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Anti Capitalist Protestors "Starbuck" McDonalds In Davos, Switzerland protesting at the World Economic Forum
For why see..see..


Davos A Prelude To Russian Visit For Albright

– The Davos World Economic Forum meeting in Switzerland has seized the headlines today with the announcement of the Indonesian President on the likely future of his armed forces chief General Wiranto. Yesterday some anti-capitalist protestors trashed McDonalds. On the basis of the volume of material coming over Scoop’s desk today, the Davos political and business leaders meeting is being used by the US as the launch pad for major push a global campaign on the benefits of democracy and trade. The conference has been attended by President Clinton, Secretary Albright and Treasury Secretary Larry Summers – the highest powered delegation ever - they have been speaking in unison and optimistically – much of what they have been saying is relevant to the next stop on Albright’s itinerary – Russia where she has now arrived.
Full Coverage - Albright, Summers Briefing on Global Economy - Treasury Secretary Summers on US Global Engagement [1] - Summers, Sperling Briefing on Clinton Trade Agenda [2] - Albright Address to the World Economic Forum Davos [3] - James Rubin Press Briefing On Russian Visit [4] - Albright Briefing Aboard Plane en route to Moscow [5] - Albright on Strengthening Democratic Societies [6] - Clinton Remarks to World Economic Forum [7]

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[2] -
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[7] -

Scoop Editorial- Giving General Wiranto His Due

- Today we have news that Indonesian Armed Forces Chief and Cabinet Minister General Wiranto has been asked to resign by the new democratically elected Indonesian President Abdurrachman Wahid. See... Scoop Editorial: Setting A Good Example [1] in the Headlines wire.

[1] -

Opinion: Biased Timor Coverage

- How well did the Australian media cover the East Timor debacle in recent months? An Australian journalist based in Perth writes for the Jakarta Post. See... Media Biased On East Timor Coverage [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

GE Protocol Not As Straightforward As It Seems

- Saturday's landmark Montreal Biosafety Protocol which regulates trade in genetically modified organisms establishes a framework for countries to use when making decisions about genetically modified crops. But there are a couple of fish-hooks in it. John Howard Reports ... See... Montreal GM Protocol - The Devil Is In The Detail [1] in the Headlines wire. See also...US Statement Upon Adoption of Biosafety Protocol [2] in the Business wire.

[1] -
[2] -

AmericaOne 2 Prada 3

- AmericaOne has won race five of the Louie Vuitton Cup convincingly by a margin of fifty-four seconds. The heat was on the American's today after Prada stole a second victory off the team on Sunday.


TVNZ Staggers Towards Digital

- TVNZ says it will continue to investigate digital broadcasting technology regardless of the government's lack of support. The Prime Minister has called for a major review into Television New Zealand, and says she won’t approve the network's $217 million dollar plan to move to digital technology, as the money could be better spent elsewhere. See... Government to develop new charter for TVNZ [1] in the Parliament wire. In response TVNZ head Roseanne Meo says the move to digital is inevitable and necessary. See... Reponse To Government Digital Television Decision [2] in the wire.

[1] -
[2] -

INCIS Inquiry

- The INCIS Commission of Inquiry set up by the previous National Government has been replaced by a Ministerial Inquiry, after concerns the former would have cost over $7 million. See... Incis Commision Of Inquiry - Minister [1] and... INCIS Inquiry Must Get Answers - Nats [2] both in the Parliament wire.

[1] -
[2] -

No Timberlands Investigation

- The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment announced today that he will not be investigating the Government's recent decision to end the commercial harvesting of beech-trees on the West Coast. See... Commission Won't Investigate Timberlands Decision [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

Racing Changes

- Changes are ahead for the successful horse racing industry with Prime Minister suggesting a Racing Board - TAB merger, and indicating that horse breeders may pay less gaming tax. See... New Direction For Racing Industry - PM [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Environmental Powers

- The government announced new powers to be given to local authorities today to allow them to clamp down on businesses who ignore the Resource Management Act. ACT local government spokesman Owen Jennings says the new powers are worrying. See... New RMA Powers Will Lead To Discontent - ACT [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

ACC Slowdown Please

- ACC Minister Michael Cullen has dismissed a report which said ACC deregulation was necessary, as flawed and biased. Meanwhile, a group of manufacturers is asking the Government to take more time to study the changes proposed for ACC. See... Go Slower on ACC Reform - Manufacturers [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

Electricity Reforms Reform Needed

- An analysis of electricity distribution companies released today shows both the failure of the previous Government's electricity reforms and the need for an inquiry into the electricity sector, says the Minister of Energy. See... A Useful Analysis Of Electricity Line Companies [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

More Reading Teaching

- A group of literacy experts have called for structured early reading teaching. ACT Education spokesperson Donna Awatere Huata says she supports the call. See... More Skills For Teachers Needed - Awatere Huata [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Nguroa Wetland Drained

- Royal Forest and Bird has strongly criticised the Tasman District Council for ignoring the Resource Management Act and allowing the drainage of an important remnant wetland. See... Council’s Agreement To Wetland Drainage Slated [1] in the Politics wire.

[1] -

The West Coast Won’t Be Axed

- The Government is hoping to have a regional development strategy for the West Coast ready to go by April, says the Deputy Prime Minister Jim Anderton See... Partnership Approach to West Coast Development [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

I Didn’t Say That

- Maori Affairs Minister Dover Samuels said today that he had not advised the Governor-General not to visit Waitangi this weekend. Confusion reigned yesterday when the Prime Minister said her advisors had told her it was safe for the Governer-General to attend Waitangi, and that Mr Samuels' comments were his personal views. See... Dover Samuels supports GG's visit to Waitangi [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

Whaling Differences

- Foreign Minister Phil Goff said today that New Zealand and Japan would continue to have different view-points on the issue of whaling. See... New Zealand And Japan On Whaling [1] in the Parliament wire.

[1] -

MPs On Timor Visit

- Green MP Keith Locke left this morning with seven other MPs on a delegation to East Timor led by the Minister of Defence, Mark Burton. See... Green MP Flies To East Timor [1] . Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Phil Goff today welcomed the report of Komnas Ham, the Human Rights Commission in Indonesia into human rights abuses in the country. See... Goff Comments On East Timor Reports [2] both in the Parliament wire.

[1] -
[2] -

Road Toll Lowest Ever

- Last month's road toll equaled the lowest figure recorded for any month since records began in 1965, the Land Transport Safety Authority says. See... January equals lowest ever monthly road toll [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

Radio Fakfak

- An Indonesian radio station has been off the air since a mob of local youths took control, smashing equipment and attacking staff.. Radio Republic Indonesia Jayapura correspondent Gregorius Rumbino has filed a full report. See... Indonesian Radio Station Off Air After Mob Attack [1] in the General wire.

[1] -

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