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Resigning From The Democrats & The Zionist Agenda

Resigning From The Democrats And Their Israeli-Zionist Agenda

(An Open Letter to Ramsis and all others who opt to boycott the DNC)
By Genevieve Cora Fraser

Dear Ramsis,

In dropping out of the Democratic party, you have taken a courageous step and I appreciate the many reasons you offer. Though I have also left the Democrats because of the DNC's vocal support for Zionist Israel, the Apartheid Wall, and Illegal Israeili Settlements in Palestine - as illustrated by Hillary Clinton's and Al Gore's recent actions - your arguments differ from mine in one respect. I still support John Kerry and any Democrat who dares to defy the Zionist agenda.

I DO NOT regret my 6 month involvement with the Kerry Campaign. Though he made a few remarks that I cringed at (or rather his Jewish advisors made them for him after he won the primaries), I supported him then as I do now. Kerry's campaign manager was an Arab which lost him the hard core Zionist and Israeli backing he needed. He also worked overtime attempting to assist the family of the murdered Nablus professor and peace activist Dr. Khaled Salah and his son Mohammad. He arranged for his widow and daughter and 11 year old son to come to the USA to join another son who is studying here. According to his widow, though the arrangements were made by Kerry, Israel refused to allow their 11 year old to leave Palestine (a typically cruel gesture), so she opted to remain. (Last January I spent 2 days with the family in Nablus).

Kerry may have assisted others in Palestine, but I can only comment on the situation I was directly involved with through emails, faxes, and many hours on the phone plus a lengthy visit to his Boston headquarters to report on my eye-witness account from Palestine. There was also a request to receive a copy of "Earthquake in April," published by RIWAQ and the Institute of Jerusalem Studies which illustrates with stunning photography and personal accounts Israel's genocidal 2002 month-long re-occupation and assault on Ramallah, Bethlehem, Nablus and Jenin.

During the campaign, I wrote articles critical of Kerry which his aides passed on to him - but I also praised him for what I believed he would do based on what I know of this very NON RACIST man. Remember how Terry spoke against apartheid at the convention and counseled us all to "speak truth to power." She meant it and crusaded against apartheid as a college student in South Africa. She also went into the East African bush country to work side by side with her doctor father as he tended the poor rural folk of the region. Yes, the woman has depth and the man she married has depth.

Following Kerry's defeat, I attended the after-the-campaign party and expected to be given the cold shoulder by him (trust me - behind the scenes I sent very nasty, expletive-rich memos to key people who would pass them on - advising him regarding the Israeli-Zionists agenda vs the intense suffering of the Palestinians). Instead, when he spotted me at the function he pushed his way through the crowd and held my hand for what felt like eternity, looked directly into my eyes and said with emotion several times. "Thank you so much for all you have done. I appreciate all you have done." (Did any of you catch the comment that one of Terry's son's made about the Israeli agenda folks and their extreme pushiness?)

I have known Kerry for over 20 years. He is my senator and I have worked with him on projects, such as Acid Rain Awareness in MA which we coordinated together. His environmentalism is very real. In fact he and his wife created a non-partisan environmental think tank. I also worked to bring transportation to two rural counties as the creator and coordinator of a college based effort. His aide did not have a car but he rode buses and trains for hours to come out to my rural meetings and the senator took measures to insure that the funding was received. Today we have a fabulous rural transportation system. There are many other projects I could mention such as a biomass to energy project whereby the college now is independent of middle eastern oil and heats with (no greenhouse effect) wood chips that would have been landfilled.... for pennies as opposed to mega-dollars.... certain public schools in my region have also fallen suit with federal and some state support.

Howard Dean on the other hand is a snake in the grass. His campaign manager Steve Grossman is the former head of AIPAC and held the position Dean now holds when Clinton was president. I have also known Grossman for over 20 years though my contact in recent years has been minimal. Grossman, on the other hand, did give me the cold shoulder several years ago when I didn't support him for governor. - I received phone calls morning noon and night for months from his top campaign manager, that grew increasingly angry. When I first met him I was straight out of the Jewish administered Brandeis University (MFA 81) and he personally promoted my involvement in the state democratic party - made sure I sat and ate with all the right folks at various functions etc. etc. Of course, I was also a journalist (non-political - community issues) at that time and might come in handy later. I now relalize he must have believed I was Jewish and therefore had a Zionist orientation. Little did he realize I was raised as a Catholic and my Jewish intellectual great-grandfather left Germany as an agnostic in the late 1880s - disgusted by the Zionist world domination and control agenda - and I was counseled by my grandmother accordingly.

In my opinion Howard Dean was a Black Flag Operation that served two purposes. Once Kerry's presidential move and possible agenda was known (he spoke of the suffering of the Palestinians as well as the Israelis early on and hired an Arab as his top guy), Dean signed on with Grossman (AIPAC). I remember discussing this behind the scenes at the time. And by taking an anti-war stance Dean would serve to draw all the activist to his (false-front) side. The man spoke glowingly of Israel and still does. (Even more than oil, we are in Iraq for Israel's sake - to take out a perceived enemy and as part of their Greater Israel promised by Abraham nonsense.)

Dean as a peace activist??? Give me a break. He's in bed with Israel and so is his wife. That's why the Democrats have become so overt about their support of Israel. Just think, pity the poor Zionists! Their Neo-Con cover has been blown along with their involvement with providing false info to justify "shock-and-awe" and all the other genocidal feats we have perpetrated on Iraq. They NEED the Democrats more than ever. The DNC is the Zionist-Israeli meddling cover for the 2008 campaign. That's why it is imperative that WE BLOW THEIR COVER and boycott the Democratic party until further notice. Let's force them to acknowledge the horror that Zionist-Israel has caused and continues to cause as they work to destabilize the Middle East. By the way, Bush supports constituitional democracies. Israel does not have a constitution, so you can't pin them down on principles - because they clearly have none.... merely not-so-hidden agendas.

However, check out Kerry's recent speech regarding pulling out of Iraq.

"To enlist the support of Iraq’s Sunni neighbors, we should commit to a new regional security structure that strengthens the security of the countries in the region and the wider community of nations. This requires a phased process including improved security assistance programs, joint exercises, and participation by countries both outside and within the Middle East."

10/26/05 Georgetown University -

A new regional security structure that strengthens the countries in the region??? Can you imagine Israel agreeing to this??? It's a wonder that the Mossad hasn't assassinated him. Yet if you listened to Kerry's campaign speeches he outlined a similar plan.
I realize that Kerry should not have come decked out in his old uniform and paraded his medals and valor in Vietnam as he did. I suppose it was meant to deflect those who would criticize his past performance as an anti-war activist but instead he stepped back into the old attacks from his Vietnam era days. So that was a dumb move on his part. But I still believe that Kerry would have made a great president but it may be too late. The Zionist controlled media is out to get him big time. Even the comics are in on the attacks. His one hope is to run again and stick to the point - being unflinchingly honest - forget the campaign gimmicks - they don't become him - he ends up looking foolish.

But does he have the courage....

- Genevieve


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