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UQ Wire: Hopsicker - 9/11's Big Dirty Secret

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9/11's Big Dirty Secret

Trafficking with the Taliban
"If it weren't for graft, you'd get a very low type of people in politics." --The Great McGinty
July 19 2004--Venice, FL
by Daniel Hopsicker
A MadCowMorningNews World Exclusive!



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Based on an ''investigation'' notable only for failing to interview a single firsthand eyewitness, the National Commission on Terrorism’s report will totally ignore the big dirty secret lying at the heart of the 9/11 coverup: elite deviants trafficking narcotics.

Mohamed Atta’s ability to roam at will across America—despite having his name on the CIA’s terrorist watch list—was not due to official incompetence or bureaucratic snafu, but to Atta’s status as a good earner, in a lucrative drug trafficking operation which linked Osama bin Laden’s thugs and drug lieutenants to their equally-thuggish American counterparts.

Bob Simpson in Venice, Florida was contacted by the FBI three days after the Sept. 11 attack. They questioned him closely about an Atta associate in Venice from the Middle East who owned a convenience store.

“I’m the day driver for Yellow Cab in Venice, and he (Atta) was in my cab a bunch of times in August,” explained Simpson. “The night driver had him even more than I did. The FBI was especially interested in a rich Saudi guy—dressed in Armani, shades, manicure, a gold Rolex— that I’d been sent to pick up at the Orlando Executive Airport. They knew he’d ridden in my cab because they’d gotten my cab number from a surveillance camera there.”

Saudis in Armani, Shades, & Gold Rolexes

Simpson drove to Orlando with a Lebanese man named Khal (who later left Venice in a hurry immediately after the 9/11 attack.) After the ‘rich Saudi’ and his wife cleared international customs, Simpson drove his passengers to one of Orlando’s finest restaurants. "All this Saudi businessman wanted to do was eat a nice meal…lobster, filet, food, lots of food.”

When they got back to Khal’s apartment in Venice, Atta and Alshehhi were on hand to greet the new arrivals.

Six weeks later Simpson picked up the wealthy Saudi’s wife at Khal's Venice apartment and drove her back to the Orlando Airport. When he arrived to pick up the fare he was asked to help carry a heavy chest down to the cab, so heavy it took two people to carry it. “It must have weighed at least 150 pounds,” exclaimed Simpson. “A big bald guy (Zacharias Moussaoui) helped me.”

What had made the chest so heavy? Curious, we asked a former intelligence operative.
“Gold,” he replied instantly.

"Don't use my name in Haiti"

Cabbie Simpson described several occasions when he drove Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi from Venice on one-way trips to the Orlando Executive Airport.

This places the two terrorists at the same airport where DEA agents brandishing submachine guns seized a Lear jet belonging to the owner of the flight school where Atta and Al-shehhi were taking lessons (lessons in what is anybody’s guess) at that very moment...

The agents found 43 pounds of heroin aboard the Lear jet of Huffman Aviation’s secretive financier Wallace J. Hilliard. The Orlando Sentinel called the bust “the largest seizure in Central Florida’s history.”

After we’d learned the whole story we discovered the bust had been an accident, carried out by low-level DEA operatives not clued-in to the protected nature of the trade. Nor was this the only time Hilliard’s name came up in connection with narcotics trafficking. “I flew Wally’s Turbo-Commander, a 698, twin turbo prop, till I got stopped one time in Haiti,” a former pilot of Hilliard’s told us.

Mind if we check the trunk?

“U.S. Customs and the DEA wanted to know the nature of my business. I was detained for 5-and-a-half hours. They told me, ‘We stopped you and detained you because this airplane is known for running drugs in and out of the country.’”

Nor are we alone in our discovery of the officially-protected drug trafficking network.

FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds, in the months after the attack, bumped into the arms for drugs deals, she said in a recent interview with Edmonds alleged that the US State Department blocked investigations showing links between criminal drug trafficking networks and the terror attacks on 9/11.

"Certain investigations were being quashed, let's say per State Department's request, because it would have affected certain foreign relations [or] affected certain business relations with foreign organizations," she stated.

In Venice, drug activity was conducted in 2000 and 2001 by “deep bellied Cessna,” Venice local Simpson told us. “One was even found abandoned at Huffman with traces of both cocaine and heroin. No one knew anything about it. I remember it really well because I was out fishing at 5:00 in the morning, when a plane swooped over us flying really low, and landed at the airport. I thought there was something funny about it, then later that day heard the plane had been abandoned at Huffman, and no one knew who or where the owner was.”

There is no record of this plane seizure in the Venice newspaper... But whether true or no, the idea that a drug trafficking network could operate with official sanction and protection on U.S. soil seems beyond the ken of most Americans.

And keeping it that way seems to be a primary objective both of the 9/11 Commission, as well as a disinformation campaign funded, amazingly, by Saudi Arabian billionaire arms peddler Adnan Khashoggi, who was recently discovered to have been behind dubious funding of the Toronto “9/11 inquiry.” His donation was washed through one of his employees, author John Gray (Men are from Venus; Women are from Mars).

Khashoggi’s involvement in the International 9/11 Inquiry was discovered through the efforts of two of the most-respected researchers in attendance, Canadian economist Michel Chossudovsky and German author Mathias Broeckers.

“That a conference of investigators probing to learn the truth about the 9/11 attack could be funded by the very people supposedly being investigated came to me as quite a surprise,” Broeckers told us.

[ UQ Wire editor's note: The Khashoggi/Gray/Toronto Inquiru nexis has become a rather controversial issue in the 911 truth movement. For more on this see Nico Haupt's take on the subject in Note in particular the remarks quoted from Mike Ruppert – editor of From The Wilderness:

"...Mike Ruppert interviewed Gray in Toronto. He wrote:

"I spoke personally with John Gray in Toronto. He was extremely forthcoming and open and was grateful that someone just came to him directly and asked about Khashoggi.

"He said that he had never met Khashoggi and that he had lost a great deal of money as a result of Khashoggi's manipulations of the company which had been handling his products. He said that Khashoggi was a late-comer in that K's arrival in the company happened AFTER Gray had started doing business with the company..."]

'The boys' will be 'the boys'

“My suspicions were aroused when the keynote speech was given by ‘relationship guru’ John Gray. In a conference on 9/11, what does “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” have to teach us about the identities of those responsible for murdering 3000 human beings?”

“Someone told me, ‘‘I believe he donated money to the Inquiry,” Broeckers said.

Fey author John Gray’s business is actually owned by Adnan Khashoggi. Gray is being sued with Khashoggi in a financial scam they allegedly participated in involving Genesis Intermedia, a company incorporated by Michael Roy Fugler.

Before he became one of Adnan Khashoggi’s henchmen, Fugler was the lawyer for the biggest drug smuggler in American history, Barry Seal.

Seal of course was the chief pilot—until his assassination in 1986, reportedly at Vice President Bush’s behest—in the weapons-and-drug scandal that came to be known as Iran Contra. Khashoggi played a key role brokering illegal weapons traffic from the United States to Iran. And Michael Roy Fugler, as already stated, is suing us for emotional distress over alleged inaccuracies in his portrayal in our book, “Barry & the boys.”

Is anybody discerning a pattern here?

Hadn’t anybody involved with the Toronto 9/11 Inquiry known? Well of course they had…

Nobody here knows nothing... except Bush Knew.

“Michel Chossudovsky ( told me he’d learned of the International 9//11 Inquiry’s shady financing two weeks before the conference,” said Broeckers. “He demanded that the organizers dump Gray. They told him not to spread ‘bad vibrations.”

“To say that John Gray is in business with Adnan Khashoggi doesn’t portray the relationship in quite the right light,” stated another observer, asking to remain anonymous. “Khashoggi owns John Gray. He bought his whole Mars-Venus shtick, his company, and now Gray works for him.”

This explains Gray’s interest in the 9/11 inquiry. Adnan Khashoggi must have told him “ Terrorists Are From Jupiter.”

But why would a Saudi billionaire want to fund an inquiry into 9/11? Wouldn’t that be the last thing he’d want?

The answer’s in a movie by the great Preston Sturges called “The Great McGinty.”

McGinty is a homeless bum who learns the city’s Boss is paying $2 to everyone who votes in the election. McGinty then distinguishes himself by voting thirty-five times, whereupon the bemused Boss summons McGinty to an audience, where he tells him his ambitious display qualifies him to be a candidate in the next election… on the ticket of the Reform Party.

Puzzled, McGinty asks the Boss how he can guarantee the nomination of the Reform Party, when he, the Boss, is the man behind the incumbent party.

"Son,” replies the Boss, ”I am the Reform Party. Hell, I'm all the parties."

The Great McGinty could never get made in America today.

Perles of Hard-Won Wisdom

According to Seymour Hersh in a March 11, 2003 article in The New Yorker, Saudi arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi met with Richard Perle in France while Perle served as top policy advisor to the Defense Department and Chairman of the Defense Policy Board in Washington, D.C. Hersh termed Perle “one of the most outspoken and influential American advocates of war with Iraq.”

With a long history of horse trading in Florida, Khashoggi will likely face increased scrutiny as the stock scam probe continues. Currently wanted for questioning in the collapse of a bank in Thailand, the debonair and free-wheeling CIA asset of yore, who haunted both Tampa and Miami in Florida for decades, is charged with the collapse of brokerages and MJK Clearing, the failure of which became the country’s largest securities service firm collapse.

The scheme netted hundreds of millions of dollars at the expense of the investing public and shareholders unaware of Khashoggi’s involvement in the company, which only became public when the SEC forced disclosure of the true owner of Ultimate Holdings Ltd. of Bermuda: Adnan Khashoggi.

Also on the board of the failed (and apparently fraudulent) GenesisIntermedia was the ubiquitous Michael Roy Fugler.

Fugler is today the director of corporate finance for I-Bankers Securities, an investment banking firm in Dallas that says it “concentrates on raising overseas financing for companies around the world.”

Overseas financing of the hard-to-trace kind

"Raising overseas financing” would seem to be just another way to say “Khashoggi,” a source explained, “and others who are trying to hide their identities behind a veil of anonymous-sounding investment companies.” This is one of the allegations which led regulators to halt trading in the shares of Genesis.

Although he would have to be considered a person of interest, there hasn’t been any speculation about Adnan Khashoggi and 9/11 for the simple reason that nobody in the U.S. Government ever issued an order to round up all the “Usual Suspects.”

In fact, President Bush’s White House let so many Saudi notables slip out of the country after the attack that occupancy rates of Presidential Suites in Orlando must have taken a nosedive.

Today we may be beginning to learn why. It’s a scary lesson about “the way things are” in America today.

When it was discovered that the Florida flight school that the terror pilots flying both of the planes which crashed into the World Trade Center Towers had attended was being run as a Continuing Criminal Enterprise--at the same time they were there-- questions might have been raised, in some countries...

Just not this one.


We're still being sued. Probably we will always be being sued, given the current state of America's no longer free press. Please help us continue to bring you the news by making a donation to our defense fund. (


- Daniel Hopsicker is the author of Barry & 'the boys: The CIA, the Mob and America's Secret History. About the author. - Email the author.



STANDARD DISCLAIMER FROM UQ.ORG: does not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the above article. We present this in the interests of research -for the relevant information we believe it contains. We hope that the reader finds in it inspiration to work with us further, in helping to build bridges between our various investigative communities, towards a greater, common understanding of the unanswered questions which now lie before us.

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