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The Massive Multiplayer Political Game (MMPG)

The Massive Multiplayer Political Game (MMPG)

Scene at the End of the World El Profe CC

"Now what" asked the boy? "You are my son," responded his master.
"Go do my work. I will be there for you."

Michael Collins
"Scoop" Independent News
Washington, DC

Fantasy encircles the U.S. presidential race. We have an urgent responsibility to address climate change and other environmental problems that imperil the 6.6 trillion people on the planet. Anyone hear about that from the candidates? We have a health care crisis in the United States with over 40 million uninsured and premium rates skyrocketing for those with insurance. Any real solutions for that problem? Our economic system is on its last legs and our infrastructure, bridges, etc., crumbles as you read this. Zero real solutions, right, other than solutions that line the pockets of political donor's.

This is a time for intense focus, serious discussions, and open debate on policies and programs. It's the entire human species at risk. Have we heard anything about that in the presidential primaries? Not even close.

But we have an alternative – respond to their game playing with our own, a Massive Multiplayer Political Game (MMPG) . That doesn't mean we stop working as hard as possible for real change. We'll continue to tell "the elect," in no uncertain terms, that it's time for truth. But every now and then, why not take the edge off by mocking our profoundly incompetent "rulers" in a virtual world of our choice.

The game is called "Sim/End Game;" a massive multiplayer political "God game" where the key characters claim to save the world but actually bring on the End Game, extinction of the human species. There's hard core reality embedded in this fantasy game.

The key characters are based on the current leaders in the party primary races.


Republican - The Hunt for Body Count

The only distinct competition between Republicans is which plan has the highest body count.

(1) (2) (3) (4)

Mitt Romney is a lot of hot air on body count. He talks a tough game on "terrorism" but there are few figure attached since his threats are so generic. We can make cautious assumptions and impute figures based on the general tone of his remarks on the war.

Let's say he keeps us in Iraq for another four years. Combined casualties are running at about 191,000 a year including the huge increase in suicide rates for those who've served in Iraq (120 a week). That leaves Romney with a total body count of 760,000, nothing compared to his opponents. (R: Dave Delay CC)

McCain and Huckabee are the clear body count visionaries. John McCain said it would be just fine with him if we're in Iraq for another 100 years. Using the previous annualized figures, that would be 19 million dead. There are on 26 million Iraqis. If McCain bumps up his effort over there, he can easily exhaust the entire 26 million citizens. This guy is scary. (L: maren CC')

But McCain is just a piker when we look at candidate Mike Huckabee. He says we're in the midst of World War III against Muslims. But that's not all. He's a believer in the "End Times" when his version of Jesus returns to earth to battle the antichrist. Since most everyone dies in that battle, we're looking at, oh, let's say 6.4 billion dead! Just 200 million will survive: the true believers in Huckabee's version of the world. (R: Florian CC )

Ron Paul can't be used as a player because he opposed the Iraq invasion from the start on principle. With Dennis Kucinich out of the race, he's the one true anti war (not just anti Iraq) candidate in the running.


Metaphysical Politics - Democratic Vagaries

The Democrats have some dangerous policies that will create significant increases in body count. But they lack the creepy Republican blood lust and focus on death. They're all about their "version" of the future, the specific qualities that make them capable of solving all the problems that they refuse to discuss. Solipsism meets narcissism. It's all about them. (L: Daniella Zaclkman CC)

Hillary Clinton is joined at the hip with her husband. "I never did anything without discussing it with her first" says Bill Clinton. That refers to Bill's two terms and also, apparently, every one of her primaries. Hillary's theme is – "experience." She's been there, she knows how the world works, and she's got that special "wisdom" that comes only from the experience of listening and watching great events. If we were a royalty, she could be our "Watch Queen."

Barak Obama is a true metaphysician.. His campaign is a 100% vision. "Hope" is the centerpiece. If it all works out, he'll replace Bill Clinton as "the man from Hope." He let his vision slip in his victory speech when he talked about a night "years from now" when our children "inherit a planet that's a little cleaner and safer. " (L: Daliella Zalkman CC')

I guess he didn't see the movie or read the book. Either we start cleaning up our mess in a couple of years or we're all doomed. Oh well, at least he's got a vision.


Sim/End Game

Type: Massive Multiplayer – Online Role Playing Game
Virtual Fantasy World
Persistent Presence - Players Attributes Remain During Absence
God Game – Territorial with Delusions of Salvific Power

Sim/End Game allows players to assume the role of a Savior with the recurring theme of failure despite their delusions of omnipotence. The territory is a fantasy version of this world just before humans reach the point of total extinction. The job of each Savior is to prevent human extinction. Each fails due to the fatal flaw, "hubris." Their delusion of salvific powers is caused by two mistaken assumption: (1) there will always be conflict and war no matter what anyone does and (2) the Saviors come from a land occupied by a special breed with special powers. This creed is taught throughout their land at the instruction of the tiny minority in control. They teach that the land and its people are so different, so exceptional; they're entitled to save the world through any means available: "exceptionalism" where "the end justifies the means."

While their stated goal is salvation, the Saviors (candidates) inevitably commit acts that cause the destruction of the human species. The tension of the game is between the ego based claim that the Saviors are "God's" agents and the reality that they're just flunkies for the Archons, rulers of the "le nouvel ordre du monde" (the new world order).

While the characters are able to buy "special powers" and weapons, they must ultimately deal with The Deity.


(All images El Profe Creative Commons or with permission.)

Mad McCain

His power comes from rage.
Don't piss him off. El Profe CC


Magnificent Mitt

Not even an empty shirt to cover
his perfection – sparkling.
El Profe CC


Lady Macbeth Clinton

She's had enough! She will do anything
to claim her right to rule.
El Profe CC


Quick Change Obama

Barack does it all with words and charm.
It's all hope from "the hope-ster." He's
a young man in a hurry. El Profe CC


The Minister of Death

He has the final solution - we're all going to die
except "the chosen." All questions have been
answered for The Minister of Death and his crew.
We're rockin' in to the End Times!
El Profe © (with permission)



Shut the F… Up

The ultimate control mechanism to keep any intruders silent, no matter how truthful they may be. El Profe CC



The Myth of Eternal Conflict

The first essential delusion. It powers the game by causing the characters to believe the fight is eternal and must continue; that arms are the only solution.
El Profe CC


The second essential delusion: the "hubris" character leading all others to think that they have the solution based living in the exceptional land. El Profe CC

The Deity

This card can be used only once a week. When played, it immediately shuts down every character's "exceptionalism" and shows that "eternal conflict" is an illusion. Players can use it to save their character and win the game immediately or to begin a journey for true world peace and harmony. It they do the latter, they must leave the game forever and return to the world as it is with new energy and insight to help save the human species through cooperation and respect for the lives and views of others. Choose your own Deity – Jesus, Mohamed, Gautama Buddha, Gaia, etc. All deities have this power. (Plus Haut CC)


A very special thanks to El Profe for cooperation in sharing his images.

This article may be reproduced in whole or in part with attribution of authorship, a link to this article in "Scoop," and recognition and use of Creative Commons (CC) for the photographs and graphic art. Click the artist's name or "CC" for links to requirements for reproduction. The one © image can be used only with permission from the artist.

See below for a start on the path to understanding our current circumstances.

© Scoop Media

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