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  • About The Doco Behind The Shroud - For the first time, this documentary reveals to the public why and how the SIS got the Ahmed Zaoui case so wrong.

    What can we learn from those mistakes? Should the SIS, GCSB and our intelligence aparatus undergo significant reform? This documentary explains what the Government refused to reveal.

    Behind The Shroud reveals for the first time secret testimonies of witnesses who appeared before the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security’s secret hearings into the Ahmed Zaoui case.

    For more, see: About Behind The Shroud, on Scoop.


This testimony in Behind The Shroud is highly relevant today as we all debate how we as New Zealanders can all take a role in resisting gross abuses against our civil liberties and the excessive use of the State’s intelligence agency powers.

You can purchase a copy of Behind The Shroud in iTunes (m4v) format or as a DVD. Click here for more>>

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