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2008: Get Ready For The Rocky Road Ahead!

2008: Get Ready For The Rocky Road Ahead!

The Main Report Group, publishers of respected political newsletter Trans Tasman, and The Main Report Business, is firing a few warning shots across the bows of the country’s elite in a special report entitled 2008: Get Ready For The Rocky Road Ahead!

The Group’s top writers and analysts, Editor-in-Chief Max Bowden, Senior Editor and political guru Ian Templeton and Research analyst Tony Doe warn of tough times ahead, and are calling for the Government and other decision-makers to look further out than this year’s election and take NZ firmly into the 21st Century.

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  • The Rocky Road Ahead
  • In what the analysts are calling a stern warning about where the country is heading they cover a wide range of areas, with some harsh words at times for those in the nation’s diving seat.

    Politics… “Give Helen Clark another term and some say she will be there for life.”

    “Helen Clark’s team is looking tired and bereft of ideas, and new talent is not living up to expectations. John Key is suffering much the same fate with many in his shadow line-up still veterans of the Shipley Govt. Change will not come easily to political veterans,”

    New Ideas and Solutions… “Too often we see the “quick fix to life” mentality get in the way of a long-term approach.

    Trade… “The nations we compete with are not standing still as they look for an advantage in the global marketplace.”

    Tax cuts… “Given the squeeze from interest rates and rising food prices on household budgets, a $20 a week tax cut may earn the Govt a derisive sniff, rather than any warm applause.”

    “The country needs a tax system which helps drive economic perfomance.”

    Broadband… “It is not just a matter of catching up, but trying to leap ahead of our Asian rivals, who are starting late, but with the very latest technology.”

    Climate Change… “What the country needs are incentives to go green, rather than more charges or taxes.”

    Infrastructure… “The Govt must find a way to provide infrastructure which will serve generations to come, at an acceptable cost.”

    Change… “NZers have watched the winds of change blowing through the US scene, with Barack Obama creating a compelling case for a new vision. John Key is NZ’s Obama, but like Obama, he has not yet delivered any real substance.”

    The Main Report Group says the odds are on change in NZ’s political arena this year, but are hopeful the change will be the kind NZers want, rather than change forced on them by the harsh demands of a global credit crunch and international recession.


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