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Buzzflash Whiplash: Bushevik Iran War Preparations

Whiplash: Bushevik Iran War Preparations Buried Between Big Breasts and Diapers


It was a week of startling revelations that included:

  • The Pentagon issuing a report admitting that they had a department set up that helped create lies to convince America to go to war with Iraq.

  • The Libby trial further revealing that Cheney orchestrated a campaign, with the approval of Bush, that included outing a CIA operative who specialized in tracking the illicit sale and possession of WMD’s, the very reason Cheney and Bush claimed that we went to war with Iraq over, but lied about.

  • Congressional hearings unearthed multiple Bush Administration betrayals and deceptions including that the Iranians had offered awhile back to have comprehensive negotiations with the U.S. to help stabilize Iraq and even potentially recognize Israel. The Bush Administration ignored their offer.

  • Among the many other Congressional hearing bombshells, we learned that the Bush "Viceroy" for Iraq, L. Paul Bremer, allowed the distribution of $12 billion in cash without requiring any record keeping.

  • The Bush Administration continued putting naval and military resources in place to launch a nuclear airstrike on Iran.

But these and so many other bombshells – which strung together in just one week would merit the exploration of high crimes and misdemeanors (as in the impeachment of Bush and Cheney) – got buried in the sudden death of the only bombshell that really matters to television news ratings: the mysterious death of a bodacious blonde female celebrity.

Oh, and let’s not forget the astronaut who wore diapers as she drove cross the south to presumably do harm to a romantic rival. (Given that this is America, the astronaut charged with the crime will probably end up as a spokesperson for "Depends.")

We could go on and on with a list of how severely the White House has betrayed the national security of the United States – and how Congress still can’t stop "Thelma and Louise" (as calls them) from sending more American GIs to die for a conflict born of deceit – and now fueled by hubris, delusions, ego, arrogance and lies. (Not to mention the real gas that keeps the endless Iraq War continuing: rural, poor and immigrant GI cannon fodder and hundreds of billions of American tax dollars.)

But with news having formally merged with the entertainment industry, a dead curvy blonde with a soap opera personal history always beats out a highly possible Armageddon-initiating nuclear attack on Iran.

By Saturday, at least the media covered the launch of Barack Obama’s campaign in our home state of Illinois – and included the Lincoln tie-ins that the Obama strategists were hoping for. (And trust us, in Springfield, Illinois, the state government and the Lincoln legacy are the only industries to speak of.)

Which brings us to the script rewrite department.

Because the flip side of the Obama coverage was the eerie, freakish New York Times rewrite of the Iraq WMD story, this time claiming that Iran has a sophisticated roadside bomb it is supplying to the Bushevik enemy of the week in Iraq.

Here we go again: the same vague sources without attribution. The same third person omniscience of something that was right out of a pre-Iraq War Judith Miller article for which the New York Times previously apologized! The same lack of context and alternative perspectives. (It may even be true, who knows? But isn't Pakistan supplying arms to the Taliban and sheltering Osama bin Laden? Aren't Saudi Arabians supplying money and arms to the Sunnis? Because of the Bush/Cheney fiasco, everyone has got their fingers in Iraq.)

It’s déjà vu all over again, with the script not even changed by the White House or the New York Times! In fact, the NYT reporter who wrote the "Iran bomb" story co-wrote with Miller before.

By Sunday, we have a bad case of diaper, breast and pre-Armageddon (the nuking of Iran by "Thelma and Louise") whiplash at

Still, as we rub our sore neck from the infotainment "reporting" train wreck of the week past, we do hope for the mental health recovery of the romantically desperate astronaut, and we are sorry for Nicole Smith that being a celebrity in America has cost another life.

But we are also profoundly concerned that Congress is not moving fast enough to keep Cheney and Bush from initiating "the Rapture" by bombing Iran.

Because in that case, the corporate tabloid television networks – who can’t distinguish between the news value of breasts, diapers and delusional, deceitful wars – won’t be around as the final shock and awe display of the Bush-Cheney administration lights the fuse that leads to World War III.

What would happen if the world blew up and no one saw it on television?

And would we ever find out the fate of Natalee Holloway in Aruba?


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