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Daily Voting News For November 5: Morning Edition

Daily Voting News For November 5: Morning Edition

Guest Blogged by John Gideon of "">

This morning there are some articles that were from last night after I sent the evening edition. Anything I entered this morning is strictly about problems with voting machines and tabulation of votes. Except for something that I feel needs to be in DVN that is not about technology and vote counting I will probably skip it unless it is a big story. I have also made things easier and added notes between brackets [ ] so the reader will know the manufacturer of the system and/or what the problem is that is being reported.

There are some problems with vote tabulation that will be followed. Hillsborough Co Florida is having problems with their Premier/Diebold system and with the vendor. Washoe Co Nevada is reporting 40 blank memory cards. Boulder Co Colorado is having problems because their Hart eScan optical-scan machines have problems with ballot dust and dirt.

National: The Basics of Voter Suppression Tactics

National: E-Voting: What Will it Take for a Smooth Election?

National: Voting hotline gets 3,000 complaints an hour

National: RNC May Challenge Integrity of 'Computerized Voting'

National: Electronic scams attempt to keep new voters at home

CA: Santa Clara County - Few problems reported in area despite record turnout
[Sequoia machine failures caused delays – 57 machines failed]

CO: Boulder County - Dust, Creases Slow Ballot Count In Boulder
Workers Have To Inspect Ballots [Hart eScan]

CO: Boulder County - ‘Phantom’ marks frustrate election workers [Hart eScan problems]

FL: Hillsborough County - Voting Glitches Mar Election [Diebold/Premier Optical-scan]

FL: Voting problems plagued Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections Buddy Johnson

FL: Hillsborough County - Hillsborough To Resume Tabulating Votes Today

FL: Hillsborough results frozen, tens of thousands still uncounted

FL: Vote counting won't end in Hillsborough until this afternoon
["They weren't speaking the truth about what they promised," Johnson said. "I wish I had told you that at first and was less nice, but we haven't had much help from the vendor for the second time in a row." The vendor is Diebold/Premier]

FL: Glitch prevents Manatee County from issuing final election results [Diebold/Premier OS]

FL: Manatee County - Glitch postpones Manatee vote totals

GA: Why counting electronic ballots takes time

GA: Fulton County - Senior citizens among those who have voting problems

IA: Modem Problem Delayed Linn County Results [Premier/Diebold OSx optical scan]

IN: Madison County – Editorial - Ballot-counting problem should have been avoided [Early voting ballots misprinted by ES&S]

IN: Tippecanoe County - Final counts delayed as ballots sorted [Premier/Diebold TS R6 download problem]

MD: Touch-screen voting will be gone in 2010
Maryland to return to paper ballots in next election

MD: Registration errors disrupt voting

ME: Cumberland County - Broken voting machine delays Scarborough results [memory card failure]

MS: Miss. voters face long lines, machine problems

NC: Voting glitch in Rockingham County [ES&S optical scan]

NJ: High Turnout, Voter Problems Reported Around N.J.

NJ: Hudson County vote count hits major snag

NV: Washoe County - Blank cartridges delay final Washoe tally
[40 blank cartridges from Sequoia AVC Edge machines used in the election; or not used?]

NY: Oneida County - New voting machines prove troubling

OH: Boards of elections set to deal with provisional ballots as Ohio polls close

OH: Cuyahoga County elections workers rescanning ballots from more than 100 precincts

OH: Miami County set to recount 7,500 paper ballots [Diebold/Premier optical-scan memory card failure]

OH: Miami Co. count in, delayed by equipment failure

PA: Northumberland County voting machines will be impounded [Diebold TSx]

PA: Northumberland County - Computer glitch stalls Northumberland County vote count [Diebold TSx]

PA: Philadelphia - Judge denies vote-counting suit vs. Philly

WV: Marion County - Glitch Stops Vote Counting in Marion [ES&S]

WV: Marion County - Software glitch delays vote count [ES&S – ““I’m very disappointed with the software system that reads and tallies the votes,” Marion County Clerk Janice Cosco said.]

Washington DC: D.C. Board of Elections Yet to Release Any Results

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John Gideon
Co-Executive Director

"To encourage citizen ownership of transparent, participatory
democracy." The Creekside Declaration March 22, 2008

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