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Yesterday’s top 30 rating items on Scoop were...

1: UQ Wire: Harken Energy - Bush’s No Good Trade

One key trade just a few weeks before Iraq invaded Kuwait -- but reported some eight months late after the Gulf War was over -- netted Bush close to $1 million in profit as he sold stock in Harken Energy, an oil company doing business in the Middle East ...

2: The 911 Evidence that May Hang George W. Bush

The Case Against G.W. Bush: a Preliminary "Hearing" in the Court of Common Sense

3: What Mr Maharey Doesn't Want Us To Know

Steve Maharey doggedly resists acknowledging that the United States is leading the world in welfare reform.

4: Big News: Overturning ACC Decisions

ACC may call their claimants stock, they may ask for biased medical reports, but they sometimes use medical reports to back up their biased decision at hearings set up to review decisions made. You may have thought that being exited from ACC was ...

5: Guest Opinion: Palestine - The Objective Reality

My contribution to the infamous 1981 Springbok tour protests involved stopping traffic on the Hutt Motorway along with a couple of other incidents I won’t mention for fear of incriminating those involved. Thousands of other New Zealanders who disagreed ...

6: US Happy To Reveal Our 'Secret' SAS Activities

Details of the SAS incident in Afghanistan that our Government had deemed to sensitive for New Zealanders to be told about have now been revealed by the US military.

7: US Armed Saddam Hussein With Chemical Weapons

On August 18, the New York Times carried a front-page story headlined, ``Officers say U.S. aided Iraq despite the use of gas''. Quoting anonymous US ``senior military officers'', the NYT ``revealed'' that in the 1980s, the administration of US President ...

8: Link: A Brief History of Bush, Harken and the SEC

WASHINGTON – In 1976, George W. Bush was a freshly minted graduate of the Harvard Business School looking for a job.

9: Shell gives motorists a long holiday present

Shell New Zealand Retail Manager Bruce Emson said Shell was delighted to offer motorists a 10 cent discount in the lead up to the Labour Day holiday weekend.

10: Firas Al-Atraqchi: Lessons In Iraqi Resistance

While Republicans strongly endorse an invasion of Iraq and hawks in the Bush Administration continue to divulge their battle plans and mapping out of a workable (non) Iraq strategy, the history of Iraq, is hardly mentioned, alluded to, or referenced. This is lamentable, ...

11: The Days Of The Cheats Are Numbered

A leading international expert on electronic plagiarism says the massive problem of plagiarism facing educators is gradually being overcome.

12: Big News: Docking The ACC Herd

It is now common knowledge that a recent ACC report referred to long term ACC claimants - on the scheme for more than a year – as stock. Yes, a bunch of claimants is now called a herd.

13: US Elections 2002: Florida - The Exceptional State

To the Bushes, familial loyalty knows no bounds, including ethical ones. The George W. Bush Administration banned oil drilling off the coast of Florida while pushing it elsewhere. It lavished money on saving the Everglades while ignoring other environmental ...

14: Which Nov 6th News Story Would You Prefer to Read?

The upcoming midterm election is, at the time of this writing, too close to call. One day, it looks good for the Democrats to retake the House and keep the Senate; the next day, there seems to be a surge for the GOP, with the Republicans set to ...

15: Green Party Holds Key to Inquiry

ACT Commerce Spokesman Deborah Coddington has approached Green Co-Leader Jeanette Fitzsimons with draft terms of reference for a Transport and Industrial Relations Committee inquiry into public-private partnerships.

16: BP Drops 10 cents Today

BP is offering cheap fuel all day today (Thursday) with a 10 cent discount on its petrol and diesel prices.

17: The New Write - NZ Young Nationals Newsletter

The full insider's view of what's on, what's not, who is on who and all you can stand to know. Here's Parliament exposed!

18: Undernews: Whose Left Is It Anyway?

News that Christopher Hitchens had discovered his inner imperial self was greeted exuberantly by the Washington Post, which gave him Kissingeresque space to lash out at his former comrades on the left.

19: National demands release of meeting papers

National is calling on the Government to immediately release the remaining papers relating to the Public-Private Partnerships fiasco by Ross Armstrong.

20: Why U.N. inspectors left Iraq - then and now

What a Difference Four Years Makes: Why U.N. inspectors left Iraq - then and now

21: Peters all rhetoric and no solutions

Winston Peters’ latest contribution to the immigration debate is based on misinformation and creates an intolerable climate for refugees doing their best to resettle in New Zealand.

22: US Biological Weapon Sales To Iraq - Transcript

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following remarkable interview transcript with Joyce Riley of the American Gulf War Veterans Association details the remarkable discoveries she and her fellow Gulf War veterans have made concerning the sale of chemical and biological ...

23: Why is Hawkins letting rotting homes inquiry stop?

National Housing Spokesperson Wayne Mapp says National is most concerned that an inquiry into why the Building Industry Authority had not acted sooner on the rotting homes syndrome has been indefinitely postponed.

24: Expozay's Sophie Monk Stolen All Over Australia

Expozay Swim advertising images of stunning Australian singer Sophie Monk are proving so hot that half the outdoor posters used in the first Australian advertising campaign have been stolen.

25: Jason Leopold – Shafted By The New York Times

Editor's Note: This is a story about a story. A great story. A scoop that ought to see a member of George Bush's cabinet at least indicted, if not behind bars. But that is not what has happened. This is a scoop, that for reasons unknown to its author, ...

26: UQ Wire: 911 - They Let It Happen On Purpose!

Imagine you wake up from a coma and you learn that 11 months ago, an "Attack on America" destroyed some significant buildings, killed 3,000 people and forced a war against terrorism. You switch on the news and see pictures of Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, ...

27: SOL: Big Brother Spying Extended Via Cellphones

Imagine government officials "seeing" through walls into peoples’ homes and tracking their every move from hundreds of kilometres away. Yes it sounds like science fiction, but the UK government is reportedly secretly developing this technology today through ...

28: Sustainable business in New Zealand - Jim Anderton

NZ Sustainable Business Conference - Recently I have been reflecting that this is the best time for a young person to be leaving school in New Zealand since the early 1970s.

29: The Helen, Ross & Enron Show - Full Coverage

Archive of links to Scoop Coverage of the Ross Armstrong, Public Private Partnerships controversy... as of October 23rd.

30: Houston Space Policy Summit -- Keynote Address

Norman P. Neureiter, Science and Technology Adviser to the Secretary of State Keynote address to Space Policy Summit Houston, Texas October 12, 2002

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Philip Temple: Hang On A Minute, Mate
Peter Dunne quietly omits some salient facts when arguing for retention of MMP’s coat-tailing provision that allows a party to add list seats if it wins one electorate and achieves more than 1% or so of the party vote... More>>

Cheap Grace And Climate Change: Australia And COP26

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Dunne Speaks: Labour's High Water Mark
If I were still a member of the Labour Party I would be feeling a little concerned after this week’s Colmar Brunton public opinion poll. Not because the poll suggested Labour is going to lose office any time soon – it did not – nor because it showed other parties doing better – they are not... More>>

Our Man In Washington: Morrison’s Tour Of Deception

It was startling and even shocking. Away from the thrust and cut of domestic politics, not to mention noisy discord within his government’s ranks, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison could breathe a sign of relief. Perhaps no one would notice in Washington that Australia remains prehistoric in approaching climate change relative to its counterparts... More>>

Binoy Kampmark: Melbourne Quake: Shaken, Not Stirred

It began just after a news interview. Time: a quarter past nine. Morning of September 22, and yet to take a sip from the brewed Turkish coffee, its light thin surface foam inviting. The Australian city of Melbourne in its sixth lockdown, its residents fatigued and ravaged by regulations. Rising COVID-19 numbers, seemingly inexorable... More>>