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The Real Deal: Austin Fitts For President, Or Not

The Real Deal with Catherine Austin Fitts

A Response to a Reader Request That I Run for President of the United States


Thank you for your generous compliment.

Right now the position of President of the United States is a relatively powerless one. The U.S. government does not control its finances and is at the mercy of:

--- its creditors and the people who print and manage its money, the NY Fed, as well as the people who own it and the other foreign investors who hold its currency and debt.

--- the people that govern and use the black budget, including various military and intelligence forces and corporations.

--- the corporations that own or control its information, computer and accounting systems.

--- the banks, corporations and investors that control and/ or fund the media and campaign and related donations.

In essence, there is no federal government.

There is a budget and a pot and flow of resources. The control and governance of those resources is murky. I believe that Bush and his team were put forward by a syndicate of those who make money off of that pot and ---grossly oversimplified-- he does whatever the syndicate tells him to do. Again, grossly oversimplified, the last president who did not, Kennedy, was killed and the American people did not provide sufficient support to hold those responsible for the assasination and its cover up accountable. (Indeed, I believe that this includes George H. W. Bush among others)

However, the one thing that everyone in America agrees on is that they want more money from that budget/pot. What too many people also agree on is that they do not want to change or perform in a manner that creates wealth in exchange for getting that money.

One problem is that our current economy has a negative return on investment. What this means is that we are paying a lot of us to do things that are not productive in the aggregate. Hence we are addicted to ever more capital from printing dollars, borrowing and/or engaging in more coercion whether it be organized crime or warfare. It is not just the criminals who need to change --- it is all of us.

I tried to address some of these challenges -- in essence a double bind --- in "Narco Dollars" and an article called "The Myth of the Rule of Law." I have tried to lay out a framework for solutions in the Part II to The Myth, "Solari and the Rise of the Rule of Law." I have attached links to these articles below.

Our solution is to reengineer the management and control of our resources to significantly increase returns/performance. The primary barrier to doing that is that it requires a culture of faith, cooperation and collaboration that is not common in our country. Many of us have fallen prey to believing a false media and the politics of scapegoating and divide and conquer.

If I were to become president today, my expectation is that I would be killed or impeached within a relatively short time as I would refuse to do what the creditors and various powers that be wanted. As a result, they would undertake a variety of actions (such as cutting off the cash or using the media to falsify stories about me) that would cause a much broader group of people to withdraw their support.

In short, I would fail as President under the current situation to accomplish the things that you and I would like to see happen as I would not have the power or popular support to do what needs to be done. That failure could make things worse, not better.

The question remains "how do we get control of the resources? " Indeed, I believe that I am qualified to lead a process by which the most responsible people in America re-assume control and governance of those resources. So that is what I have been doing with the solari model.

I am convinced that reengineering of resource governance and management must be done neighborhood by neighborhood -- with 73,000 neighborhoods--- each doing their own reengineering and collaborating with each other as they go.

CAPTION: "Our future will be governed by our ability to love and care for our own backyard."

Without this step of a decentralized "bottom up" assumption of responsibility and accountability for proper control and management of our individual and local public resources, nothing can be done by me or anyone else from Washington. And this step is also necessary if we are to test and use new technology as alternative energy sources.

So I am trying to communicate this message as well as trying to bring together the critical networks of people who are needed to create the US and global networks we need to understand and deal prudently and effectively with those forces and networks which/who support organized crime and warfare.

What could most help me is if several or more investigative reporters started to dig into the truth behind the current litigation in which I am engaged with DOJ and its informant. As illumination comes to these issues, that will free me up to do what I can to ensure that we are safe and moving in an energizing way for honest and decent folks to get control of all the governmental and public resources instead of leaving them in the hands of criminals.

Indeed, if I can't get the criminals off my own back, it is not clear to me that I can get them off of all of our backs. In the end, the American people love a winner and that means I have to win with the hand that God has dealt me .

From a time standpoint, until my situation is successfully illuminated or litigated (it appears it will take several years), I am afraid the bad guys have my time cornered. As a matter of fact, if there is no support to help manage the risk that leaders like me take, we will have no leaders other than criminals. The good guys will all be dead or cornered in things like litigation . We can not get control of our resources, because we will not and can not stand up to the covert forces that control our society. That is how they have managed to eat through us and our financial and physical security like a cancer.

Our present circumstances are not happening only because the rich and powerful are rich and powerful and getting more so. It is also because the rest of us have not yet come together to take the power that is ours once we have the faith and have created a map of "the real deal" that supports our taking responsibility --- whether by voting in the marketplace with our money, whether by collaborating with our neighbors, or whether praying that we and our country are blessed.

Remember, if tomorrow every one of us stopped watching, paying attention to, buying from, purchasing from, investing in or depositing our money in the media that lies to us and instead shifted all of those resources to the media that tells us the truth, we could shift this completely overnight.



As long as the people who steal from us control the channel that we insist on using to communicate with each other, we are doomed.

And that is before we switch our purchases, deposits, investments and attention and association from the corporations and banks that control the federal government and are doing this, to honest and decent companies (and create new ones.)

Imagine the power if we would vote in the marketplace with all of our time and money.

The American people have the power to turn this around now and do so in a manner that is entirely safe for us and our families.

Indeed, a relatively small group of people could lead the shift (if you know the story of the 100 monkey syndrome, it is true that such an important change by a relatively small group of people can change the whole system surprisingly quickly. Indeed some physicists and spiritual leaders tell us that 1% of 1% will do it)

What we lack is the faith and the willingness to take responsibility. (This is not to say that we do not have compelling reasons why we feel a lack of faith or a willingness to take responsibility --- what we are doing is very very hard and many of us are under a great deal of stress)

I can help to lead a people who are willing to have faith and take responsibility in their families and in their individual communities.

What I promise you is that I will spend all of my free time trying to help those who do have faith and are taking responsibility to use their time to be safe and prosperous doing what they are doing. As a practical matter that depends on how many people will help illuminate the truth of my current DOJ/Ervin related litigation in a manner that I can not only win but prove to the world that the good guys can and will stand up and best the dark covert forces that have taken power over from us .

In the meantime, thank you for all your support. I can not tell you how much I appreciate it.

You are in my prayers.


Catherine Austin Fitts Solari


"The Myth of the Rule of Law, or How the Money Works: The Destruction of Hamilton Securities Group" by Catherine Austin Fitts, President, Solari, SRA Quarterly, London, November 9, 2001




By Catherine Austin Fitts

Published by: Sanders Research Associates, London

September 2002

Enemies of self-determination, freedom and peace send us the message that we have no power. Why do we listen to them and ignore the interests of those we love? This is a question for which I have no answer. As an investment banker, I know that the economics of the solari model are sound. However, faith is the sine qua non of free markets and significant cultural change. The revolution starts in our spirit, hearts and minds. We must act as St. Paul admonished us, "by faith, and not by sight." It is for us to choose a positive future for our planet and our children and many generations to come. Building a sustainable environment and economy is an act of faith. There is no reason why it cannot be done other than a belief that it cannot be done.

For Narco Dollars link and other links


- * Catherine Austin Fitts is the President of Solari, Inc. (, a former Assistant Secretary of Housing – Federal Housing Commissioner in the first Bush Administration and a former Managing Director and member, Board of Directors, of Dillon, Read & Co. Inc. She publishes a column on Scoop which is distributed for free by email - see... Free My Scoop to sign up

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