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Shearing Sports Results

Results from shearing sports events at the weekend in Dannevirke, Paparoa, Aria, Reefton and Marton

RESULTS from the Dannevirke A and P Show Shears at Dannevirke on Friday, February 5, 2021:


Open final (20 sheep): David Buick (Pongaroa) 16min 18sec, 54.95pts, 1; Rowland Smith (Maraekakaho) 16min 10sec, 55.5pts, 2; Aaron Haynes (Feilding) 16min 58sec, 58.55pts, 3; Toa Henderson (Kaiwaka) 15min 53sec, 58.55pts, 4.

Senior final (10 sheep): Reuben Alabaster (Taihape) 11min 30sec, 41.6pts, 1; Chris Dickson (Masterton) 10min 49sec, 42.15pts, 2; Kyle Mita (Masterton) 11min 32sec, 44.1pts, 3; Tama Nahona (Whanganui) 11min 28sec, 44.8pts, 4.

Intermediate final (5 sheep): Joseph Gordon (Masterton) 7min, 29.2pts, 1; Adam Gordon (Masterton) 6min 49sec, 29.45pts, 2; Clay Harris (Piopio) 7min 13sec, 29.85pts, 3; Ellis Rees (Wales) 7min 3sec, 29.95pts, 4.

Junior final (4 sheep): Hamu Henderson (Kaiwaka) 5min 55sec, 23.25pts, 1; Michael Buick (Pongaroa) 6min 19sec, 25.95pts, 2; Finn McKenzie (Wairoa) 6min 37sec, 26.35pts, 3; Josh Devane (Taihape)8min 11sec, 32.8pts, 4.

Novice final (2 sheep): Sam Mathewson (Martinborough) 5min 27sec, 22.35pts, 1; Te Anna Phillips (Taumarunui) 4min 50sec, 25.5pts, 2; Summer Pritchard (Pongaroa) 4min 6sec, 26.3pts, 3; Lily Alabaster (Taihape) 4min 29sec, 26.45pts, 5.


Open final: Joel Henare (Gisborne) 27.2pts, 1; Keryn Herbert (Te Kuiti) 33.4pts, 2; Brittany Tibble (Gisborne) 45.9pts, 3.

Senior final: Jimmy Samuels (Marton) 28.7pts, 1; Azuredee Paku (Masterton) 30.4pts, 2; Vinniye Phillips (Taumarunui) 38.8pts, 3.

Junior final: Te Whetu Brown (Wairoa) 35.9pts, 1; Amy Bell (Weber) 36pts, 2; Gabrielle Stoney (Dannevirke) 44.2pts, 3.

Novice final: Staci Hikawai (Dannevirke) 21.03pts, 1; Jade Hikawai (Dannevirke) 38.8pts, 2; Jevana Manson (Piopio) 47.8pts, 3.

RESULTS from the Noerth Kaipara A and P Shw Shears at Paparoa on Saturday, February 6, 2021:

Open final: Phil Wedd (Silverdale) 1; Neville Osborne (Dargaville) 2; Whetu Henderson (Kaiwaka) 3; Alan Bramley (Kaeo) 4.

Senior final: Kieren Gillespie 1; Alan Boler (Wellsford) 2; Lee Cheyne (Waiterimu) 3.

Intermediate final: Kelvin Welch (Snells Beach) 1; Rex Finlayson (Kai Iwi Lakes) 2.

Junior final: Gus Berger (Ahuroa) 1; Archer Walton (Tangiteroria) 2; Paul Finlayson (Kai Iwi Lakes) 3.

Novice: Tessa Berger (Ahuroa) 1; Niamh Walton (Tangiteroria) 2.

RESULTS from the Waitangi Day Aria Shearing Sports at Aria on Saturday, February 6, 2021:


Open final (20 sheep): Leon Samuels (Invercargill) 16min 50sec, 57.4pts, 1; Angus Moore (Seddon) 16min 20sec, 57.45pts, 2; Mark Grainger (Te Kuiti) 16min 54sec, 57.6sec, 3; Toa Henderson (Kaiwaka) 16min 29sec, 61.7pts, 4.

Senior final (10 sheep): Chris Dickson (Masterton) 9min 48sec, 34.9pts, 1; Kyle Mita (Masterton) 9min 55sec, 36.55pts, 2; Ruka Braddick (Eketahuna) 10min 16sec, 38.5pts, 3; Jayden Mainland (Wellsford) 10min 2sec, 39.4pts, 4.

Intermediate final (4 sheep): Adam Gordon (Masterton) 8min 8sec, 31.4pts, 1; Clay Harris (Piopio) 7min 59sec, 35.95pts, 2; Topia Barrowcliffe (Piopio) 7min 38sec, 37.15pts, 3; Tes Paewai (Wales) 8min 26sec, 40.8pts, 4.

Junior final (4 sheep): Hamu Henderson (Kaiwaka) 7min 23sec, 24.9pts, 1; Keahrey Manson (Piopio) 6min 44sec, 25.45pts, 2; Josh Devane (Taihape) 8min 14sec, 30.7pts, 3; Ryka Swann (Wairoa) 8min 2sec, 36.35pts, 4.

Novice final (2 sheep): Sean Fagan (Te Kuiti) 8min 29sec, 37.45pts, 1; Te Anna Phillips (Taumarunui)10min 6sec, 39.8pts, 2; Lily Alabaster (Taihape) 8min 43sec, 40.65pts,, 3; Mike Rata (Taumarunui) 8min 8sec, 43.4pts, 4.


Open final: Keryn Herbert (Te Kuiti) 53.83pts, 1; Joel Henare (Gisborne) 66.49pts, 2; Angela Stevens (Napier) 100.386pts, 3.

Senior final: Vinniye Phillips (Taumarunui) 87.768pts, 1; Crystal Braddick (Eketahuna) 91.44pts, 2; Azuredee Paku (Masterton) 93.086pts, 3.

Junior final: Topia Barrowcliffe (Piopio) 68.37pts, 1; Rahera Kerr (Hautupu)) 74.19pts, 2; Te Whetu Brown (Wairoa) 76.59pts, 3.

Novice final: Sheena Maru (Marokopa/Piopio) 67.394pts, 1; Rongomai Hepi (Turangi) 71.19pts, 2; Kyle Mita (Masterton) 91.53pts, 3.

RESULTS from the Reefton Shears at the Inangahua A and P Show, Reefton, on Saturday, February 6, 2021:

Open final (20 sheep): Floyd Haare (Ohai) 17min 0.94sec, 64.45pts, 1; Paul Hodges (Geraldine) 17min 11.66sec, 66.53pts, 2; Lyall Windleburn (Rangiora) 16min 51.84sec, 69.74pts, 3; Jotham Rentoul (Wakefield) 20min 14.81sec, 72.64pts, 4.

Open Plate (10 sheep): Nick Nalder (Takaka) 9min 53.63sec, 41.58pts, 1; Dave Brooker (Rangiora) 10min 47.84sec, 41.79pts, 2; Duncan Higgins (Blenheim) 11min 20.38sec, 41.82pts, 3; Chris Jones (Blenheim) 10min 31.44sec, 42.67pts, 4.

Senior final (8 sheep): Taare Edwards (Ashburton) 10min 11.82sec, 39.47pts, 1; Allan Oldfield (Geraldine) 10min 31.94sec, 40.47pts, 2; Hamish Barker (Tapawera) 10min 53.72sec, 50.56pts, 3; Scott McKay (Clarence) 10min 51.5sec, 50.7pts, 4.

Intermediate final (4 sheep): Alice Watson (Blenheim) 7min 16.72sec, 28.34pts, 1; Chase Rattray (Ashburton) 6min 3.25sec, 29.66pts, 2; Ben Forrester (Rangiora) 6min 7.75sec, 33.29pts, 3; Aaron Win (Reefton) 7min 36.56sec, 39.83pts, 4.

Junior final (2 sheep): Timo Hicks (Tapawera) 5min 49.97sec, 28.5pts, 1; Reuben King (Rangiora) 6min 1.4sec, 29.07pts, 2; Rob Clark (Greymouth) 5min 47.37sec, 41.37pts, 3; Jess Tou (Ashburton) 5min 51.31sec, 59.07pts, 4.

Blades final (5 sheep): Allan Oldfield (Geraldine) 13min 23.59sec, 49.78pts, 1; Scott McKay (Clarence) 13min 5sec, 57.65pts, 2; Phil Oldfield (Geraldine) 17min 10.06sec, 59.7pts, 3; Allen Gemmell (Loburn) 16min 29.59sec, 65.48pts, 4.

Classic (6 sheep): Chris Jones (Blenheim) 7min 14.47sec, 32.22pts, 1; Dave Brooker (Rangiora) 6min 27.85sec, 33.56pts, 2; Sam Win (Reefton) 6min 26.69sec, 35.33pts, 3; Frank Bint (Tapawera) 7min 34.31sec, 37.38pts, 4.

Clean shear (2 sheep): Lyall Windleburn (Rangiora) 5.5pts, 1; Chase Rattray (Ashburton) 6pts, 2; Taare Edwards (Ashburton) 7.5pts, 3; Jotham Rentoul (Wakefield) 8pts, 4.

RESULTS from the Rangitikei Shearing Sports North Island Shearing and Woolhandling Championships at Marton on Sunday, February 7, 2021:


Open final (20 sheep): Rowland Smith (Maraekakaho) 17min 9.46sec, 59.173pts, 1; Nathan Stratford (Invercargill) 17min 35.11sec, 60.306pts, 2; Leon Samuels (Invercargill) 17minn 25.45sec, 60.973pts, 3; Gavin Mutch (Scotland/Dannevirke) 16min 57.54sec, 61.177pts, 4; Toa Henderson (Kaiwaka) 17min 22.21sec, 63.211pts, 5; Angus Moore (Seddon) 16min 57.22sec, 63.211pts, 6.

Senior final (12 sheep)): Kyle Mita (Masterton) 13min 4.83sec, 49.158pts, 1; Reuben Alabaster (Taihape) 12min 23.25sec, 50.246pts, 2; Chris Dickson (Masterton) 12min 21.05sec, 50.719pts, 3; Jayden Mainland (Wellsford) 13min 34.27sec, 53.131pts, 4; Tama Nahona (Whanganui) 14min 3.32sec, 53.999pts, 5; Ruka Braddick (Eketahuna) 14min 8.26sec, 54.080pts, 6.

Intermediate final (5 sheep): Ellis Rees (Rhayader, Wales) 6min 52.71sec, 29.236pts, 1; Joseph Gordon (Masterton) 6min 21.51sec, 29.676pts, 2; Adam Gordon (Masterton) 6min 13.54sec, 30.077pts, 3; Clay Harris (Piopio) 6min 39.25sec, 32.763pts, 4;Topi Barrowcliffe (Piopio) 6min 22.77sec, 34.539pts, 5; James O’Reilly (Donegal, Ireland) 6min 58.09sec, 39.505pts, 6.

Junior final (4 sheep): Michael Buick (Pongaroa) 8min 23.83sec, 34.442pts, 1; James Noble Campbell (Pukekawa) 8min 38.44sec, 36.922pts, 2; Josh Devane (Taihape) 9min 5.46sec, 37.273pts, 3; Hamu Henderson (Kaiwaka) 8min 56.89sec, 38.095pts, 4; Finn McKenzie (Wairoa) 9min 25.95sec, 40.798pts, 5; Maureen Chaffey (Hastings) 10min 5.11sec, 50.506pts, 6.

Novice (1 sheep): Summer Prichard (Pongaroa) 3min 38.32sec, 23.916pts, 1; Sam Mathewson (Martinborough) 5min 54.92sec, 24.746pts, 2; Charlie Heard (Masterton) 4min 39.62sec, 29.981pts, 3; William Billing (Masterton) 5min 23.73sec, 30.187pts, 4; Lily Alabaster (Taihape) 4min 40.99sec, 34.05pts, 5; Te Anna Phillips (Taumarunui) 5min 26.53sec, 34.327pts, 6.


Open final: Samantha Gordon (Masterton) 1; Keryn Herbert (Te Kuiti) 2; Brittany Tibble (Gisborne) 3; Angela Stevens (Napier) 4; Logan Kamura (Marton) 5; Chelsea Collier (Hamilton/Gore) 6.

Azuredee Paku (Masterton) 1; Te Anna Phillips (Taumarunui) 2; Chrystal Braddick (Eketahuna) 3; Jimmy Samuels (Marton) 4; Emily Te Kapa (Scotland) 5; Vinniye Phillips (Taumarunui) 6.

Junior final: Rahera Kerr (Hautupu) 1; Alisha Te Huia (Marton) 2; Amy Bell (Weber) 3; Te Whetu Brown (Wairoa) 4.

Novice: Grace Croasdale (Masterton) 1; Atira Barrowcliffe (Piopio) 2; Eleri Bradley (Woodville) 3; Rongomai Hepi (Turangi) 4; Kiha Ruki (Te Kuiti) 5; Sheena Maru (Marokopa/Piopio) 6.

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