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Media Flash - May 7, 2001

Media Flash and Australian Media Job Directory

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Last Updated: Monday, May 7, 2001

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How News Is Made In Australia

* PROFESSOR DAVID FLINT'S paper, How News Is Made In Australia, provides a new springboard for discussion about news ethics and gathering techniques in the Australian media. PROF. FLINT delivered his address at the ABA Conference held at the Hyatt Hotel in Canberra on Thursday. He started with The Times assertin: 'The first duty of the press is to obtain the earliest and most correct intelligence of the events of the time, and instantly, by disclosing them, to make them the common property of the nation.'

* PROF. FLINT pointed to The Australian, The Australian Financial Review and the ABC's AM as important national influences of the news gathering of journalists. 'Then there are two new developments. Sydney's Daily Telegraph - already influential in Sydney - seems to have come up as another national agenda setter. Then there is commercial radio talkback. Both have been long derided by many journalists in the 'quality' media.'

* SOUTHERN CROSS BROADCASTERS are now operators of the important talback stations. PROF. FLINT identified 2UE and 3AW as having 'the Prime Minister, Premiers, Leaders of Oppositions, to say nothing of other ministers and the opposition front bench, virtually on call.' He identified presenters ALAN JONES, JOHN LAWS and NEIL MITCHELL as leaders of radio talkback.

* NATIONAL NINE NEWS 'was the most used source for TV news and the most used source for news and current affairs overall'. Preferred journalists are KERRY O'BRIEN, MIKE MUNRO, JENNIFER BYRNE, ALAN JONES and BRIAN HENDERSON.' Most credible shows are ABC TV News, A Current Affair, The 7.30 Report, National Nine News and SBS TV News.

Halt Ownership Regulation: Flint

* PROFESSOR FLINT, ABA Chairman, put forward this advocacy in Thursday's lecture: 'What is the point then of laws regulating ownership, domestic or foreign, if that its to limit influence when the greatest influence, on a daily basis, comes from much more from the corps of journalists than ever from the media owner - even if a dominant media proprietor can be identified? This leads to the conclusion that those aspects of the Broadcasting Services Act regulating ownership should be reviewed. Obviously this cannot be done dispassionately in an election year, but it would seem highly appropriate in the next Parliament ... if media owners, where they exist, do not have and cannot have the power they may have once enjoyed, the better course might be to leave media ownership to the anti-trust laws.'

End Of The Print Run?

* RICHARD WALSH, former MD of Australian Consolidated Press and Angus and Robertson Publishers, says 'profitable newspapers today are often just a collection of magazines gummed together with an outer coating of reportage'. WALSH, a former Nation Review Publisher, points at The Sydney Morning Herald's magazine sections which include Domain, Icon, News Review and The Good Weekend.

* DICK BRASS, VP of Microsoft's Electronic Books division, is quoted to say that the final print edition of The New York Times will be in 2018. WALSH, in Friday's Australian Financial Review, says this prediction is an 'advanced stage of cyber-hubris', but nonetheless a clear pointer that newspapers then will look nothing like they do today.

* WALSH punches ad men of the dailies: 'Somehow the press boys still manage to con their advertisers into believing their magazine content enjoys the same readership as their news pages, but sooner or later their remaining display advertisers will wake up.' WALSH predicts that media companies will move from being manufacturers, and 'JOHN FAIRFAX, for example, might be the exclusive managing agent, in all media, for maybe more than 200 working journalists - high-profile bylines like MICHELLE GRATTAN, TREVOR SYKES, DEIDRE MACKEN, PETER FitzSIMMONS, and so on.'

Dingo Killing: 'This Is A Real Issue'

* CAMPBELL REID, Editor of The Australian, is defending his broadsheet's use of a graphic photo showing a dingo being shot in the head at close range. 'This is a real issue and one all Australian have a stake in,' REID told readers on Friday, in a week which saw the death - by dingo mauling - of nine-year-old CLINTON GAGE, on Fraser Island (Qld).

* REID said: 'The tragedy raised an immediate and heart-wrenching question - what to do with the dingoes on Fraser Island. The decision was made to shoot animals that strayed too close to people on the Island and The Australian's front-page photograph showed the result of that decision, the first dingo about to be shot. The decision to publish was not taken lightly, and The Australian understood some people would object to it. However, the issue of whether or not the dingoes on Fraser Island should be shot is crystallised by the photograph and poses the question: do we approve of the killing of the dogs or not?'

* KRISTINE GOUGH reported that ABC Sydney broadcaster ANGELA CATTERNS warned parents not to let their children see the 'disturbing' photo. PHILIP CLARK, 2GB breakfast presenter, said the photo 'upset a lot of people for no good purpose'. JOHN MILLER, 4BC, said it was disturbing and insensitive.

* BRUCE GUTHRIE, Who Weekly Editor, meanwhile, headlined his 96-page glossy with MICHAEL CHAMBERLAIN'S report: 'I Told You So'.

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Tassie Lawyers Hit Back ... With Ad

* REX GARDNER'S Hobart Mercury newspaper carried a full-page advertisement on Saturday from The Law Society of Tasmania, which says it 'is greatly concerned at the continuing campaign of criticism against the legal profession, much of it ill-informed, inaccurate and unjustified'. The Society said recent media reports had suggested widespread mismanagement and wrongdoing on the part of the profession 'when the truth is that legitimate criticism can be directed only at a very few members of the profession'. President PHILIP JACKSON said: 'Regrettably The Society has found it necessary to buy this space to tell the truth in relation to a number of matters.'

* JACKSON criticises an Editorial in The Mercury, and also takes shots at polticians RAY GROOM, DUNCAN KERR, ERIC ABETZ and DOUG PARKINSON.'

Can't Please All The People ...

* PETER NUGENT'S service as a Parliamentarian was lauded, following his recent untimely death. Many media people paid tributes to his honour. BERNARD FREEMAN of The Australian Jewish News differed: 'Prime Minister JOHN HOWARD and Foreign Affairs Minister ALEXANDER DOWNER both referred to his interest in foreign affairs. Neither mentioned his pro-Palestinian, anti-Israel views ... MR NUGENT questioned Israel's policy on settlements and portrayed the Palestinians as downtrodden victims ... When MR NUGENT visited Israel in 1998 with a group of Parliamentarians invited by Palestinian head ALI KAZAK, he visited Palestinian refuge camps. The people he said were 'downtrodden, effectively poor, with minimal representation and little prospect of improving their lot.'

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Wilson Everard in bed with Partex!

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Queensland Group Expands

* CHRIS WREN, Brisbane-based printer, continues to expand with his stable of impressive A4 monthly newspapers around the Queensland capital. Latest addition is the Suburban Star, a 16-page full-colour, in the south-west: Inala, Durack, Richlands, Doolandella and Darra. WREN has teamed with Challenge Employment and Training, with magazine content being provided by participants in the Federal Government's Work for the Dole scheme. 'Much of what the broader Brisbane community reads about the local area is negative - we who live and work here know that this is a tiny fraction of the reality, and in no way reflects the full picture.'

* WREN'S stable includes The Lake News, started nearly eight years ago in the Forest Lake area. His group circulation is nearly 40,000 every month. Other publications include The Local News (Chelmer, Graceville, Tennyson, Sherwood, Corinda, Oxley and Seventeen Mile Rocks), Centenary Suburban News (Centenary and Sinnamon Park), and The Springfield Times.

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PMP Donates Press For East Timor

* BOB MUSCAT'S PMP Print is donating a Hantscho Mark II press, extensively overhauled by Queensland Newspapers' engineers at Bowen Hills, for the East Timor Community Printing Centre at Dili. The quality printing centre will be based at Dili, and the press is expected to arrive mid-June.

Something In The Air

* MICHAEL BYRNES has stood down as Chairman of 2GLF, Liverpool (NSW) community radio station, reports ILIANA RUSCIO of the Liverpool City Champion. 'Members' growing dissatisfaction with the board of directors came to a head at a general meeting ... the members elected an interim board and appointed IAN BECKER as chairman.'

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"The First Century"

Doug Aiton and Terry Lane are well-known Australian broadcasters and writers. They have collaborated on a reference book that provides all the information the average Australian needs to know about Federal politics since Federation in 1901. It is called "The First Century" and tells the Federal story by way of an account of each of our 39 elections and profiles of all of our 25 Prime Ministers. All the issues, dates, results, drama, charts, personalities are there. Such a reference book has never been written about Australian politics. It is a concise and invaluable reference for students, business people, teachers, the media, politicians, families. Available at most book stores for $43 including GST. Or call the publisher, Information Australia, direct on (03) 9654 2800.

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70 Years For Redland Times

* BRIAN HURST, Managing Editor of The Redland Times (Qld), have published a 70 Year anniversary feature for the Rural Press weekly. Chief-of-staff JENNY CONROY and reporter ROSEANNE SCHEFFE record that the paper's exact origins are unclear, but the title was certainly being published in 1931. The paper stopped in 1942 because of war-time publishing restrictions, with the modern edition resumed in 1969 by Cleveland printer RAY COLLINS, draftsman DON ROBINSON and Wynnum Herald foreman CYRIL COOPER. 'The previous local paper, The Redland News had lost its local connections. It was produced in Brisbane and was seen as a supplement to The Southern Star.'

* JOHN and BERYCE FOWLER, then JOHN and VAL WHITLOCK, took over in 1973; the FOWLERS' interest was taken by accountant FRANK HALY, who sold the title to Rural Press in 1987. The group, which also runs The Bayside Bulletin, celebrates its 90th anniversary this year.

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Asia-Pacific Wire

* ALAN BROWN, Manawatu Internet Services owner, and defendant in New Zealand's first online defamation case to go to trial, said that the use of coarse language is standard procedure in Internet discussion groups. MICHAEL FOREMAN of The New Zealand Herald says BROWN is being sued by the former CEO of Internet registry Domainz, PATRICK O'BRIEN. O'BRIEN seeks general damages of $85,000, and punitive damages of $55,000 for BROWN'S postings, which called for the CEO to be fired. On February 14 this year, O'BRIEN invited BROWN to publish a correction and apology, promising - if he agreed - that the matter would proceed no further. Instead, BROWN posted another reference to the need for O'BRIEN to be sacked. JUDGE GREGORY ROSS has reserved his decision, with O'BRIEN'S lawyer saying: 'Mr submission to you, Sir, is that there is no precedent that suggests the Internet is any different to any other medium.'

Overseas Desk

* NOHAR ALI, 32, reporter on the Bengali-language Daily Anirban newspaper, was found dead last week, after being kidnapped and tortured next his village. The South China Morning Post says: 'In Bangladesh, journalists often become targets of political parties and criminal gangs involved in cross-border smuggling with neighbouring India.'

* JASON BROWN, Cook Islands News reporter, has had a Parliamentary ban lifted against him following a front-page apology in his newspaper to Deputy Prime Minister NORMAN GEORGE, who had been accused of not being interested in autoposies where there was a suspicious or unexplained death. The paper said the first papagraph in its story was incorrect, but stood by the rest of the report.

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Sydney Siders

* CLYDE PACKER will be remembered at a Memorial Service to be held at St James Cathedral on Tuesday, May 15 at 11am. Speakers include his son FRANCIS PACKER and friend HARRY M. MILLER.

* STEVE STICKNEY'S Manly Daily celebrates its 95th birthday on July 28. He is inviting all 95-year-olds from the northern beaches to a celebration morning tea being organised by staffer PENNY HURST. Once the party is over, and the paper put to bed, we reckon the talented STIX and STAFF might toast the birthday with something a bit stronger!

* GRAHAM FITZPATRICK, Manager of the Camden Wollondilly Advertiser (Fairfax Community Newspapers), with Editor ERIC KONTOS, is organising a readers' bingo competition to celebrate the paper's second anniversary this month. Readers call in the newspaper office to pick up a bingo card, and can win $1000.

* IAN CROWTHER'S St Marys Star (Fairfax) now has a Mount Druitt edition.

* WINSOR DOBBIN, formerly a feature writer with the Sydney Daily Telegraph and Australia/New Zealand sports editor for the Associated Press, is returning to Australia after a stint working in Europe. Dobbin, who also wrote wine columns for the Telegraph, Courier-Mail and Brisbane News and contributes travel articles to various publications, will be looking for "a challenging position" anywhere in Australia. He has spent the last four years working as a correspondent for Agence France Presse and Reuters in Paris. He will return to Oz in July and is contactable on

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Melbourne Memo

* ROBERT HICKS, veteran radio man, was flicked from his 3AK breakfast spot on Wednesday, just three days into the new partnership 3AW-escapee KATHY BEDFORD. JOHN JOST told the Herald Sun that a 'mystery' partner for BEDFORD starts Monday. The future is unclear for HICKS' long-running Grape Expectations wine appreciation program on Sundays.

* DAVID ARMSTRONG and CAMPBELL REID, Editor-in-Chief and Editor of The Australian, are using their names in the headline of an advertisement to invite readers to 'the first public forum to dicuss the 'Electon budget' with Treasurer PETER COSTELLO. The lunch - on Friday, May 25, is being held in Melbourne at the Savoy Ballroom of the Grand Hyatt.

Queensland Quips

* DAVID FLINT'S Australian Broadcasting Authority has announced the applicants for radio station licences in Brisbane and the Gold Coast:

* BRISBANE: Brisbane Interactive Radio Group - Switch FM, youth, contact: LISA RIDGLEY. Family Radio Ltd, Christian, HAYDEN SARGENT. Silver Memories Community Radio Association, mature aged, MARK BAZELEY. Greater Brisbane Radio Broadcasters - Pulse FM, youth, SEAN KEPPIE. 2 Groove (Qld) Association - Groove FM, 25-45 year olds, FABRIZIO VILARDO. Radio Queensland.

* GOLD COAST: Radio Hope Island, aged, WILLIAM SHIRLEY. Hott FM Ltd, youth, JUSTIN SMART. Christian Air Broadcasters Ltd - Life FM, Christian, THOMAS SEYMOUR. Heartland Opry Group Inc, Country/Adult Contemporary, MARK CHAPMAN SMITH. Vision Australia Foundation, print handicapped, STEPHEN JOLLEY. Gold Coast Community Broadcasters - Station X, general, PETER TATE. Portace Pty Ltd, general, BYRON BARKER.

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West Wire

* JOHN ARTHUR'S appointment as Director of Government Media Office, sees his Voice News local newspaper now under the ownership of The Fremantle Herald. CATIE LOW of WA Business News says ANDREW SMITH of The Herald is intent on keeping the Voice News brand alive: 'I don't want to make the mistake of removing the local flavour.' SMITH started The Herald in 1989, after The Fremantle Gazette became part of Community Newspapers. The Herald is printed in four editions: two in Fremantle, as well as The Melville Herald and The Cockburn Herald.

* KEL ROBARDS, Network 10 Perth GM, is looking to lease parts of its 4.5-hectare Dianella site, which also houses WIN Television and Barron Films. CHARMAINE RYAN, of WA Business News, says Channel 10 considered a move to the Perth Convention Centre, but decided to stay at the present location.

Press Gang

* IAN COVER, Victorian Parliamentarian; Sydney radio gal WENDY HARMER; and ABC-TV chief GAIL JARVIS are all listed as alumni of the Gordon Institute of TAFE's Vocational Writing Course, says GUY DAVIS of The Geelong Advertiser, marking the retirement of lecturer GORDON LONG.

* STUART HOWIE, Ballarat Courier Editor, has introduced a 1-900 number for readers who wish to lodge a classified ad for items under $150. Readers can place up to five ads each pone call. The Tricom (a Southern Cross Broadcasting company) call costs $1.98 per minute.

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Air Waves

* DEANE HUTTON and ROB MORRISON produced about 700 episodes of the Curiosity Show from the NWS-9 studios. The doctors are returning for one final episode - Sexy Skivvy Science - as a stage show in Canberra this week. The retrospective includes behind-the-scenes tales, bloopers and take-offs, reports MARK STEENE of The Advertiser.

* ARN is moving MIX106.5, 9inety6ix.1 and 2WS to new premises in Byfield Road, North Ryde, according to the forum.

* 3UG-FM has won approval to extend its coverage to Yea and Marysville (Vic.).

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Your ABC

* MARGARET SLEATH, ABC New Media, Sydney, seeks an Arts Producer for a full-term position for eight months.

* JONATHAN SHIER, ABC MD, says commercial TV networks should not be able to use clones of overseas series - such as Big Brother - to boost their Australian content quotas.

* DR KARL KRUSZELNICKI and ADAM SPENCER of Triple J are this week continuing their 'Seven Cities In Seven Days' National Science Tour.

* RON WEBB, ABC Adelaide, seeks to appoint a Financial Operations Officer, offering up to $35,000. The position includes 'managing foreign currency payments' DSV048368.

* TONI ROBERTSON is fielding queries about the WA-based Finance Co-Ordinator's position, paying $57,000. Reference: WWV117195.

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Big Names Dept.

* KERRY PACKER'S re-admission to Sydney's RPA Hospital, sees a sombre prediction from MARK WESTFIELD of The Australian: 'Associates say he has contracted pneumonia and they are not hopeful for his chances.' We hope WESTFIELD'S contacts are wrong.

* SUZANNE MONKS is taking over from AILEEN BERRY as Chief Executive Officer of News Magazines.

* JOHN PAHOS has left as National Ad Director of The Australian, and becomes Assistant GM at Melbourne's Leader Community Newspapers, to understudy SYLVIA BRADSHAW.

So This Is Showbiz ...

* JOHN DEEKS was MC for the 2001 Business Achievement Awards sponsored by The Shepparton News and Prime TV.

* MARTIN FIELD writes: 'The new MEAA online register of freelance journalists looking for a gig. At: _sch.html

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Movers And Shakers

* RICHARD CLINGAN, Editor of the Australian Racing Pigeon Journal, hit national prominence on Saturday with BRIAN WOODLEY'S Weekend Australian report about fears of a doping scandal in the sport.

* MEGAN MILLER, Seven Network (NSW) reporter, reveals that NSW Education Minister JOHN AQUILINA'S office gave a briefing that he was about to break the story of a massacre plot in a Sydney high school, according to a report by LUKE McILVEEN in The Weekend Australian.

* KATHY LIPARI of The Daily Telegraph nailed AQUILINA who told Parliament on April 12: 'At no time in my statement to this House, or anywhere else , have I made reference to a gun.' LIPARI published a front-page transcript of AQUILINA speaking with 2UE's MIKE CARLTON: 'Yes ... I want to stress that he could have had access to a gun.' Sooner or later, bye bye MR AQUILINA.

* GRAHAME ARMSTRONG, Sunday Times Chief-of-Staff, is joining the WA Government as a spin doctor, reports MARK IRVING in The West Australian.

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The Local Report

* MIKE MORRIS, described in The Dandenong Examiner (Vic.) as its 'will-o-the-wisp editor', has clocked up nine years at the paper, records columnist 'THE SNOUT'. 'In that time we reckon he's kept more bastards honest that any budding STOTT DESPOJA could ever dream of,' said the paper, part of FELIX GANDER'S Independent News group.

* ROBIN HOWELLS, Media Flash subscriber, recalls MORRIS fondly from days at the West Melbourne-based Nation Review and Living Daylights. That would be early 1970's!

Glass House

* PAM LOHSE, Director of Classified Advertising for The Sydney Morning Herald, says the paper was inundated with complaints about an ad for Sydney inner-city apartments with the headline 'Home Alone'. NATASHA BITA of The Australian reported that the Cramer Property Agents ad featured a young woman reclining in a chair with her hand reaching beneath her skirt.

Editor's Mailbag

* MICK ABRAM,, writes: 'Has anybody ever bothered to check the accuracy of the STEPHEN MAYNE claim that he was once Press Secretary to JEFF KENNETT?

* 'I believe that this was not the case at all and that he was in fact Press Secretary to former Victorian Treasurer, ALAN STOCKDALE (albeit for a short period) . MAYNE seems to be of the opinion that having the KENNETT name on his CV carries more weight than that of Stockdale and has been happy to mislead his miniscule audience if he believes it shows him in a better light.

* 'I note that you also referred to MAYNE as "former press secretary to JEFF KENNETT" in this week's edition of Media Flash and it alarmed me that it seems as though you have swallowed MAYNE'S bullshit without question. As you mentioned also, STEPHEN MAYNE has a history and proven track record of getting it wrong and misleading his readers so don't be surprised that this is yet another example of MAYNE running true to form.

* 'The pathetic tone of his emails to SHARON McCROHAN and antics such as waving his Quill commendation and brandishing old business cards from his days as a "real" journo surely prove once and for all that MAYNE is a publicity junkie crying out for a fix. His shrill protestations to the security guard recorded by the TV stations was just downright embarrassing for him and an absolute joy to watch.'

Stephen Mayne Replies * STEPHEN MAYNE replies: 'Flasher, the business card said "STEPHEN MAYNE. Press Secretary, Treasury, Finance, Energy and Minerals (later also WorkCover). Office of the Premier of Victoria." That means Press Secretary in the Premier's office responsible for Ministers such as STOCKDALE, SMITH, PLOWMAN and HALLAM. Most time was spent working with STOCKDALE who publicly described my departure after 18 months in 94 as "a grievous loss" and wrote on the farewell card of "a magnificent effort for me and the government". I wasn't a personal press secretary to KENNETT but did speak to him every other day as a pressie in his Media Unit. He was the boss who did the hiring and the firing of pressies. I would go so far as to say I was JEFF'S de facto sharemarket adviser as we talked stocks most days. Give MICK my best, we gave him a good run on a few months back. He's quite a talented carper, not unlike your good self on occasions.'

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Stix And Stones

* STEVE STICKNEY, Editor at The Manly Daily, looks at a coma and a comber, a sidestep and a crash tackle

* 'Life threatening reactions can include coma and even death' - yep, that second one sounds pretty serious. Choice magazine.

* 'I went to have a trendy haircut and now I look like a lesbian on the female tennis circuit' - puppy-faced actor HUGH GRANT is less than thrilled with his new spiky `do. World News Online.

* 'On the wing' - former Parramatta footballer ERIC GROTHE JNR goes for the safe option when asked `What's your favourite position?' for the Cleo Bachelor of the Year awards. Channel 10.

* 'It is a croc in more ways than one'' - Yankee film critic CARRIE RICKEY sinks her fangs into Crocodile Dundee in LA. Philadelphia Inquirer (US).

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Long Shots

By Ash Long, Publisher, Media Flash

* LAURIE OAKES had the goods when he leaked the SHANE STONE Liberal Party memo, in The Bulletin this week. The cover, with pix of PM JOHN HOWARD and Treasurer PETER COSTELLO, said 'These Men Are Mean, Tricky, Out-Of-Touch and Not Listening. Even Their Party Says So.' A great yarn ... so why did Bully editor PAUL BAILEY only give it two pages? And why not reproduce the memo in full?

* STEVE HARRIS: he was the high-profile Age Publisher and Editor-in-Chief until early this year when skittled by Fairfax CEO FRED HILMER'S plans. Where is STEVE now?

* PROFESSOR DAVID FLINT, Australian Broadcasting Authority Chairman, started his address to the ABA Conference at the Hyatt Hotel, Canberra, on Thursday: 'I stand before you as a toffee-nosed, toffee-voiced cockalorum. And how do I know that I am a toffee-nosed, toffee-voiced cockalorum? I read it in newspapers. The quality newspapers. And like most of you, I did not know what a cockalorum is. I do now.'

* PROF. FLINT'S address said research by PROFESSOR HENNINGHAM 'as told us the journalist is more likely to be hostile to religion, especially the traditional religion of say, ARCHBISHOP PELL or the REVEREND FRED NILE.'

-------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------

Media Money

* $200,000 - cost of 160 ABC managers in Launceston this week to hear JONATHAN SHIER'S second corporate restructure. The first one seems to have misfired. (PETER WILMOTH of The Age estimates the cost as closer to $150,000).

* $9.5 MILLION: amount of Austar United Communications' loan to TV Shopping Network (TVSN).

* $30 MILLION was the size of the law suit brought by CLINTON-aide SIDNEY BLUMENTHAL against Internet site operator MATT DRUDGE. BLUMENTHAL ended up paying $2500 to end the matter.

The Last Word

* PROFESSOR DAVID FLINT told the story of Tasmanian Opposition Leader MICHAEL FIELD some years ago: 'One day, after appearing on television the night before, he was walking down a street in Hobart. A constituent came up to him and said 'Saw you on television last night, MIKE.' MR FIELD was suitably impressed, but not for long. The constituent continued: 'Don't know what you were talking about, but your tie was crooked.'


* TONY BELL, Southern Cross Broadcasting chief, wears a red tie on the days he announces staff cuts, according to the legend repeated at the weekend by ANNIE LAWSON of Fairfax. BELL is reportedly defensive about a 'slash-and-burn' reputation: 'It sounds crude and vulgar, in that it suggests one is not extracting the best value from the business. It's extracting efficiencies. not cost-cutting.'

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Australian Media Job Directory


* JO BURTON, of Chandler & Macleod Recruitment, acting for Alcoa's Portland Aluminium smelter (Vic.), is chasing for a 'Community, Media and Stakeholder Relations Officer'.

* STEVE EVERETT, MD of Ace Radio Network, advertises for a Sales Manager for his Victorian radio team. PO Bpox 7515 St Kilda Road, Melbourne 3004.

* STEPHEN WEST, News Limited (MATP) personnel recruiter, requires a Circulation Sales Analyst and Estimator for The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. He also seeks an Ad Sales Executive.

* MICHAEL PAGE SALES & MARKETING has a vacancy being advertised for a Public Relations Officer, Sydney, paying $65,000. SKYE LOVELL is taking CVs: BIANCA PHAIR is taking enquiries for a Communications Executive job, also paying $65,000 plus bonus incentive.

* SAMANTHA CAMPBELL, News Limited, requires Contact Centre Team Leaders for Surry Hills (NSW).

* GUY ROWLISON, Chief Sub-Editor of The Land Newspaper, requires a Sub, based at North Richmond (NSW),. PO Box 999, North Richmond, 2754.

* RICHARD LOWER, NWS-9 News Director, seeks a Senior Camera Operator for the Adelaide newsroom. (08) 8267 0277.

* THE REPORTER/THE TIMES suburban newspaper group, Brisbane, seeks a telephone sales person for its feature section. MEGAN, (07) 3299 1600.

* JULIE UPSON and RON COLEMAN'S Western Times Group (Newport, Vic.) require a Casual Typesetter/Desktop Publisher.

* THE UNITING CHURCH IN AUSTRALIA seeks a part-time media person, 21 hours a week. Clerks Award wages.

* MARIBYRNONG CHAMBER OF COMMERCE wants an Editor for its quarterly Business. The part-time job is under the guidance of an Editorial Committee. PO Box 285, Footscray, 3011.

* MIKE ROSSI, General Manager of the Maryborough District Advertiser (Vic.), seeks an Editor for the weekly. 94 Napier St, Maryborough 3465.

* JULIE NARDUZZO at Herald & Weekly Times Ltd, Melbourne, promotes a 12-month maternity leave vacancy for a Sales Executive to work for NICK TROMPF'S News Custom Publishing. (NICK is being appointed as GM of The Cairns Post.)

* JANE STALEY is fielding enquiries for the public Affairs Manager's position at the Australian Plaintiff Lawyers association.

* LEN TEELOW wants an Advertising Sales Person for the Ranges Trader Mail weekly at Monbulk (Vic.) Fax: (03) 9888 4840 (HARTLEY HIGGINS). His colleague, HAZEL EDWARDS, requires a Journalist for the Healesville-based Mountain Views Mail.

* ANNABELLE SHEEHAN at the Australian Film Television and Radio School is recruiting a Head of Directing and a Head of Sound, $67,080 to $76,073. (02) 9805 6402.

* PHILIP WEBB, top Melbourne real estate agent, wants a 'Genius' Advertising Copywriter. Marketing Manager, 989 Doncaster Road, East Doncaster, 3109.

* CHRIS WIDELEWSKI, Station Manager, Imparja Television, is seeking applications from journalists with experience in TV broadcasting for the News Department and Darwin bureau.

* SENATOR ROD KEMP, Assistant Treasurer, seeks a Media Advisor, with the package of up to $73,752 being supplemented by a #12,180 allowance. Speak with JULIE REID, Chief of Staff, 4 Treasury Place, Melbourne.

* STEVE BRACKS' Victorian Government wants a Communications Manager for his Department of Infrastructure. GEORGIA MURCH of TMP.WORLDWIDE is doing the recruiting.

* NICK HINDHAUGH, of MICHAEL PAGE Sales and Marketing, is advertising a $100,000 package for a Marketing Communications Manager's job for a global manufacturer and importer of 'quality automobiles'.

* PAT WEATHERLEY, at The Independent News Group, Hastings (Vic.), requires Classified Call Centre casual staff. PO Box 320, Hastings.

* MICHAEL HANNAN'S Weekender (The Courier Group's gloss weekly at Sunshine Coast, Qld) is advertising nationally for a General Manager, and Account Manager - Direct. CRAIG MARSH, formerly Publisher of the now-closed Inside Melbourne, is taking enquiries.

* JANELLE McCULLOCH, Editor of The Weekender, advertises for a Journalist to join the Noosa-based publication.

* AUSTRALIAN OPTOMERTRISTS' ASSOCIATION is paying about $45,000 for a Features Editor, and $37,00 for an Assistant Editor. 204 Drummond St, Carlton, Vic.

Work Wanted

* Advertise your 'Work Wanted' notice in Media Flash. We'll print your 'Work Wanted' ad for free. Simply E-Mail it to us by 5pm Friday at

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Effective Words

If you are looking for someone who can create advertising copy, write media releases and proofread in a single bound (well almost) then I'm your woman. I'm a freelance writer with a variety of government and private sector clients. My career in both the media and education goes back 25 years. If you want effective words and you want them quickly and at very reasonable rates then call Alison Grahame (that's me) on 02 4324 3328 or fax 02 4324 0061.

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Access to multiple markets with one media buy

As a media professional you understand the value of a highly targeted and effective media buy. The Courier Newspaper Group provides an unparalleled opportunity to reach single or multiple markets with a diverse range of quality newspaper publications - locally, regionally and globally via the Internet. Whatever your target market, there's a Courier publication that reaches it.

Wentworth Courier - circulation 46,431, readership 131,000 The unrivalled market leader in Sydney's affluent Eastern Suburbs.

Inner Western Suburbs Courier - circulation 71,241, readership 180,000 Complete coverage in the densely populated Inner West from Glebe and Balmain to Burwood and Homebush.

Southern Courier - circulation 45,669, readership 96,000 The undisputed market leader in the rapidly growing areas from Clovelly to Mascot, La Perouse to Maroubra and Waterloo to Coogee.

Sydney Weekly - circulation 90,500*, readership 181,000* Covering the North Shore corridor from the harbour through Hunters Hill, Chatswood and Mosman to Wahroonga.

City Weekly - circulation 60,000*, readership 120,000* Recognised for its vibrant lifestyle and entertainment content and authoritative employment section, covering the CBD and North Sydney.

wM (Weekly Messenger: Anything but average) - circulation 51,000*, readership 89,000. A brand new lifestyle publication with the look and feel of a contemporary weekend magazine, wM covers the key areas of Sydney's South Eastern suburbs.

9 to 5 - circulation 60,000, readership 250,000* Packed with Sydney's hottest jobs, news, entertainment and lifestyle information, 9 to 5 gives Sydney's busiest people a great start to their working week. Hand delivered to CBD commuters and pedestrians.

Weekender - circulation 40,500*, readership 107,000* The fastest growing news magazine on the Sunshine Coast. An informative lifestyle publication offering comprehensive news, real estate, classifieds, entertainment and more. providing links to: From real estate and entertainment, to employment and trade directories - find what you need fast. Search all the Courier classifieds in one go - all in one place. In just a few clicks you'll find all the information you need to buy, sell or invest in property. The ultimate local guide to entertainment and things to do in Sydney. Searchable information on Sydney's best restaurants, outdoor recreation, cinemas and movie times, music venues, CD reviews, retail shopping, the arts, galleries, theatres and performance.

To get your message to the right market call: 9353 9999

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