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WASP Aerial Spray News

WASP Aerial Spray News

$11 Million Aerial Spraying Campaign Approved for Hamilton This Week

Spraying could happen from daybreak to evening every 5-7 days from the week of October 6, with hourly radio bulletins updating residents. At least one school is planning to bus pupils out on spray day. MAF has told the Waikato Times to submit its questions on the likely health effects from the spraying via the Official Information Act. MAF is mounting a huge information (propaganda) campaign including a 27 page booklet to all residents, plus newspaper advertising and an 8 minute video for schools. Hamilton will be using the same 0800 number as Auckland. The Auckland based call centre already has enough trouble knowing where streets are in the Auckland spray zone. Francesca Kelly will be heading the health support programme. I predict this will be the support programme you have when you're not having a support programme.

At a meeting for health professionals at the Waikato Hospital this week, Francesca Kelly and Ian Gear told it like it wasn't, after first evicting Hana Blackmore, the press and all members of the public. Those present were told that the Waikato District Health Board supported the aerial spraying and therefore any other views from doctors etc were not allowed to be aired.

A mass trapping programme is to follow spraying - in satellite towns and forestry areas around the North Island. 2,000 traps will be laid 50m apart around the Higgins Rd site. Shane Ardern (National MP) was quoted on the spraying as follows: "I am totally in favour of it. The sooner the better, the heavier the better." Pity he did not get a jail sentence for driving up the steps of Parliament in that tractor.

The Hamilton anti spray group have formed a new group called "WATCH" - Waikato Against Toxic & Chemical Hazards. They are holding another Public Meeting - Tuesday, 16th September, Ground Floor, Reception Lounge, City Council Building, Hamilton, 7pm - 9pm, All Welcome. They will continue to push for the spraying to be stopped and alternatives undertaken first, and they want to share information regarding the spray programme. See a map of the Hamilton spray zone on www.stopthespray.co.nz

Hippocratic Oath or Hypocritic Oath?

The Hamilton anti spray group received this reply from a senior Endocrinologist at Waikato Hospital: "Thank you for your letter of 19/8/03. I would have thought spraying Hamilton was in the best interest of the community. I don't know why you have bothered wasting my time and money sending me such trivia through the post." John V Conaglen, ENDOCRINOLOGIST, Endocrinology Clinic, Waikato Hospital, 07 839 8899 ext 8914 conaglej@waikatodhb.govt.nz

You might like to email this "caring" medical professional and point out the error of his ways. Let him know exactly why spraying Hamilton is NOT in the best interest of the community.


To Hana Blackmore, anti spray campaigner, a grandson - Max, on 16 August at Waitakere Hospital. Great joy and celebration all round, as he is a fine healthy boy, a credit to his mum and dad. Hana's daughter was severely affected by the aerial spraying in East Auckland in 1997. She moved to West Auckland but spraying began there. After a miscarriage with her first conception in July last year they decided even Glen Eden was too risky due to spray persistence so they moved to Titirangi. She evacuated to her mum's for several days during each PAM spraying. Hana comments that July last year seems to have had high numbers of reported miscarriages in West Auckland. The same thing occurred in East Auckland after repeated spray exposure, with six miscarriages in one street. She would welcome any information on West Auckland miscarriages. Please email her at: bmore@iconz.co.nz


Sue Muller, anti spray campaigner, homoeopath and teacher, in June this year. Sue had a liver condition that pre-dated the spraying but was in a stable condition. As soon as the spraying started in her area she became ill again very quickly. She was forced to battle Aer Aqua for acknowledgement of her circumstances and lodged a complaint with the Health and Disability Commissioner about the lack of medical attention from Aer Aqua doctors. There was no doubt in her mind and that of others who knew her that the spray was the cause of her deteriorating health. Ironically there is a chapter about her approach to treating pesticide poisoning with homeopathy in Meriel Watts' book "The Poisoning of New Zealand". Her contribution to the teaching of homoeopathic medicine and to the anti spray campaign was much valued.

Various residents of the spray zone - this year of cancer, which has come on particularly suddenly in previously fit, healthy people. Some streets have numbers of residents of all ages suffering from cancer. One street alone has 6 cases. I would suggest that Aer Aqua are fully aware of this as one particular doctor's eyes welled up with tears when told of this by one of the street's residents. An ethical dilemma indeed! One of the Health shops in Glen Eden has also reported a rise in people coming in with cancer.

All the animals, birds and insects - the beloved pets, the goldfish, the parrots, the deformed baby birds dropping out of nests, the dead and dying wetas, crickets, praying mantises, butterflies, the sick hedgehogs and the missing bees and dawn chorus.


The Henderson man who recently died from a rare infection within 48 hours of diagnosis. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm?thesection=news&thesubsection=&storyID=3521051 He started off with a small cut received while gardening which turned into a bacterial infection then into necrotising myositis (flesh-eating disease). Research has shown that Btk can cause infections and persists in the soil for a considerable time. It can also mutate into b. cereus which causes symptoms of extreme food poisoning. It is also the same species as anthrax. Many in the spray zone have found after gardening they get severe skin rashes and other symptoms from spray residue. Pets are also affected.

The Two White Rhinos which died recently at the zoo after the herd became ill with bacterial poisoning. http://xtramsn.co.nz/news/0,,3762-2650009,00.html http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm?storyID=3522496&thesection=news&thesubsection=general&thesecondsubsection= Female rhino Mazithi and her daughter, Mbili, died last week from a soil bacterium infection. The death toll at the zoo this year now numbers four, including a giraffe and a baby ape which died in April. When spraying first began over the zoo last year, we've been told a number of the zoo's birds died.

Paul Holmes - filming earlier this year on the spraying for the Holmes programme took place in the Waikumete cemetery - site of the most intensive spraying. During the mainly satirical programme Holmes was observed to touch the recently sprayed vegetation then put his hand to his face. Not long after he was reported as lying in his hospital bed "terrified he was about to die". He had two procedures to clear blood clots blocking his urinary tract. Those with compromised immune systems (as cancer treatment would leave a person with) are considered to be particularly at risk of health effects from the spray. http://www.nzherald.co.nz/storydisplay.cfm?thesection=news&thesubsection=&storyID=3508649

JUST A FEW OF OUR SPRAY VICTIMS Bill - our long time anti spray campaigner. Along with his wife Elena, never missed a protest even though suffering health effects from the spray. Previously fit and healthy, Bill's health began a steady decline after exposure to the spray. He has now been diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease which has affected the muscles of his throat. He is unable to talk and has difficulty swallowing and also has gastrointestinal effects. He must communicate by writing on a small whiteboard. He now needs a walker and recently needed to spend several weeks in a resthome, but is back home again for the meantime. His wife Elena has also suffered health effects including severe headaches and tiredness. Life was very difficult for her while Bill was in the resthome. His symptoms get worse after each spray.

Our thoughts go out to Bill and Elena and also to others we have heard of suffering from Motor Neurone disease and ME which came on after their exposure to the spray.

All those evacuees suffering severe bladder, kidney and bowel problems. There has been a large increase in kidney problems in Auckland and new dialysis units are being opened including one at Waitakere Hospital.

Rebecca - after spraying first began Rebecca miscarried a previously healthy baby but has since successfully given birth after taking stringent precautions to avoid the spray. Since her other child started attending a playschool near the heavily sprayed cemetery the child has suffered from ear infections, rashes and tonsillitis - as have other childen there.

All those hospitalised with severe respiratory, eye problems and skin rashes after exposure to the spray.

All the children whose doctors at Starship refused to accept that the spray was causing the children's symptoms after extensive testing had ruled out everything else.

The spray zone resident who had a stroke a fortnight after getting caught in the spray and suffering a lot of illness. She keeps parrots and has had 32 die after spraying including 3 baby parrots that died the day after a spray. She had previously reported illness in her parrots including their heads swelling up after exposure to the spray.

Andrew - has had to battle for evacuation. Previously an under control asthmatic - now has a reduced immune system, suffers frightening levels of asthma and has had to buy his own nebuliser. Has lost his job due to being unable to work in the spray zone and is finding it very difficult to find another. They may lose their house. During the east Auckland spraying he lost one of his twins born prematurely. Both his other children now suffer spray related health effects. He says the family are forced to live out of a suitcase, have no life and no future.

All the evacuees including the four families in one street in the Swanson hotspot.

All those who've had to fight tooth and nail to continue to be evacuated and all those who are now being denied evacuation.

All those evacuees and their children who get sick after they arrive back home after each spray due to the spray residue in their houses.

All those who have been forced to sell up (frequently at a loss) and move out of the spray zone leaving behind family, friends, jobs, their children's schools and friends.

All those who can't afford to move out of the spray zone - who are forced to stay and get sick after each spray.

All those formerly healthy, productive members of society who are now on sickness benefits, unable to earn a living due to the severity of their spray related health effects. Wellington School of Medicine Review of Health Effects from the Spray - Reminder Have you sent in your Submission yet? Don't forget to detail all the effects on your life and that of your family and animals. It is important to participate in this otherwise the government will be able to continue to say that "only a small minority are affected". Do you have any friends, neighbours or family members affected by the spray but who have not yet sent in a report? Please encourage them to do so. If you would also like to have your story added to our Independent Record please send a copy to Hana Blackmore bmore@iconz.co.nz to have your details anonymously recorded on her database.

Review Questions to answer:

* Have you contacted the MAF enquiry line 0800 96 96 96? (Yes / No)

* Have you contacted your family doctor? (Yes / No)

* Have you contacted any other health adviser? (Yes / No) eg. Alternative health practitioner, Pharmacist, Midwife - please describe

* Have you needed any treatment? (Yes / No) eg. Prescription medicine, alternative treatment - please describe

* Please describe your health concerns, symptoms or effects on your life related to the spray (Continue on a separate sheet if necessary)

Address for submissions (Submissions close end of September): PAM Health, FREEPOST, Wellington School of Medicine, PO Box 7343, Wellington. Or email: pamhealth@paradise.net.nz (email address is now up and running)

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