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GOP Charges of ACORN Voter Fraud In NM Fall Apart

GOP Charges of ACORN 'Voter Fraud' in NM Fall Apart

Perhaps the ACORN 'Voter Fraud' is Hiding with the WMD?...

By Brad Friedman, , The BRAD BLOG

I've written both here and at the UK's Guardian to point out that not a single case of ACORN "voter fraud" has been shown anywhere despite the Republican's phony outrageous and MSM's knee-jerk reporting of it.

That changed on Friday (for about a minute) when the GOP and their always-reliable and incurious media echo-chamber began trumpeting "undeniable proof that a significant number of fraudulent voters were cast in Democrat primary races for the New Mexico legislature as a result of ACORN’s voter registration fraud".

Knock us over with a feather, but those charges have now fallen apart as well...

I'd asked, in my coverage, for evidence --- any evidence --- from anybody, to support the claim that the GOP --- and even John McCain, dishonorably enough --- have been hanging their collective, desperate hats on in regard their allegegations of ACORN "voter fraud". Nobody had been able to offer a single link containing any evidence, until last Friday when the GOP charged actual voter fraud (as opposed to the voter registration fraud by ACORN canvassers against the community group, and as reported to officials by them) in the Democratic primary, in New Mexico.

But now, as it turns out, even those claims of illegal votes in NM are apparently false as well, though the RNC seems to be having trouble admitting it, even in the press conference they'd called to tout the phony claims yesterday, before being undermined by the truth accidentally leaking out first. Zachary Roth at TPMMuck has the shameful story...

Further, as it turns out, the guy behind the false GOP charges in NM, Pat Rogers, is the same anti-democracy hoaxster from the phony GOP/White House-run "voter fraud" propaganda front-group that we outed here years ago, the American Center for Voting Rights (ACVR). He was also behind the same unsubstantiated 2004 GOP allegations of "voter fraud" in NM just before that election as well. The '04 effort led to the White House firing of NM's Republican U.S. Attorney David Iglesias and eight others.

The U.S. Attorney Purge is currently under investigation by a DoJ-appointed Special Prosecutor after a report from the DoJ's Office of the Inspector General found politicization in the firing process reaching as high as the White House. Last Friday, the Obama campaign asked the DoJ to expand the probe of the Special Prosecutor to include the recent '06 effort, charging that it mirrors, almost exactly, what the GOP had done in 2004.

No doubt, the dead-ender rightwing losers like this guy and this guy and this gal and this gal will somehow forget to retract and/or apologize for their stories declaring that "undeniable proof that a significant number of fraudulent voters were cast in Democrat primary races for the New Mexico legislature as a result of ACORN’s voter registration fraud."

Some suckers will believe anything, I guess. Perhaps that "undeniable" ACORN "voter fraud" is hiding with the WMD.

Our Special Coverage page on the GOP's ACORN "Voter Fraud" Hoax is here...



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