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'Daily Voting News' for June 01, 2009

'Daily Voting News' for June 01, 2009

Guest blogged by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn

The news from Georgia is confusing: News articles tell us that the U.S. Justice Department has struck down both the Georgia's voter registration database verification rules and its newly passed voter ID law. Our reading of the DoJ letter and the response from the Secretary of State is that it only affects the voter registration database verification process, but it's hard to tell. Read the DoJ letter and Handel's statement for yourself. The first paragraph references letters we were unable to find. If you find a link to them, please send the link to All of our featured articles are about this topic....

  • Featured: U.S. Justice Department rejects Georgia voter screening LINK
  • Featured: Feds spike Ga. law requiring citizenship checks LINK
  • Featured: Obama Justice Department Decision Will Allow Non-Citizens to Register to Vote in Georgia (Secretary of State Handel's Statement) LINK
  • Featured: DoJ Letter to Georgia LINK
  • Featured: Why Section 5 Still Matters, Or, The Obama DOJ Differs from the Bush DOJ LINK
  • National: US issues revised e-voting standards LINK
  • National: 120-Day Public Comment Period for VVSG 1.1 Begins Today LINK
  • National: EAC Will Award Grants to Recruit the Next Generation of Poll ... LINK
  • California: Lincoln resident thought he was a US citizen: Now he has to prove it LINK
  • Colorado: IRV leaves bitter aftertaste LINK
  • Connecticut: CT State Representative Sean Williams Cites Election Journal in Debate on Election Day Registration (3-minute video) LINK
  • Florida: New Clay Co. voting machine makes debut LINK
  • Minnesota: Points of Law: Coleman-Franken U.S. Senate election goes before ... LINK
  • Minnesota: Minnesota Supreme Court Hears Oral Argument on Coleman Appeal LINK
  • New Jersey: Bill passed to make voting by mail easier in NJ LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Career lawyers overruled on voting case. Black Panthers had wielded weapons, blocked polls LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Exclusive: Politics, Philly Style LINK
  • Published by VotersUnite.Org
    Ellen Theisen, Director and Managing Editor
    Dave Klein, Editor
    John Washburn, Editor


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