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NZ Soldiers - Treated As Nuclear Guinea Pigs

NZ Soldiers - Treated As Nuclear Guinea Pigs TV1, 8.30pm Sept 22

coment by Larry Ross Sept 18,2005

In 1957 the UK goverment, with the collaboration of the NZ government, deliberately and knowingly exposed UK and NZ servicemen and their future descendants to nuclear radiation, resulting in disease, suffering, pain, genetic damage and eventual death. It's all in the article below and on Expose, TV1, Thursday Sept 22, 2005.

Governments won't admit this crime, anymore than they will admit that Agent Orange dropped on Vietnam during the war in the 60's, similarly killed and caused fatal disease and genetic damage to servicemen exposed to it and to their children born afterward.

Similarly, the US and UK contaminated Iraq and other battle zones with D.U. weapons dust residue, which has killed thousands of Iraq civilians, US and UK troops, and through DNA genetic damage, their offspring and future generations.

D.U. residue has a half life of 4.5 billion years and will gradually drift around the world, endlessly contaminating and killing. No wonder governments don't wish to admit their crimes.

The UK and US showed callous disregard for the life of their own citizens, and for the population of the lands they devastated, and for future generations. It illustrates the character of the politicians, military and foreign service personnel who made these criminal decisions and covered up or denied the effects for so long.

Land mines and cluster munitions are other examples of indescriminate use of killing and maiming devices used in many battle zones. They kill soldiers and civilians and pollute the land, making it unuseable for years after. Governments have done this, not once by 'mistake'... but many times knowing full well the long term effects on innocent civilians.

Think of the many lies told to UK and US populations (and to the world) to get their support for the illegal Iraq war. Even after the lies have been exposed and the true US, UK motives revealed, the governments concerned continue the war and mass killing, repeating the lies, or simply disregarding the truth.

The record shows that a majority of people will either believe, deny or disregard their goverment's lies. These lies are driven home and endlessly repeated by a co-operative media.

Billions and billions of dollars are wasted developing destructive devices, and inventing situatiions and lies to use them. As the weapons are developed, the crimes become more extreme and require greater government effort to justify.

The new US nuclear-use policy (Christchurch Press Sept 13/05) justifies the unprovoked use of nuclear weapons against suspected enemy nations or those the US classifies as "terror groups". If the US claims they are planning to use WMD against the US, the US has licenced itself to use nuclear weapons against them. The US and UK invented a litany of lies about Sadam Hussein, his supposed WMD and nuclear weapons, and how he planned to use them against the US. These were all lies, yet the US/UK, without UN approval, launched a hugely destructive, expensive and expanding war against Iraq based on these lies. The same type of lies may now be used to justify new wars using nuclear weapons. As with Iraq there will be a flurry of protest and then people will settle down, shrug their shoulders and accept what Bush's Neo-conservatives call a 'new reality". The fall-off in the number of people willing to protest the Iraq war is a good example. Bushites calls dissenters traitors and disloyal to their country.

The result of the trillions of dollars spent on making thousands of nuclear weapons, is enough to kill earth's population. Although the Communist threat is over, Bush neocons have invented a new policy for the unprovoked use nuclear weapons that could very easily escalate to global war and kill everyone. It's insane. But their insanity is presented as quite normal and acceptable by most media.

Therefore the majority of people accept it without question. Or like the Germans under Hitler, they are afraid to speak out for fear of recriminations..

For articles on Iraq, 9/11, nuclear weapons, Bush Empire, Fundamentalism:


Expose: Nuclear Guinea Pigs the next Expose, Thursday September 22 at 8:30pm TV 1:

Nuclear Guinea Pigs

In 1957, 551 of our fittest young men from the Royal New Zealand Navy set sail for Christmas Island unaware that they were about to witness Britain's largest and last-ever round of nuclear tests. Sidney Holland, then Prime Minster, had agreed to Britain's request for assistance.

Between them the men witnessed 9 megaton hydrogen bomb explosions - each one at least 1,000 times more powerful than those at Hiroshima or Nagasaki. They were called on deck and sat with their backs to the blasts. All they wore for protection were white cotton hoods and dark glasses to protect them from the initial flash. Although they had been told they would be 200 km away from ground zero, they were sometimes as close as 80 km away.


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