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Communist Insurgency Linked To Terrorism

Communist Insurgency Linked To Terrorism

By Kamala Sarup

The Communist insurgency in Peru, Nepal and the long-term insurgencies in Columbia (FARC, others) are also guilty of terrorism as are the separatist movements in Spain (ETA) and Northern Ireland (between various Catholic and Protestant groups). In fact, many of these groups specifically sanction the use of terror in their charters or founding documents. But, normally, people do not associate the term "terrorism" with the former communist regimes in Russia and Eastern Europe. Today, communism in China is not communism at all.

Yet, it is widely known that in the past communist governments practiced some of the bloodiest terrorism on their own citizens. There are also the fierce terrorists known generally as Al Qaida thought by most people as "communist" although their lifestyle as combatants has some similarities to the communist ideal. They too inflict a tremendous amount of suffering on common people in their quest for power. So, is there any overarching connection between communism and terrorism? Perhaps there is.

These include the victims of Stalin's iron rules, victims of the Cambodian genocide, victims of the Latin American and Cuban civil wars as well as East and Central Europeans dying in the uprisings of 1953, 1956 and 1968 against their communist masters. Because of the access to the records of the former Soviet Union, it is now known definitively that the communists also committed systematic genocide. journalist John G. Scherb said.

If there is any connection between the two, it is the callous indifference to human life demonstrated by the perpetrators of terror and the former communist leaders guilty of mass murder. In the so-called "social rule", there have been many examples of the battle over communism destroying cultures and causing untold amounts of suffering to everyday people.

These people may have organized themselves in ways that were different than the so-called social rule. They were people nonetheless with the innate dignity of being human beings and were respect worthy for that fact alone.

Similarly, over the last 60 years, there have been countless incidents of terrorism for any number of causes. There is a famous saying: "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter".Unfortunately, the victims of terrorism rarely get to make those distinctions. Perhaps it would be better if all civilized nations fore swore the use of terrorism as an instrument of statecraft.

Faulty reasoning as well blurs the lines between the acts of violence normally thought of as "terrorism" and other causes of human suffering. It is true that the sufferer realizes the same result: suffering, and at times death.

Now, ordinary citizens of Nepal desperately want to know about the "fall of communism", "the end of history."

"On the other side, seriously, the academic literature on why communism and Communism (they are different) failed can provide valuable insights into why, theoretically, an economic system that sounds so good on paper, is perfectly logical, comports with some people's view of things, and is, well, so Utopian in vision can turn out to be utterly and terribly wrong in how it affects people's daily lives". John G. Scherb is a retired freelance writer living in Irvine further added.

Why would a system that could cause literally panic, so completely fail to provide what was actually needed for its own people? Because the answer is deceptively simple. Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist-Khrushchevnian-Breshnevian-et-ceteran theory is fatally flawed.

It doesn't work.

"Capitalism and its distant cousin Socialism actually take into account something called "human nature". Communism never did. Like castles in the mind, communism was a totally mental construct which was launched in Russia, a country that, even today, has not fully freed its serfs. This is not a recipe for success".he further added.

Communism as a rallying cry, as a banner to unite people oppressed, exploited and abused, does have a certain seductive appeal. Even dog food will appeal to a starving person.

The first clue that communism was doomed to failure was something called "secret police". When you have to construct your "workers' paradise" by employing legions of informants and leather-jacketed goon squads, it displays a teensy, weensy lack of confidence in the success of the ultimate endeavor". John said.

Truth be told, the rise of communism did scare a lot of the proverbial fat cats of yesteryear. And they did fully exert their economic might to ensure that those alien ideologies did not take hold. What actually resulted was, of course, President Roosevelt's New Deal, an unqualified success for many years, despite the best efforts of babble-gabble revisionists of the right.

So,as the "Cambodia or Peru genocide" showed, the use of communism to actually govern was a miserable failure. It was not until Khamer rouge and Peru's leaders dictum about blacks and whites being equally useful that "Communist" Cambodia actually began to fail. Similarly, Columbia communist are also utilizing a common phenomenon in Central and Latin America: Fear, envy.

Utilizing the banner of "Communism" to recruit like-minded young men and women to their cause, but people under communism governance were often treated worse than animals. If we see at the history communists had to rely on a lot of show trials and executions. Even then, communists countries have never really worked very well. Not very impressive for an ideology which controlled so many oppressed people in its heyday". John G. Scherb said.

On the other side in Nepal, Al Qaida is now or will be soon because of the instability there. Al Qaida knows well how to take advantage of repressive or unstable political situations. It has done so in the past in the Middle East and in Asia. And also the worst case scenario is the original al Qaida, will be active in the area (Nepal) due to Pakistan and India's efforts in fighting them as well as Taliban elements from Afghanistan, hijacks the insurgency and establishes a new Afghanistan, a stealth Afghanistan.

It is true, "Old" communism (Bolshevik, type) is not only dead and buried as an idea it is now linking up with al Qaida to induce chaos. All those who see more value in order and development must oppose this new unholy alliance of dead ideologies, chaos-inducement, and communists fascism. No neutrals on this one.

So for those stranded in distant lands who, perhaps, have not gotten the word yet: "Hey, you out there! communists terrorists Kill you. Always has. Always Will!"


(Kamala Sarup, a PhD scholar has been published in World Security Network (WSN), World Press, Global Politician, Scoop Media,, Crossfire, peacejournalism, and other publications. She has also been invited as a speaker at a number of peace and women conferences. She is also an editor of

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