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Wrapup Polling: NZ Backs Hobbit Deal, But Not In Principle

A majority of New Zealanders support the deal the Government did with Warner Bros to keep Hobbit film production in New Zealand. However, a majority don't want a similar deal done again. More>> The Hobbit Exposes The Failings Of NZ Inc.

National arrived in government promising a unified approach to economic growth, but two years into its term The Hobbit debacle revealed a reality at odds with the rhetoric More>>


the hobbit, lawSomething To Do With Some Movie: Film Employment Law Change Passed

The security of workers in the film industry and The Hobbit in New Zealand has been secured with the passing of the Employment Relations (Film Production Work) Amendment Bill into law, says Minister of Labour Kate Wilkinson. More>>


Gordon Campbell: On The Hobbit Finale (& What Comes Next)

Great. The Hobbit stays here. Everyone's happy about that - you, me, John Key, Robyn Malcolm... we're all so very happy, at least until we look at what the government has given away.

Sir Peter Jackson is happy because he is spared from living in Ireland or Budapest for the next two years. Warners are happy because they got showered with more money.

Just how happy Warners are feeling right now can probably be gleaned from the basics of that deal: if the films are successful, Warners gets an extra $US15 million subsidy plus an extra $10 million injection into a co-marketing campaign - plus an expansion of what qualifies for re-imbursement under the Large Budget Screen Production Grants Scheme. More>>


john key, warner brothers, the hobbit

Werewolf Satire: Key/Warner Brothers Transcript Leaked In Glorious Technicolor

WB 1: Well howdy, Mister Prime Minister Sir. Nice, I say, nice digs. Allow me to introduce mah associate. Does the accountin' and such. [Aside to Key, but clearly audible] No too bright. Surprised he don't write his ledgers in crayon.

KEY: Um, hi. :-)

WB 2: Good day, Thir. I hope we can work together to remedy thith dethpicable thituation. More>>


Scoop Business: 'Two Issues' Stand Between Hobbit And NZ Shoot

it's our precious - weta workshop - keep the hobbit in new zealand
Two industrial law issues stand between The Hobbit being filmed in New Zealand and relocation to another country, following a meeting today between Prime Minister John Key and senior executives from Warner Bros, the film's financial backers. More>>


Galaxias Gollumoides: What We Need Is More Hobbit-Related Stories - Greens

While everyone is worrying about The Hobbit, a unique, rare, and threatened native fish species called Gollum is at risk of extinction in the Nevis River in Central Otago, the Green Party said today. More>>


Scoop Full Coverage: The Hobbit Endgame Continues

So, according to Sir Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens all that Warners are asking for in an uncertain world is certainty. A surety that no sudden outburst of labour unrest will plague The Hobbit in the coming eighteen months. More >>


martin freemanMartin Freeman As Bilbo: Peter Jackson And New Line Announce 'Hobbit' Cast

Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Rob Kazinsky, Aidan Turner, Graham McTavish, John Callen, Stephen Hunter, Mark Hadlow and Peter Hambleton have joined the ensemble cast of the The Hobbit ... More>>


Gordon Campbell: On The Latest Stage Of The Hobbit Drama

the lord of the rings, the hobbit, chess set, endgame
So, according to Sir Peter Jackson and Philippa Boyens all that Warners are asking for in an uncertain world is certainty. A surety that no sudden outburst of labour unrest will plague The Hobbit in the coming eighteen months.

Since the union has given that assurance and lifted its threat of a boycott - according to them, this happened last weekend though others demur - then that should mean everything's alright, then? More>>

Statement From Producers New Line Cinema : "The actions of these unions have caused us substantial damage and disruption and forced us to consider other filming locations for the first time. Alternative locations are still being considered." More>>



hobbit protest Actors Say Boycott To Lift, Producers Say 'Hobbit' On The Way Overseas

A spokesman from Wingnut films says there may yet be a possibility of keeping things on the island nation:

New Zealand is Middle Earth and we're still fighting to keep it that way, but it seems we're fighting a losing battle!

Warner's are doing what they can to keep the film here too, but with hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, they need to take steps to protect their investment.

Latest: New Line Statement : "The actions of these unions have caused us substantial damage and disruption and forced us to consider other filming locations for the first time. Alternative locations are still being considered." More>>



the hobbitJackson-Directed 3D: "The Hobbit" Gets Green Light

The two films based on "The Hobbit" are now greenlit and will begin principal photography in February 2011, under the direction of Peter Jackson ... More>>


The Hobbit: Parties Gather Around Peace/Pipeweed Pipe

The Screen Production and Development Association (SPADA), Actors' Equity, and Council of Trade Unions representatives met today, in a meeting facilitated by Minister for Economic Development Gerry Brownlee. More>>

Gordon Campbell: On The End Game For 'The Hobbit'

The two main issues that will decide Warners' decision about where to shoot The Hobbit are both inching towards a resolution. Neither involve the actors' union dispute which has always been a sideshow - mainly because the cost of reaching a compromise deal on wages and conditions would be chump change for Hollywood. The two factors that matter are
(a) the production incentives available in New Zealand compared to elsewhere in the world. This is what Philippa Boyens means when she says Warners are ' running the numbers' on the five or six locations now in the running for the location shoot and
(b) the late intrusion of the 74 year old corporate raider Carl Icahn into the sale of debt-burdened MGM, which owns a major stake in The Hobbit project. More>>


Smellie Sniffs The Breeze: Working To Rule

Was the row about The Hobbit a historic moment in New Zealand labour relations? It certainly looks like one for anyone attempting to justify a "right wing" labour agenda. More>>

PM's Presser: Actors Must Say What They Want

Key told reporters Monday that the Government was facilitating negotiations between Jackson's production company Three Foot Six, New Zealand's Actors' Equity and its Australian counterpart, the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance - and progress appeared to have been made. More>>

Wellington.Scoop: Hobbit Agreements Are Close, Says NYT

The New York Times claimed at the weekend that the American studios Warner Brothers and Metro-Goldwyn Mayer are "on the verge of an agreement" which would allow Peter Jackson to begin shooting The Hobbit in New Zealand early next year. More>>


the hobbitGordon Campbell: The Trade Unions' Wrangle With Peter Jackson Over 'The Hobbit'

If the production of The Hobbit does finally move to eastern Europe, it would not be because of the actors' wage bill or any fresh royalties deal on residuals - it would be because the producers stood to get a sufficiently better financial deal from doing so. More>>


Preciousss: Union Calls For 'Hobbit' Boycott
Peter Jackson: The Australian Labour Union, the MEAA is using our production The Hobbit in an attempt to widen it's membership, and power within the New Zealand film industry... More>>



the hobbit, film studios2010: Gordon Campbell On The Making Of The Hobbit

Given that successive governments have identified the film industry as a prime catalyst of the knowledge economy, you might have expected more local media attention would be being paid to the sale of MGM, which will directly determine whether and when The Hobbit gets made here, and by whom. More>>


2009: 'The Lovely Bones' NZ Premiere

Wellington's Courtenay Place was closed off and carpetted today to celebrate the NZ Premiere of Peter Jackson's latest movie, Lovely Bones.

A selection of stars from the movie - Oscar Winner Susan Sarandon, Oscar-nominated Saoirse Ronan, Rose McIver and Carolyn Dando were joined by local celebs and luminaries in front of a crowd of several thousand.


2007: Jackson's Affair With Hobbits' To Continue - Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema have jointly announced today that Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh will serve as Executive Producers of two films based on "The Hobbit." New Line will manage the production of the films, which will be shot simultaneously. Peter Jackson and New Line have also settled all litigation relating to the "Lord of the Rings" (LOTR) Trilogy. More >>



Video Reports From Inside The King Kong Shoot

TheOneRing.Net: A Review Of Costa Botes LOTR Doco - Yesterday, at the Auckland International Film Festival, I got to see Costa Botes' documentary, ''The Making of the Fellowship of the Ring,'' of footage never before released from behind the scenes of the LOTR filming. See... The Making Of The Fellowship Of The Ring

Images: Peter Jackson & His Stars On Set

OSCAR CLEANSWEEP FOR LORD OF THE RINGS: It was 11 out of 11 Oscars for the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King last night in Hollywood. See images... Scoop Images: Peter Jackson's Triumph and a full list of awards... NEWSFLASH: Return of the King Wins 11 Oscars
- Helen Clark - NZ's stunning achievement at the Oscars
- Don Brash - Return of the King - Peter Jackson that is!
- Tourism NZ - Best Supporting Country in a Motion Picture
- APRA - Frances Walsh Makes History for APRA
- Natural History NZ - Savour the Oscars don't quantify the success NHNZ

Bastards Back In The Frame - Were You Fooled?

Hobbit To Be Shot In Wellywood - But Not By PJ (Or Not) - The Hobbit will begin principal photography in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2005, under the direction sci-fi/fantasy director Paul Andersson, it was jointly announced today by Robert Shay, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of New Line Cinema; Michael Lyne, President and Chief Operating Officer of New Line Cinema; Mark Ordesky, President of Fine Line Features; and Andersson, who is also a writer and producer of the production. See... The Hobbit Begin Principal Photography In NZ 2005 - Apparently this PR is another April Fools joke. Seems like those pesky Hobbits are in a tricksy mood today - Scoop editor

Saint Peter Of Miramar Is Fed Up With Being Called A Bastard (Or is he?) - "Right now I'm the most famous export since the lamb! They're naming a street after me! I'm the king of the southern hemisphere!! I can't have you lot running around calling me a bastard! That's not just rude! It's downright disrespectful!" - Peter Jackson 31st March 2001. See... Peter Jackson (The Bastard) Sacks His Fan Club ... and the followup ... Peter Jackson's Fanclub - The Truth - Finally?!

Stars on Courtenay - A Photo Essay
Elves, Rohan, AllBlacks, Jumbos, Liv & Pete

Internet pages devoted to the Lord of the Rings are - to be sure - kind of common. This one however, is kind of special. On October 12th 1999 Scoop was the first media in the world to publish a picture of a Lord of The Rings set. The pictures of Bree published just days after filming began in Wellington - the images rated through the roof and were copied everywhere. And ever since Scoop has played a small part in serving what might be described as an insatiable desire by web viewers for images and news about the Lord Of The Rings production. Over the intervening period we have published several more world exclusives including the famous Bag End picture, and pictures of "Smokin Ring Wraiths with Liv Tyler". Scoop has now brought all its coverage together for you to enjoy!!!


Scoop Images: Stars On Courtenay - Elven guards, Rohan riders, AllBlacks captains, low flying Jumbos & Liv Tyler and Peter Jackson were among the sights snapped at the Embassy Theatre door by Scoop's David McLellan yesterday. See... Scoop Images: Elves Rohan AllBlacks Jumbos & Liv. Also on the fringes of the red carpet was's Demosthenes providing a glimpse of the view from inside the media melee. See… Scoop Images: ROTK Stars On Courtenay (1) and (2)
MORE: Scoop Images: ROTK Stars Caught On Webcam (1) (2)
Scoop Images: The Return Of The Ringers Party (1) - (2) - (3)
- Air NZ's Frodo Makes Starring Appearance

The View From Frodo Air…

Nazgul Swoop Into Courtenay Place

Scoop Images: Fell Beasts Swoop Into The Capital - Two giant Nazgul riding winged Fell Beasts swooped into Courtenay Place on Sunday in preparation for the festivities surrounding the World premiere of Peter Jackson's Return Of The King, the third part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy next weekend. See... Scoop Images: The Nazgul Swoop Into Wellington and Images: Arrival Of The Nazgul

--> A Virtual Tour Of "The Line Party That Ruled All Line Parties"
Images #1 - Images #2 - Images #3

View The Return Of The King Trailer Online - Yes, brings you the FULL ROTK trailer for you to feast your eyes on. Taken from a TV source obviously in Asia, this trailer has subtitles and text on the bottom. But you can still enjoy the BEAUTY of it! ROTK BABY! See... Return Of The Kind Trailer Release

Princess Arwen Goes Digital...
Earlier Liv Tyler Pics...Ringswatch: Our Liv Freaks Out In Battle - Scoop Images: Wellywood's Favourite Starlet - Scoop Images: Liv Meets Some Smokin' Ringwraiths

Lord Of The Rings Street Party II - The Sequel - Scoop takes you virtually to yesterday's street party in Wellington's Courtenay Place for the Australasian Premiere of "Lord of The Rings - The Two Towers" . Photos by David McLellan. See... Scoop Images: LOTR Street Party 2002 - Panorama, Scoop Images: LOTR Street Party 2002 - Crowd Shots and Image & Link: Webcam LOTR Two Towers Premiere (For coverage of LOTR Street Party I see… Guy's World: Premiere Night In Middle Earth from the Scoop Archive.)

Helen Meets Hobbit & Air New Zealand Succumbs To Frodomania - A private screening in New York of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers for influential US investors may stimulate new investment in key New Zealand industry sectors, and attract more film production to the country. See... Images: PM Promotes Invest NZ With Frodo And Bilbo, Images: Flying Frodo Air and Air NZ Unlocks The Secrets Of Middle Earth....

- Merry, Pippin And Treebeard - Merry Xmas
- Ring Of Power Does The Trick For Air NZ
- Lord Of The Rings Exhibition Coming Soon
- Peter Jackson - giant of Middle Earth
- Scoop Images: Amazing New Two Towers Screen Shots
- Pics From Helms Deep Press Conference
- Hobbit's Scoop Pic Of Staircase at Helm's Deep
- Scoop Images: A Mountaintop Hobbit Retreat?

Lake Hobbiton - WORLD EXCLUSIVE!

Hobbiton Bridge - WORLD EXCLUSIVE

- Scoop Images: Hobbiton By The Water

EARLIER...Links to Photo stories are in bold...

- When The Wizard Gets It
- Hook Line And Sinker - Dominion Ring Winked
- Lords Of The Rings Six Minutes @ ShoWEST

JUNE 2000
Arthur, Quests, Legends - Tehanu's Thirteenth Note
Scoop Images: The Guardian of Helms Deep...
Are These For Real?
Scoop Images: Peter Jackson And The Olympic Flame
Scoop Image: Where The Hobbits Are
MAY 2000
Lord Of The Rings - Don't Believe The Hype?
Lord Of The Rings Set Report
Scoop Images: More LOTR Pics From Ruapehu
APRIL 2000
Scoop Images: A Misty Ruapehu Film Set
Ringswatch: Early Snow Causes Problems For PJ
Ian McKellen Lord Of The Rings Chat
Scoop Images: Lord Of The Rings Preview Highlights

Scoop Images: Wellywood's Favourite Starlet
Ringswatch: Our Liv Freaks Out In Battle
MARCH 2000
Lord of the Rings allowed in Tongariro Park
Scoop Images: Two More Pics From Dry Creek Quarry
Scoop Images: Castles & Tents In A Quarry

THEONERING.NET: Tehanu Visits Hobbitton Set
Scoop Images: Liv Meets Some Smokin' Ringwraiths
Scoop Images: A hobbit summer house?

Bag End - Scoop World Exclusive
Hobbits Not Welcome in Kahurangi National Park
Lord Of The Rings To Film On Conservation Land

Scoop Images: Hobbit Town Photos Mystery Solved
Dominion Denies Fishy Photos Are Fake
Scoop Images: Dom's Stale Hobbit Photos Are Fake!
Scoop Images: Where Bilbo And Frodo Live - Really!
Scoop Images: Gandalf's Two Exploding Trees
Scoop Images: Mirror Snaps Bilbo's House
Scoop Images: Bree Is Spooky At Night....
Scoop Today - Scoop's Biggest Day Yet

And Not A Hobbit Was Stirring

Scoop Images: Welcome To Camperdown Studios
"The Lord Of The Rings" To Begin Photography In NZ
Scoop's Latest Words On Lord Of The Rings Filming
House: The Lord Of The Rings Amendment
Lord Of The Rings: Hawke, Thurman In, Winslet Out
The Inside Scoop On The Lord Of The Rings
Scoop has struck up a content partnership with a US based Lord of The Rings - - website.

Elijah Wood Is First To Join Lord Of Rings Cast
WingNut Films Announces Lord Of The Rings

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permission of The One Ring, Inc.



Dunne Speaks: Can ACT's Dream Run Continue?

By most reckonings the ACT Party has had a very successful political year. Not only has its expanded Parliamentary team settled in well to its work, without controversy or scandal, but its leader has gained in community respect, and the party’s support, at least according to the public opinion polls, has increased sharply... More>>

Keith Rankin: Basic Universal Income And Economic Rights
"Broad growth is only going to come when you put money in the hands of people, and that's why we talk about a Universal Basic Income". [Ritu Dewan, Indian Society of Labour Economics]. (From How long before India's economy recovers, 'Context India', Al Jazeera, 31 Oct 2021.) India may be to the 'Revolution of the twenty-first century' that Russia was to the 'Revolution of the twentieth century'... More>>

Binoy Kampmark: Foreseeable Risk: Omicron Makes Its Viral Debut
It has been written about more times than any care to remember. Pliny the Elder, that old cheek, told us that Africa always tended to bring forth something new: Semper aliquid novi Africam adferre. The suggestion was directed to hybrid animals, but in the weird pandemic wonderland that is COVID-19, all continents now find themselves bringing forth their types, making their contributions. It just so happens that it’s southern Africa’s turn... More>>

Gasbagging In Glasgow: COP26 And Phasing Down Coal

Words can provide sharp traps, fettering language and caging definitions. They can also speak to freedom of action and permissiveness. At COP26, that permissiveness was all the more present in the haggling ahead of what would become the Glasgow Climate Pact... More>>

Globetrotter: Why Julian Assange’s Inhumane Prosecution Imperils Justice For Us All

When I first saw Julian Assange in Belmarsh prison, in 2019, shortly after he had been dragged from his refuge in the Ecuadorean embassy, he said, “I think I am losing my mind.”
He was gaunt and emaciated, his eyes hollow and the thinness of his arms was emphasized by a yellow identifying cloth tied around his left arm... More>>

Dunne Speaks: Labour's High Water Mark
If I were still a member of the Labour Party I would be feeling a little concerned after this week’s Colmar Brunton public opinion poll. Not because the poll suggested Labour is going to lose office any time soon – it did not – nor because it showed other parties doing better – they are not... More>>