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UQ Wire: Update On 911 CitizensWatch, Links

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Unanswered Questions : Thinking for ourselves.

Update From 911 CitizensWatch

from Kyle Hence –Co-Founder UnansweredQuestions.Org

Dear friends and colleagues of CitizensWatch,

A big thank you from CitizensWatch to everyone who had a hand in, or otherwise contributed to what was a very successful program of events at Riverside. Thursday's film presentation had an audience of over 900 and the program was very well recieved. We promise more Q&A next time.

It was a great, if somewhat chaotic team effort, that came together in short order. Thanks to each of you who came out of the woodwork last minute to help pull it together so well in the end. Thanks to our fantastic group of presenters and to those who led us in prayer.

Reaching a watershed...

Clearly, we have reached a watershed on this issue, most particularly overseas in the wake of the editorial by Micheal Meacher and the attention given those raising questions in a most credible manner in Berlin behind the leadership of Mr. Thoden and Nicholas Levis of Documentaries on our work are now being produced by award-winning documentary makers in both Canada and Greece. But we're also making progress getting this out here at home...

Rising profile in US of those raising doubts and questions re. the official story

Michael Ruppert's recent commentary published at gives a good overview of where things stand from his perspective and manages to capture an optimism that flows from the obvious mementum we're building especially in wake of the 9/11 widows from New Jersey's appearance on Bill Moyer's NOW and Hardball. That's now been topped by a damning "Report Card" on the National Commission's investigation into 9/11. The Jersey Girls are NOT going away and have undertaken a very intelligent approach to holding the government accountable to answer their (and our) questions while pointing out the utter failure of the government to hold anyone within the government accountable for 9/11. In addition the Philly News ran a list of their top 20 questions (see URL below)

CitizensWatch to issue Status Report on US Government Investigation of 9/11 CitizensWatch is now preparing a Report of our own on the government's investigation of 9/11 for release next week to coincide with an "Interim Report" being put forward by the National Commission.

I sense a sea-change on 9/11 and that this is happening in NYC is extraordinary. A week of meetings and interviews with family members and others has convinced me there is a well-spring of as yet expressed growing doubts and skepticism about the government's 'official' account of what happened on 9/11 and why. Deception and lack of accountability on the part of the government, whether linked to the 9/11 memorial, Iraqi WMD, untold civilian deaths, the environment or countless other issues, is rampant and increasingly readily apparent and naturally folks feel that it may well extend to 9/11 as well. 9/11 is both the lynchpin and the administration's achilles heel.

In addition, as clearly put forward by a diverse group of presenters in three days of "Re-framing 9/11", people are beginning to understand the extent of the threat to us all posed by the Administrations reaction and responses to 9/11--their dangerously exploited and perfect 'pre-text' to advance a well-established pre-9/11 agenda. Thanks to the work of the active family groups like September 11th Advocates aka 'Jersey Girls', bull-dog Mike Ruppert, Nafeez Ahmed, Daniel Hopsicker, Nick Levis, David Kubiak, Prem Dixit, Allan Duncan and countless others we have made great strides in building a far more credible narrative for what happened on 9/11. Indeed the world changed on 9/11. It now pivots on an official narrative that doesn't stand up to intense scrutiny and a growing body of well-documented evidence. As it dissembles under the weight of this challenge we are mounting the world may well begin to change in ways we can only begin to imagine. We'll begin to pivot in an all together different direction. And this is the best news I can bring you. That your part in all of this is making it so! Let us take heart and carry on with even more determination; otherwise lies and deception and ZERO accountability may still carry the day in the end! Don't let up and make every dollar count as a vote for the truth.

John Judge and I look forward to working with you in the future in order to bring the full case forward in the most credible and professional manner we can muster.

Warm regards,

Kyle F. Hence

9/11 CitizensWatch

See the following for more info:

(note letter to US Embassy with 7 key questions directed to US officials)


And this from the Film Exhibtion and Panel's co-sponsor Big Medicine/Ain't That Good News as compiled by ATGN producer David Kubiak:


Finding the Truth to Set Us Free

9/14/03 EDITION


What a difference a week makes (or a fortnight to be exact)! Just when it seemed that the campaign to dislodge official 9/11 myths and misinfo from the public mind was going to have to proceed house to house like old- fashioned urban warfare. Last month we only had the Internet and Indy Media at our side, but the suddenly great craven dam of mass media silence finally seems ready to burst.

Consider the following chronology of public exposure and how fast it is gaining speed.

The first big break (led, as usual of late, almost entirely by woman power) was Gail Sheehy's very ballsy "Four 9/11 Moms Battle Bush" that ran front page in the 8/25 NY Observer:


Second, on September 6th, MP Michael Meacher, UK Environment Minister Meacher goes public on US complicity in "This War on Terrorism is Bogus," an explosive op-ed in the UK Guardian which accuses the US of allowing 9/11 to happen to incite public support for preplanned Mideast invasions

and an ultra-right agenda for world hegemony. The story caused a "furor"

in Britain and spread like wildfire through the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the Third World. Only American readers were shut out of the news by US corporate media "restraint".,11209,1036685,00.html


Third - much more locally -- the "Rethinking 9/11" film expo/discussion at UNH Durham draws 100+ (while a big sister event in Berlin, Germany draws

800+ and lots of press - see Although Fosters Daily Democrat dispatched an enthusiastic reporter, their editors summarily trashed his dispatch. Still much more work to do in the neighborhood...


Fourth, Donahue-famous 9/11 widow Kristen Breitwieser publicly throws up

on Showtime's "DC 9/11", the Bush-hyping fantasy about his "bold, decisive leadership" on that day.


Next on September 11, the Philadelphia Daily News becomes the first major urban daily to run the Big Questions loud and broad. See "WHY DON'T WE HAVE ANSWERS TO THESE 9/11 QUESTIONS?"


Then WBAI, Citizens Watch and Big Med's "Aint that Good News!" project pack Riverside Church September 11 eve for "Reframing 9/11" a very in-your- face debunking of the official 9/11 account. The event drew a 700+ crowd

including firemen, police, many, many straight types, and even a lot of non-writing but still curious press people) Not only were they open to rad films like Aftermath and Great Deception and to alternative 9/11 scenarios from the likes of Cynthia McKinney, Mike Ruppert, Ray McGovern, and John

Judge, there were dozens of ovations and roaring applause interruptions throughout the eve.


THEN, amazing grace, Bill Moyer's NOW brings Sheehy's "Four 9/11 Moms" to National TV!

(OK, it's only PBS [and Moyer's minor fraction at that]; and Gail Sheehy

had to poison taste the story in NY before they would even touch it; and

according to Mindy Kleinberg, out of the 16 hours filmed with them, NOW only used the softest, safest stuff; and even so NOW felt obliged to jokingly intro the piece with a lot of "conspiracy theory" badinage.

All that is, alas, doubtless true, BUT EVEN SO, it is the first time on American television that the flimsy "official 9/11 story" and the government's inexplicable response have ever been questioned and/or attacked.)

Check out the NOW " 9/11 Widows Speak" web page for excerpts and some of

their still unanswered questions. The site also offers a place to ask unanswered questions of your own. Show them that you care - send in comments, queries and get involved...


AND THIS MORNING as dangerous truths and questions finally start to fly around, one way to tell that things are hotting up is that big media guns are starting to fire back. Six hours ago Newsweek and MSNBC just published "9/11? It Never Happened - Across Europe, conspiracy theories are all the rage. Germany is the latest to be swept up by the craze." It's a derisive debunking of all non-doctrinal 9/11 concerns, invoking the more extreme theories to discredit 9/11 skepticism as a whole.


We still of course believe this is the story of the century and is in fact the only one with enough potential power and repercussions to blow the roof off the whole corporate coup (not just the George W/Howdy Doody show but all the way through the gilded chambers of the DLC too). And it is already starting to cook. After two years of dead media silence, just look at the last two weeks...

So it is once again a grand time to be alive, friends, if, that is, you have a masochistic taste for life in "interesting times".

More soon…

- Kyle Hence


"You should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit group of nearly omnipotent people, and you should think of those people as yourself and your friends." -- Robert Anton Wilson


STANDARD DISCLAIMER FROM UQ.ORG: does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the above articles. We present this in the interests of research -for the relevant information we believe it contains. We hope that the reader finds in it inspiration to work with us further, in helping to build bridges between our various investigative communities, towards a greater, common understanding of the unanswered questions which now lie before us.

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