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GE Action Update 35 - lots to get involved in!!

GE Action Update 35 - lots to get involved in!!

GE Free Action Update 35 12 September 2003

Kia ora koutou,

Well, things are really getting busy now! People are working hard all over the country! Heres some inspiration: all this has happened in the last week and a half!

MAdGE and Greenpeace have had high profile successful GE actions this week with good media coverage. Take 5 – a vote for GE Free NZ campaign burst onto the scene this week and seems to have LSN and the politicians worried. People are outside parliament everyday now in the capital and rallies are planned there on the 16th, 17th and 18th to coincide with the final readings of the Noom bill. Try to get there if you can! A new book which promises to make waves is due to be released next week and Forest and Bird joined in by officially calling for an extension of the moratorium. That’s not all either– check out the ‘what’s been going on’ section.

There are lots of simple things you can do easily and quickly this week to make your opinions on GE be known – check out the ‘what you an do’ section

Saturday September the 13th is the NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION and promises to get the message out there in many towns and areas taking part. Keep an eye out where you are and join in. Marches and rallies are planned in the following areas over the nest few weeks: Wellington, Auckland, Nelson, Christchurch. Details of various events we know of are in the ‘upcoming GE Free events’ section. Let us know what you’ve got planned and how things go.

URGENT: if you or anyone you know has any spare time and wants to do something really helpful you could help out with the GE Free Register or with these updates. It would be REALLY appreciated!! Please read the ‘requests from round the country’ section.


MMP GE Free Networkers –melmaibpete@lycos.com or gefree@wildmail.com















Various actions are planned all round the country. To increase general visibility of the issues you could get your GE Free messages up round your town tomorrow – wearing a simple GE Free sticker or Badge would be a good start!

Let us know what goes on in your area.


*TAKE 5:


’Take 5 has one simple objective - to get Helen Clark and the New Zealand Government to slow down on releasing GE into our environment by extending the GE moratorium for 5 years.

To make Take 5 successful we need at least a million votes. That's where YOU come in. To achieve this we need you to forward this email to at least 5 Kiwis no matter where in the world they live. If you live in New Zealand simply TXT your name and suburb or town to 8642. If you live outside New Zealand or don't have access to a TXT capable mobile phone then visit www.take5.net.nz and click on baby Gracie to vote.

Remember to vote for the whole family as there is no age restriction. If you are pregnant, you can vote for your unborn too by using 'pregnant' as the first name. After you have voted please forward this message or the reply TXT to at least 5 Kiwis - preferably your entire whole address book! New Zealand is a clean green oasis in the Pacific, let's keep it that way. The power is in YOUR hands. Use it or loose it.

P.S. If you live in New Zealand we would prefer if you voted by TXTing. Each TXT costs 50c of which some comes back to Take 5 to help advertise the campaign. Take 5 is non-political and non-profit. Any profit left over will be donated to child charities.

Take 5 seconds to TXT,

Take 5 minutes to tell 5 friends,

Take 5 years on GE to be sure.’

You can also download flyers from their website to have on stalls or to hand out at marches / events etc.

More info:

Campaign for one million TXTS to Extend GE Moratorium (Press Release) 8 Sept 2003


Take five has Life Sciences worried:




A voting frenzy! A quick and easy thing you can do right now. Time to utilise your vote, all of them!! Four in all ....

1. Winston Peters wants to know what your feelings are on the moratorium: http://www.nzfirst.org.nz/index.php

The moratorium on genetically engineered foodstuffs should be:

- Lifted in October 2003

- Maintained indefinitely

- Maintained for at least a further year to enable systems and procedures to

be developed to ensure only safe releases

- None of the above

2. GeneEthics Network want to know what you think to the question:

’Should all foods produced using gene technology be labeled?’


3. ‘Help make referendums binding on the government so that the politicians have to listen to US! Help us put pressure on the Government for much needed change’.


4. If you have children, Sue Kedgely has been running a Children's Food Awards & they are asking you to vote in the 12 categories.




>From Golden Bay:

‘We're organising a seed hikoi from St Arnaud to Picton in October, and I called the Palmer-Hesketh family (that family who walked from ChCh to Picton in 2001) to ask them a few questions.

One thing Karen said was that, back then Marion Hobbs said she received heaps of emails but no PERSONAL mail. So Karen says that we should all send personal cards and letters to Marion explaining how we all feel. It also might be a good way for some people to vent and express themselves during this curious period of seemingly deaf and blind governership.

I think that people should get out their bestest most sparkly pens and grooviest paper/cards and tell Marion Hobbs exactly how they feel about the expiry of the GE moratorium, then send them to her Parliament address.’



>From WASP (the anti- spray (painted apple moth) people in Auckland):

‘Here's what you can do. It's not too late to have your say. If you believe the Government should be listening to the large numbers of New Zealanders who do not want the GM moratorium lifted (or GM food at all?) then it has been suggested we email all the United Future MPs. Perhaps it should be New Zealanders deciding with a referendum if we want to go down this path? The Government will need United Future's support to push through this law as the Greens will obviously not support it, so let the United Future MPs know what you think.

peter.dunne@parliament.govt.nz; paul.adams@parliamentgovt.nz; marc.alexander@parliament.govt.nz; larry.baldock@parliament..govt.nz; gordon.copeland@parliament.govt.nz; bernie.ogilvy@parliament..govt.nz; murray.smith@parliament.govt.nz; judy.turner@parliament.govt.nz

Here is a sample letter or write your own:

"Dear Members of United Future, I am writing to let you know that if you continue to support the lifting of the Moratorium neither we nor any member of our family will be voting for your Party.

We firmly believe that this government will, in the future, be seen as the government which did the most harm to this country's exports, its clean, green image, the health of its people and the environment. Do you really want to be a part of this for short term political gain at the expense of this country's future and the future of its children? There is nothing family friendly about GE.

Yours . . . " ‘

*More info on United Future (they are pro GE at the mo):




Sign the Citizens' Objection to the WTO!


‘Biotech companies have invested billions into genetically modified foods (called GMOs) products that nobody needs and nobody wants. Such products take away consumer choice, make farmers dependent on big business and undermine food security in developing countries. Nobody knows what risks they pose to people's health and the environment.

To force GMO products into global markets, George Bush has filed a legal dispute at the World Trade Organisation (WTO), accusing the European Union of blocking trade by restricting GMOs. If successful, not only will the EU have to accept genetically modified food and farming but so will the rest of the world.

You can help stop Bush and the WTO: Bite back and sign the Citizens Objection to the WTO (as an individual and / or an organisation)online at http://www.bite-back.org ‘

More info: http://www.foe.co.uk/resource/press_releases/public_bite_back_in_gm_tra.html



Go here for details:




The Greens have come up with a really helpful kit to use to lobby MPs. ‘GE Resource Kit for local activists’ Available from blair.Crafar@parliament.govt.nz (04) 4706727 by email or post:

>From Auckland:

‘I find that standing in a public place and offering people GE information, the petition to sign and selling a car sticker is a great way to build confidence and speaking skills to prepare for seeing the MPs’.




>From the greens:

‘Jeanette says the Govt has decided to get the NOOM (GE) Bill through its committee stages on Tues 16 and Thurs 18 September next week. (While this was the Govt's original plan, it differs from it saying last week it didn't expect it to get to committee stages till after recess - ie. from 7 Oct)’.

*Rallies in Welly:

There will be people out side parliament on all three days in Wellington. Join in if you can.

*Contact MPS:

This is a good opportunity for us to contact MPs ON THESE DAYS and let us know what we think. For complete list of MPS email melmaibpete@lycos.com

*Local Government:

The unofficial transcript of the 2nd reading of the NOOM bill as it relates to local government available from melmaibpete@lycos.com



The purpose of lobbying local councils (to make them declare GE Free area or zones) is to make sure that even if the moratorium does come off in October that there are still measures in place to prevent crops being planted. This is similar to what has happened in Australia where the national moratorium was lifted but each state put in place their own moratoriums, effectively blocking the planting of GE crops. There are a number of tools and resources available to help you with this and make it clear and easy in your local areas. If you need any help in accessing these resources (look back in recent updates) or need any help with this contact melmaibpete@lycos.com and we’ll put you in touch with the right folk.




Phone Inghams on 0508 800 785 and tell them to go GE Free.

Send a message to Harvey Farms from their website telling them to stop using GE animal feed

Download a flyer from the Greenpeace website http://www.greenpeace.org.nz/campaigns/ge/inghams.asp





Keep and eye out for this!

Book exposing the GE Scam in NZ due out 20 September. Order advance copies if you want:

‘Please let us know if you want advance (or review) copies. We have kept the retail price down to $9.95, in order to reach more people with the vital information in this book. ‘

See for more info:




>From Christchurch:

Latest version of the 2 page HART flyer is now in a more user friendly form so that it can be folded into a pamphlet. This could be used as a handout to the public when holding stalls or demonstrations against the ending of the moratorium and is available from melmaibpete@lycos.com.



>From Auckland:

[com]modified is a collaborative educational zine that gives an overview of the

issues surrounding genetic engineering and its release in New Zealand, as well

as outlining what other resources are available on the subject.

The zine will be available for $1 from the door at Kakariki Music Event on September 26 and after that from Moon Rocket Distribution (website: www.moonrocket.co.nz).



>From the Greens: (this symposium was in Wellington last week) Summary available from melmaibpete@lycos.com



>From Wellington:

It can be a bit confusing working out all the groups and who does what, so we have prepared two resources which will help. Email melmaibpete@lycos.com



Complete map of NZ with all of the GE Free registered areas on it. On its own or with register info Available from melmaibpete@lycos.com



Compilation of international and national GE news.

No. 15 August/September 2003 available now


‘There is mounting international concern from industries potentially affected by GE crops. Here in New Zealand, with the moratorium on commercial plantings about to be lifted, kiwifruit exporter Zespri believes its international business is at risk and is calling for a Government compensation fund. In Australia insurance policies now exclude cover for GE-related damages and the Australian Grain Harvesters Association has recommended that its members refuse to harvest GE crops. In the UK, Prince Charles has called for a "GM-Free Britain", warning of expensive, self perpetuating pollution from GE crops. Charles appears to be reflecting the public concern which is forcing Britain to scale back its introduction of GE crops.’



Poster that can adapted to suit local events for the day of action available. If you want to use it email kara@wetafx.co.nz



>From the Hawkes Bay:

‘A beautiful poster - they cost a bit to produce but we feel are worth it and hopefully have a shelf life of a couple of years as they're not tied down to the Moratorium date, they have a space at the bottom right for updating actions. They are really targeted at the public who don't have access to GE Free websites etc but want to do their bit, they're A0 sized and we'd like to keep them that size because they are getting noticed. We can print them up here if anyone wants one or you can put the poster on disc and get it printed yourself if you want’.

Contact melmaibpete@lycos.com



The Sustainability Council proposal is set out in a new document entitled: GM Free Food Producer. Contact them through their website.




The purpose of Toi te Taiao: New Zealand's Bioethics Council, is to: Enhance New Zealand's understanding of the cultural, ethical and spiritual aspects of biotechnology. Ensure that the use of biotechnology has regard for New Zealanders' values.

Toi te Taiao: the Bioethics Council

PO Box 10362


New Zealand

John Pennington

Telephone: (04) 916-7673

Fax: (04) 917-7523

Email: info@bioethics.org.nz





Try to get to these if you can!…

*From Soil and Health:

GE RALLY PARLIAMENT GROUNDS 16th September 1pm - 3pm

‘You are invited to attend a rally to present to all Members of Parliament a call for reinstatement of the moratorium preventing release of Genetically Engineered Organisms into our environment and food chain. It is anticipated that the New Organisms and Other Matters Bill, the nuts and bolts of the regulatory system for GE conditional release, will have its second reading in Parliament on the day of this rally. The rally will proceed regardless, as Parliament will soon be in recess for two weeks. There is little time for any influence before the moratoriums end.

The Soil and Health Association of New Zealand will be presenting all MP's a letter in their morning mail and will be making appointments with key Government Ministers and the Environmental Risk Management Authority for that day to further our concerns.’

For a copy of the letter and the organic declaration for Aotearoa email melmaibpete@lycos.com

*MAdGE and Harakeke and other GE Free groups or interested people will be at parliament on the 17th and 18th.



*13th Sept National day of activities round the city in 4 different locations

*Mid October - March / event being planned

*October 25 - Picnic/Tent City outside Parliament Details TBA



Postering every Tuesday and Wednesday night – volunteers really needed!

Banner holding every morning. contact melmaibpete@lycos.com for more details.



GE Free Canterbury meet every second Sunday 7.30pm, at the WEA, 59 Gloucester St. There is also an e-group set up, to be added email claire_dann@hotmail.com

*March: Sunday, September 21, 2:00pm

March from Liffey Domain, Lincoln, CHCH, to raise awareness, and target GE onions.

An afternoon tea picnic will follow.

2:00 pm departure

Meet on Leinster Tce next to playground.

To get there: Bus No. 82 leaves city exchange at 1.15 PM

Car sharing: Ring Lynda ph3581345 if you need a ride or can offer one

Poster and flyer with contact details for our local group available from:


More info Phone 03 379 2257

Email: josephburston@hotmail.com or paul@environment.org.nz

*Rally: Oct 19th (may change to fit in with nationwide actions) more details to come.



*Gig: Sept 26

Kakariki is a GE free music event being held at Galatos in Auckland on Friday September 26. The impressive line-up of 10 bands includes Trinity Roots, The Unusuals, The Midnights, PanAm, Handsome Jeffrey and Cornerstone Roots. Tickets for Kakariki cost $30, Student discount: $27.50 and are available at Real Groovy, Ticketek and ECM in the Auckland University quad. The first band starts at 9pm sharp. Proceeds will go towards GE free actions and the ticket is designed as a protest postcard to Helen Clark.

*March: ‘October the 11th. 12noon at QE2 Square…we got to get 40.000 on the streets…lets do it! Start organising crews to come up now…’ – contact Greenpeace in Auckland.



*12th Sept Mask Parade Butterflies, corn, etc come and join in meet 4.45 B9 carpark by

Achilles Ave there should be lots of people in town for the wearable arts!

*13th Sept National Day of Action,

Meet at Cathedral steps 12 noon to walk down Trafalgar Street to a picnic in Anzac park with music and speakers in the park. Fairfield House if wet. Please support this, come along and tell all your friends too. Your food Your Choice NEW GELAND or 100% PURE The time has come to say what YOU want 80% of people want GE Free food produced in NZ.

More details contact: 545 9176 or 546 7966



‘Radio is an excellent way to raise public awareness’. Interviews of various GE Free folk will be aired on some access radio frequencies over the next weeks thanks to the great work of Claire in the Wairarapa. If you are willing to contact your local radio station to get them to play the interviews too, or want the details of the programmes so you can tune in contact: f.bleakley@xtra.co.nz





September 10, 2003 – Wellington

Forest and Bird announced that it would seek an extension to the GE moratorium as a result of concerns raised by members, including concerns about the effectiveness of the Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA).

Contact: Peter Maddison, Acting President 09 818 6803 (w) or

Kevin Hackwell, Conservation Manager 04 385 7374 (w)



Discussions on GE and Maori land are taking place at various hui. If you want more info contact melmaibpete@lycos.com and we’ll pass you onto the right person.




‘Buller renewed its GE Free status for another two years by 7 votes to 3. Mayor Pat O'Dea helped by putting his weight behind it. Two farmers opposed it, though Johnno O'Connor, brother of Damien and also a farmer supported our stance. The other vote against was from someone who thought selective breeding was GE. (Quite a common perception here). The resolution was for GE Free moratorium for two years, but it was to decided that the staff would investigate ways to see how this could have more teeth.’


‘Council gets no say on GE applications’ 10 September 2003

‘The GE-free title adopted by Nelson may be short-lived, as the Nelson City Council has learned it will have no control over the future establishment of genetically modified organisms in the region. Councilors on the environment and planning committee were united on Tuesday in their dismay at Parliament's plans to shut local authorities out of the decision-making process on genetic engineering applications when the moratorium is lifted next month’.

whole article melmaibpete@lycos.com

*Horowhenua, Manawatu-Wanganui

‘Horowhenua District Council and the Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council are seeking clarification from the Government about exactly what powers they will have to keep GM organisms out when the moratorium ends on October 29. The district council considered declaring Horowhenua a genetic engineering-free zone in 2001, but decided to wait and see what stance the Government would take. Last month Cr Leigh Griffen urged the council to take up the issue again, saying Local Government New Zealand had yet to take a position. Local bodies were confused because they was no guidance from the Government about what the rules were, who would pay for the clean up of a contaminated area and compensation for organic farmers if their produce was infected.’


*Royal Society:

‘Councils can't make decisions on GM without govt advice Potential conflicts of legislative function could arise when the Government's moratorium on the release of genetically modified organisms ends this month…’



The unofficial transcript of the 2nd reading of the NOOM bill as it relates to local government available from melmaibpete@lycos.com



The Biosafety Protocol is the first treaty that officially seeks to protect biological diversity from the potential risks posed by GM. It came into effect yesterday (11 Sept). It will require all exporters of GM which are to be released into the environment to take measures to prevent the contamination of GM seed products by implementing an `identity preservation' system. It also allows countries to take a precautionary approach if faced with scientific uncertainty over the impacts on the environment.

10 September Wednesday's Questions & Answers in parliament (NZ) For Oral Answer about the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety http://www.lifesciencenz.com/news-detail.asp?newsID=4720



‘Caroline Saunders from Lincoln University's agribusiness and economics

research unit says GM food releases have not benefited producers anywhere in the world, and economic modelling shows the situation for New Zealand is no different.

A new study from Lincoln University shows that release of genetically modified (GM) crops will have no financial benefit for producers. The details were presented at a biotechnology symposium at Victoria University in Wellington, which was looking at the impacts of GM.





Review of submissions made:


Biosecurity Strategy


NZ Biosecurity Strategy Development




Soy & public service questioned in Parliament


For more help with the facts and the issues, please visit www.soyonlineservice.co.nz



Latest update of recent NZ news available at:




Deer Industry NZ

Industry Consultation on the Approved Release of GMOs


This was mostly positive from a GE Free perspective. Check out the results if you want more info.





Climbers Shut Down GE Feed Mill Tuesday, September 09, 2003

’Greenpeace activists today shut down the Inghams/Harvey Farms feed mill in Hamilton, demanding that the Aussie owned poultry and feed company stop importing genetically engineered (GE) soy for animal feed.

A brace of chicken suit clad activists climbed and perched atop two 6-metre high tripods to block the entrance to the Inghams mill. Another three climbers scaled the grain silos and hung a large banner reading "Inghams - GE Feed Not Wanted!" ‘

See: http://www.greenpeace.org.nz/news/news_main.asp?PRID=587



10 September:

Alannah Currie, and 10 other MAdGE women staged a protest in the debating chamber in the New Zealand Houses of parliament in question time...

Wearing only their pink and black bras with GE Free Banners held high, we have taken out protest directly to the New Zealand government, against the lifting of the moratorium in October. With only seven weeks to go and a government who will not listen to 68% of the NZ public, it is now time to raise the stakes, and take it to them in a way they cannot ignore.





There are THREE seed carriers hikoi going on or planned in the coming weeks all planning to meet up!

*The Seed Hikoi from Rienga.

‘We’re just walking and talking on the surface, but underneath we’re doing far more. It is so very beautiful meeting all the people whose land and gardens we’re walking through, and they are really enjoying the time we’re spending with them. It really feels as though we’re remembering each other; in Mike’s words, ‘remembering a time when we were all one in the garden’’

Keep in touch with where they are up to with their newsletter and by checking out their website: www.koanga.co.nz/hikoi/purpose.htm seedcarriers@pl.net Phone (09) 4312204 (Gail) or (09) 4312 765 (Jude).

They will be joining with a Hikoi from the Coromandle and there will also be a ‘Top of the South’ seed hikoi. Golden Bay, Blenheim and Nelson seed savers, organic and GE Free groups are joining this initiative to show solidarity. Details as yet unconfirmed but contact the Nelson Environment Centre nec@tasman.net or 03 545 9176

Also see: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/latestnewsstory.cfm?storyID=3520414&thesection=news&thesubsection=general&thesecondsubsection=latest



‘The GE Free roadshow has been going well.’



>From the Greens:

’The Corngate inquiry continued to play out like a French farce before the eyes of a part-bemused, part-astonished public. Witnesses included Marian “I didn’t read Nicky Hager’s book because I didn’t want to contaminate my memory” Hobbs; but did not include Helen “If I have a question about science, I would ring that particular brother-in-law” Clark. Jeanette, as chair, told Parliament she anticipates the next meeting of the inquiry will be on 18 September.

This week, deflecting attention from ongoing questions in the media over Corngate, the Prime Minister launched a stinging attack on the Greens, accusing Jeanette of unfairly chairing the Corngate inquiry, colluding with National on the inquiry, and threatening to bring down the Government.’





We REALLY need help! If you have regular access to email and what to help get in touch melmaibpete@lycos.com



‘I wonder if you can all please urgently use your networks to inform as many people as possible that the phone number for the GE Free Register is now 09 4344 066 and not 09 4388 649. Can everyone please check that they do not have old flyers etc with the wrong number on.’

If you have any spare time and want a great holiday in Whangarei where Chris will put you up in exchange for some data entry type work. PLEASE get in touch. He REALLY needs help now that registrations are rolling in by the hundreds to keep the register up to date.



‘We really appreciate the help and support we are getting from you good people out there. Mounting this campaign costs us upward of $100 per day. We need your help to stay on the road. Even the smallest amount will help! If you can donate to help us get our message through you can deposit funds into our bank account Seed Carriers A/c, ASB Bank Wellsford , A/c No12 3094 0172711




*Check out the GE Info Bulletin no.15 out now and the 90 degrees website for more news.



*NZ Herald:

>From the greens: There has been a huge turnaround by the previously pro-GE New Zealand Herald, with a major splash of anti-GE articles running across numerous issues. The Herald is now essentially running an anti-GE campaign; big news when it’s the biggest newspaper in the country!

Political review: Ghost of GM past haunts Clark 06.09.2003


Fitzsimons: PM's attacks on me are just politics 08.09.2003


Fingers get to do the marching 09.09.2003


*Rural News (l Sept):

Detailed piece on Crop & Food application GE onions in latest issue with photo and snide comments by our favorite GE spud man (Dr. Tony Conner)



To get latest green party GE goings on and press releases go to



Council welcomes NZ First announcement


Friday, August 29, 2003

‘The Sustainability Council welcomes the NZ First announcement that GM food production should be treated differently from other GM applications and that more time is required before the current prohibition on their release is relaxed.’

80% Support for NZ Growing only GM Free Food


Wednesday, July 23, 2003

United Paints Misleading Picture on GM Economics http://www.sustainabilitynz.org/news_item.asp?sID=128

Tuesday, September 09, 2003



Moratorium lifting will cost more than flatulence tax 05/09/03

"Farmers worried about the cost of the flatulence tax need to think about the much greater cost of GE if the moratorium is removed," said David Wright, Secretary of the Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Association.

"Their overseas and local customers don't want GE in their food chain. Compliance costs are likely to fall on farmers who'll have to show that their products are GE free, or haven't been fed on GE crops," he said…’

email David Wright

Bio Dynamic Farming and Gardening Assoc






*10-14 September 5th WTO Ministerial Conference Cancún, Mexico.

*12 September GE Free Mask Parade Nelson

*13 September National Day of GE Free Action

*15 September Dargaville Hikoi celebration

*16 – 18 Readings of Noom bill at parliament

*16 September Rally outside parliament (orangic groweres / bee keepers)

*17 September rally at parliament (MAdGE?)

*18 September rally at parliament (Harakeke / Other GE Free groups?)

*19 Sept Honouring the Gardners, (seed hikoi) KCC Hall, Kaiwaka

*20 Sept Social Event (seed hikoi) - Music, Theatre, Speeches, Food, Fund raising, Kaiwaka

*26 September Karariki GE Free gig - Auckland

*27 Sept Social Event (seed hikoi) - Music, Theatre, Speeches, Food, Fundraising, Auckland


*4 Oct Social Event (seed hikoi) - Music, Theatre, Speeches, Food, Fundraising, Thames

*11 October March in Auckland

*13 Oct Social Event (seed hikoi) - Music, Theatre, Speeches, Food, Fundraising, Rotorua

*Mid Oct March in Wellington

*16 October World Food Day www.fao.org/wfd/whatis_en.asp

*18 Oct Social Event (seed hikoi) - Music, Theatre, Speeches, Food, Fundraising. Taupo

*19 Oct Rally in Christchurch

*23 October Seed Carriers to Parliament

*25 October Picnic/Tent City outside Parliament (Labour Weekend)

*29 OCTOBER proposed end of the moratorium on commercial GE release in NZ, deadline for petition.

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