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'Daily Voting News' for June 14-15, 2009

'Daily Voting News' for June 14-15, 2009

Guest blogged by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn

From the deluge of coverage on Iran, we tried to select representative, information articles that weren't too repetitious. Many whose headlines don't explain why we chose them have annotations so you'll know why. The aftermath of the Iranian election exemplifies the way Twitter, blogs, and other social networking/media are transforming the way private citizens can monitor their elections....

  • National: Can the US Register Every Voter? LINK
  • National: Expanding Democracy: Voter Registration Around the World LINK
  • National: CORNYN & BEGICH: Safeguarding the military vote LINK
  • National: June too soon? LINK
  • District of Columbia: We're Stronger for the Voting Rights Battle LINK
  • New Jersey: Milgram seems determined to get voter-fraud conviction in Atlantic City LINK
  • Pennsylvania: House bill would allow Independent, non-party affiliates to vote in primary LINK
  • Pennsylvania: Reform association's manual suggests use of quota system LINK
  • Texas: Harris registrar's 2nd job creates appearance of bias LINK
  • Texas: Iranian-Americans Take To Streets To Protest Vote LINK
  • Texas: Miller alleges 'voting irregularities' in runoff LINK
  • Australia: Internet will lure voters, says election chief LINK
  • India: Project 7 Speech - Electronic Voting Machine LINK
  • Iran: Government banks and buildings were torched LINK
    (Summary of events with some background about the Iran youth.)
  • Iran: Iran president brushes off election violence LINK
  • Iran: Thousands Protest In Iran Amid Call For Vote Probe LINK
    ("Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei directed one of Iran's most influential bodies, the Guardian Council, to examine the claims.")
  • Iran: Good in a Bad Election LINK
  • Iran: Tear gas and Twitter: Iranians take their protests online LINK
  • Iran: Social media rocks the Iranian vote LINK
    (Includes links to sites with various types of coverage.)
  • Iran: Faulty Election Data LINK
    (Interesting chart of the results, periodically released during the counting by the Interior Ministry.)
  • Iran: The Iranian People Speak LINK
    (Pollsters claim their poll was consistent with the election results.)
  • Iran: Terror Free Tomorrow Poll Did not Predict Ahmadinejad Win LINK
    (This review of the poll refutes the claims made by the pollsters.)
  • Iran: Top Pieces of Evidence that the Iranian Presidential Election Was Stolen LINK
  • Iran: Iranian Election Results by Province LINK
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    Ellen Theisen, Director and Managing Editor
    Dave Klein, Editor
    John Washburn, Editor

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    Binoy Kampmark: A Looting Matter: Cambodia’s Stolen Antiquities

    Cambodia has often featured in the Western imagination as a place of plunder and pilfering. Temples and artefacts of exquisite beauty have exercised the interest of adventurers and buccaneers who looted with almost kleptocratic tendency. In 1924, the French novelist and future statesman André Malraux, proved himself one of Europe’s greatest adventurers in making off with a ton of sacred stones from Angkor Wat... More>>

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    Speculation that the Prime Minister’s leadership of the Labour Party may be at risk because of this week’s adverse poll results is as exaggerated as it is premature and facile. While her popularity has plummeted from the artificially stellar heights of a couple of years ago and is probably set to fall further to what would be a more realistic assessment... More>>

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    On 1 August Minister of Health Andrew Little announced what he described as the start of a plan for the beleaguered workforce in Aotearoa New Zealand’s health system: Government’s 5 year late health workforce announcement. In October 2017, when Labour became government with its two coalition parties, it inherited a health workforce crisis from the previous National-led government... More>>

    Binoy Kampmark: The Fuss About Monkeypox
    The World Health Organization has been one of the easier bodies to abuse. For parochial types, populist moaners and critics of international institutions, the WHO bore the brunt of criticisms from Donald Trump to Jair Bolsonaro. Being a key institution in identifying public health risks, it took time assessing the threat posed by SARS-CoV-2 and its disease, COVID-19... More>>

    Dunne Speaks: Time For MPs To Think For Themselves
    One of the more frequently quoted statements of the Irish statesman and philosopher, Edmund Burke, was his observation that “Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgement, and he betrays instead of serving you if he sacrifices it to your opinion.”... More>>