NZ Election Reactor
NZ Election Reactor

NZ Election Reactor

Rate the Political Highs & Lows of the Week in the Online-Reactor below, or with the Apple or Android app from your mobile device. For more info and updates see here.

Online Reactor:


  1. Fill in a quick survey questions
  2. Click to hold reactor pointer ( THE VIDEO runs while you are holding pointer )
  3. Slide to the left if you disagree with speaker, to the right if you agree
  4. Click and hold pointer till video stops and "next > " button appears
  5. You can then (if you want) register to be notified when we are conducting our next reactor poll.

The Political Highs and Lows of the Week

More Info:

Visit Scoop's "NZ Election Reactor" InfoPage for updates on the Reactor.

Read The Announcement Press Release ( The Return of the Worm : Introducing The NZ Election Reactor )

Download the Mobile Reactor App:

Download the Reactor
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Download the Reactor
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