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Scoop Today - Big Game And Big Rain





Twelve Hours to go till the grudge match. Grudge against the IRB that is, for holding it at all. For more on how NZ's men in black came to be appearing in this match see... A Story You Would Probably Rather Not Read [1] in the Headlines wire. For background see Haka: Legend Of The All Blacks [2] , and an explanation of why Kiwis take this game so seriously. See also... ... Scoop Images: Salt In The Wound [3] and Scoop Images: Our Heroes Prepare To Do Battle [4] .

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Suffering In Sydney

- While all you kiwi kiwis wail and gnash your teeth following the All Black's tragic loss against France last weekend, spare a thought for the thousands of kiwi refugees over here suffering on this cruel Australian shore. See... This Cruel Australian Shore [1] in the headlines wire.

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- TV3 weather guru Augie Auer is predicting a big horrible mean storm for the coming 48 hours. Put away your boats. Watch out for floods and stay at home, he says. Scoop plots the storm. See... Scoop Images: Supercomputer Plots Stubborn Storm [1] in the Headlines wire. For an update on the big rain see...Scoop Images: More Storm Watch Pics... [2] and Scoop Images: A Rainy Morning In Auckland [3] .

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Booker Winner On Why We Should Dump The Queen

- “At the turn of the century Richard Seddon trumpeted, ‘One Empire, one language, one people.’ So begins author Keri Hulme in a letter to us all see... Keri Hulme On The Joys Of A Republic Of NZ [1] in the Headlines wire.

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Rugby Loss A Boon To Shipley?

- The following is a link to a running daily poll being conducted by Waikato University's Politics department. It shows some unpredicted responses to the rugby loss on Monday. See... A Very Hot Link - Jenny Soars In Waikato Poll [1] in the Headlines wire.

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Rugby A Big Yawn For Two Thirds of Kiwis

- It's not only our emotional barometer that has suffered with the defeat of the All Blacks on Monday. According to current research it is evident our sleep patterns have been affected as well. See… Rugby World Cup — a big yawn for 2/3rds of NZers [1] in the General wire.

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Rankin on Thursday - More Tax Cuts For Rich?

- Jenny Shipley has promised that a National government will pay, to New Zealanders who receive high incomes, a dividend in the form of a cut in the 33% tax rate to 30%. Scoop's Keith Rankin investigates the tax debate. See… Rankin on Thursday - More Tax Cuts For Rich? [1] in the Headlines wire.

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NZ First A Hopeless Cult of Personality – Ex Members

- The release of the NZ First party list does nothing to dispel the impression that the party is a “disintegrating, disorganised and divisive personality cult” say two former candidates, Rex Widerstrom and David Stevenson. See… NZ First Disorganised Personality Cult: Ex Members [1] in the Politics wire.

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Victoria University Increases Fees for 2000

- Victoria University of Wellington has recommended to Council the increasing of setting of student fees and setting them for three years. See… Victoria University sets fees for three years [1] in the Education wire.

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Carter Holt Mill Great News For Northland – ACT

- The news that Carter Holt Harvey will be locating a laminated veneer timber mill near Whangarei is great news for Northland, and Whangarei in particular, said Dr Muriel Newman Whangarei MP for ACT New Zealand. See… Carter Holt Harvey Mill Great News For Northland [1] in the Parliament wire.

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Alliance Launch Youth Policy

- The Alliance 'Six steps for young people' was released today at the Youthspeak forum in Wellington. See… Alliance - Six Steps for young people [1] in the Parliament wire. Labour has done the same. See… Labour commitment to youth [2] .

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Student Loans Soaring – Students

- In five years since 1994 the proportion of students taking out loans has increased by 30%. As the costs of education continue to grow with increasing fees and limited access to living allowances, more and more tertiary students are being forced into the scheme. See… Growing Number of Students on Loans [1] in the Education wire.

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Unemployment Falls For Third Quarter In A Row

- The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate has fallen for the third quarter in a row to 6.8 per cent in the September 1999 quarter according to Statistics New Zealand's Household Labour Force Survey, the official measure of unemployment. See… Unemployment Rate Down to 6.8 Per Cent [1] in the Business wire. Minister of Employment, Roger Sowry says the growth in the number of Maori in work was pleasing. See… Growth in Maori employment welcome [2] in the Parliament wire. Labour's employment spokesperson Steve Maharey says the employment statistics are no triumph for National. See… Job figures no triumph for National [3] in the Parliament wire. There is considerable more response to the figures in Scoop's wires.

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Retail Strengthening

- Statistics New Zealand's retail trade figures for September 1999 show the underlying sales trend is strengthening. Since the beginning of this year the trend has increased 4.6 per cent. See… Retail Sales Increase [1] in the Business wire.

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ERO Debunks Bulk Funding Myths – PM

- Prime Minister Jenny Shipley and Education Minister Nick Smith today released the Education Review Office's positive report on bulk funded schools at Avondale College in Helen Clark's Mt Albert electorate. See… ERO Report Buries Myths On Bulk Funding [1] in the Parliament wire.

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Bill Birch Feature – Labour’s Union Domination Threat To Economy

- Trade union domination in the governance, top policy councils and candidate selection processes of the New Zealand Labour Party has become an increasingly serious threat to the future economic growth and prosperity of the nation. See… Bill Birch Feature: Labour Unions Dominate Policy [1] in the Parliament wire.

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Luxton Assists Coromandel Scallop Fishers

- Fisheries Minister, Hon John Luxton has announced that the Government is taking steps to assist Coromandel scallop fishers. One option under consideration is the shelving of next year's annual survey, saving those affected $70,000 in levies. See… Government Helps Coromandel Scallop Fishers [1] in the Parliament wire.

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