ball. The offerings are detailed in an online inaugural fund-raising solicitation provided to The New York Times by an Obama fund-raiser.The financing arrangements are a departure from Mr. Obama's policy in 2009, when he refused corporate donations altogether and capped individual contributions at *50,000.

Unlimited Corporate Money Allowed for Inaugural Donations --Decision to accept corporate money reverses Obama's policy from 2009 08 Dec 2012 President Obama will accept unlimited donations from corporations, but no money from lobbyists or political action committees, to finance his 2013 inaugural festivities, a spokeswoman for his inaugural committee said Friday. The committee later sent donors a formal invitation detailing access to various reception and parties depending on how much they contribute. The most exclusive access will be reserved for individuals who contribute *250,000 or more and institutions that contribute *1 million or more.

Mega barf alert! Jeb Bush to become chairman of National Constitution Center 06 Dec 2012 The National Constitution Center announced today that Governor John Ellis “Jeb” Bush has been elected Chairman of the Center’s Board of Trustees. His term will begin on January 1, 2013. He will succeed President William J. Clinton, who has served as Chairman since January 2009. Governor Bush’s father President George H.W. Bush served as Chairman prior to Clinton.

National Constitution Center: Remove Jeb Bush --Petition, posted by Seth Johnson 07 Dec 2012 The Bush family has done more damage to the US Constitution than all former Presidents combined. the PATRIOT Act, warrantless wiretapping, no Habeas Corpus, 4 million missing White House emails, Valerie Plame, torture, WMD, 4488 dead Americans in Iraq, and 110,331-plus Iraqi civilians.

NRSC Spent Big on Todd Akin Race After Claiming to Abandon Him 07 Dec 2012 The National Republican Senatorial Committee sent *760,000 to the Missouri Republican Party in the first days of November, which was used to give the embattled Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.) a last-minute campaign boost, Politico reports. Just two months prior to making that move, the NRSC had publicly promised to abandon Akin, who said in August that "legitimate rape" does not lead to pregnancy. "It is not only wrong that the NRSC would provide funds to support a dangerous extremist like Todd Akin, it was underhanded and dishonest that they would purposely mislead the public about their actions," Matt Canter, a spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, told The Huffington Post Friday.

At the White House, Charlie Crist becomes a Democrat 07 Dec 2012 At a Friday holiday reception at the White House, former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist officially signed the papers to became a registered Democrat. He tweets: Proud and honored to join the Democratic Party in the home of President @BarackObama! "I've had friends for years tell me, 'You know Charlie, you're a Democrat and you don't know it,'" Crist told the Tampa Bay Times about his party switch.

Earthquake and Tsunami Again Hit Northeast Japan 07 Dec 2012 In echoes of the March 11th disaster of 2011, a one meter-high tsunami hit northeast Japan on Friday, after a powerful undersea quake struck off the coast which was still in the process of recovering from the aforementioned disaster. The Japan Meteorological Agency said the wave swept ashore at just after 6 p.m. in Ayukawa, Ishinomaki, a city badly hit previously. The size of the tsunami is relatively small and is not expected to cause widespread damage.

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