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Oz-File: Richard Wilkins - his further exploits

Simon Orme writes from Sydney

From the Kiwis made Good in Oz File
Richard Wilkins - his further exploits

TV presenter and serial babe dater, Richard Wilkins, is recovering well after his Melbourne Grand Prix car-race defeat by rival celebrity, Strictly Ballroom's Paul Mercurio.

First, he is not facing any government-imposed drop in salary. His employer - the Packer family - continues to turn everything they touch into gold.

This week Richard was at the Academy Awards chatting with the two Oz Oscar winners (for sound and SPFX on the Matrix, which was shot entirely in Sydney).

He also chatted with Oz Oscar nominee Toni Collette of Sixth Sense and Muriel's Wedding fame.

Richard said "gidday" to Russell Crowe. Richard - uniquely over here - always describes Crowe as "Kiwi-born".

Despite probable extensive partying, Richard was looking pretty fresh on morning TV chatting to KD Lang about her new album.

But most importantly for us would-be Richard emulators, the identity and virtues of his hot new babe has now been revealed.

She's former Price is Right model and Bugs Bunny Show host, Ann-Maree Cooksley. Ann-Maree is currently doing a pilot for a new Perfect Match-style dating show.

Interviewed in the pre-eminent local PoMo journal*, Ann-Maree describes Richard as "a very special man, with a beautiful heart".

(Coincidentally, the journal is owned by Richard's employers - the Packers.)

Needless to say, Ann-Maree has all the pre-requisites for babe status - voluptuousness to spare, long healthy hair, great teeth and glowing smile.

As you need to be in her business, she is fashion-conscious - no curls on that girl.
You don't see any curls in Sydney's Paddo to Bondi strip, leaving aside drag queens, and no doubt the same is true of Toorak in Melbourne.

The photos with the interview appropriately demonstrate how great she looks in leather pants, white jeans and tank top, pink tank top, and pink silk dress.

Richard and Ann-Maree are a fairly new item. They were introduced only five months ago and they've only been "seeing each other" for the last three months or so.

Ann-Maree is Melbourne based, while Richard - for the obvious reasons - is a Sydney man.

Apparently, Ann-Maree has been spending very little time at home in her Balinese style Edwardian Terrace and has been clocking up the air miles coming up to Sydney.

*Ann-Maree also revealed that in-between the Melbourne celebrity car race and the Oscars, she and Richard went for a romantic holiday in Queensland.

Richard has experience in a Melbourne-Sydney, interstate romance. His former girlfriend, Tottie Goldsmith, the voluptuous presenter of "Sex", was also Melbourne based. In the end, however distance was reported to be the key reason that relationship eventually faltered.

Another factor was Goldsmith had children from a previous relationship, which meant she couldn't move to Sydney.

There was no mention of Ann-Maree having any children.

Not only does going out with Richard get you into all the best parties, it gets you some free, highly career enhancing publicity.

From the Manawatu to Hollywood and Ann-Maree.

Good on yer Richard!

- (c) Copyright: Simon Orme 2000 Feedback to:

*This is NW (New Weekly), which is also on sale in NZ - the Buffy the boyfriend stealer one.

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