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E.O. 12958: N/A
FRIDAY, APRIL 18, 2003




Housing Minister Ergezen: US shed blood, killed children in
Hans Blix: There are no WMD in Iraq-Hurriyet
Grossman: There is business in Iraq for Turkish companies-
Powell on EU: Never without Turkey-Sabah
US asked for Turkish troops in Iraq-Sabah
Denktas: EU made a big mistake-Sabah
To avoid hurting Turkey, EU did not use the word `occupier'-
Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul: Turkey should take part in
Iraq's reconstruction-Milliyet
Gul to Denktash: AKP government's position on Cyprus is
different - Milliyet
US sends missionaries to Iraq to spread Christianity-Turkiye

Barzani:We won't bargain over Kirkuk-Yeni Safak
Barzani Provokes Again-Cumhuriyet
Greek Cypriots' membership stirred Turkish side-Cumhuriyet
An island divided by the EU-Radikal
Neighboring Countries discuss Iraq in Riyadh - Zaman
Papadopulos: Turkish Cypriots will benefit from EU
Powell plans to go to Damascus-Zaman

US: UN embargo on Iraq should be lifted-Finansal Forum
Private Sector prepares a Rapid Action Plan for Iraq-Dunya

Iraq: Todays's papers report on conflicting statements from
Turkish officials yesterday regarding a US request for
Turkish troops in Iraq. "Sabah" carries Defense Minister
Gonul's statement saying that the US had asked Turkey for
troops and technical staff to be sent to Iraq. However,
"Hurriyet" reports that FM Gul denied Gonul's statement by
saying that Turkey had not received any requests from the
US. "Hurriyet" reports that the MFA issued a statement last
evening saying that `on March 26, the US asked coalition
countries to give details on possible contributions they
could make to the reconstruction of Iraq. Turkey closely
follows developments regarding the reconstruction and
stabilization of Iraq, and will exert every effort to meet
its responsibilities.' All papers report that Iraq's six
neighboring countries will meet in Riyadh today to debate
the future of Iraq. Turkish FM Gul will attend the meeting.
"Hurriyet" reports that A/S Grossman, responding Hurriyet's
questions in Washington, said that `Kurdish leaders should
be careful about their stance against Turkey. They should be
conscious of their words and behavior. Turkey is Iraq's
neighbor. Therefore, Iraqi Kurds should be transparent
regarding the issue of PKK-KADEK terrorism.' Grossman added
that there are no obstacles to the $1 billion aid package,
and that it is only natural that Turkey will have a role in
Iraq's reconstruction. "Radikal" reports that Secretary of
State Colin Powell is planning a trip to Syria to learn the
truth about allegations that Syria is sheltering Iraqi
leaders and to ask for their extradition.

Cyprus: "Sabah" reports on Powell's comments that the EU
should begin accession negotiations with Turkey in 2004 if
Turkey meets the Copenhagen Criteria. Speaking at a
reception at the Greek Embassy in Washington, Powell
welcomed the EU expansion and said the US will exert every
effort for a solution of the Cyprus issue. "Sabah" also
reports on EU diplomats' comments at the EU summit in Athens
that the accession negotiations could begin before 2004,
depending on Turkey's efforts to meet the criteria.
"Milliyet" reports that the EU was extra careful not to
upset Turkey by using the word "occupier," instead referring
to Northern Cyprus as an `uncontrolled-zone.' "Radikal"
notes that the signing of the treaty with the Greek Cypriot
side has divided the island, triggering happiness and
excitement in the south and disappointment and chaos in the


"Pride, dignity, reason"
Yagmur Atsiz noted in mass appeal HO-Tercuman (4/18): "By
pursuing an idiotic and awkward policy during the Iraq
campaign, Ankara has managed to degrade Turkey from the
position of `regional superpower and strategic partner' to
`potential adversary.' The White House will never forget
it, and will not hesitate a moment to dupe Turkey when the
time becomes ripe for revenge. Contrary to claims by some
incautious anti-Americans, Ankara has not carried out an
honorable policy, but totally upset American plans and
wasted the opportunity to become a real player in Northern
Iraq, then by assisting the war indirectly, has drawn the
fury of the Arabs. . Washington has not closed the Turkey
chapter, because Americans need Turkey for Syria and Iran,
Central Asia and the Caucasus. However, this is merely a
`geographical' need. The conflict has shown the `quality'
of our politicians, that they are not a `team,' but rather a
bunch of opportunists lying in wait to annihilate each
other. . The U.S. does not want a Kurdish state, not in
deference to Turkish interests, but simply to avoid Kurds
massacring each other when they are given independence. It
is unlikely that Turkey's Kurds would prefer to integrate
with the Iraqi Kurds. Would Turks want to join

"AKP renounces a Cyprus solution"
Metin Munir observed in mass appeal Sabah (4/18): "The AKP
leadership is very afraid of Denktas and is not willing to
get into a fight with the military on Cyprus. Furthermore,
the AKP believes the EU won't admit Turkey even if the
Cyprus problem is resolved. . If two rightist parties fully
supportive of Denktas emerge as winners from the general
election in Northern Cyprus this year, current policies will
continue unchanged. The situation might change if the
Republican Turkish Party (CTP) wins the elections. They
have declared their intention to sack Denktas as negotiator,
and to re-start talks within the framework of the UN plan
for Cyprus. . However, even if it took power in the Turkish
sector, the CTP will see that Ankara has the last word.
Moreover, Turkey cannot, as before, depend on U.S. support
on Cyprus. The AKP has alienated Turkey in the
international arena."

"Irony of war"
Etyen Mahcupyan defends in Islamic/intellectual Zaman
(4/18): "A realistic point of view shows that Turkey is not
actually powerful enough, that nobody trusted Turkey, that
our troops are not welcome in Northern Iraq, and that the
Northern Iraqi (Kurdish) administration has a more
legitimate position than we do. . Being too dependent on
the U.S. might bring tension for the Kurds in relation to
the Shiites. It will be problematic to produce `autonomy'
from a war that was viewed as illegitimate around the world.
The Kurds are stuck between their national dreams and the
legitimacy of making this dream a reality. Maybe this war
was the final irony for the illusion of a Kurdish `nation-


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