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Mapping The Real Deal: On Building Lifeboats

Mapping The Real Deal

On Building Lifeboats

By Catherine Austin Fitts
November 1 Version
Prepared as a companion to the audio seminar
Building Your Lifeboat - Surviving and Thriving In Risky Times

To go directly to the MP3 File available for free during the month of November:
Building Your LIfeboat -- Special Offer
This companion includes recommended readings and links to additional resources.

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Franklin Sanders lives two hours down Route 64 from me at his Top of the World Farm in Tennessee. With his wife Susan, he is a successful precious metals dealer, farmer and author. He and Susan have seven beautiful children and even more grandchildren. If you want to know more about Franklin, sign up for his newsletter or access his coin and savings plan, visit his website:

The Moneychanger

After Katrina and the events in the gulf in recent weeks, Franklin and I felt that many folks in our networks were grappling with a change in paradigm. It's dawning on us that we are on our own. We cannot look to government to help us -- indeed; government and government contractors may be harmful to our health!

We are shifting from a world where we are governed by government to a world where we will govern ourselves. We will chose leaders in new ways -- first and foremost by being one. We would be wise to not depend on support and services from the taxes that we pay. We would also be wise to assume that the leaders of big banks, corporations, universities, endowments, foundations and other large organizations may not have our best interests at heart.

The most powerful vote we have is in the way we live -- we vote every day with our thoughts and intentions, our associations, our time, our deposits, our purchase and our investments. We would be wise to shift our votes from Wall Street to Main Street, becoming part of networks and neighborhoods that can accomplish much of the day-to-day essentials for ourselves. The economics of globalization are changing as we switch away from centralization to decentralization and local self-sufficiency.

Franklin and I were inspired to begin to make that switch earlier than most Americans. We have both had uniquely challenging and illuminating dealings with what we call "the Tapeworm." The Tapeworm is my nickname for our financial and governance system that is centralizing political and economic power in a manner drains our family and community resources, yielding a "negative return on investment."

So we thought we would have a conversation about what we each learned in the process that may be useful to others who are concerned about the tapeworm and seeking ideas for successful "tapeworm evasion" and transforming our individual situation in a way that transforms our world.

This document is the recommended reading for this seminar -- including my personal survival strategies, survive and thrive lessons learned, plus links to additional readings and resources.

Franklin Sanders is an authentic, excellent leader. Indeed, the way to

build our lifeboats is to "sail" with leaders in all aspects of your life. Here are some of the leaders in my life who have helped me to build a new life and some of the maps and tools they taught me. This list serves as a table of contents for this document.

Table of Contents
1. Spiritual Leaders
2. Solari Leaders
3. Family
4. Healers
5. Children
6. Elders
7. Truth Tellers & Educators
8. Community Wizards
9. Artists, Artisans, & Musicians
10. Technologists, Engineers & Scientists
11. Attorneys & Accountants
12. Economic Hit Targets and Pros
13. Entreprenuers
14. Investors
15. The Kindness of Strangers
16. You are the Leader
17. Your Fellow Solari Circlers



I look at things through a spiritual way of seeing. The people who support me in doing this are special to me.

Our team at Solari is spiritually eclectic. Elianne Obadia, Solari's prayer team leader, leads a short prayer and affirmation four times a week for our core team by phone. We are often joined by an energetic healer who I have been working with for several years who is an integral part of all our creation of Solari.

For me, prayer and intention are essential tools for living and working in a world of uncertainty, risk and lawlessness. Prayer helps me "see" a world that is true, beautiful and in balance. Prayer helps me access my primary source of energy -- God's love and intelligence. Prayer helps me move through fear to action and from isolation to connection. Prayer accesses and inspires our imagination.

I love my church in Hickory Valley, Tennessee -- Hickory Valley Baptist Church. We have a fine pastor and a small but very special Women's Bible Class. I sometimes attend Mt. Salem Baptist Church down the road from us -- they too have fine preacher. One of the reasons I moved to Hickory Valley was because of the motto on our town mural across from my house. It is a quote from Corinthians: "Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God"

During the last ten years, I found sanctuary, wisdom and celebration in the Afro-American churches. I grew up in an Afro-American neighborhood in West Philadelphia and returned to home base for part of this time. The great Afro-American churches are repositories of rich learning about how to survive and thrive with joy and love in the face of everything the tapeworm can throw at us -- genocide, slavery, economic cleansing, starvation, rape and "beat down". Every one of us in our lives is dealing first and foremost with spiritual warfare -- with evil forces that are draining and even literally trying to kill us. The great Afro-American churches are an oasis of sanctuary and learning and their leaders a true inspiration.

For two living examples:

T.D. Jakes Ministries
The Potter's House
Dallas, Texas

Pastor Alfred and Co-Pastor Susie Owens
Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church
Washington, DC

One of the things that Pastor and Co-Pastor Owens and Bishop Jakes taught me was the power of praise -- of giving thanks no matter what is happening and for appreciating the people and resources in our lives. Bishop Jakes calls it "an attitude of gratitude." Praise attracts the positive. The more negative events, the more important to increase your praise to outwit the negative by drawing on greater positive. When I lived in Washington, D.C., during some of the greatest periods of stress in my life, I would literally crawl into church at Greater Mt. Calvary on Sunday saying "its hopeless, there is no chance that I will live the week." Two hours later I would come out laughing and charged up and full of plans for a great week.

When times are tough or you are on the road, there may not be time for prayer or a place to worship with others. I have learned to pray throughout the day -- while driving long distance, cleaning the house or waiting to see the dentist. Sermons get popped into the walkman or in the CD player in the car.

I love music and I find that music that involves worship and prayer and holds up that which is sacred keeps my mind at a higher level, particularly when dealing with the tapeworm inclines my mind into a mental sewer or dark hole. Some of my favorites are Handel, Bach and Gregorian chants. I love gospel and old southern hymns.

My life is also full of angels.... both visible and invisible. There are way too many to mention here. If you want more, see my Meditations at Christmastime:

Angels Watching Over Us

The best things to happen to me in the last month was our prayer circle affirming that everything we did at Solari needed to have spiritual integrity and they would support me in a decision that resulted from this. It is support like that, which can reinvigorate a sometimes lawless world with support from a natural law.

As our Bill of Rights states, our freedom comes to us by divine right.

I rarely talk about my spiritual philosophy outside of a small circle. Organized religion has been a very negative institutional force in our world, and religious philosophies are often used to create division and justify evil.
Finally, spiritual practice is hypocritical if it does not translate into action in our lives and in our community.

My focus is creating an investment model that aligns our financial and economic system to one that is in harmony with people and all living things. So I generally stick to talking about money. One day in Bible Class at Greater Mount Calvary, my first year bible teacher --one of the best teachers I have ever had -- asked me to explain the Solari model. Half way through my explanation she said, "You are making it much too complicated. It’s in the Old Testament. It says we have to take care of the land, we have to take care of each other and we have to take care of ourselves.' That's what we need to be doing -- not just talking about it.

Over the last five years I have had the opportunity to travel a great deal. This has given me an opportunity to learn about many different spiritual practices -- particularly Buddhism and Islam. The outpouring of websites and books on a wide variety of practices give marvelous access no matter where we are. I look to read and learn from people whose faith has helped them overcome hardship and dark times, and to imagine a wonderful world that can emerge in its place.

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- tapping into divine intelligence and finding spiritual leaders who teach and inspire you are essential.



I am one of those people who was born with a purpose. The thing that has kept me alive at the darkest time was the beauty of what I see as possible. I feel that I have a personal responsibility and spiritual mission to my family, my friends, my "people" to invent a new investment model to replace the dying "central banking-warfare" model -- the investment model that has triumphed for the last 500 years. The Solari Model is both environmentally sustainable and creates far greater wealth and greater security at the grassroots. The desire to fulfill this leadership responsibility, and to be part of a civilization and a people that is excellent, is a desire that gives life and energy at all times.

For most of my life, I worked to develop the Solari Model, believing that it was not possible to develop a new investment model in one lifetime. I thought I would get part of the way and leave it to others to get the rest of the way after my death. When I got the essence of it in 1997 -- thanks to building significant databases and software tools in combination with $12 billion of transactions and $500 billion of portfolio strategy that my company executed in the 1990's that allowed us to analyze and simulate the entire economy--I was thrilled. It was a dream come true.

I think that safety and security comes from being attracted to our purpose and moving towards it in a way that is continuously of service to those around us and to the generations yet unborn, and engaging with those who feel the same.

Over the years, a core team of people has come to help me create and build Solari -- Christina Engelbart, Court Skinner, Henri Poole, Carolyn Betts, Peg Stuart, and Elianne Obadia, the wonderful management and staff at Solari Store at MRW, and many more. Thousands have linked in through our network and the networks of allies. I could tell you hundreds of stories of different Solari Action Network members who made my day or saved my life -- Rick Emsinger, Charles Harris, James Quaid and on and on. Each Solari Action Network member has a unique voice with unique gifts to inspire and do. What they all speak to is the power of who shows up in your life when you say yes to life.

Every day members of our network come into our site and read our articles, find archived radio shows or go to the Solari Store and buy audio seminars. Their feedback, their ideas, their encouragement and their purchases give us the critical resources to build forward. We are deeply grateful for your support and for the opportunity to be of service.

There is nothing more gratifying in the world than to do what you love with the people you love on a sustainable basis.

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- Go on the offense => be proactive. Forget surviving. We need to reinvent our world. Focus on your purpose as part of building a better world and do your best to be of continuous service to those around you in both what you are doing and in what serves them today. The best way to go about inventing a new investment model is to save someone ten minutes today -- that means helping someone scrub their kitchen floor while you discuss whatever.



After a very full time career on Wall Street and in Washington, DC, I decided that I did not really know my family and I needed to take more time to get to know them and understand how my life and work could support them. In addition -- because I was the target of a smear campaign -- I wanted my family to understand what was happening and what I was trying to do with the Solari model.

As a result, I decided to leave Washington in 1999 and move to Hickory Valley, where my cousins on my father’s side of the family have a cotton farm, close by my beloved stepmother Stella and a favorite cousin Willie Louise. Stella was having health problems and Willie Louise was in her 90s. They only lived a few more years. Before they died, I downloaded generations of learning from these wise women in my family. To learn to survive and thrive in a dark time, we can draw on the wisdom of generations that have come before.

My sister (who does not want her name on the internet) wrote a letter to Congress on my behalf and we put together a description of our family. I have a fantastic uncle Robin, my mother's brother, who along with my sister and Robin's sons supported me through the worst legal and financial troubles -- literally saving my life. As we collected up information about our family, what I learned that I had not known was amazing! My great grandfather had been the Secretary of Agriculture for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I had not known that. What I discovered in both my mother’s and father’s family is that some of us had left the land and gone to the cities and some had stayed on the land. Those two groups had become separate -- yet reuniting them brought all the networks together that we needed to really effect deeper change in our culture and economy. Together we had the knowledge and skills.

I now have pictures of many ancestors around my house and I know more about the amazing accomplishments and trials that they surmounted. If you think we are having hard times, imagine building a home, a farm and a town on the prairie with literally nothing? Or imagine being a Native American when all the immigrants are trying to genocide you and take what you have. Truly, understanding what our ancestors have overcome is a reminder that we are made of stronger stuff than we think. One of my favorite quotes is on our website:

"We have not journeyed all this way across the centuries, across the oceans, across the mountains,
across the prairies, because we are made of sugar candy"

– Winston Churchill

Because I travel a great deal and my family is all over the country, I make an effort to send post cards, birthday cards and Christmas cards to stay in touch and to encourage. It is a small thing. I think it is important to let people know we are thinking of them when we can. When I am on long drives, it gives me lots of time to call and listen and to lift up family and friends through prayer.

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- the most important risk management unit ever invented to ensure human surviving and thriving is the family. Do what you can to help your family grow strong together and to learn what they can teach you. Remember, your family includes your ancestors and generations yet unborn. What are you doing for those who will follow you and how can your hopes and dreams for them inspire you?



To me nature is the great healer. Moving from Washington to Hickory Valley, Tennessee in 1999 has made an extraordinary difference in my life. Franklin Sanders writes in his latest newsletter "Get out of the cities!" and indeed that is good advice for many of us. I find that I have a balance and a sounder attitude in the country and when I am much more connected to trees, to animals, to the planting and harvest of farm country, and to the stars.

Fresh air, sound sleep and fresh food and water are essential to health. For many of us, we have a better chance of getting these in the country. Our country is full of thousands of little towns like Hickory Valley. They have been drained of talent and resources as many moved to the cities. These towns and their "community wizards" are little gems just waiting to be discovered and loved. For those who wish to stay in the cities, there is much that can be done to encourage and reintroduce nature and sustainable urban living, particularly where neighbors can share tasks like community gardening.

When I worked on Wall Street, I spent a lot of money on making sure that my apartment was always full of plants and fresh flowers. After I moved to Hickory Valley, I discovered that I could do much better by simply strolling around the neighborhood or driving along the country roads and bringing back many vases worth of the most beautiful wild flowers you could imagine.

One of the most talented entrepreneurs I know, Harry Blazer, built the largest fresh food market in Atlanta and is working on building local food self sufficiency in Flathead Valley, Montana. There are wonderful organic farmers and farmers markets in Flathead, including Barb Brandt and her group, Farm Hands. Living for periods in Montana with the crew in Flathead Valley and next to my cousin Jane's farm in Hickory Valley, I have learned more about the importance of fresh food to basic health.

If you have a young person, and can't get them off of junk food, try having them watch Super Size Me, produced by Morgan Spurlock who is truly changing the world through filmmaking:

Morgan Spurlock & Super Size Me

I feel and see significant environmental deterioration wherever I go throughout the US, not to mention the presence and possibility of poisoning and low-grade biological warfare. That means we all have to take extraordinary steps to build our immune systems and keep toxins out as well as detoxify our bodies. Never wait until you are sick. Start now!

Patricia Stranahan at the Natural Healing Center in Vienna Virginia was another person who saved my life in the 1990's. During the most stressful times, a minister told me that anyone dealing with "spiritual warfare" needed to cleanse his or her colon. So I went to see Pat and she taught me how. Pat lives right near Washington, DC. She has had more than a few patients who have wrestled with the "tapeworm." Indeed, it was Pat who explained to me how a real tapeworm parasite operates and, thus, gave me the idea to nickname the corruption in our system "the tapeworm."

Natural Healing Center

Pat uses Arise and Shine cleansing materials in her practice:

Arise and Shine

I have some wonderful friends who understand the importance of maintaining cellular vitality when under great stress. In 2003, they gave me a QRS. Now I can't imagine living without it.

Quantron Resonance System

They also introduced me to Ion Cleansing, a very comfortable way to detoxify the body. I used their Ion Cleanse machine long enough to know that it was worth the investment to get one myself. This is the kind of equipment that a group of friends and neighbors could buy together and share.

Ion Cleanse Machine

They also introduced me to Rife machines -- a tool that Franklin Sanders has also used. Royal Rife was one of the most amazing investors of healing technologies in the 20th century. You can learn more at:

Royal Rife

The healers who go up against the tapeworm are often the people who have the hardest times. One whose work and life I have found particularly inspiring after listening to him speak on several occasions is Dr. Sam Chachoua:

Dr. Sam Chachoua

Jon Rappoport has written tremendous material on health and health topics. See more about Jon in Truth Tellers below. See Jon to better understand disease and the importance of avoiding vaccines.

Another one of my favorite sources on vaccines and how to protect your immune system is Dr. Len Horowitz.

Dr. Len Horowitz

Dr. Horowitz Religious Exemption Waiver for Vacines

Another person who has taught me a great deal about the importance of having a clear mind is Kelly O'Meara, a good friend and reporter who has written extensively on psychotropic drugs and the importance of avoiding anything that interrupts our ability to think clearly.

Psychotropic drugs

My father was a surgeon and Chairman of the Department of Surgery at the University of Pennsylvania. Living in our family and listening to my father's stories and advice gave me significant reasons to be very careful of traditional medicine. We must be an informed consumer and take responsibility for our own health. It also taught me to be e'ven more careful with respect to the psychiatric community who I believe have a construct that diminishes our personal power and our power to change things.

I find talking with wise people about our inner lives and our work and seeking advice is very helpful. This is one of the reasons that I am part of a prayer group, work with an energetic healer, and listen regularly to sermons and advice of spiritual leaders who I admire or who are recommended by people I trust.

While on the road, I have met some wonderful healers. In Montana, the leadership at the Center for Community and Spiritual Development introduced me to a healer in Eureka, Montana who is quite wonderful and is well worth a visit for those of you in the area:

J.C. Hugh MacKimmie

In the Bay Area, there is a wonderful acupuncturist:

Joseph Odom

Christina at Solari recommends Dr. Andrew Weil who has worked extensively on boosting the immune system and self healing, offering a practical holistic approach through his website, books, CDs, DVDs and newsletters on incorporating his tips into our busy lives

Dr. Andrew Weil

Last but not least is Franklin Sanders’ advice -- always live so that you have a clean conscience. That is great advice for stress free living.

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- get really radical about keeping your body and mind clean and your immune system strong. Fill your life with people whose healing light shines.



I do not have children -- I never believed that I could protect a child from the corruption around me. I am blessed with children in my neighborhood, family and friends’ families who are a very important part of my life. I try to make my home as accessible and open to them as possible -- so they love to come in to play or to ask me questions. I try to send them post cards as a travel that show the maps of where I go so that they can learn about the world. I read a book that said that all businesses should have a child on their board. I think that is a very intelligent idea.

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- extend yourself for the children in your family and your life and keep up with what they think is important. Include in your purpose and decision making an obligation to serve generations yet unborn.



Remember – there are very few new problems. That means the people who have lived longer than we have are fountains of wisdom that we need. A great culture honors and draws on the wisdom of its elders. Indeed, building a beautiful world requires creating a new generational covenant between the several living generations and that includes the ancestors and generations yet unborn.

In most families, there are people who stayed on the land, and others who went to the cities to climb the corporate ladder. As we start to integrate the wisdom and love of both groups of elders, something very magical is happening.



We live in complex times. Trying to keep up with what is going on and learning how to be effective at doing something about it is daunting -- really more than one person can do alone. It is essential to turn off or avoid all sources of information that do not have your best interests as their intention and are not useful. We are surrounded by propaganda and news coverage that are not organized to help us maximize the use of our time and resources. If you do one thing to survive and thrive -- TURN OFF YOUR TV! Fine to watch videos selectively. Just be warned that they, video games or any similar medium may involve subtle manipulation or programming.

I consume books, although my networks send them faster than I can read them these days. I find that just about anything we want to know is available from the local library if we believe that we can learn anything. Just start, just try. Key is finding people you trust who know what the best books are on any subject. After spiritual literature, if I could only buy one book to help me survive and thrive these days, it would be Carla Emory's Encyclopedia of Country Living. You can get it at both and Matt Savinar's sites. See below.

It's also important to remember that we are in dark times. We need beauty and celebration in our lives. It is best not to let bad news overwhelm you. Limit your consumption to that which is useful to you and gives you energy.

Some of my favorite truth tellers who keep me up to date are

Franklin Sanders, The MoneyChanger

Alastair Thompson, Scoop Media

Mike Ruppert, From the Wilderness

Linda Minor, Sanders Research Associates

Jon Rappoport, NewsMakingNews

Caroline Casey, Visionary Activism

Sam Smith, Progressive Review

Al Giordano, Narco News

Jim Puplava, Financial Sense

Bill Murphy, LeMetropole Cafe

Chris Powell, GATA

Dennis Bernstein, Flashpoints

Matt Savinar, Life After the Oil Crash

Kelly O'Meara, formerly with Insight Magazine

Greg Palast, BBC & Observer

Anne Williamson

John Laughland

Tom Flocco

Additional sources that I use and love are:

United Readers Service

I rotate magazines constantly at the United Readers
discount magazine service. It allows me to experience
many different worlds -- from RV Life to Handyman to
Black Belt to Organic Gardening -- many avenues for understanding
other points of view and new skills.


Home Power Magazine

Real Goods

Franklin Sanders recommends:

Acres USA

The Stockman Grass Farmer

The only mainstream newspaper I subscribe to or buy is my local paper -- and I try to read or skim the local paper wherever I am.

Finally, once a year I try to get and read the new World Almanac. I recommend this highly to get real perspective on the news.

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- Accurate maps are essential for navigating these stormy times. Great mapmakers make learning and teaching fun. Become part of a continuous learning network and start teaching people headed in the same direction. Use maps to give you energy and build a beautiful world -- never to drown in darkness!



The leadership that is most important to us is our local leadership. Corruption is financed one neighborhood at a time. Whether it is orchestrated locally, or by big muckety mucks on Wall Street or Washington DC, it gets transacted in our neighborhoods. If we can clean up the money in our own neighborhood, that is a huge accomplishment. This means identifying our good local leaders and supporting them. This starts – ideally – with having an answer for the questions – who is your banker and who is your farmer. Ideally, your bank deposits and your food purchases are supported by local leaders you can trust.
Community Wizards are wide-ranging. They can be in agriculture, government, in business, in civic organizations (such as volunteer fire fighters or emergency groups) or in spiritual organizations such as churches, synagogues and temples. They can also be people who take the time without any formal role to help and encourage those around them.

Critical among the Wizards, are the people who are excellent at attending to the engineering of our local physical engineering – farming, transportation, machinery, homebuilding, construction, energy, water municipal services, environmental healing, fire and police and so forth. If we are to transform to more self sufficient economies, this means we need to reengineer our applied technology one home and one neighborhood at a time. The people learning and doing this in the trenches are worthy of our support and investment.

One exercise that is very valuable is to identify those people who know about all the essential functions in your community. The first step to self-sufficiency is having all the knowledge necessary to be self-sufficient. If you have a network of two people each have mastered the knowledge and skills required for local self sufficiency, you and your community are in great shape!

Franklin's description of the importance of local action in this audio seminar is a great one. His emphasis on the importance of removing regulations is right on!

Here is my article about Community Wizards:

The Community Wizard of Sebastopol

And here is an article on Montana’s Farmhands, a terrific example of an effort to support local farmers:

Barb Brandt and Montana’s FarmHands

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- Find the Community Wizards around you -- find ways of supporting them that give you energy.



When I moved to Hickory Valley, Tennessee, I found myself in a place where many more people are personally involved in the arts, act, sing and play instruments. I love it. Nothing creates a true and beautiful world like artists and musicians. There is something special about filling your home with the art and music of people you know personally. This goes for all the objects around us -- our home, our furniture and other possessions. Where are the artisans who can make things for you that involve more intimacy and beauty than those things you use that are now made by strangers?

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- Fill your life with artists, artisans and musicians.... and the beautiful art, homes and music that they create.



Part of the darkness of the times we live in results from using science and technology in ways that are destructive of our environment and of life itself. Moving to a beautiful world means using the best of science and technology to live in alignment with life.

I have been particularly lucky to have some great technologists helping me at Solari, including Ozzie Blake,

Christina Engelbart

Court Skinner

Henri Poole
Civic Actions

I am constantly on the look out for scientists who can help me understand numerous subjects essential to building a sustainable infrastructure and tools -- particularly which can spread virally at the grassroots.

I try to keep learning how to do new things -- around the house or on the computer which proves it is never to late to stop being a corporate executive and begin to learn how to be useful.

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- Seek out and appreciate the toolmakers in your life and start learning.



Every year, the rules that we live by grow and get more and more complex. Having honest and effective people to help you deal with them -- whether it is understanding your liabilities in business or filing your taxes -- is invaluable.

Once upon a time, I made the mistake of having Price Waterhouse and Arthur Anderson has my accountants --- along with a dirty bank. I learned a lot about what happens when you allow criminals into your finances.

I am alive today because I was blessed with honest and competent attorneys.

It is essential to understand the role of accounting in the act of forgiveness. We love and forgive our enemies and it is our spiritual obligation to ensure that they do not keep the fruits of wrongful behavior or be allowed to remain in positions of power relative to our resources and well being. We forgive the people who stole $4 trillion from the federal government, however we endeavor to get our money back and to hold them legally and morally accountable.

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- It pays to have honest attorneys and accountants in your life. Know them before you need them!



Our world is very much controlled and operated covertly. Not understanding how this works makes it very difficult for most of us to understand what is happening or to use our time and resources
in the most effective way.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet, learn from and read people who have been in Special Forces, covert operations, organized crime and the intelligence agencies. In addition, I have sought out those who have been targeted by covert operations and have lived to tell the tale.

One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever gotten was a former CIA covert operations person. He said that when bad things happen, just understand that it is a wave. Just let it pass over. Turn off your brain if you have to. Keep moving forward if you can. Things will look different in the morning. Or some point. Let the wave pass over you. Never let it overwhelm you, but don't fight it either. Be a reed in the wind.

For those who want to learn more about how to handle dirty tricks and physical danger, here are some of the sources that I find most useful:

Professional Paranoid
by H. Michael Sweeney

Anatomy of a SWAT from a Laywer's Perspective
by Lucille Compton

Gift of Fear

I am continuously on the lookout for good books and manuals on how to identify the presence of poisons, low-grade biological warfare, electromagnetic degradation and manipulation and non-lethal weapons and counter act them. To date, I have generally depended on the sources listed under Healers.

One way to avoid dirty tricks is to keep the data available about you and your life a private as possible. The less you can use banks or credit cards, the better. The more you can move off the energy grid, the better. The more you can only associate with companies, organizations and people who are entirely trustworthy and lawful, the better.

Another is to be about the positive and invite the protection of the positive. I am alive because of hundreds of honest government workers who responded positively to the positive attitude and purpose of myself, my family and the many fine people helping us.

Survive and Thrive Rule -- There are a lot of dirty players in our world. Do what you can to avoid them and not supply them with resources or information about you and your family.



Enterpreneurs are people who know how to transform problems into sustainable solutions. My life is full of entrepreneurs who I admire and who are a constant source of new ideas and inspiration. Hickory Valley where I live is full of entreprenuers. Here are just a few of the enterprenuers in my life who are making a tremendous difference.

Franklin Sanders
The Money Changer

Harry Blazer
Flathead Valley Farmers Market & Glacier Audio

Bill Murphy
Le Metropole Cafe

Tom Willits
Jeff Mackler
MRW Connected

Paul Atkinson
Chester Challenge

Eunice Boston
Partners in Grime Cleaning Company
Northern NJ/New York

Gale Bullock
Realty Reality

Survive and Thrive Lesson s -- Building a new world is a continuous process of turning lemons into lemonade. Fill your life with entrepreneurs who live in this way and are dedicated to excellence.



Our good friend Caroline Casey says “ A new world is percolating.” Solari asks, “How do we make it bankable and investable?” Solari’s mission includes attracting venture capitalists, venture angels, investment advisors and individual investors who are willing to move resources out of the tapeworm and work with us to create worthy investment vehicles that can draw investment to revive communities in a positive return on investment economy. Stay tuned at:




Wherever I go, I find tremendous generosity and kindness.

Survive and Thrive Lesson -- no matter how bad things get, most people are fundamentally good. It is best to assume the best about people, while being prepared to handle things if the best is not what is possible. Remember, there are two kinds of people in the world. First are people who are helping and supporting us. Second are people who are not yet helping and supporting us. It’s our job to help and support the first group and attract and convert the second group. In short, see the world as divided up between allies and potential allies.



The Hopi expression is true.....we are the people we have been waiting for. Here are some of the issues that are useful to think about in terms of our own leadership.

Getting the Tapeworm out of Our Minds and Roladexes

I find the number one problem that prevent people from building lifeboats is that they have, as Franklin says in the audio seminar, a "fifth column" in their head. We can see the tapeworm clearly until it moves through the people and organizations that provide many of us with resources and prestige or people we love.

How do we see the tapeworm clearly and end our dependency on and addiction to its resources and prestige? I find that the more I understand about how money works and the more I act in accordance with fundamental spiritual principles, the easier it is to do this. How do I transfer this knowledge quickly to others especially when this requires a paradigm shift for them?

I find the most dangerous blind spots result from one or more of the following conditions:

1. When facing the truth is overwhelming -- ie would lead someone to conclude that change is hopeless;

2. When entrainment, subliminal programming and/or mind control technology is operating, particularly when a person will not remove TV from their life and do not understand the potential for electronic mediums to invisibly impact our thinking;

3. Where there is a strong sexual attraction or ties;

4. Where there is a desire for inclusion in groups representing
people and interests that appear rich and powerful;

5. Where there is significant financial dependency;

6. Where there is an emotional need to believe that we are part of a system that is fundamentally good or decent;

7. Facing the truth would result in actions or behavior that would increase the chances of assassination or physical harassment to a person and/or their family;

8. When it is not possible for someone who is fundamentally non-violent to fathom intentional violence in others or to see the connection to their enjoying the financial benefits of that violence;

9. When there is a strong loyalty to the tapeworm in a spouse, life partner, family and or valued partners and allies.


The more you can simplify your legal and material responsibilities to those people and organizations that you truly love and give you energy and support and reduce the possessions you need and are responsible for, the more you will free time and reduce risk.

I occasionally declare a "declutter day" during which I simply go through my house and files and transfer to others or dispose of things that I am not using and are no longer needed.

Some tools which I and friends have used successfully for decluttering are local organizations, yard sales and second hand stores who make a market in decluttering (or helping you find what you need when you need it so you don't need to keep it hanging around) as well as a number of webtools:



Solari Action Network

Having a Purpose

The greatest way to manage living in a world of greater uncertainty and risk is to focus on a positive purpose that attracts you -- in a way that creates energy for you and those around you.

We have the power to invent our world. It is essential to affirm this power each and every minute of the day all the days of our life. One of the books that I have found very useful in helping me understand our power to do this is and the efforts made to distract us from this understanding:

Handbook for a New Paradigm

Vote with Your Money

Keep learning and working to do this. If you take or give money to the tapeworm you are complicit in destroying our world. Wherever possible, work to shift your deposits, your purchases and your investments. This is incremental…just keep moving in a positive direction in a way that is energizing for you and yours.


Be about those things which unify what Caroline Casey calls "good hearted people" and attracts others to be part of it. Be about avoiding and healing the divide and conquer tactics of the tapeworm that pits women and men against each other, which pits old and young against each other, or different groups by geography, spiritual practice or racial and tribal background.



We humans are highly interdependent. Evolving our culture and our economy requires high degrees of cooperation. Saving time and resources likewise benefits from organization. This is why we believe that starting a Solari Circle with people you know and trust to help each other continue to survive, thrive and transform is essential.

Keep tuned into Solari’s website and our audio seminars as we continue to produce the material that will help you create and enjoy your Circle.

Remember, in a world of economic warfare, if you are not in a conspiracy, then you need to start one!



Catherine Austin Fitts is the President of Solari, Inc. Ms. Fitts is the former Assistant Secretary of Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner during the first Bush Administration, a former managing director and member of the board of directors of Dillon Read & Co. Inc. and President of The Hamilton Securities Group, Inc.





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