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Daily Voting News For October 28, 2008

Daily Voting News For October 28, 2008

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of

7 days until Election Day.

The NAACP and Advancement Project have sued the VA Governor and the state’s top election officials for failing to provide enough resources to accommodate expected record turnout next week. The suit claims the state is in violation of the US and state constitutions and that a failure to fairly distribute voting machines, poll workers and polling places will result in long-lines in some neighborhoods. The suit asks the state to move voting machines to precincts most like to have long lines; keep polls open longer and to use paper ballots in some cases.

Also this morning is the revelation that some Georgia polling places have had lines with as long as 8 hours waiting time due to their voter registration data base being slow. The state claims that the problem is the turnout but that explanation does not make sense in the real world. The number of poll site computers feeding into the central data base computer dictates how fast that system is; not the number of voters. On election day there will be many, many more poll site computers all feeding into the central computer at the same time. Things will probably get much, much slower and lines will grow longer....

  • Featured - VA: NAACP Sues Officials Over Vote Preparations High-Minority Areas Affected, Group Says LINK
  • Featured - GA: COUNTDOWN 2008: Computer woes slow Georgians at polls LINK
  • National: Cutting Through E-Voting Debate Semantics LINK
  • National: Interview: Brad Friedman On The Epic Fail Of 2008 LINK
  • National: Provisional Ballots Get Uneven Treatment LINK
  • National: Election Unspun Oct 28 - Vote Switching At Voting Machines LINK
  • National: E-Voting Complaints Heat Up With Early Voting LINK
  • National: UCSB’s Giovanni Vigna Gives Timely Talk on Why Electronic Voting Is Frighteningly Insecure LINK
  • National: Update on voting rights cases LINK
  • National: The Vote Grab: Voter purge could swing result to McCain LINK
  • National: Thirteen Election Integrity Experts: E-Voting Problems and How to Stop Them LINK
  • National: Is a “Voting Rights Disaster” in the Offing? LINK
  • National: Battleground: One Week Out…. LINK
  • California: Alameda County - Touch-Screen Ballots Help Disabled Citizens Vote LINK
  • California: Solano County - Demand for early ballots cannot be met LINK
  • Colorado: Federal judge will hear voter purge case Wednesday LINK
  • Colorado: Latest developments on Colorado voting issues LINK
  • Colorado: Colorado election snafu roundup: Clerks resort to robocalls to fix bad registrations LINK
  • Colorado: Tipping the Scales -- Up to 10,000 Registrations Deemed Incomplete in Colorado LINK
  • Florida: 12,165 now on Florida's 'no match' vote list LINK
  • Florida: Broward County - Early Voting Hours Change, Polls Open Later LINK
  • Florida: Concerns mount about accuracy of Palm Beach County's ballot counting machines LINK
  • Georgia: Court: ‘Flagged’ citizens may vote LINK
  • Indiana: Lake County - A divided Lake elections board extends clock on early voting LINK
  • North Carolina: Watch out for a separation between the straight-party vote and the presidential vote on your ballots! LINK
  • North Carolina: Guilford County - Democrats May Seek More Voting Time LINK
  • North Carolina: Rockingham County - 79 Rockingham voters given provisional ballots LINK
  • New Hampshire: Election officials, political operatives wonder about impact of the end of straight-ticket voting LINK
  • New Jersey: Princeton Warning on E-Voting Machine Hack Shows Human Touch Can Be a Good Thing LINK
  • New Jersey: Corzine says state is ready for Election Day crowds LINK
  • New York: New York City – Editorial - Voting and the City LINK
  • Ohio: One more week to go Whoever wins Ohio may have to wait LINK
  • Texas: El Paso County - Problems with Voting Machines LINK
  • Utah: Summit County residents show up at polls only to find they've already voted LINK
  • Virginia: Group sues Kaine, Va. election officials on behalf of NAACP LINK
  • Virginia: Lawsuit: Some Va. precincts lack sufficient voting machines LINK
  • Virginia: A Voting Rights Disaster? LINK
  • West Virginia: Voting machines being checked LINK
  • West Virginia: Ireland: Testing OKs touch screen voting machines LINK
  • West Virginia: Touch-screen machines vetted Ireland invites voters experiencing problems to call her office LINK
  • West Virginia: Opinion - Jason Williams - Voting machines overseen LINK
  • West Virginia: Voting machines remain a concern LINK
  • West Virginia: ES&S VP Given 'Award of Merit' By WV SoS LINK
  • Germany: Court to Examine Security of Electronic Voting LINK
  • **"Daily Voting News" is meant as a comprehensive listing of reports each day concerning issues related to election and voting news around the country regardless of quality or political slant. Therefore, items listed in "Daily Voting News" may not reflect the opinions of VotersUnite.Org or Scoop.**


    -- John Gideon
    Co-Executive Director VotersUnite.Org

    "To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory democracy." The Creekside Declaration, March 22, 2008

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