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Scoop Top 30 Daily Ratings October 21 2008


Yesterday's top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: Sludge Report: Whose Money Are We Guaranteeing?

C.D. Sludge

If the NZ taxpayer is to guarantee the deposits in NZ banks - could someone please first answer these questions: Who is holding these deposits? Whose deposits are being guaranteed? How many depositors are there with $50,000 or more? How many depositors ...

2: John Key: Statement on Yang Liu
New Zealand National Party

National Party Leader John Key said today he has met Auckland businessman Yang Liu, cited in the New Zealand Herald today.

3: Key: Statement on New Zealand Banking System
New Zealand National Party

Ladies and gentlemen, I have called this media briefing to make a statement regarding the developing situation affecting our banking and finance markets.

4: National kept in loop on finance sector regulation
New Zealand Government

Finance Minister Michael Cullen this afternoon welcomed National Party Leader John Key's reassertion of his party's support for a fundamentally bipartisan approach to finance sector regulation in New Zealand.

5: Bayleys: South Africans look to New Zealand
Bayleys Canterbury

Rampant crime, corruption and an uncertain future in their homeland are leading growing numbers of South Africans to look at settling in New Zealand.

6: Greens outline approach for post-election talks
Green Party

The Green Party has evaluated the policies, programmes and public statements of the two old parties according to the 12 criteria announced a week ago.

7: BP Drops Price Again
BP New Zealand

BP is pleased to have today dropped the price of petrol again by a further five cents a litre due to continued decreases in the international price of refined petrol.

8: Labour admits its advertising is misleading
New Zealand National Party

National Party Shadow Leader of the House Gerry Brownlee says Helen Clark must withdraw and apologise for her party's intentionally misleading attack advertising.

9: Andrew Simcock appointed GM of Biodiesel NZ
Biodiesel New Zealand

Andrew Simcock has been appointed General Manager of Biodiesel New Zealand Ltd, Solid Energy New Zealand Ltd’s renewable fuel business.

10: National evades tough questions over toll roads
Dog And Lemon guide

With less than three weeks till the election, the National Party still hasn’t answered the hard questions on toll roads, says the car buyers’ watchdog, The Dog & Lemon Guide.

11: Keith Rankin: Reasons to vote Green
Keith Rankin

Many New Zealand voters would like to see a change of government. The present Labour-led government is past its used-by date.

12: Wallace & Manning: Labour n Greens, MaoriP n Nats
Scoop Audio

KiwiFM: Wallace Chapman & Selwyn Manning discuss how the Greens say it could work with Labour but not National; NZ First doesn't like the sound of that; and how the Maori Party says it can work with National. How and why? Are voting blocks valid?

13: Finally: A Credible Economic Plan
Libertarianz Party

With chill economic winds blowing and all the mainstream political parties either unaware that the global economy has changed while they've been out campaigning, or abjectly clueless what to do about it, Libertarianz finance spokesman Julian Darby ...

14: Fall in petrol prices is a timely help
Newmarket Business Association

The latest fall in petrol prices is great for the country's retailers as it means more discretionary dollars in every household budget. It is a small break during what is a lot of economic bad weather," says the head of Auckland's leading retail ...

15: FBI ACORN Probe Could Decrease Voter Turnout
American Civil Liberties Union

WASHINGTON – In response to news reports that the FBI has initiated an investigation into ACORN, the ACLU urges the government to stop engaging in partisan probes that could cast a chilling effect on voter participation.

16: Launches 8.20pm today

From tonight New Zealand will have its own globally connected online business community.

17: Fire at Wellington Airport
New Zealand Police

Emergency services are attending a small fire at the Wellington Airport. The Airport terminal has been evacuated while the fire is dealt with.

18: PM's Presser - Late October 2008
Scoop Audio

In possibly the penultimate post-cabinet press conference before the election the Prime Minister canvassed the international financial crisis. The assembled media learned while National's John Key may be happy to get on the blower and chat to banker's ...

19: Is Maori Party Flirting With 2011 Electoral Doom?
Gordon Campbell

Gordon Campbell on the Maori Party’s perilous dance with the National Party wolves

20: The 10 Biggest Differences Between Obama & McCain
Scoop Link

The next president will influence everything from your Internet access to your ability to pay medical bills.

21: The Phantom Of The Opera New Seats On Sale
Phantom of the Opera

Media Release –THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA has opened to critical acclaim and due to overwhelming audience response the season has been extended with new seats now on sale.

22: Key set to give taxpayer funding to Kings College
Quality Public Education Coalition - QPEC

In the middle of a financial meltdown, John Key is set to give $3,241,446 of taxpayer funding to Kings College, one of the wealthiest schools in the country, where he is a parent.

23: Dunne challenges Maori Party to front up
United Future NZ Party

UnitedFuture leader Peter Dunne today challenged the leadership of the Maori Party to justify the corrupting effect the Maori seats have on New Zealand's democracy.

24: Economic Correction Needs Political Correction
Libertarianz Party

"The response of the mainstream political parties to the global economic crisis has been universally appalling," says Libertarianz party leader Bernard Darnton. "First denial, then promises of deficit spending of both the type and degree that helped ...

25: FLASHBACK: Obama Seeks To Prevent Election Fraud
Barack Obama

Tuesday, November 8, 2005: WASHINGTON - U.S. Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) Tuesday introduced legislation to protect Americans from using tactics that intimidate voters and prevent them from exercising their rights on Election Day.

26: Howick’s world first BNI brunch networker
BNI New Zealand

Of the more than 4,500 BNI business referral groups in over 37 countries – all of whom meet at either 7am or lunchtime – it took a newly launched chapter in Howick, Auckland, to go against conventional business practice and set-up a brunch meeting.

27: Rare Native Fern Rediscovered In Hawke’s Bay
Te Papa

Dr Leon Perrie, Te Papa’s Botany curator, and the Manawatu Botanical Society recently made an unexpected discovery of a maidenhair spleenwort fern population (Asplenium trichomanes s.l.) previously thought extinct.

28: Paul Young and Tony Hadley kick off NZ tour
Auckland City Council

Eighties fans can "lay their hat" at Auckland Zoo on Sunday 2 November when Paul Young and Tony Hadley kick off their New Zealand tour.

29: Zus & Son Of Zus: The Defiance Film
Suzan Mazur

One night during the untamed post-Woodstock years living in Greenwich Village, my sister and her husband introduced me to a gorgeous Israeli-American scholar and athlete named Jay, the son of Zus -- Alexander "Zus" Bielski, a WWII resistance fighter and ...

30: Stop Mollycoddling Our Children!
SOLO - Sense of Life Objectivists

So says one British early childhood expert, Tim Gill, who's in the country at the moment, and is becoming increasing worried about the state of NZ children. He says:

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